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in your online entrepreneurial career as a coach consultant service provider there aren't many things that can top a pay in full payment especially when it is a five figure pay in full payment welcome to this video where I'm going to give you an update on my evolution of high ticket selling which is something that I started less than a year ago and I wanted to give you a snapshot of how the last or most recent previous 60 days have gone and give you some perspective on what has worked for our business for our sales team talk about things in our product Suite that have been going well other offers that I've Incorporated besides High ticket and how now we are even going higher tickets if that sounds exciting to you go ahead and type in high ticket in the comments and let's get to it all right now let's just have an open and honest discussion about how things have been going all right so if you watched my first video which was posted you know I think maybe four or 5 months ago I'll leave it um up here and also linked down in the description but that video talked about how my results were of launching my high ticket product like ever in my life okay so since then there is a moment where we didn't get many sales um traffic was completely down and honestly like people just weren't converting we had Facebook ads running um going directing traffic to the to the uh opt-in funnel or the high ticket funnel essentially and we also had very little organic just because my channel which I've talked about in several videos is going through a huge uh Niche pivot and it's still optimizing traffic is still low this is just a BTS of how it is you guys I mean you can see the views on my channel are down so it's no secret that my organic traffic isn't the greatest right now but that's okay cuz I'm riding it out cuz I know one day it'll get back up there again so anyways going back to um the kind of slump we had for a while right for a couple of months and um it was one of those things where it's like okay it feels really tough right now but we have to push through and here's what we did and shout out to uh Mike allers I'll leave the link in his channel um in the description but he is our lead sales head YouTube strategist on the sales team um we focused on two months straight of sales training but also spiritual training so what we did was we every single Tuesday we would get um on a on a call and we'd study our script right we talk about the objections we were we were receiving from people we would go we would do role play um with each other we would talk to communicate with our appointment cter and see how things were going with him we would also meet on Thursdays and have great spiritual uh what here's here's the thing I just want to Define spiritual and what that means um what that means in my opinion is your connection with your higher self to to the Divine how you operate dayto day how you keep your peace cool and operate with love every single day it's an essential part of everything business relationships making money your children your peace of mind your health and so um we dedicated two months to doing this even though sales weren't really dropping um like they were or as as great what like they were like they were popping off in the beginning right but we had a slum perfectly normal right but we just envisioned also how we wanted to uh have our perfect call and invisioned those people saying yes and handing over their credit cards and being excited and being the right type of client that we want to work with and so uh we did we did this the sales and spiritual training and I have to say within the past what is it the beginning of May when I'm filming this video So within in April um we had a two and A2 week period where we grossed $44,000 in 2 and 1/2 weeks from three sales wait let me just make sure I got my math right hold on sorry 42 42 in gross sales and that was how much was that cash collected hold on sorry I'm not prepared for this video yeah so that was 33 grand in cash collected which was really exciting like we really popped off in the month of April I still don't have the books from that month but I know we landed somewhere in the mid-40s clo maybe even close to $50,000 for the month of April which is really exciting and um it's it is really exciting when that happens when you get pay in fulls when you get commitment from clients UPF front because you know you're all in in it's that Allin energy and commitment level between you as the program provider the coach and also them it's like let's get down to business you have full trust in each other and it's a certain energy and so when you have this cash upfront it gives you also Freedom as the business owner as like hey now I have capital I can take some reinvest it back into advertising my team can eat right on the client fulfillment side the sales team eats it's just a really great thing all the way around again I go back to as I do a lot here on this channel is all about system so when during that period where we were studying with each other doing training uh with the sales and also the spiritual we were refining our systems okay because this this has everything to do with like literally our systems on the back end so if I break down this funnel and what it looks like you have the the opt-in page right which says like hey opt in to learn more and it collects name email and phone number and then when they get to the next page that is the video sales letter page that is where they learn more about the program our promise how to book a Call Etc that currently right now is on cartra that is our online business tool of choice but we are currently migrating everything to WordPress so that is going to change as well we'll be using cart flows for our funnels from now on but anyways so then that goes to Cen Le which is our booking um and application software and Ken Le is also integrated via zap year with close CRM so close CRM is it truly is like a CRM like are able to um monitor call text uh create opportunities and do a whole bunch of things with with that tool so it's it's has capabilities that your normal sales phonal Builder and email marketing platform does not have that's why we have it and so that is our our Tech stack right and we also of course use a sa when we have follow-up items and things to assign ourselves like hey you follow up with you know ex uh Prospect from a couple month mons ago and so these are the this is our tool stack in between the team and then and then to communicate we use slack so it's a pretty big tool stack but it works right it works and here's the thing at my first year in building out um it's it's a hybrid right it's not one thing or the other it's a coaching offer and it's an agency right because we are the only program right now that has a hybrid coaching and done for you offer so we expect uh the the client Cent right the client to be coachable and do the work study the material go through the curriculum but also we do the hardest parts for them right we do the YouTube branding title development thumbnails uh we offer editing as well but also we are the most important thing is hey we're hiring your YouTube team and this which is internal to you which is saving you tens and thousands of dollars down the line to have a team that knows what they're doing that's trained that knows how to operate in aana that knows how to you know truly take over the channel without their involvement right cuz as YouTubers and creators we just want to focus on creating epic content that's it and hand off the rest and so where was I going with this oh yeah me being new and so there's been so much to build on the back end and a lot of moving Parts where I had to figure out on my own and it was you know trial and error it was fine-tuning our systems fine-tuning our client experience which is never uh something that ends you're always going to keep refining your client experience and I'll touch on that in a second um and then the sales team like I I am so grateful genuinely grateful of the closers right now that I have on my team that was something like I had no idea how to find a closer I had no idea like how to even train a closer like we as I said Mike has so many years of experience and he was able to train me on his strategy which I love way more than how I was originally taught last year and so it's it's um it was being involved in refining those systems as well and getting our toolkit and our processes like on point one of the biggest breakthroughs and epiphanies I had last month was I was not involved in any of the sales and this was huge for me because as business owners what do we do we want to control right when control really is an illusion control when you add control into any building process in creation it contaminates creation because control is fear-based right when you want to like micromanage and when you want to like know every single thing that's going on that is contaminating the creative process and so what I really had to surrender and just be like look I don't have to be involved and close every single sale um like I have in the beginning cuz I thought I'm like man in order I just thought like in order for us to thrive and scale with this these programs that I have to be the one to explain it that I have to be the one to get everyone in the door and it was it was a thing something where I was scared to it let go and not because I didn't trust them it was more because I'm like like if they don't convert it's my fault right because there is a long period of time where uh the closers like weren't converting and it was really no one's fault it it but it just it just was right and so it was really really freaking exciting um for everybody that I wasn't involved one because they um they they had they had easy sales I mean they're the the they were they were able to close basically on the first calls right these clients are incredible clients have incredible expertise and once they came on board it was cool because then they were I was positioned as like hey you you know get to go and meet Marissa so it was even a better experience and cooler thing when I was able to get introduced to them and they were new coming into the their private slack channel so it really was kind of like a leveled up thing when the sales team is able to like hand off a a new client and be excited about it there's just a level of new excitement all across the board and so um anyway I just wanted to say like that was that was incredible and not only that but they they they collected the first pay in fulls I was never able to collect a pay and full like deep down I had a block of like asking for a pay in full it's like okay yeah just go with payment plan but um they were like you know what we're we're going for a pay in full every time and here's you know some notes that I have on painful um and what like what that means right and it's it's all around a great thing because when you receive a painful it's it means that they're investing more in the client I mean they're investing more in themselves they have more belief more commitment right and for you as the business owner it's a complete Joy because you have all the money upfront and the reason this is important is because you don't have to worry about defaults you don't have to worry about uh Miss payment and going to chase payments which is it's it's a really hard thing when you have to go remind which our payments are automated but sometimes it's like if a credit card fails it's like you have to be like okay what's going on and then you have to pause the services and then everyone on the team is like oh is it is it paid yet what's going on so it interrupts the flow of the bigger vision and what we're trying to accomplish and so and then from a business level perspective like when you have the capital to reinvest back into your team you can reinvest in getting other people to support the operations of the team right you could invest in different talent that you've never had before you could invest in other talent coming on the team to offer to add a service into the product mix that you didn't have before and so you know I can go on and on about painful but essentially that's that's the essence that's the essence of it and by the way if you were a YouTube entrepreneur and business owner coach um looking to level up your channel and really systemize things so that your channel grows and your Revenue grows but you're working less definitely download uh my subscribers to sales blueprint you can download it up here where it's all about that it talks about the six steps you need right now today to implement strong systems team support so that you can reduce your work load hours by at least 50% so check that out um so the next thing I wanted to talk about on my list is um client s satisfaction because the sales team and the high ticket sales it's just one thing in the whole process of sales and making money with your coaching programs and your done for you Services um and I say that because your client experience is everything like you they have to feel that they are being so super supported that they are making progress in their goals um they have to feel engaged like you care I mean not that you don't care but you know what I mean you have to really take care of them and honor that client experience and take feedack back um objectively not personally don't make assumptions but when you get feedback think of it as a good thing cuz a lot of feedback is good but some of it it's just the more clients you get the more bad not bad feedback but the more you know complaints you have it's just it's just numbers it's just facts right but when you can always improve things to the processes like automation when you could um make the journey easier for your clients add more done for you resources add Simplicity to the process this is what's going to drive your Revenue up because what happens is then they become retention clients they'll stay on with you beyond your main program retention is everything right when you build up retention clients you'll get to you know you can get to a point in the business the whole goal is to like hey you have this monthly recurring Revenue coming in maybe this month we don't even need to advertise you know what I mean so it builds that builds that uh foundational layer of income coming into the business and the other thing is referrals right when you have satisfied clients they're going to tell the world with a megaphone and this was another huge thing that happened last month was I've never had referral marketing before like somebody referred someone and they joined the program I've had Affiliates I think that's a little different but this was like the very first time that referral marketing worked for me cuz for the longest time I'm like man I would love to do have people refer um and bring others into the program but I I didn't know how and so it was really exciting that to u a couple of these sales were were referrals that was a really really awesome thing and so that's another thing is don't discredit any method whether it's paid advertising organic advertising uh referral marketing cold Outreach here's the secret even though I teach YouTube and I love it and I think it's the best all these things work right all of them work every single one of them and I don't want you to lose sight of that and so try out what works Don't Be Afraid one month to incorporate a new source of traffic right because to really really scale um a business I know that you know Alex Hermos talks about it it's too far to reach but in his $100 million leads it's like you can't just rely on one quadrant of generating traffic you need the organic you need paid referrals affiliate get uh cold Outreach you really need it all so not all at once but keep building onto it right all right I hope this video was incredibly helpful and I'm super excited that you made it to this point right here so if you like this video definitely check out the video that's coming up next just click right here and I will see you on that video

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