Should you INVEST? #marissaromero #subscriberstosales

and one of the biggest things I look for when I am planning to make an investment is like can It ultimately save me time because if I decide to do something on myself fine but if I plan to make an investment with someone am I going to have to chase after that team be on top of their tasks and all this other stuff that drives me absolutely crazy um and there was one sales Copy Company back a couple years ago that I invested in and it was a nightmare first off their emails were trash I was like dude I can do write emails better than this this company second I had to like ask for an update on when they were done with things and I hate chasing people to like give me an update on on how their things are going it's one of my biggest pet peeves it's like if I hire you to do a service for me you better update me on progress deliverables how things are going not the other way around because I don't want to create a management job for myself cuz that's that's not my job

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