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are you scared of losing Subs views AdSense and the entire audience that you've built on your YouTube channel don't worry you are in the right place because we have been there and done that in today's video we are going to talk about what it's like to change and pivot your Niche and the direction that you've been going on your YouTube channel give you some insight on how we've been doing it ourselves with our channels if you are so excited to continue watching this video then go ahead and comment pivot in the comments and let's get into it awesome so today I have Carmen Britt from the wealth Nation Channel she is joining us today a dear friend of mine and I thought it would be amazing to have her on this video and discuss you know the whole topic around changing YouTube niches and pivoting because her and her husband Darius are you know going through the same thing as I have been on this channel right here so I think it'd be great to just touch on what the journeys have been like you know what we're going through and just everything in that all of you above yeah yeah I'm I'm glad to be here thank you for having me and it's it's really something that's near and dear to our heart especially now like you said because we literally just kind of made this pivot um so I'm excited to get into the topic so we can start sharing and hopefully providing value for those of you who might be in the same situation that we have been in on this channel here it was heavy into the make money online Niche and I could leave a link up here um on the video I made about how I no longer in the make money online Niche but yeah for mine it was I built an audience of over 200 000 subscribers eight and a half million views on you know make money online passive income side hustles and I've you know done so many videos about that but yeah and now it's pivoted to uh how do I explain this what I'm calling this channel now is the online Journal of a high achieving entrepreneur where we go into more than just making money online it's the the four pillars now are not just you know business and revenue but also strong CEO mindset self-mastery um what's the first one crap the first one we're still working on the details laughs you see it on the matter anyways it's up there you and Darius could you tell could you tell us a little bit about you guys transition yeah so initially when Darius and I started the wealth Nation Channel it was all about teaching people how to use a life insurance responsibly and then we got into this situation where we were very much trying to grow our Channel and we're just following the algorithm like whatever YouTube told us to do regarding money that's what we did and what we didn't understand or or but we fully didn't comprehend was that we have a business on the back end of YouTube so we're just not we're not just creating YouTube videos or AdSense we have a business and so we are very much using YouTube as the marketing arm for our life insurance business and so anytime we would talk about a topic that wasn't necessarily related to life insurance we recognized I was hurting the marketing necessity of our business and so we were chasing YouTube um the algorithm of just trying to get views and get subscribers and just in that and and not thinking about how that's all going to flow back into our channel so what we recognized was that was kind of um affecting the the clientele that was coming our way because they may or may not really understand what it is that we're talking about they may not be in alignment with what we're talking about we may might not be the right fit for them and it wasn't until we really just had to be honest with ourselves and say one what content do we want to create first and foremost what are we passionate about and then second what's really going to help us grow and scale our business as much as possible because the train that we were on was great but it was more of what I can say like the vanity train of just a sense of like just grow the channel throw the channel grow the channel without having the strategy behind it so now we're at a position where I can say we're pivoting but if anything I think we're just getting back to where we started of having a ton of fun recording videos not even worried about the algorithm and making sure that all of the videos are in alignment with our business at the end of the day right no I love that I think um I think a couple of things I caught from that was kind of that quick or not even quick but that dopamine hit that we get yes when our analytics are saying one out of ten yeah one out of ten yeah a little confetti you're like yes yeah pick four of those yeah you got a 20 click-through rate and it's your next viral video and you're like yeah it and it feels it's hard to explain but that feeling feels more that feeling feels great because the public can see it you know what I mean and it feels authoritative and that's a good word yeah yeah and I think one of the things uh that one of the points I wanted to touch on was a lot of YouTubers or you know Educators in the YouTube space will say like recreate your top content you know uh double down triple down on that yes but I think that that's what slowly just for at least for me and I think you could probably relate it just kind of Killed My Vibe for my channel it just it killed my Evolution it killed my creativity and it's like you can only make a topic on one thing over and over like so many times it's just like you can't you can't remix anymore and so I think that you can double down on your top content I think that's a good idea but you have to be very careful and just realize I'm like is this top content aligned with with what I want to do with the business behind my channel totally right and I would agree too I feel like when we first started our YouTube channel we were just so excited about the comments and the likes bikes and just the service that we knew that we were giving to our audience and then once it changes to you're chasing the algorithm like the the connection to your viewers kind of becomes secondary in the sense because you're just like how do I get more and more and more and more views and you forget like what you're trying to create what is the purpose of you creating that video for in the first place like it's not always about going viral you know your video can completely tank but if you get like two comments on there that was like this changed my life like it doesn't matter if you went viral or not right and that's kind of what we got back to was like no what are we doing this for and then what are again what are we passionate for because we we really felt like we were using YouTube um as permission to to get out there and get our message out there and we felt like the more permission we got from the algorithm by them you know um recommending us more giving us more views we were getting further away from our core message yeah totally and I think for both of us for all of us and US creators out there I think one of our biggest spheres is we we do this we follow what the algorithm says because we're literally scared yeah to lose like what what we know our views are capable of and what we know our top content is able to produce and so I think um pivoting on YouTube the first thing you have to be prepared for is that you're going to lose subs and Views no matter what you're you're going to yeah you know it's going to happen even if you're feeding the algorithm you just never know what's going to happen so you might as well be true to yourself and create the videos that you want to create and you know that's going to serve your business at the end of the day because YouTube is going to favor you regardless if you feed the feed the algorithm or not and so I think once we kind of got to that like ego hit where I was like if we post three videos a week if we post every single day YouTube still may not favor this one video that we think is like bomb and then you know it just goes back to what are we doing this for and how can you keep your sanity so that burnout doesn't happen right now it's so real yeah and did you did you did you guys notice that any of your top content that used to like go viral and perform before did it kind of die down for you or did did it kind of continue I'm just curious because I know at least for mine my top heavy hitter titles even though started to die down after a while I'd say they they still continue but not at the velocity that they were gotcha they're still our top but they're they're not as getting an attraction that they used to going forward it's kind of or to make the decision it's kind of like oh because a lot of the first question normally is it's like well do I continue on this channel or do I start a brand new one that's always the the first and I think from my perspective if I mean if you're totally switching niches like if you're going from like a cooking yeah Financial to cooking you might want to right you know you might want to you know completely start over but I think if it's a a light pivot which I could kind of categorize as both of ours you know it's not totally different there's a lot of things um that intertwine with the new direction that we're both going I think it's definitely a good idea to stick to the original channel in the audience you built yeah because there's people from the very beginning that will that will stay with you absolutely no matter what because I really love you yeah you know yeah and one thing as you're talking about that it made me think about being clear with why you're on YouTube in the first place and I think the difference is and I'm not trying to sound ungrateful in this but I just want to make sure that you all hear what I'm saying in this in this vein is just you have to use YouTube and not let YouTube use you and when YouTube uses you in the sense it's it's you're feeding that algorithm you're trying to say to the top top and doing whatever YouTube is telling you but you could be getting away from your core message and or you could just be having burnout because again you're not necessarily creating content that serves you so if you want to use YouTube then you have to stay true to your message you have to stay true to what your wants and needs are you have to stay true to your business needs whatever you know that that may entail and so you just have to look at it from those two perspectives because if you continue to deal with the the algorithm in our sense we recognize that we saw what the future was going to look like for us and that was either probably in the future worse um metrics from our Channel because we knew that if we continue to create this content that we aren't necessarily like excited about and don't get me wrong it's not like we hated the doing the videos we just knew like this wasn't we like talking about it but it's not like the things that get us super excited to talk about we were just doing what YouTube told us to do and it really was just one of those things where I was like we can continue down this train and we know we'll be miserable in the future or we can just make this pivot and stay true to what we want to do and be happy and excited and give back to the the um the beginning phases when we were just on fire to connect with people regardless of what we were trying to do yeah no I love that point where you talked about being and that's exactly where I was too I'm like there's not it's not physically possible for me to get in front of the camera and continue making these videos it just wasn't and by the way if you are a CEO or founder looking to really take your YouTube channel to the next level because right now maybe your channel is on life support maybe it's struggling I have excellent news for you because this month I have opened up five spots to work personally one-on-one with myself and my team and basically what we promise for you is that we will 5x your lead flow and lead generation from your YouTube channel within the next 90 days or we will work with you until it happens guaranteed okay so if you're interested in that please check out the first link in the description and book a call today on this strategy call we'll basically like peel back the curtain on what exactly we're doing for our existing clients and how we have helped supercharge not only their leads and sales but also their brand awareness and Authority in their Niche now this is definitely for you if you have a find offer if you have a YouTube channel already where you posted at least 40 videos if you're able to post at least one piece of content per week and if you're finally ready to Outsource that dream YouTube Team behind your channel we will train them we will manage them and let me back up a little bit this is not for you if you do not have a YouTube channel and if you're starting from scratch so if you are a complete beginner in business and you have not started your YouTube channel and you're in that stage where you're still trying to figure it out unfortunately I won't be able to help you and we cannot accept your application but if this does sound like you and if this resonates definitely book a strategy session in the link in the description and be sure to do it right now because those five spots will fill up super fast so I will talk to you soon and so um I think kind of Step One is is literally just to do it yeah like just with anything else we do it's like going into the unknown it's like you have to go back into the unknown again yeah you know the outs beyond the unknown are is where all the beauty comes and where all the answers come it's like starting all over again when you had zero subscribers and trying to figure out how do I get somebody to watch this video and I think and we I don't really suggest you know well I think it's just because I I you don't want to get have it be to the point where where I was where I said like goodbye I was like I'm out I was like goodbye I'm done with this channel I remember that phone call I was like oh okay Marissa that's what we're doing all right burnout is real guys yeah I can't tell you you don't want it to get to that point um so before that happens I went to get like we you guys had a recent video um called change is coming being real about I think that's a great way kind of step one to get this favorite going yeah yeah and and also too with that video like we had a significant life event happen and so that also made us realign like okay what are we waking up for and and what is what are we what is what are we trying to do like what are we on this Earth for and we recognize that every time we created a video that we weren't necessarily thrilled to create we just knew that the title was catchy and people would watch it and if it didn't perform well then we were even more down in the dumps because we're like oh this video isn't performing well but then when we go back into hindsight and look at it it's like you didn't want to create the video anyway so now you're mad that it didn't perform well and it's like almost the universe was talking to us like stop doing this because we're not going to reward you because your heart's not in it to begin with so at least create the content that you're excited about doing and if it performs well or not at least you know you had a ball creating the content and it's out there and you know somebody is going to connect with it and resonate with you um so I can't stress it enough of just again being true to what it is that you want to do exactly and and that whole which he just mentioned is all about just building building our Legacy here on this Earth and I think it's it's really a privilege to have a channel and whether 100 people watch it versus 10 million very good it's about it's about the value that you're giving absolutely leading a life of service and um I think when once you're feeling so in alignment it may take a while again but I think you know a new a new audience comes new subscribers come and that it'll eventually like build you know something that you you'll Evolution right I think this came back to my mind is like it'll be a channel that can evolve with you totally yeah I think that's the goal that's a huge Point yeah because because I think that's what we were missing because we were we were doing the catchy titles and things like that but we recognize like our Channel wasn't evolving we were just stuck in those catchy titles and we're completely different people than when we first started our YouTube channel and unfortunately our audience hasn't seen that growth because we're trying to get the views and if we look back on it you know we everything happens for a reason we learn this lesson but now we're like okay our channel has probably grown we've all evolved we've all changed and looking back like would our first subscribers watch the content that we were creating you know three four years now it's like I don't know if they would still continue to watch it because they haven't necessarily seen the growth from us and the people that I watch on YouTube I love watching them because they take me along the journey and I see their growth and I see the transformation and it makes me aspire to want to do more um so so I can also say that that's something that you should think about is how transparent do you want to be what is the journey that you want to take people on at the end of the day yeah totally and and that that vulnerability piece it's like you know you don't have to say everything that's going on in your life but it's like hey we are real people behind this channel behind this business we have children yes we have things going on yeah and it's just like you know this is all part part of our our journey like when we first started YouTube we weren't mothers no I mean like that just completely that's a whole separate video but it's like a whole other channel in it though right right but I think just that honoring the the evolution and I I just I can't see like how your the people that are ride or die with you that love you uh wouldn't want to hang around for that so let's talk about um have you guys have you guys lost subscribers since a niche pivot we we don't like if you look in our analytics we've never had a negative um count but they're just not growing as fast as as they normally are but your new videos are getting subscribers yes our new videos are getting subscribers oh that's a really really good thing yeah yeah it's helpful um but it did get to the point where nah I have to look on social blade but I if I say we averaged I think that the best we were doing we were averaging maybe 3 000 subscribers a month and then it dropped to like maybe like a hundred subscribers a month and that's where we're scrambling going whoa this is a big big difference because I remember like I would always look at like our subscriber count just glance at it and then I noticed like wait this hasn't moved in a minute yeah and then I started looking more at the the subscriber count I was like dang we're not going anywhere and then the the AdSense fell off a cliff and that was really interesting because I would say Darius and I always kind of look at the AdSense as like a bonus but then it when it completely fell off the cliff we recognized how um helpful the the AdSense was to the the bottom line in our business you still want your bonus yeah you still want the bonus right exactly and so it was just like you know when the subscribers drop when the views drop and then that AdSense hit we're like oh we were like what are we gonna do with our Channel and then like we weren't gaining clients at the same velocity we were you know just through the whole system so we were like this something's got to give yeah and then that's when we both kind of just stopped for a minute and was like we gotta get back to the basics because can we blame our subscribers for staying with us no can we blame the people who don't want to subscribe no because at the end of the day we know like we could be doing better we could be creating the content that we really love to create so in that that whole I don't know lack of barriers hobo the dip whole yeah yeah when you're losing AdSense um everything's going down when um you know you're not getting the the engagement you're not getting as many uh hot leads like what do you tell yourself like what do you do you go on a corner and cry so you have your pity party give yourself a pity party we give ourselves 15 minutes and then we got to come out of that pity party and just figure out a different game plan yeah um so what I would say is it made us reevaluate our entire business not just YouTube because what we recognized was Darius and I were both in Corporate America and the reason why we left Corporate America is because we wanted freedom and then we found out that within our business we had positioned ourselves in a situation where we didn't have the freedom that we had aspired to have sure so it was just realigning that okay what are the goals what are the things that we need to do to get us into this situation and especially like we said we have there's a lot of different things that have happened behind the scenes we're parents now and freedom looks completely different than what it looks like when we weren't parents um so again just reevaluating those goals that we want and then going back and pressing play literally on everything uh in our business to make sure that we can follow the goals that that we want to see throughout the rest of the year I'd say right no I love that I love you know bouncing out of a dip because that's like literally the I think the hardest part yeah I mean protecting your energy as you move forward yeah and also like the transparency behind that like the the everything was going down steadily um I'd say for months and we just felt like oh it's gonna bounce back because the times where we had burnout and we stopped recording and didn't post any content like our channel was doing better at that point than we were actively posting content I remember that yeah I was jealous because I was like they just took three months off and it's still performing like what the yeah so I'd say we got a little cocky because we had a few burnouts where we were like oh you know it'll bounce back we'll we'll figure it out and things kind of stayed stagnant which was good but then we were actively posting three times a week y'all and our channel was doing this and we're like what the hell is going on um and that's where we're like okay what's what's going on what's wrong is our energy off yes how do we fix it yeah no that's awesome that's incredible and it's still not fully back too that's what I want to make sure that you all recognize too like our growth is still slowly climbing back up we're still slowly gaining watch time and subscribers and that AdSense is still significantly down compared to what it used to be but I feel like we just have a more Renewed Energy because we're not like counting all of the statistics anymore we're just posting and letting it go yeah no I think that's absolutely the best thing you can do and um I think you really have to uh be in it for the the very long term it's not about your next five ten videos it's about your next hundred yeah again you know it's like you're really building up that back catalog uh to something different like you know to to to to where you want to go and so I think you know and and that's the thing it's like now we know 100 videos it'll come way sooner than we think you know you know what happened or 400 was another 100 yeah exactly I know you're on that yeah so but I think we'll talk about a couple of things we're doing um for to kind of get the ball rolling again I think we're both in this content Blitz mode yes yes oh yeah yeah and we I was just I I think her and her husband they can bang out some content a lot and I'm like you guys made out 20 videos in a week it's helpful when you have a partner like you said you know we just talk on our videos yeah um so I think a Content Blitz is definitely part of the strategy when you're you know pivoting into your your new Direction yeah yeah because you need to do at least for us we needed to do the content Blitz and for what what is a Content Blitz mean for us is Darius and I will sit down and for an entire week we will record A month's worth of videos um so that might be three or four videos a day whatever it is um so that we can make sure that we're ahead and the point is for us in in uh the perfect world would to be to stay ahead it doesn't always happen that way um shout out to our video editors thank you for being patient with us um but the again the idea is staying ahead so that you can focus on the business and everything else that has to come on the other side of that when you're pivoting um and whether if it's customer retention or other marketing strategies or you know just making sure that your funnel is still intact you have to get the content out there and and keep it running so that you can run the rest of your business and you're not going back and forth doing this whole thing yeah but no I think um it's a great time when you also pivot kind of a side note but to reevaluate your systems and your workflows that you got going on behind the channel because as she mentioned I mean if you can get to a point where you're just focusing like three days out of the month to create the content um then yeah yeah the whole rest of the 20 whatever days to do your income producing activities to um to focus on your money making moves yeah absolutely yeah yeah because a lot of times too for you business owners out there you know we put so much energy in our videos and not to say that you shouldn't but sometimes the focus is the videos and not necessarily what happens after the video is over and so that funnel uh creation funnel maintenance is huge you know it should it's it's a huge part of our business yeah and speaking of behind the scenes uh one of my strategies and one thing like I just encouraged them to do was to do more behind the scenes more Vlogs because I think that Vlogs are increasingly important to especially YouTube business channels because um for so many reasons but one it's like for for the business owner it's very important because at least the Vlogs that I've made on my channel they're my favorite channel are my favorite videos to go back and re-watch yes because you're able to really get us a snapshot of what business is like of what life is like um and your subscribers and viewers can as well and they they can identify it's like oh your daughter does swimming mine does too it's just like one one thing in your day daily uh week or life or yeah it it can like create just a spark with whoever's watching yeah yeah one of my mentors um who I I love dearly it always reminds me that at the end of the day people want to feel connection and we can be so overwhelmed with everything else that we have going on that we forget that we just need to connect with people so I thank you Marissa for continuing to remind Darius and I like can connect with your audience differently because they need to see what life looks like outside of this this Frame that you see um like we have arms we have legs you know we have a house that we live in like what does that look like so um yeah it's it's awesome to to connect with your audience in different ways exactly exactly and um another speaking of like connecting in different ways one thing that I tested recently was an unedited video just I literally like oh I haven't seen that one I have to go and look at it hear me pressing record and I'm just like centering myself I'm like hey and I just one take that's cool one take and I I encourage you guys to to try in a knitted video because it's content it's almost like you know when you do a live you don't have the edits when you're doing a YouTube live but um one person told me I think a couple they were like I really love this new style like well I'm not gonna keep it but I'm gonna incorporate it because you just literally upload it throw a thumb down you're done yeah and there's no process like sending it to you know there's no review it's just it's just up there and then I think it also skill wise it it will force you to just be a better public speaker exactly exactly just get it done um and I love that too because for especially for a lot of the YouTubers who are just getting started I know for us we did like we were so stressed about being perfect and everything to come out good and don't mix up your words or whatever it is and I think that just takes all of that away for somebody to see an unedited video and then you press play and then literally upload it that that's powerful yeah well you know who did that or maybe he still does is the minority mindset guy oh okay he publishes uh unedited videos all the time oh I bet like he's just like with his phone recording in his living room like yeah so in today's blah blah blah news I'm like wow when you do a daily video sometimes you just gotta get into get it out so yeah exactly and um yeah I think the last point is YouTube lives um we were just talking about that again yeah I it's something I I've never done and I really want to but I think what what's holding me up is like oh I don't have um what are the recording platform I don't have a stream yard I don't have um restream or whatever it's called and I don't I don't even have like a really nice mic but I'm just like well you really you know YouTube Studio has a YouTube live feature yes yep I think we were literally just talking about that upstairs we're like let's do it she and you were like I don't have this I don't know it's like Marissa just press play like you know on on YouTube so those are a lot of things that you know sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone uh to get ourselves to start pivoting and doing different things that maybe we wouldn't normally do YouTube um live is something that Darius and I we played with a little bit but we didn't commit to it um but hopefully in the near future you'll see us commit to that because that would be a nice way for us to connect to our audience well you guys did you guys had saw a lot of success with your lives right yeah I mean you guys got a lot of views and uh and engagement and it was kind of like a regular thing I thought that was pretty cool yeah it was fun and we should get back to it I don't remember why we stopped doing it but I think it was again one of those things the algorithm we were like nope it didn't hit on the algorithm so we're not going to keep doing it but we really loved connecting with our audience so we need to get back to that awesome well everyone I hope this was a super you know eye-opening video I hope it sparked some um ideas for you and just I think at the end of the day it's just about I'm looking at a record button but it's literally about pressing recording and pressing play in the sense of just making that pivot yeah I mean emotionally energetically it's just gonna feel like ripping the Band-Aid off and it's going to feel so much better yeah don't be afraid um it's just a process and as a business owner we know that we have seasons and we have cycles and things that we have to go through but you can but yeah so if you've made it to this part of the video I encourage you to watch no this other way I think it's this way yeah next all about the details behind me switching out of the make money online Niche that video is coming up so just click right here talk to you later bye if you would have seen this channel exactly a year ago you would have known no intent passive income

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