Add $10-50K+/mo. to your bottomline w/ this YouTube Funnel (Here’s How)

all right if you are a high ticket coach or consultant selling any offer online that's high ticket maybe you're also an agency owner uh we're going to talk about the funnel like the actual funnel that converts the highest on YouTube and here's the thing it's like if it converts the highest on Youtube it'll convert well on any other platform but especially with YouTube this becomes extra powerful because YouTube hands down is uh the organic traffic from you YouTube is the most powerful traffic that you can have number one because it's inbound number two because people are finding you building trust Authority they're getting their objections and problem solved through the videos that are that they're consuming because your videos are pre-selling okay so we're going to break down okay I have my handy dandy little whiteboard that I actually got on Amazon um I'll leave the link in the description maybe if I remember but um it's super cute and I was like this is so cute for my YouTube videos um because it it opens right it's two-sided and it opens so we're going to break down today uh the Youtube funnel for high ticket all right and I'm going to we're going to talk about like basic part one funnel which currently I have on my website and business and stuff and I'm going to talk about how I'm going to change it to make it even more High converting because we realize that um with the part one this basic funnel that uh I have it's just not qualifying enough and so that's the thing the more qualifying your funnel is the less people are going to go through it however the when you do get the the leads that submit the application and book the strategy calls it's going to be way more worth your time once you get to your strategy calls disc Discovery calls whatever you call your sales calls here's the basic fun you need to have okay so you have YouTube here can you see that oh can you see that yeah so I'll just make it get it closer so you have YouTube here and my bad I will buy bigger markers for this little whiteboard but here's your YouTube channel pushing traffic to your you know your funnels okay and let's see part one is you have an optin I'm going to erase this so you have your all the STW YouTube up here sorry all right so part one is you have a what I call an opt-in page so you spark curiosity with your high-end hook right and what you do in your program and your Consulting so that opt-in page looks like this optin optin and your optin is going to have a a high-end hook right a high-end hook that says you know you know I'm going to solve or here's how we solve x problem in x amount of time frame throw in some pain points um and then end the high high-end hook with something really sexy like you know how learn how to you know double your Revenue within the next 90 days using the blah blah blah technique or something like that um it works and applies whether you're in the relationship Niche health and Health Fitness whatever so then you're going to have your high-end hook so highend hook he he right there and then you'll have your headline your sub headline and then learn more and then the button right so you'll have the button here and then when people click this button it's going to ask for name uh email oh and phone number all right so it's going to ask for those three things and it's going to be a popup on the funnel on the page and then it the the thing that's cool is like no you can't put an exit pop there scratch that so it'll say like it'll have on the when people click the button and it pops up to collect their name and email there'll be another headline on that that says here's how we've helped our um previous 300 clients achieve XYZ and blah blah blah so it's so when people see cuz people get discouraged lazy I'm not sure so if you put another result on that popup that's like oh they've also done this that's pretty cool so it establishes a another layer of trust for them to give you their name email and phone number um that's a te Technique we use in this and so then part two once they opt in there has to be a video on P like there's absolutely no question about it there has to be a video on this next page if you don't have a video that's bad you're receiving a lot less calls than you could be but on the next page this is a really not a really great color but I'll zoom in on the next page you're going to have a video like this is a non-negotiable so a video and this could be um what we call a video sales letter or it could be a webinar or a training or whatever however you want to remix the name you have to have a video there so the video format should be hey I am so and so um you know here's what you're going through their pain points how you've solved them some testimonials and how you've have have how you've help helped previous clients and then your Frameworks on how you're going to get them from point A to point B so all this video is going to be anywhere between 8 to 20 minutes long all right and don't make it like a webinar Style video where you know it's you can't rewind and you can't uh go back and I hate that [ __ ] it's like when I see a video on a page I want to be able to one have speed control because I can't stand not being able to speed up a video I want to be able to put it on 1.5x or 2x um and I want to be able to rewind it okay so please leave those settings on your videos don't make it auto playay don't make it to where someone can't rewind that is so freaking annoying um and then what you're going to do is two things you could have a you will for sure have a button right below the video that says click here to book a call so this button can pop up right away or you can have a delay on your sales funnel Builder where this button pops up maybe you know 5 minutes into the video at least because you don't want someone really you don't want someone booking a call if they have not watched this video there's just no point cuz they have no clue what you do who you are your process so it's a really cold lead you want to be not selling on a sales call you want somebody to be nurtured and primed Etc the longer this video is the longer somebody watches it the better the other thing you can do to track your analytics on this video let's say you have your video on Vimeo or another video hosting software like that you can track to see how long a person is watching this video how many people what percent are making it to the end to the very end what percentage are making it to the call to action um and you can adjust from there just like with a YouTube video you can always evaluate your engagement in your analytics it's the same thing with this video you want to see how many people are dropping off within that first minute how can you optimize the beginning of that video to make it better and to hook people and get them to stay longer so that they're more primed and ready once they get on the sales call with you keep in mind your content on YouTube is is priming people already to want to go through this this funnel all right and so that that's a good thing because the more YouTube videos that your audience sees the more they're going to be inclined to watch this entire video and click on this button here this button then goes to your application all right so it's going to go to your calendar SL application and then your you're going to have uh let me see so this goes here App application so this is you know this could be set up however you have it set up in cly or um AC Acuity Acuity scheduling what there's so many different calendar apps it doesn't even matter um the more strict you are with your application the better all right so I would say minimum you should have 10 questions include I that that could include the the name and the email on the phone number but I would at least have in the application like describe your business describe your service where are you now where do you want to be what have been your biggest bottlenecks have you invested in solving this problem before um the more I I do believe in longer applications because those that are willing to fill it all out are really really serious um I can't stand getting applications that fill up a calendar and take up space where people just don't don't even care they put na they put oh I'll explain on the call it's really really annoying and so um the more you can get strict here on this application the better your sales calls are going to be and the less no shows you're going to have okay so with all that to be said [Music] is the way we're going to optimize this specifically in my business and the way I recommend you optimizing it if you're a coach consultant agency owner and this works whether you are a service provider um or not right you're going to in this opt-in page here I'll just draw let me just take my time to draw them nicely uh this opt-in page here opt in is going to be positioned as a training as opposed to a random kind of learn more this training is is people are more willing to watch a training than they are to opt in book a call that's just the nature of it okay so this is going to be be positioned as a training and the same thing the hook of your entire program is going to be here it's going to be here it's going to be everywhere so you really have to establish that high-end hook and if you want me to go over a video on really good high-end Hooks and how um to develop a oneliner that explains everything about your coaching and Consulting let me know in the comments and I'll do a video about that and by the way if you are struggling right now with the overwhelm the burnout of your YouTube channel and it's just not producing the revenue and growth that you want it to be definitely download my subscribers to sales blueprint which walks you through my six steps on systemizing your channel to increase revenue and productivity and growth and all that stuff um while you work less so just download it up here or the first link in the description it's super valuable okay so anyway back to this so we are going to position the landing page now this funnel is officially going to be a free training funnel free webinar free Workshop whatever then you're going to have the high-end hook and um the ability to opt in and it's the same thing you're going to connect connect collect the same three pieces of information so name email oops phone Etc on this optin so like put in your name and email or whatever to um to watch the free training some people which I don't know if I could justify this some people have an application here in order to watch the training which I'm like I don't really agree with that I don't think I think that's a little bit too much to watch a free training cuz the other day I opted into a funnel and I had to fill out like 20 20 questions to watch a training and I'm like dude why so anyway I think the just a simple name email and phone number Watch the free training and then you have page number two the the training page where you're going to have your webinar and here's the thing this video does not have to be an hour and 90 minutes like this video should be like Max maximum like 25 30 minute really 25 minutes right it does not have to be a 90 we minute webinar like maybe you're like me and you've sold courses in the past and you know you have that 90minut webinar and it's just so long and then you have a pitch for 20 minutes and it's just it doesn't need to be like that it doesn't even need to be like a super great um fantastic slideshow presentation either this you know 25 minutes is a sweet sweet spot but this training it does have to be valuable it does have to be something we like oh well people can understand like what their Gap is the more you build or create the gap on where what people's pain points are and where they want to go in this training the way better and smoother your sales calls are going to go and the the more that people are going to be inclined to um dive in with you on the call so and then the same it's the same so the just this one tweak right here to um positioning this as a training and then by the way like hey book your free strategy call where we show you what this looks like for your business where we show you what this looks like for your whatever it is you're trying to solve right whatever Niche it is you're trying to do um this is much much better and this is The Tweak that I'm going to do cuz right now it's kind of an awkward like what is this a lot of people okay so then here's the here's let me just erase this kind of jumping around here so people then fill out the application book a call then you're going to have an automation all right so people that book you're going to automatically send them what exactly your program offers okay the training is like creating the Gap right talking about their pain points talking about your Frameworks and how to solve the problem but then there there's going to be a video that gets automatically sent right so what this looks like you'll have your CRM let's say it's cart Tru that's what I use you'll people will have a tag and once they have that tag a video is going to be sent to them after they watch the training and after they book a call that says hey get ready to book for your booked call here's what to expect and then it'll be another homework video like a preall video and it says hey here's what we're going to do for you and it outlines your service it outlines your coaching program it outlines your um you know your consultancy whatever whatever it is you do so that way they're like oh not only do I understand my Gap and I'm you know swimming in my pain points but I understand exactly what Marissa and her team are going to do for me even before I have the call so now you get on the call and it's just like Hey we're diving in like we're collecting payment today and everything that's pretty cool so and the other here here's the thing the other thing is let's say they opt in and they don't book and let's say they opt in and they do book each one of these scenarios is going to trigger an email sequence so especially it's so important if your person opts into the first part of the training and they don't book a sales call you have to have at least a four email sequence oh my my gosh this color is horrible let me get blue Black's probably the easiest to see okay so you're you have to have at least four emails is that better yeah four emails in your autoresponder that is right up pushing your prospect or your lead to watch the training watch the training watch the training so these four emails should be sent within a 3-day 3-day period so one right away not right away actually probably if they don't book within two hours book a call that is this first email should trigger right for after about 2 hours then this one after 12 this one after 24 this one after 24 at least four emails you can keep you know keep this email sequence going forever meaning like you can keep adding to it you can keep adding to it so then this opt in but did not book a call is super important to remind people to watch the training and to book a call when people do book a call um they will also have an email sequence this is to get them nurtured so this email sequence it'll depend because sometimes people book a call like you know within 3 days or 4 days some book and it's tomorrow so this one's a little bit more tricky but at minimum they should receive like two emails before their call one could be an email about testimonials like hey to get them excited like hey here's clients's results that we got took them from A to B just more information on like who is this for and how we can help you just keep the nurturing going so this is a big thing that a lot of people coaches that I see don't have are these optins the other thing this doesn't require a board let me is you need to be calling your optins this is a huge mistake I had right because when you try to automate something too much and put triggers and blah and applications I did not call people when they opted it in and that was a huge mistake because a lot of those people we've we've had you know High ticket sales from optins who did not book strategy calls cuz they're they you know they they are hot they are just as hot as the ones who do book calls um they are interested in talking to you as well so definitely call your optins or you can hire an appoint appointment seter to call your optins and get them on the phone with you or your team that's that's really important to call the optins okay so hopefully that was helpful um that breakdown but definitely that you know if you're selling High ticket that is how you optimize your funnel and sales system for YouTube right there so if you enjoyed this video definitely check out the video that's coming up next um it's really really good all you got to do is Click right here and I will see you on that next video

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