6 Lessons after making $100K+ with Brand Deals & Sponsorships (Apply them NOW)

this video is going to be all about the biggest Lessons Learned From making over a hundred thousand dollars in brand deals and sponsorships and there's going to be something for all creators on here whether you have a channel that has 500 subscribers or 500 000 subscribers these are very very important so we're gonna break down like a whole bunch of things from how to get uh brand deals and sponsorships if you're looking to get some how to raise your prices how to do other types or brainstorm on how to do other types of brand deals besides like the typical video mentioned and the dedicated video on YouTube so we're gonna have a another one of my favorite virtual chats and just talk okay and I'll just back up a little bit and say how I got started with brand deals and sponsorship so my inbox started to get really full when I hit about 20 000 subscribers there were some people and companies interested before that but right around the time when my channel was about twenty thousand even probably fifteen thousand I was getting inquiry inquiries maybe three to four times a week okay so that's that's quite a bit and a lot of them though I didn't really Vibe with I'm like I don't really know about promoting this random thing or this business tool um so that but there are some that stuck out and I'm like okay but at that time I was really busy trying to get a system going workflows going and it was busy with other things I was doing at that time at that time I was heavy into affiliate marketing and what else was I doing at that time trying to hire a video editor because at that time I was transitioning from editing my videos to getting a video editor anyway the point is I remember when I decided okay I'm going to test this out and and do a brand deal and see see what happens okay I remember I had over 20 000 subscribers and I did my first dedicated brand deal for 200 this was a dedicated video it was tons of work exhausting for 200 okay if and we'll get into pricing and what I think your pricing should be for the amount of views you're getting but for the amount of views I was getting which was quite a bit it was well over a hundred thousand views per month at that time maybe okay maybe at the low end 75 000 views per month but it was a lot and that video ended up doing really well and going viral and making that company a ton of money and uh for pretty much for free I mean 200 bucks that's nothing all right for a company to pay a a subscriber no a YouTuber okay so here's the first point I want to mention is Wherever You Are in your journey for charging brand deals and companies right now what I want you to do is go triple your pricing maybe even quadruple and stand by that price okay and there's so many reasons why and the first thing is when somebody asks like when a company wants to do paid advertising with Google ads Facebook ads whatever type of paid ads they have going on it's never a free thing it's like you have to pay an up for upfront price cost per lead cost per view in order just to get the campaign going right not to mention you have to do the Creative side where you have to put the video together be Imaging together the copy of the ad together right this is all upfront work and then you have to pay Facebook or Google to run the ad for you right you have to pay for everything you get and so it's think about that the next time you charge is like hey you're paying you have to pay me to do that upfront work to do the copy to do the scripting to do the video ad creative it takes a lot of energy to do that so that your time is Super valuable okay so pick a number right now and be like let's say you pick a hundred dollars an hour and you know it takes 12 hours to make a video so that's twelve hundred dollars for this video charge minimum that okay so I have a baseline of what you're doing because the the what companies will try to do is they'll try to say well oh your channel is only getting x amount of views per video it's like no my channel like the work up front is not free so you're paying for my time to do this so have that in perspective next time a company tries to down sell you or like say like oh well we only have a budget of x amount of dollars and like okay well it's it's just not worth my time so um that's that's that is the pricing right now evaluate what you're doing or what you're asking for and at least triple and for exit so that's that's the first thing I wanted to say is you your value is worth way more because one they are borrowing your audience which you have worked so hard to build okay you have worked hard to create these videos um your audience trusts you okay and so for them to borrow your audience which is considered warm traffic is super valuable in itself because neither one of you know like you as a Creator or the company know whether or not that video is going to go viral so it has to be worth the time and effort from you to to publish this video for them on their behalf does that make sense and so and by the way if you are interested in working with myself and my team one-on-one where we actually go in and recruit hire and train a growth focused YouTube team for your channel where we 5x your YouTube and your lead growth in 90 days or less guaranteed definitely hop on a YouTube strategy call you'll talk with myself self or one of my team members and YouTube coaches and we'll see and evaluate your goals and if we can help you and if it aligns so definitely book a strategy call today in the way I also evaluate is like hey are you am I getting an affiliate commission or is this just they get 100 profit in sales that also affects my price if I'm able to get affiliate commissions I will consider um not charging more right because so my prices start at a certain rate I'll have it stay at that rate but that rate does increase if I'm not getting a commission from the sale does that make sense so that's my first advice is raise raise your prices okay and the next thing is evaluate with your business model if it's worth doing brand deals okay because you could have products that are are low ticket maybe you have a lower ticket recurring income and membership that's less than 50 bucks or maybe you have a course that's 9.97 or something like that is this brand deal worth them taking away leads and customers from your product and service for Evergreen forever right because this traffic is going to continue building for them and not necessarily for you because you're directing the traffic to their Link in the first link in the description probably in the first comment maybe you're also giving them a shout out on the community tab is it worth losing business customers for you because that's eventually essentially what you're giving up and that's why my prices for a lot of companies are like wow that's really high you only have 200 000 subscribers it's like well this is why it's like we have on our in our product Suite we have products ranging from 49 all the way up to 15 grand so it's like really hot like if I do a brand deal for you I'm losing money on the back end so this is the mentality you have to have is like am I willing to you to lose leads and sales on the back end of my business model whether that's coaching Consulting um you know whether you have an e-commerce store whatever it is if the math makes sense okay fine okay and the other thing too is like negotiate is this going to be a recurring brand deal so are you going to do this just once typically for the first time you engage with a company and a sponsor it's good to test the waters and say like hey let's do a test video and see if my audience Vibes with it and if if it does cool we can negotiate a package of videos throughout the year maybe it's four times a year every quarter you do a sponsored video with them so this is good actually for both parties so that way you can plan in advance and know that you're going to get that income and you can possibly negotiate a little bit less of a rate a special rate as I call it with the company because they're willing to commit to you so I would definitely also have this in a contract that's the next point is like always always have a contract an agreement and know how you're getting paid when you're getting paid I really have a problem with companies who pay out net 30 net 45 which means you as a Creator don't get paid for for this sponsor until 30 days after you've posted it on your channel like that's a huge No-No and I understand why they do it they do it because they've probably been scammed by YouTubers before who get paid first and post the video and then don't end up sharing the link or they they don't conclude or do their part right so they they receive the money and they don't even make the video which really is not ethical so but on the flip side I've been scammed where I've created a video and have not gotten paid which is absolute absurdity so you definitely don't want that and you need to protect the way I do it is I ask for either the full payment up front or I negotiate and I say hey 50 up front when I have the draft and then the other 50 percent 24 to 48 hours after the video goes live I'll send you the invoice that is a great way to handle it okay the next thing I would say is if you are a smaller Creator know your worth as well because if you have a community right now of let's say a thousand subscribers and you're building up do not be afraid to a message these companies and say hey just give kind of like a Media Kit breakdown like here's my audience I have these demographics on my channel um they're you know 97 from the US and the rest from Canada and the UK or whatever I have 62 men the rest female they're interested in this this and this and people will say like oh wow this is great because a lot of companies nowadays are more interested in micro influencers meaning those with like a following of less than ten thousand because their audiences are really really engaged and hot and new right because they it means that they have recently followed them because their followings is a little bit smaller whereas a a bigger Creator like myself and way bigger like 500 a million subscribers they have built up an audience over five years nine years right and so a lot of their freshness of the people that subscribe from back then isn't really relevant anymore so a lot a lot of companies are wanting to do business with the micro influencer so I would just write an email pick out 10 companies have the same template per email and just say hey so and so um sponsor director or affiliate marketing director of the company like I have an audience describe the demographics here's what I charge we could do a video um and I can have it posted by the end of the month I'm really interested I know this would do really well with my channel because my channel my audience is interested in using these types of products they've bought this before and make it really like what's in it for them okay so that's a great way right now where you can get some cash injection into your business as you're still building up your email list as you're still building up your organic audience on YouTube I think that brand deals are a great way to make anywhere from a thousand to three thousand dollars a month even as a micro influencer and my other piece of advice is see if that company is willing to reciprocate for you meaning they're able to promote you and help you out in business in some type of way because what I can't stand sometimes is that with sponsors it's all about them it's all about their success their sales them getting paid and it's really really annoying right and that's why a lot of times I'll navigate away from sponsorships but it gets exhausting sometimes because you know you turn in this video you put your heart and soul into it and sometimes they don't like it and they're like you have to redo this this and this then you got to tell your editing team and then it just turns into a big fat mess that those are the sponsors I don't like working with where they're like very one-sided like this is what we want and blah blah blah but where the ones where I do like they want a long-term partnership or relationship collaboration where they're like hey well actually we'd love to promote you too or do a YouTube live on with our audience and cross promote those are the ones that I absolutely love because that's where you can get creative with companies and not just have them or have them have you make a video on your channel promoting their service or product but you can actually do other creative things like for example if they want just fixing my hair gets a little like for example if they want you to incorporate their product or service tool whatever it is into your course and then your course or program can be sponsored by this company so it's a win-win because your students and clients get to access maybe a discount code from them and then they get your warmest source of leads so your buyers are your hottest source of traffic so those are the ones that are going to have a touch point with their service so that is super super valuable and you can pitch it to them as that like hey I have a list of 300 buyers right now they can access your tool and you know if you pay me to incorporate your service or product or whatever into my curriculum I can create educational assets for them so that way they actually use the tool and it's a win-win because it's Evergreen sales they get a sale you get the affiliate commission and the student or client gets the product which helps them in whatever it is they're doing so think about that what are other creative ways outside the box that you can collaborate with these companies besides just a video mentioned besides just a dedicated video there's other ways that can be really really fun and fulfilling for both sides of the company and typically those have been my favorite brand deals and sponsorships when someone is willing to support you as a small business as well so let's talk about pricing um I don't have like a pricing sheet or chart but just as like rule of thumb if your channels in the range of let's say 75 000 to 100 000 subscribers earning anywhere from 100K views to 150k views a month I believe you have the right to charge four thousand dollars for a dedicated video at least minimum okay uh try not to accept anything less and at that size as well I believe that you can charge between two thousand and twenty five hundred for a video mention of 60 to 90 seconds on your channel and so for those of you smaller creators maybe let's let's say your channel is 10 000 subscribers to 50 000 subscribers and you're getting half that view count so let's say anywhere between 50 to 90 000 views per month I believe that you have the ability to charge half of that at least so 2500 for a dedicated video and let's say anywhere from 800 to 1200 for a video mentioned so hopefully that gives you a good range and of course if your channel is bigger you know double those numbers triple those numbers accordingly but I think that you should go for that as a base negotiate for yourself you're worth it you deserve for these companies to pay you well all right if you've made it to this point in this video definitely check out this video coming up next all about how I pivoted my YouTube Niche I left the make money online Niche and what is going on now so check out that video that's coming up right here right now we'll see you there

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