Everyone’s talking S*&t about YouTube shorts (here’s the TRUTH about monetizing shorts)

would you believe that in order to make a thousand dollars a day from YouTube shorts you would have to generate anywhere between 13 to 15 million views with your YouTube shorts per day I mean who's really doing that I've noticed a trend that business YouTubers are feeling so betrayed by the high promise of YouTube shorts and it was going to generate leads it was going to get them major viral growth well I guess it does but the views haven't turned into leads and definitely have not turned into sales unfortunately YouTube shorts was super hyped up and super promising and foreign and in today's video we're going to talk about why the whole YouTuber economy and Creator economy is talking [ __ ] about YouTube shorts and we're gonna unpack the truth I'd love to know if you're using YouTube shorts right now comment down below YouTube shorts yes or YouTube shorts no and let me know your experience with it now although we're talking about YouTube shorts let me tell you a very important story about my Tick Tock account just a couple of years ago this is important because my most viral video ever is on my Tick Tock account which I don't even use anymore but the story goes is that I posted a tick tock video that went Mega viral like it got 1 million views in just over 24 hours no just under 24 hours I think it was 23 hours it hit 1 million views and within just like a week from that it hit like 1.9 million views it was crazy I was so excited I'm like yes I'm gonna go viral I'm gonna have a million Tick Tock followers but most importantly I was super excited because I had the link in the bio to my master class and I'm like cool everyone's gonna opt in I'm gonna get hundreds of sales and this is going to be a super huge profitable month well the results came in and um guess how many sales we got yeah zero zero zero sales could you believe that from over one million views on Tick Tock that is crazy and that is why YouTubers are so damn frustrated with YouTube shorts it's like what uh Sean Cannell says with think media he's like YouTube shorts are kind of like empty calories it's like they fill you up they give your channel the views and they even help you go viral but is it sustainable long term is it worth your investment of a video editor is it building real Community with your channel is it bringing you leads and most importantly are those leads converting into sales what's up I mean is this really happening now really quickly to break down how a YouTube short goes viral it all depends on the traffic source which you know if you didn't know already a YouTube short has a traffic Source now with the YouTube shorts feed if you go in your YouTube analytics and you go to the traffic sources you can see the YouTube shorts is right there so that was cool that was kind of the most exciting thing is like oh on top of all the eight different traffic sources on YouTube now there's another one now there's YouTube shorts but the key to going viral is making sure that you're short is on that short speed and getting pushed and pushed and pushed especially to a YouTube mobile app users that is the quickest way to go viral with YouTube shorts and so one of the main reasons that YouTubers are talking major [ __ ] is because that YouTube shorts ad revenue does not pay well it does not pay well at all I mean if you take the RPM which is like the actual take-home money that you earn as a Creator from Google AdSense right if you take the RPM of a YouTube short it's like literally pennies right on my best video you can see that the best um that one of my best performing YouTube shorts on the channel has an RPM of a dollar and 48 cents which is really high because normally your RPM is like six cents seven cents something crazy like that and so you can see for YouTube shorts it has 94 000 views I only got paid 138 dollars that's crazy now if that were a long form YouTube video I guarantee I probably would have made I don't know I'm guessing nine thousand dollars or something like that from AdSense that's crazy so in general YouTube shorts don't pay well I was also watching another Creator who said from a YouTube short that got a whopping 11 million views that their paycheck for that duration of 28 days was only 528 dollars that's so insanely low for 11 million views that's absolutely crazy and so you know again me personally it's like I when I'm scrolling through YouTube actually I never scroll through YouTube shorts if I ever watch short form content I gotta admit it's either on Instagram or Tick Tock I just whenever I go on YouTube I never actually watch YouTube shorts but hey a lot of consumers do um but when I have watched YouTube shorts I've never subscribed to a YouTube channel I I've never looked in the description I really never even cared and even if I saw a YouTube short I never even saw their long form content later on that was posted on the browse and home feed like basically you know whoever I was looking at just kind of disappeared and that's kind of how it is a lot of times with art channels I think there was an update like recently a few months ago or I don't remember when but YouTube was saying oh now we're going to link the short form content to the long form and we're going to make long-form content much more discoverable and visible on the home page of the YouTube channel which nah nah man false promises that is I have not seen proof of that at all so now if we evaluate the demographics of who these people are who watch YouTube shorts at least what I can say for my channel is that this is a much younger audience and there's nothing wrong with a younger audience but historically with the products I sell the coaching the programs that I sell they are people in their mid-30s and in their mid-40s and so the demographic um of people that are actually watching the YouTube shorts in my audience like only five maybe eight percent are actually the ideal Avatar um you know people in the mid 30s in the mid 40s who actually care about the products that you're selling on the back end of your channel one viral short I had I mean it was so dominant between 18 to 24 years old was like 80 of the audience which is absolutely crazy and again it's like it's kind of misleading because it's like oh yeah my video my shorts got 10 000 views Within a week or 100K views or even a million views and it's like okay well what's what's that audience worth I mean is this piece of content getting in front of people who are actually going to stay with you become a part of your community actually buy from you later want to join your email list join your newsletter want to buy your tiny offer or the membership that you're selling on the back end of your channel most likely not I guess one of the advantages of YouTube shorts now is that in order to hit AdSense for those that are still newer newer creators on the platform one of the metrics now is you can become a member of the YouTube partnership program if you have 10 million views and a thousand subscribers you no longer absolutely need the 4 000 hours of watch time so that makes it nice as another entryway for new creators to monetize with AdSense faster and as a matter of fact let me just back up a little bit because I actually am wrong a big YouTube update if you haven't already heard the news is that now you only need 5 100 subscribers as opposed to a thousand subscribers to monetize a channel which is really cool I mean I think that the 4000 uh watch hour qualification and the 10 million views from YouTube shorts should stay the same because those really are the harder things to achieve anyway so this is good news if you're still on the road to getting your first thousand subscribers and still on the road to monetizing with YouTube AdSense for your YouTube channel but getting back on this topic of why everyone's talking [ __ ] about YouTube shorts let me just say please no matter how tempting it is don't ever ever ever ever replace your long form content with short form content just don't that's like a big No-No long form content will always be king I mean now uh those channels who have the format of a video podcast as their YouTube channel have a huge Advantage because those mega long videos those hour-long videos and two hour videos are really what's going to do the heavy lifting with the algorithm because although those videos don't have have a super high view velocity in the beginning when you first post them it doesn't matter it doesn't matter if you're one of your long videos gets an 8 out of 10 or 10 out of 10 because that still is going to do the heavy lifting for your channel those videos are the ones that are going to get tons of watch time and watch time is directly related to subscriber increase and view increase which is directly related to lead generation increase as well so now you might be just as confused as a lot of us other creators and you're like well what do I do do I post shorts do I not post shorts I'm still learning to like shorts and maybe won't ever like them like get some kind of speaking for myself because there are business owners out there and Advocates of the short form content I mean I know people who are making lots of money from Instagram reels from Facebook reels and that's their thing they're like yes the the reels and The Tick Tock it it works for me so it's all about what you do as a business owner and what you decide to test it's like you can't knock anything and say something doesn't work unless you try it for me short form content has not served well in my business so that is why I do not focus on it if we do have the ability to repurpose content and put it into short form fine I have always been an advocate of long form it'll be long form until the day I'm no longer here but really I'd love to know any news strategies for lead generation or um you know funneling people from your short form content to long-form content in the comments below and let's start our discussion because um yeah I love to be wrong as well I love to see when people discover new things and I think YouTube is honestly trying to clean up their mess when they launch YouTube shorts back in 2020 I believe it was to just compete and say they had short form content and short form capabilities to compete with Tick Tock and you know all the other short form content platforms and it's funny because all the other short form content platforms competed so hard to have videos that are long-form content so it's like what the hell right but by the way if you are a business YouTuber who is looking to manage your channel and scale your revenue and do all the operations of your YouTube channel and cut your working time in half definitely download our six step blueprint it'll be the first link in the description or this link right here if you're still here definitely stick around and watch the video coming up next it is all about my welcome back video and an explanation of why I was die hard about getting rid of this Channel and selling it and what made me change my mind and come back so click right there that video comes up next there is a crazy phenomenon going on with YouTubers right now between them battling to save their channels not spiraling into extreme burnout and doing everything in

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