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[Music] I've never vlogged this early it's 5:40 in the morning you guys good morning welcome to Day in the Life day in the week good morning raw and real okay we are on the way to the gym my voice is still cracky that's awkward um yeah so lately as in this whole year I've been struggling with getting up early um for various reasons I think well you know one is because we've been in and out of different colds uh my son started daycare this year about three three and a half months ago now and we just all went through these cycles of upper respiratory colds and so it was like you know having to recoup and stuff like that and the other part was just like I don't want to get up early because I crave getting good sleep and [Music] yeah so um the getting up early piece has been tough but I am going to commit to it commit to it more and more so this week my intention is to go at least three times anyways not to make this all about working out but I am on my way to f45 uh which some of you guys may know the chain it's yeah that's a whole another story but there's a whole big huge agenda today after that which is fun so I wanted this to be a day in the life with a day in the week type feel because there's so much that goes on in a week and a day is just kind of boring and not enough so uh on the docket today today's a Monday that I'm filming this cuz Mondays are typically the most they have the most action so on the agenda we have um we have a client delivery meeting with the team um and I'll introduce them when we get there and then we have a sales team meeting and both of these meetings are good and interesting not well of course they're good but they're interesting because they're both kind of like okay what's the status of clients um what's what how can we improve our systems um a whole bunch of stuff that we discuss concerns comments that we we have and the game plan for onboarding clients um and just making the journey a good experience for the clients and then we have a sales team meeting which you know is kind of self-explanatory but our sales team right now is technically four including me cuz sometimes I do take sales calls um so we have an appointment center and two amazing sales closers and myself 12 and so this is just this like have a huddle about hey you know what prospects are in the queue who do we need to follow up with um marketing game plan marketing ideas and stuff like that so we uh those are Monday mornings and that's it I mean you know I had to bang out this workout early so that it could just be done and I can go about the rest of my day knowing that the body has been in movement and the calories have been burned and then another thing we have today is a client vision building call um those vision building calls we do in our uh higher ticket or I don't want to say higher ticket but our Boutique High touch uh coaching and and done for you service program so our programs are hybrid so they're very much so a coaching program but also uh we do the hard parts for our clients right um and so at the beginning of those programs we have a vision building call we sit down with the client and we understand their Vision their goals their their biggest dreams on what their YouTube channel will provide for them ultimately and we figure out how to reverse engineer all that to make it happen but also establish the purpose and pillars of the channel so that is what we are doing for one client today excuse me it's exciting because he's been a client already and he's bringing over a second channel to us to do this for and that's really exciting so yeah always love that um and then after that after that I will pick up my baby boy from daycare U my husband takes him in the morning and I pick him up right around lunchtime and give him some loving and then put him down for a nap um okay well let's just get into it because this feels ranty already and yeah [Music] [Music] all right so now I'm all glammed up ready to continue this day in the life and day in the week or wait week in the life and day of the life I just wanted to say like that's what a typical Monday morning looks like other mornings it varies it could be on a sales call uh a another team meeting meeting with a client um so it's not anything like super I mean as you know online business owner uh that that's our culture nowadays our virtual meetings Okay so rush back here from the gym grab my coffee and we're going to start the meeting let me just move this a little bit here here so yeah we're going to start we're going to join the Google meets yeah speaking of medene one of my dreams is to have a team Retreat um o amazing so my my thoughts are to have a team Retreat SL event Singapore in no not in medine all right so client updates let's talk about Lisa and Steven so um we're talking to Steven today basically he he wants to bring his he's brought his podcast Channel um to us all right guys happy Monday so excited to see you Christian we're twinsies today yeah we are I want to go the Facebook ads route again and start fresh brand new C campaigns from from scratch new video ads New messaging uh so far we have 11 new customers which is exciting and so I definitely expect there to be a handful more by the by tomorrow how you doing good how are you all right I'm great I'm just getting to the house so I'm trying to let my little dog go use restroom and get in here with y'all perfect perfect yeah as you want to go with it all right um well I was introduced to podcast and that's I did not originally had that as a radar thing I wanted to do but um I always wanted to do one with uh some of my team members but um I was course you a part I'm a part of the morning I like how you mentioned about um you know they at the moment they don't have to have a certain threshold of you know financial success is that going to be tis for something is that going to be like a a big story like we don't know but it would be very beneficial especially again with that structure like what is the what is the audience member going to get out of clicking on that are they going to get those lessons are they going to get those tips they going get whatever it is um one thing though that I want that I weave in every day no matter what is uh spiritual connection and meditation so every year our family we write down our 20 or our our intentions right so these you know we wrote down our 2024 intentions and we literally write this down on the same type of scroll paper um this is my mom's paper that she buys and all of us write down our intentions and so one of my intentions that I wanted to highlight uh was that I wanted to meditate this year 365 times so I I've hit that goal every day I've meditated every day minus maybe 3 days and when that did happen the next day I made up for it and meditated at least twice and so one thing that I've tried this year that I've never done before is silent meditation that was tough the first few times I'm like oo it feels very uncomfortable but it's for me been great um and I would it's much more meaningful than a guided because you can set the intention during the meditation and it's been really really impactful for me um but yeah I just like I write this okay so I have this whiteboard I'm going to film this on my phone so so I have this whiteboard in my room right there while I write down that on the left it's you can find it in the Think and Grow Rich book but it's like the Mantra affirmation you read to yourself on auto suggestion suggestion on how much you want to make then I also have in the middle there like you know it say it says be the love allow it to flow Detachment equals magnetic so just like higher vibration notes and reminders that I keep present every single day so that's right by the door so every night and morning I read the money affirmation and make sure I set the intention every single day to be the soil lead with love and you're like what that doesn't matter that's a whole another topic but um you know hopefully that's helpful it's kind of like a vision board sort of but more like a high vibration board where if I do these things I will vibrate High and keep peace throughout my day so what I'm going to do is transfer these intentions to that whiteboard and so I have things on here like you know grow brokerage account to six figures be present AF for my son meditation drop 4% body fat uh pay off student loan debt I've been putting that off since Co who here has been putting their student loan de off since Co I have 6K to go and I'm just like I don't want to pay it all right so moving on this uh particular event happened quite a little bit ago but I wanted to highlight because it was a local event here in Ventura County where I live um one of my really good friends from high school Christina broy uh she is a badass and she hosts she does a lot of things she's she does events for the LA Kings and and other NBA teams but she also is passionate about connecting business owner women CEOs uh entrepreneurs local businesses and there was an event she hosted with her brand called Elite so Elite social I think it's called um and this event was local like right in my city and I called her cuz I had seen on her Instagram like you know ventur I was like wait are you having an event tonight she's like yeah matter of fact do you want to speak we just had a spot open up I'm like yes like I've been wanting to be a speaker that's one piece of the puzzle where um not puzzle but part of my career where I haven't focused on and so I was like yes I'd absolutely love to today is international women's day here at this Elite event that is so at the DJ over there all these amazing beautiful business women and my boo my hubby so I went and I'm like what am I it was women's month and that particular day was International women's day and I'm like what am I going to talk about she's like talk about women and talk about YouTube tips I'm like okay so I the whole theme of my speech which I'll show a clip was about self-love and YouTube you're like what but I'll show you in these clips um we got to the event it was really beautiful there's like a red carpet entrance with a nice background there's lots of amazing beautiful women there and it was just a great great environment so check out a little bit of the event and my speech the first thing I wanted to the topic I wanted to mention tonight was a lot of what us women here are familiar with and that is uh masculinity and operating very deeply in our masculinity and we have a lot of it I'm sure a lot of you can relate and masculinity looking like being competitive right the clients how many clients can we get the V metrics the followers the views comparing ourselves you know hitting those Revenue Milestones having to prove ourselves constantly being overly reactive and trying to be in control um it's not our fault that we were programmed this way it's it was just kind of ingrained from us ever since kindergarten uh Elementary School um just having all of that Competitive Edge and I didn't realize until I was 32 like what the hell even feminine energy was right and I believe that the remedy for operating too much in the toxic masculinity is selflove and for a long time I thought that self- Lov was you know eating chocolates in a bubble bath and getting Petty manicures which you know it's self-care right and keep doing that uh if you're if you're doing that but what self love is is is true selflove is making the choice to build a life that you don't regularly need to escape from self Lov really is finding fulfillment and joy in every step in the process of our journey and knowing that everything is happening in your power within its Divine Right order I guess my my mission is to empower those who are creating content to to incorporate selflove and you know the way you're doing that is finding a system finding establishing boundaries being able to Outsource other tasks that are very very important and critical to moving the content creation process and business forward but they don't need to be run by you they can be delegated and know that you can trust other people on your team with that responsibility and so um yeah that that's all I have to say is just incorporate selflove every day and more of it so thank you so much [Applause] much and another thing that re happened recently that was a huge thing throughout the entire couple of weeks was the promotion we had of the launch of our brand new low ticket offer AKA pocket product trip wire whatever you want to call it so that for us is subscribers to sales system and this was a fun launch because um it was the first time we've ever Incorporated upsells in the product so we had subscribers to sale systems um at the $47 price point and for the grand opening it was $ 3290 so was a 30% discount and for when I launch a product into the world I typically call it like grand opening sale or something along the lines of that right and um I had had um my YouTube editors who are incredible editors and graphic designers they helped me put together the promo assets so social media carousels and they put together an awesome reel um my channel manager and also YouTube head success coach Don she helped me with programming the stuff on the YouTube channel um and then I had another team member help me with email promoting programming the emails so it was a pretty the hardest thing about this whole launch was that we were moving our systems right we were moving away from cartra my whole business is based off cartra we want to cut that out and we we're wanting to move it now to everything to WordPress and so the hardest part about this launch was making sure everything was set up correctly on WordPress and so with WordPress you know there's plugins right there's plugins that add different features to the website so with cart flows we this was the plugin that helps you create checkout pages connect them to the sales pages and do the amazing up selles cross sales down sales and it was really cool one of the things I did was I made five YouTube videos that push traffic to the to the product and it was really fun because we didn't have a ton of traffic for this promo and I knew that just right now um my audience is just down like I've lost a lot of audience my email list has downsized and it's really kind of like building my business again from scratch which I love start from zero like I'll start from zero all day and so it was really fun to put this promo together and the great part about it is now that it's launched we have data we have customers they're able to now enjoy the product and Implement you know a sauna with with their YouTube channel so that's really cool the other thing that was going on during that week of prepping for the promo was uh a trip that we did as a me and my family we went to Northern California for a week um that was fun also crazy because I we picked up and go so I couldn't just take off work as I because normally I have to plan for that if I want to be out out of the office so I was working we were traveling seeing friends seeing family um it was so much fun we went to San Jose we went to Vallejo you f me like Vallejo what one of my really good friends lives there um we went from there to the Davis Sacramento area my little sister she goes to Davis you see Davis and she had a fashion show it was really fun so it's amazing to um you know travel during our our the week and although it wasn't a complete week off it was fun to be able to explore go to places in my state that I've never been to before see friends that was the most special part seeing friends and family and um it was just a really good time so that's one of the things I love about this this business and being online and remote is that if you want to pick up and go and work from wherever you want at us any given day you have the freedom to do that right and still take client calls still you know operate things as long as you have the strong systems and team to help you out and then one of the other unique things that happened last week was one of our clients her name is Lisa she is a model Scout and she has a history she was a fashion model for years and and so she came on board in our subscribers to sales as in program where we revamped her channel did the YouTube branding helped her get um reposition her Niche with the purpose and the pillars Etc and um she was still having a little bit of trouble filming and we couldn't quite figure it out and so what she told me at the end of the program was like hey I really need a YouTube studio and I'm like you know I just need someone and she said I need someone to come to my house set up my studio and put it all together and teach me how it works I'm like we could do that so my husband and I went to her house it was really fun we told her exactly what equipment to use um and what to buy and we went over there and assembled it all for her it was like a two-day build we went one day then we had to go back to the next I'll show a couple clips of that so today we are going to a client's house her name is Lisa excited and um this is actually day two um of the project cuz we went last week to set up the studio um but there was a few things missing that didn't arrive on time and so we're going back today to finish setting up the studio get the lighting in place get all the equipment um hooked up so the other goal of this is to um set up so she's has going to have a hybrid channel uh where she has YouTube videos and also podcast style episodes on the channel and so we're setting up the systems for that the systems meaning the podcast hosting platform the podcast recording platform and making sure she knows how to operate all of it and also setting up her assana good old assana so that the project management could be clean between her YouTube editor and also her channel manager who will be also managing the distribution of the podcast episodes um on the platform so it's going to be a fun project it already is a fun project that what we' started so uh we'll be talk showing the before and after and yeah just talking about how it went so stay [Music] tuned so here's the studio so about halfway more than halfway [Music] done and so now you automatically have all the subtasks for them ready to go down here okay it's everything they need to [Music] do so then after we got done it was really cool because she then she now has her YouTube studio in place her workflows her podcast Channel or her podcasting hosting and um recording software in place and now she's able to you know during her busy week she's able to pump out these uh YouTube videos and get content onto the channel to build that brand drive more traffic to her courses Etc so um you know by the way if you're interested in this you know I guess if you're in California my husband and I can come to your house um but if you're interested in working with us in the subscribers to sales Ascend program this is our coaching program hybrid with done for you so you know it's a coaching but also we do the heavy lifting for you um go ahead and like check out more information in the description it is for serious applicants only because we you team up with myself and my entire team we go all in right and what we do is we Implement a internal YouTube team we train them the idea is it will help you supercharge your growth your Revenue get more sales to your coaching programs Etc so that's um the whole you know Essence and purpose of that that program just a note on the diversity in my work day my work week when you have the strong systems in place when you have the processes defined when you have a team that's able to come on board and and know they know how to support you then then the freedom that you'll have as a business owner is gets exponential right you're able to really hone in on your main job which is being the vision holder right and uh you know knowing what the vision is where the company's going also having time to improve your client experiences your products you know redoing curriculum etc etc so um I guess that's what I I you know I really hope you enjoyed this day in the OR week in the Life day in the life and um if you've liked this video and you've made it this far thank you so much heart heart um definitely check out the video that's coming up next right here and we will see you there

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