an honest chat about the future of the Marissa Romero YouTube channel (opening up)

test test okay wow I've never started a video before like on this channel where like I press record and I just show myself press and record all right so this is uh an update an honest video about the direction of this channel um as you can as for those of you who have been following me you saw my goodbye and then I'm back and then what the heck is going on so I'm going to try and pretend that this video is like a YouTube live and just do it all in one clip the goal is no editing we'll see how far I get so if I mess up I'm gonna try to keep going but I'm here just kind of a virtual coffee chat Style video I have my cup of hot water which is kind of some of you may think is weird but I love drinking hot water um so on his chat about the future of this channel so on this clip like on my last I'm back video I said this I would like to title this channel well it's still going to be my brand name but the whole theme of it is going to be the online Journal of a high achiever okay specifically those High achieving entrepreneurs out there who go after it and my my definition of a high achiever is somebody or yeah someone who wants an idea that's inside themselves once they have a plan or a goal they go all in they go all in in everything they do Parenthood motherhood fatherhood business uh Fitness that's how I've identified and that's how I've personally identified my entire life ever since high school ever since middle school really it's like oh there's a project due on whatever like I want to get it I want to get an not only an A in the class but I want to get an A plus and be number one okay I've always been super competitive in the sports I've played Just everything I do in business and so you know I dedicate this channel now to the Lessons Learned as a high achiever and I think they're and so to be honest when I came back I still was not 100 sure on the direction of where I wanted this channel to go and now I have I think quite a amazing grasp on where I wanted to go I'm really motivated by it and so I'm going to break down kind of the thought process behind it I have my computer here um just with some notes that I want to make sure I hit and yeah I hope you guys Vibe with this video and like it so yeah here we go so the goal of this channel like I was talking about is like a whole High achiever uh Vibe so what does this mean so this channel is dedicated to that high achieving entrepreneur right that wants to find success with youtubing with being a business owner and with what I call self-mastery which includes a lot of mindset right mindset is super important so basically what I want to be able to do on this channel is when you watch this content I want you to be able to absorb it and I want it to be so meaningful that it will be able to make you a better entrepreneur in those categories right in regards to being a Creator in regards to being the business owner a mother father parent spouse um you know in Fitness and fitness and in health that sounds kind of funny um in Fitness and in health with your spirituality uh with gaining a strong you know CEO resilient unbreakable mindset and that's because one that's been a huge journey of mine in the past ever since I became a mom so about you know since my my son Kai was born so like since May 2022 um I have been going on the most extreme journey of testing and pushing the limits in all of those categories and I have so much to share I mean think of YouTube Lessons Learned business Lessons Learned Lessons Learned From clients switching business models all of my failures all right um resiliency and being able to get knocked down over and over and over and over and get back up right that's the definition to me of someone who identifies as a high achiever someone who's a go-getter someone who sees the vision and wants more and you know that that Vision right that gets sparked into your head it's it's there for a reason right the universe Spirit God or however you identify in your spiritual World um you know gives you those visions and those amazing ideas for a reason because you are meant to achieve them but along the way there are going to be some adverse times they're going to be some very unknown times and I'll talk about the unknown in a second but um it will test you it will break you and yeah and I think like I'm at an amazing place now where I'm ready to to share the journey and the aspects of that and so you know questions maybe that I'll get it's like well will you still be teaching you know business and marketing like yes it'll be like I'll still touch like the pillars of this channel now really are going to be about you know being a Creator more more so YouTuber right business Lessons Learned but also like with a flavor of business how to's um and what I mean is like I have a video coming up what's a video like I have a video coming up on like uh the four core beliefs that are draining your business Revenue right super important um what I've learned after making a hundred thousand dollars with brand deals and sponsorships it's not what you think um and just how I run my online business as a digital Nomad a mother and a full-time content creator because now I'm filming this video at the moment in Medellin Colombia and so we've officially started our Nomad Journey as a family and it's been so inspiring like I love traveling with my family like you know a lot of people have the perception that it's a hard thing to do because you know it's horrible to travel with kids or like it's super hard or whatever the case may be and it's just like no like traveling with kids is the best so things like that um what's another title I have in the mix the one thing that I've that would have made making a hundred and fifty thousand dollars in Revenue 10x easier so just things like that I think you get the flavor okay so that's what I wanted to come here and announce on today's video and back to my script um is I'm kind of just going around here and saying that you know in that pillar of you know mindset self-mastery in regards to being a fulfilled High achieving entrepreneur I think all five of the self-mastery points are important um especially what's in here like a lot of us I believe well yeah I think most my entrepreneurial friends that I have go to the gym every day but what I've learned kind of the hard way over the past year and a half is that you got to go to the spiritual gym you have to connect with your spirit with um this non-reality world around you like all these physical things the metrics the clients the sales like those it's just this reality that we're living in right just this time and space that we're living in and nothing um none of it even matters okay when you connect to your beautiful spirit and your energy that you have inside and um you know and I think that being able to speak on these topics and how they relate to creating generational wealth wealth in your business success as a parent you know a spouse whatever it is it's so important and it's all all connected it's all connected and so I think you know this is going to be content that's going to be meaningful for you but I think more importantly it's going to be meaningful for myself not only that it's going to satisfy my curiosity right I think that's the biggest thing is like if I'm satisfying your my curiosity if I'm pushing my creativity um to something new and I'm creating content it's it's what allows me to evolve and if you watch my goodbye video you know that one of the reason I crumbled and just like was like I'm done I'm tired out of here was because I was stuck on like a hamster wheel of making the same just well for me was just God it was just awful content because it was the same thing over and over and over but um anyway so this is what's going to it's what feels good now and I know it's what's going to feel good in 10 years from now and that's what's special to me about it as I kind of let me fix this light as I kind of relaunched this Channel with these new pillars is that I can see myself doing this in 10 years from now 15 years from now Okay so and just kind of Switching gears to my next Point here is a I'm getting back to the roots of how I've said in the past that I think everyone on this planet should have a YouTube channel and I say that because I truly believe everyone should have a YouTube channel one just because of like the fact that you were able to document right it's kind of like an online Journal hence one of the name the name of the channels like the online Journal of a high achieving entrepreneur it's like imagine if you would have had a YouTube channel and you would have you would have documented what was going on in high school like for me high school was so long ago I graduated in 06 like how amazing would that have been to be able to have seen videos of your life back in high school or whenever you know a long time ago like it would have been amazing so just the fact of like the documenting alone no matter like if no one even watches it you have it for yourself okay so that like your journaling documents in your life and the other thing is like you're creating you are everyone here on this Earth is a creator of some type right but the fact that you're able to create a video in the form of like you know what is that exactly is going on in the form of Lessons Learned that's so powerful I believe and so what was that point I was going to say about this um but yeah that's I think what makes it so powerful and that's why I also believe that journaling is important as well like I'm so proud of the fact that I have a journal from when I first started in as an entrepreneur and I I documented the struggle back then and I'm just like I'm so proud of myself to be able to see like what exactly was going on day to day and and how it is now like it's so great it's so crazy to see the evolution of yourself and how much you grow and how much your beliefs evolve and how much you're still the same spirit and energy and beautiful being inside but uh you know the the beliefs you have changed the challenges you go through make you more resilient the adversity you go to makes makes you so special because you're able to take those Lessons Learned and share them with other people and in another big motivational uh I guess points about why I'm Shifting the direction of this channel to exactly that okay so yeah as I mentioned like kind of the three four new pillars of the new direction of this Channel and oh another thing about journaling and documents in your life like and having a YouTube channel no matter who you are whether you're an entrepreneur or not it's like no matter if only 10 people or even 10 million people see a video you're giving value and you're leading like a life of service and this is so important to not only building just your legacy or your digital Legacy I mean which you know in our world especially in the world of AI in the world of this you know this video world that we have I mean that's the biggest way to reach a lot of people is through online and the digital technology and so I think it's just so special to be able to give value in this way and not it not even matter like how many people are watching but know that people are watching and getting value from what you're putting out there okay that's always what's kept me going so and I think also in the flexibility of like going back to being able to document myself for the next five to ten years right I'm in this for the long run um regardless of what the algorithm says I could very well be having poor performing videos for the next 50 for the next hundred videos who cares um what's important to me is that I'm able to make those next 50 100 200 videos and be content and enjoying the process and the journey along the way as I'm creating these videos that is what brings me peace and what brings me Evolution and what brings me growth right um you know as a mother and and a business owner Etc so that's something I'm super super excited about um and yeah it's this is this is so unknown to me and it's scary and I think that one thing that separates I don't want it I don't even want to sound like but one thing that separates like those at high achieve and expect a super high bar in everything they do and they go get it is the fact that they're willing to navigate The Unknown all the time and that's definitely me like and when I say unknown this looks like adversity this looks like being extremely patient when you don't want to be this means having extreme Faith um this means like being extremely resilient when you get knocked down when things fail and you just keep it pushing okay um I believe like I'm really good at navigating the unknown I thrive in it and I love it because you know why the unknown never lets you down okay and I feel like whatever kind of a switch side note to fear right because fear a lot of times is something we associate with the unknown um I think that the thing that you're most fearful of right now and most scared to do is your next move and the thing that you need to do most in your life in business so um I think that's pretty much it I mean there's some very big announcements coming very very soon um and I'm super excited it's one of the biggest announcements ever and I will be doing behind the scenes on it and announcing other specific ways that you can work with me um specifically one-on-one which I've never done before and I'm super excited about this opportunity to work with some of you one-on-one okay so let's see and also like I just had this amazing idea that popped into my head this is totally random but I have to like say this because um you know when you connect with your spirit and you have your and you're vibrating at a higher frequency and you're just showing gratitude and you're in love with your day-to-day life no matter what it is and you're grateful for everything you have right now so much inspirational energy comes to you and I just have this really amazing thought pop into my head about a vision that I have for an app that I'd like to develop like this is like the very first day I'm talking about it very first you know this is just 12 hours ago that I thought about this but it's a YouTube for business app it does not exist right now like I don't want to say what it is because then people will steal it but I'm just like this is gonna change the game this is like kind of probably a year or two away but uh I'm excited about it and the best part about it is I can now talk about it on my channel and like the behind the scenes and the developing of it um and just the progress of the programs we have and you know this new one-on-one um opportunity to work with me I'm so excited uh anyway so as you've probably noticed like being able to document you know the the youtubing the business and self-mastery it's going to be fun because like for example I'm able to talk about my investing Journey as an example like I just posted a video the video before this one about how I dipped my my Investment Portfolio into crypto and leveraging AI using crypto and that's like so cool to me that I can talk about it right whereas before with how my channel was historically like these topics I told myself I could never talk about them because I was so damn worried about the algorithm punishing me and blah blah it's just like I'm trusting in Universe in myself in my spirit and just yeah I'm stepping into the unknown again and it feels so good and it feels so relieving so if you've made it to this part of the video thank you so much um yeah just let me know how you're doing like let's start a conversation in the comments um it feels good to be back and it feels good too kind of start over again so way more to come I have literally 20 titles in my Asana board right now that I'm ready to film and produce some will be like this unedited raw virtual hot water tea or coffee chats some will be extremely fancy editing high production But whichever one it is I guarantee it's going to be valuable for you and I appreciate you being here so be sure to subscribe to the channel hit that notification Bell and if you're still here definitely check out this video coming up next you won't want to miss it alright love you guys see you on the next video

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