I left the ‘how to Make Money Online’ Niche (…here’s what I’m doing now)

if you would have seen this channel exactly a year ago you passive income what to do if you're broke what to do after you left your nine to five what to do if you need a side hustle a remote job all that stuff Etc make money online websites the list goes on and on in today's video I'm going to break down why I'm no longer making make money online content the type of content I'm gonna make instead and how my videos coming up aren't going to have a big flashy dollar sign and x amount of dollars today and super click baby titles and thumbnails but the crazy part is how do I say this even though this channel is no longer a make money online Channel forgot you I don't want to play with you anymore I can almost guarantee that with the value I'm going to be giving and the different content I'll be talking about is going to help you as a individual as a CEO as a business owner make much more money than you know 150 a day 300 a day blah blah blah whatever it is so basically what I'm saying is that this non make money online channel will probably help you make you know five figures a day scale up to six figures a month and Beyond and if you're scratching your head like I'm just just not sure well let me just say like okay 250 a day that's cute but that's definitely not the goal that's like Milestone number one and you got five six seven eight more Milestones to go so if you're pumped about this new Direction go ahead and type in the comments level up and let's get going with the rest of this video and so we're gonna get into a little bit of a virtual chat coffee talk right now and I'll just say like you know making this decision back about a year ago um no actually it was over a year ago whenever it was I would say that it was not a hard decision because I was just really extremely burnt out with the MMO Niche with you know just the BS and and everything that comes with being in the MMO Niche which I will discuss in this video but I would say that I was just so done with it and I needed a change and I've talked about this in several different videos so I won't go too deep into it but I'll just say like hey leaving the MMO name Niche initially had a huge effect on my Revenue it was you know financially like it was a tough decision to leave because this is a very or was a profitable Niche and so I had to really like again kind of like when I left my nine to five job I had to say goodbye take a leap into the unknown and be like okay we are not doing that anymore we are doing something else and that was scary because I lost sponsors I literally broke contracts that I had had for a couple years and I'm like I'm sorry I won't be able because you know we're not doing this anymore um which I'll talk about like sponsors a little later and I'll make a dedicated video about sponsorships but it was it was tough because I was like well dang I know like the AdSense is gonna take a hit the traffic is going to take a hit and also like brand deals with sponsorships the affiliate marketing Revenue like stayed like pretty well but um yeah it was definitely currently a compromise but I knew I had to do it because like there was no option [Music] decline there was no option to continue doing it like I just could not anymore and the other thing I definitely compromised was you know my subscriber count um I just made a video about uh losing 320 subscribers in a month but I mean like my channel is for real right okay as you can see in the past 28 days the snapshot of subscribers gained has actually been a subscriber's loss um losing approximately 320 subscribers per day like you can check that out right here but hey thousands of you have left already like well over 3 000 at the point of this video and it's kind of like something that I don't really care about anymore and I go into that topic way more in that video I mentioned but um those of you that are still here amazing maybe some of you that are still here probably haven't realized that this channel is changing hopefully you continue to ride with me but um yeah I mean it was it was really hard part because it was like the hype and the and the social media dopamine from getting tons of views and hits and all this stuff you know I had watch it go down and if you know if you're a YouTuber you know the most painful thing about being a YouTuber is are the vanity metrics are the analytics behind the channel and that's a tough hit it just it's on the ego it just from the ego to your spirit to your soul it just it hurts it hurts when that happens and so but I had to stop because I'm like this is not the Legacy I would like to leave like especially after I became a mom I'm like I I had really thought about like what type of Legacy do I want to leave for you know my son and everyone watching and those that I'm giving value to and it was not this like it was definitely not this and so another big reason I decided to stop with the MMO Niche is because people it attracts the type of person sometimes not everyone I'm definitely not speaking about everyone but it it will attract people who are just mean they are super remain and they are angry and ungrateful criminal offensive side and they would get upset right if I made a video about 10 side hustles or you know 11 passive income ideas they would get so they felt entitled and would also get upset because they were like well Marissa you haven't made money with um you know digital products on Etsy I'm like obviously I have not but I'm giving you the idea because if you want to make money with digital products on Etsy go do it you know what I mean and it was just like what the hell like that's so mean and they would I would be called the worst things like [ __ ] scammer fraud you name it like I was called it like I've been totally like haters haters was a thing that it's not bothered me for a long time but the hate that comes with an audience like consuming the make money online topics it's hurtful I mean people get very aggressive and emotional I'm just like how could people say this to me um it was it was extremely hurtful because this is a career that I have this is a lot of I mean if you don't like this video and if you disagree with it so much like just don't say anything you know what I mean just leave it alone um so the the comments like are hurtful they really are I mean let me back up I know I said I can handle it which I can um there's very few comments nowadays that will trigger me um and uh anyways it was just a lot of that and it's and you you talk to any MMO Niche Creator or those even in personal finance it's like the comments are aggressive and people are just die hard in the comments wanting them to make their point and they can because I have no clue who they are I can't have a conversation with them um they're what I call keyboard lawyers and so it's super aggressive in that Niche okay so that was a huge like who who who why why do I continue doing this for the people that and and a lot and this is just this is a smaller percentage like a lot of you are you know if you're you know have been with me on this channel for a while like you know majority of you have not made these nasty comments but um and I thank you like I've received if I've received five percent of nasty hater comments that I've received probably you know just way more of you know 80 95 just glowing compliments and that's what honestly lights me up is that I'm able to spark an idea or give you something to progress for your next YouTube video like whatever it is whatever it is if I'm giving you value and the tools you need like that's what matters to me that's what lights me up that's what keeps me going as a Creator and yeah I guess that's kind of wrapping up that topic ruining the algorithm this is another reason why I had to leave was because make money online channels in my opinion ruin the algorithm because here's what's going on there's creators out there that and this is not just like in make money online this is also like in Fitness and the other like really big niches out there um there's titles out there it's basically like two forces colliding like just two things trying to coexist and it's just not working out and with the example of the MMO content versus like online business content so basically you have the force of the MMO clickbaity like you know million dollars a day in two seconds copy and paste versus the uh online business titles that have no click bait they have no dollar sign in them it's a true title and reflection of what the content actually is well guess what unfortunately the algorithm is going to favor always like the ones with the clickbait or uh title subtitles thumbnails right versus the one with just like the normal okay um and that's just not fair because what that does is the more like clickbaity MMO stuff there is out there the more it's going to drown out this this quality content that's true like it's a true reflection of what the content is and that's just not fair and so the more that that happens and the more clickbaity things are it's just gonna continue to be this giant snowball and you know keep getting bigger and bigger and dominate and drown out and give other creators a chance that don't feel aligned and don't want to have the dollar sign on their you know thumbnails and their titles and really in the MMO Niche it's a competition for attention purely that's what it is and I say that because I can speak for myself like I was trying to get attention one hundred thousand percent and I and I would consider like my videos extreme quality like I would give for example an email marketing tutorial and how to build a complete two-step lead magnet funnel for your business the only funnel that you need to generate six figures and Beyond with your channel and then I would just uh you know hide it or Band-Aid over it with a super trashy title like lazy way to make x amount of dollars in a day in 90 days because I'm like okay well if people click on this title they'll see they'll get True Value right as opposed to like PayPal copy and paste and it's just some like something ridiculous that doesn't even work and so for me I was like trying to put as much quality out there but just covering it with the most trashy title possible I mean that's that really sucks but that's like what happens I think one of the more recent examples I could think of with like the MMO and how it's true the algorithm and the force of the MMO nature is just dominating is with Josh Mayo like a lot of you probably know who Josh Mayo is like this Creator who just like blew up he blew up and he started I I was a consumer of his content until he started posting make money online videos and you know not to like diss him or anything because this guy is incredible and hey Josh if we ever meet in person like it's all love but you know I could guarantee that like a big reason why he switched to MMOs because it was going to bring more views and more clicks and everything and so um that's kind of how how it went for him and a lot of people including myself probably stopped watching him because he made the transition however he gained 10x more people because the pool of beginners on YouTube is so huge right and people looking to get started and so you could even see in this comment that somebody made like I prefer your old videos and I'm like dang I like it was just like one of the first or second comments in that particular video I was like man me too because he used to post about invest sing and personal finances and you know like investing in stocks and dividends like with those they're damn good videos and they're still up on his channel but I literally built my entire brokerage account Fidelity portfolio from his videos like I didn't need to like they were that good and I'm like this is awesome and I like would watch all his videos that came out but as soon as he posted like the oh 300 easy blah blah business per day I'm just like oh man he decided to go that route no Josh don't do it so I I don't I don't watch his channel anymore unfortunately but um I just wish he would have kept going with that because it was super duper valuable to like business owners and a bunch of people and so you know but it's all good it's like we're all on our own Journey as creators but that's just proof that like the algorithm it's it's not fair like the algorithm is so jacked up um in that sense where it favors where it favors the super clickbaity and we'll drown out the rest and I think that one thing that the algorithm and YouTube and you know the higher-ups can do is like hey why don't you for once like not draw attention to the titles with a dollar sign like why don't you maybe experiment with like the opposite maybe they're now titles that are unfavored right like if you have something a dollar sign in the title it's like your video is not going to get views because that's like against maybe not against the TOs but it's like hey we know what you're trying to do here we're not gonna give you as many views as like we did historically like if you have a dollar sign in your video we're not going to favor it uh something like that just to like get the balance easy or more at equilibrium right so everyone can have a chance whether they have a dollar sign in their title or not and and so switching the topic now to sponsors like there was one sponsor I had in particular who um really wanted me to do a super clickbaity title like all they wanted were the views and and that's all that mattered to them so they wanted me to start or post a title that was like make um make content or make YouTube videos in 20 seconds that you know make you x amount of money with a faceless like all the super clickbaities things like faceless YouTube channel x amount of dollars per day easy like make in less than 10 minutes like all and I'm just like no I'm not I'm not going to make because originally from this sponsor my understanding was they had a tool that was they their Market is business owners right coaches Consultants agencies Etc that needed the you know a solid video creation tool and ever since like they created their own YouTube channel they started um basically doubling down on their top content well guess what their top content was a make money online topic specifically like faceless YouTube channel x amount of dollars a day blah blah blah which is not which is a huge turn off to establish business owners and it's um like like it attracts those trying to make it easy dollar get rich quick Etc and I'm just like man I don't that's not cool like I don't want to make a title about that so we literally could not come to an agreement for a year and we stopped working together what makes me upset is that there's hundreds of creators promoting this tool in the exact way that that sponsor this company wants them to do it a lot of creators that I respect and trust and I'm just like come on dude like seriously and now the worst part is like every single content creator that is sponsored by this company it's the same exact title it's like make x amount of dollars a day with easy videos with AI make YouTube content with AI which don't even get me started about the whole AI I'm gonna make a separate video about the AI topic but basically like it's what the what pissed me off is that this tool for them it's it's no longer a business tool for companies right it's turned into this how to create AI content on a brand new YouTube channel and make lots of money which is a total it pisses me off like it's not a true business model and I'm going to break down why in a in a totally different video but what it what that does is that takes away quality content even more and drowns out real creators like real human creators trying to make genuine content like myself and like yourself probably I even read a comment on one of these sponsor videos and it caught my attention because it's exactly right it says I think it's a little dangerous to put videos on how to create low quality content there are so many scammers out there looking for get get rich quick scheme most people don't have the information literacy levels to do this well and they surely understand the ethical and legal ratification such as copyright and Licensing and basically they say without fully explaining how to use AI ethically it just seems like a way to create a bubble that will burst and ruin the content creation market and that's exactly how I feel and so that really sucks like I'm totally against like AI created YouTube content and so ultimately I'm just like no I'm not going to do this anymore like we're not we're not aligned we're done and by the way if you are a CEO or founder looking to really take your YouTube channel to the next level because right now maybe your Channel's on life support maybe it's struggling I have excellent news for you because this month I have opened up five spots to work personally one-on-one with myself and my team and basically what we promise for you is that we will 5x your lead flow and lead generation from your YouTube channel within the next 90 days or we will work with you until it happens guaranteed okay so if you're interested in that please check out the first link in the description and book a call today on this strategy call we'll basically like peel back the curtain on what exactly we're doing for our existing clients and how we have helped supercharge not only their leads and sales but also their brand awareness and Authority in their Niche now this is definitely for you if you have a refined offer if you have a YouTube channel already where you've posted at least 40 videos if you're able to post at least one piece of content per week and if you're finally ready to Outsource that dream YouTube Team behind your channel we will train them we will manage them and let me back up a little bit this is not for you if you do not have a YouTube channel and if you're starting from scratch so if you are a complete beginner in business and you have not started your YouTube channel and you're in that stage where you're still trying to figure it out unfortunately I won't be able to help you and we cannot accept your application but if this does sound like you and if this resonates definitely book a strategy session in the link in the description and be sure to do it right now because those five spots will fill up super fast so I will talk to you soon okay so moving forward all right here's what to expect topics on for this channel moving forward there's a lot of really good things all within the pillars of content creation business and CEO self Mastery and mindset okay but I just want to make clear like if I do make specific dollar value claims in a title or whatever the case may be it's going to be backed by actual data by metrics in kpis and my business and not some arbitrary like seven ways to make 750 a day in seven weeks or something like it's it's going to make sense all right and it's going to be from a real business perspective all right so I'll be talking about that um Advanced funnel building income reports behind the scenes of how I'm building a Consulting agency model and no longer a course creation High ticket products and the high ticket product and program Revolution um don't mind the construction or whatever's going on um I'll be talking about webinars CEO mindset manifesting whatever you want losing business revenue and what to do it bounced back after you your business has lost Revenue taxes this is a huge thing and it's super important okay building a team the most important thing right that people have no idea how to do who to hire next in your business what it takes for you to go from multi-six figures to seven figures and Beyond um supercharging productivity like throughout your day as a business owner really how to build a lifestyle business and that especially includes if you have a YouTube channel that is the main driver of traffic behind your business and with that being said the most important concepts are going to be like stepping into those true CEO shoes and building a business that can operate without you okay because until it can can't do that or until it can do that you're still in that was that s quadrant from Robert Kiyosaki where it's like self-employed like you're still employed like you still have a job right the goal is to be able to at any point in time remove yourself from the equation and that's the type of value I'll be giving on this channel so I hope that makes sense if you're still here you definitely want to check out this video coming up next all about my plan on turning around my negative subscriber count how I lost 320 subscribers in a month and what I'm doing to fix it so I'll see you on that next video there have been hundreds of YouTubers before who have made videos like my Channel's dying blah blah blah the YouTube algorithm hates me but I mean like

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