F&*K Gaining your next 1000 subs 🙄 – 5X your YouTube lead flow in 90 days or LESS

revenue is greater than subscribers any day am I wrong so are you tired of seeing the advice like gain your next 100 subscribers on YouTube [ __ ] that your biggest mistake on YouTube is that you are chasing the subscribers this is totally the wrong approach if you're running a business and you're a CEO and founder you want leads and you want sales from your YouTube channel period in today's video I'm going to talk about how exactly to 5x your lead flow within the next 90 days guarantee if that sounds amazing to you go ahead and type in 5x in the comments and let's get going now what I've noticed with over five years on the YouTube platform is that once you get the ball rolling and you get the algorithm spinning for views and you know really generating leads and sales it's like everything starts to Branch off and grow off of that like you get the you get the machine going right the algorithm is machine and you have the cogs and the will you have the content you have the views and the subscribers if you get them all turning and executing at once out pops out sales out pops out super qualified leads out pops out the ability to be recognized supercharging brand awareness the opportunities to speak the opportunities to be on other people's podcasts to do affiliate JVS all that stuff it's really quite insane what happens once you get the machine going so we're gonna first break down like hey what your YouTube channel should be accomplishing right now and if it's not there's a problem that we must fix and address and don't worry it is totally doable so here's basically what your YouTube channel should be doing right now right it's all about the what I call lead velocity purview that is lead velocity per view basically your next 5 000 views on your channel should be earning you a hundred leads right so we're hoping for like basically one lead per 50 views or more right I've definitely seen more okay so if we take a look and do the math all right and what this translates to for you in your business whether you you have a lower ticket model whether you have a mid ticket like 997 two thousand dollar course or whether you have a high ticket program here's what you should expect for the next cash injection coming from the next 5 000 views on your channel so if you have a low ticket product maybe it even leads to an upsell of your high ticket offer but let's just say for the pure example of the low ticket product so if you have a mini product a mini course a tripwire a book even a bump offer to any of those things your conversion rate is probably around 15 right just taking an average from what we know with our business so if you have a hundred leads coming from your next 5 000 views right and let's take the example price of a 37 low ticket product okay you're looking at a cash injection of 555 okay so if you have your mid-range offer so this is like your 1K offer so a self-study course with a community maybe a recurring membership etc for 100 leads that you're getting for your next 5 000 views we're assuming a conversion rate of a little bit lower let's say four percent to be conservative um let's use the price point of 9.97 that is a cash injection for your business of 3988 within the next 5 000 views from your YouTube channel now if we go the high ticket product route right so this is the one-on-one Consulting the hybrid programs for those of you that are service providers and provide a a service for your clients okay here's what a hundred leads could look like for you if we assume 100 leads within the next 5 000 videos and a conversion rate of 10 right because that's actually kind of on the lower side for a higher ticket product maybe we might assume 20 but for this example we're assuming 10 so let's say your product is 5K that is a 50 000 cash injection within the next 5 000 views that's pretty impressive and let me tell you 5000 views is not hard that should be very very achievable within your next four to eight videos and maybe let's play Devil's Advocate if you're like Marissa like five okay 100 leads that's not maybe you're saying that's not a lot of leads which I think it's a good amount of leads like for most of us who don't have a huge audience and collecting like hundreds of leads per day um so here's why I will say to your Devil's Advocate like excuse so like 100 is not a lot it is a lot when it comes to YouTube because those 100 leads are pre-qualified pre-sold they're not just cold leads coming from a random Instagram ad or where wherever right they are warmed up they're like oh they're establishing the know like and trust with you um you as the content creator you know your stuff right so um with that being said this is why like a hundred leads from YouTube you can assume a much higher conversion rate for your products than with other cold traffic sources or paid advertisement Etc and to be fair like to use an example of some of our previous clients that we've had who have gone through this and what exactly we teach in our subscribers to sales program Carmen and Darius right as an example they now have like a ton of they have a lot they have 166 000 subscribers maybe more but when they just had 2 500 subscribers they had like laser focus on who they were attracting on their uh in like within their audience on their YouTube channel they launched a digital product that grossed six figures within four hours of launching so that's how powerful this could be and this can add up and why 5 000 views matter even though it doesn't sound like a lot okay and to top that all off right in a recent video I talked about how this like I'm switching niches with this Channel and I and I talk about that in a recent video I made on this channel but the point is a recent video campaign that we did on this channel would like it took off okay so first The View velocity or the lead velocity per view right that metric that sounds um we got like 26 leads within the first 30 minutes and I think we received 35 leads to an offer that we had within an hour that's insane I mean that's way more than one lead per 50 views right and this is like I can't remember how many leads or how many views we got in that first hour it wasn't a lot it was like less than 300 so this is really exciting because this video is looking to gross at least fifty thousand dollars with one video so that's really exciting and so I'm living proof that literally you do not need subscribers to make money and monetize you do need views you do need views but you don't need subscribers and that's why I'm just like screw getting and gaining your next thousand Subs like that's going to do a lot less like the subs the subs will get the subs will probably don't they will come they will come and this ladies and gentlemen is what I call building a very profitable YouTube back catalog so the back catalog referring to your body of work right all your public videos on your YouTube right now is called your back catalog and that that catalog it's like the solar power to your business right it's like having solar panels so basically your business will have a source of traffic no matter what happens with other sources what the paid advertising with whatever else you're doing on Instagram or Facebook or any of the social medias like this is it that back catalog is gold okay that is going to keep churning out uh leads and sales Etc you already know this but that is why it is so powerful because like what happens to all of our homes when somebody turns off the electricity okay what happens to our Facebook ads when they're super um seasoned and pixelated and blah blah and they're doing really well and then Mark Zuck is like turning off the electricity it's like now what are we gonna do so this is why it's super important to build up that that catalog and so how is it possible to 5x your lead flow right now and continue to create videos that turn out like 50 Grand in-growth revenue and just continue to build on top of each other right so how are we able to do it how can you do it we have three pillars that we go by that we live by they're like our values and our company subscribers to sales and that first pillar is turbocharged Channel growth so basically we have a video strategy that is excellent it just ignites engagement it will bring you more and more subscribers and Views which then turns into more leads and sales but it's all about how you deliver your videos which will position you as the ultimate Authority in your Niche and will make you the go-to YouTube channel for your audience and future subscribers and so what composes this first pillar well it's really important to like audit your channel and figure out what's working take a deep dive into to your analytics figure out what the click-through rate is figure out your watch time duration and what you're averaging on on the video figure out what your top content is figure out what's working in that regard and what's not working okay and you want to double down on what is only if it's aligned that's kind of another topic but if it's aligned with your client Avatar and who you're trying to attract double down on it right this also people like I see this mistake with business owners CEOs and their channels all the time it's The Branding The Branding is awful it's just off and I you know I hate to say the word awful but it's like the thumbnails are offbeats they're not on brand there's no really established direction or Channel pillars for that specific Channel and all of these components combined are really what like Turbo Charge the channel so that's the first pillar and the second one is your YouTube Dream Team machine okay so this is your high performance team behind the channel basically that is growth Focus that will execute the viral growth strategies behind the channel when you're not there basically 24 7 which will basically enable you to focus on your business and fulfilling a new clients that come into your business with ease and the biggest problem I see in the YouTube industry with a YouTube team is that one it either doesn't exist at all right um two you have maybe one of the two members that are essential for the team working for your company and for your channel but they have no no clue what they're doing like they don't understand YouTube they don't understand the algorithm and so it's kind of like what's going on and that's and that's the thing it's like some people claim to be really good YouTube channel managers and this and then they are like yeah we know exactly what to do and they come onto your channel and they don't they really don't they they are the missing deadlines they're not understanding how to optimize properly they're not understanding what to do after a video is posted to make it Skyrocket that is crucial the team is crucial because the team is going to be really your sales machine that is going to help like your back catalog gets stronger and stronger not only that they will they will take care of all the viral growth strategies that really you as the CEO Creator and business owner have no time to do now we talked about the turbocharged Channel growth we talked about the YouTube Dream Team machine the third pillar is peaceful productivity framework this is super super important okay because this is is where you'll create a custom content creation system the workflows behind the channel basically you're creating the ecosystem on how everybody operates and how everybody knows exactly what they're doing in regards to the YouTube channel and to make it successful and this is where the magic happens because this is what's going to allow you as the YouTuber to create peacefully peace the key word is peacefully to create peacefully within just two hours per week that's it if you're working on your YouTube channel for longer than two hours per week you are doing something very wrong and by the way if you are a CEO or founder looking to really take your YouTube channel to the next level because right now maybe your Channel's on life support maybe it's struggling I have excellent news for you because this month I have opened up five spots to work personally one-on-one with myself and my team and basically what we promise for you is that we will 5x your lead flow and lead generation from your YouTube channel within the next 90 days or we will work with you you until it happens guaranteed okay so if you're interested in that please check out the first link in the description and book a call today on this strategy call we'll basically like peel back the curtain on what exactly we're doing for our existing clients and how we have helped supercharge not only their leads and sales but also their brand awareness and Authority in their Niche now this is definitely for you if you have a refined offer if you have a YouTube channel already where you've posted at least 40 videos if you're able to post at least one piece of content per week and if you're finally ready to Outsource that dream YouTube Team behind your channel we will train them we will manage them and let me back up a little bit this is not for you if you do not have a YouTube channel and if you're starting from scratch so if you are a complete beginner in business and you have not started your YouTube channel and you're in that stage where you're still trying to figure it out unfortunately I won't be able to help you and we cannot accept your application but if this does sound like you and if this resonates definitely book a strategy session in the link in the description and be sure to do it right now because those five spots will fill up super fast so I will talk to you soon so if you take anything away from today's video know that it's about the lead velocity purview again that you are doing this so what I suggest that you could do is start tracking your specific links your funnels from your YouTube channel start understanding how many leads are actually coming into your funnel like on a monthly basis so create a kpi spreadsheet where you have different metrics that you can keep track of like the total views uh watch time Etc subscribers but also most importantly the amount of lead flow that you're getting from your channel so that way you can track every month right every um first of the month you can say okay last month the channel generated 330 leads this month we want to increase it to 500 and then from there definitely start optimizing your titles and thumbnails that is the most important thing I would also go back back in your most popular videos and the the videos that are bringing a lot of exposure Subs uh views to your Channel right now go back and replace those thumbnails for a more optimized one that is super important because just by replacing an old thumbnail could be the difference between your video receiving 100 views a month to like 10 000 views per month okay so as I mentioned with that 5000 view example that can really compound and add up over time so definitely get on top of that ASAP if you're still here and you're a CEO and founder with a YouTube channel that's struggling definitely book a call today and if you'd like check out the video coming up next all about the future of this particular Channel where we're going what type of content I'm going to be producing I break it all down in this video right here so click right there and I'll see you on that video there have been hundreds of YouTubers before who have made videos like my Channel's dying blah blah blah the YouTube algorithm hates me but

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