Build a website to SCALE your business #marissaromero

I did not have a website to support my biggest grandest Vision I have several videos talking about how you need to start with sales funnels first which in the very beginning yes that's very true sales funnels are what's going to make the money however a website is as equally important if you're wanting to scale into these big numbers and the other thing was it was put together a lot by custom code which was not smart because now that I have the element are plugin I know exactly how to drag and drop things and I can do a lot of the heavy lifting myself I can go in on the back end and it's so much more simple to edit fix fonts add different elements Etc and the other big no no and red flag about my old website was that there was no clear message it was like speaking to one audience and also the other and so with this one we took extra special care in time to make sure that the messaging was on point and it speaks directly to who we're trying to attract

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