UPDATE on running my Business as a CEO, Nomad, MOM, & YouTuber (Medellin Colombia)

so probably 98% of you watching this video don't know that the last time I was in this beautiful country right here this city medine Colombia I was robbed my husband and I were robbed at gunpoint just about 2 years ago and we're back um and you might be thinking well wait a minute what is going on don't worry in this video we are going to explain and we are going to get into it if you're anxious to hear the story and get an update on what life is like being a digital Nomad a mom running a business overseas comment digital Nomad and let's get into this crazy story and so the big question on a lot of your guys' minds is probably like why would you even think to go back and the night that I left um I told myself I'm never going back I hate it there um like I was super angry about what happened and I'll get into the details of what happened in a second but ultimately like this is kind of home away from home because my husband is Colombian we met here back in 2018 we met at a Spanish school we fell in love and we went through years of trying to get him to come to the United States on a fiance visa we came back to the United States we got married and we had a child so here we are and um our child now is 14 months old and so naturally it's like we're going to have to come back quite frequently at least once every 1 to 2 years and um honestly it's it's fine because medine is an incredible place like if you look at the amount of things to do just here in the city you'll never run out of things to do and it's quite incredible like just to name a few I mean you have um a coffee tour like you can go and see the coffee plantation go through the entire process of how it is you just a couple hours away you have El penol um AKA guatape so that's like a day drive and a trip beautiful Town beautiful Pueblo you also have um this place called par arvi beautiful Park and a national Reserve you can take the Met Metro up there and see it what else you have like tons of amazing malls things to do in the city you can also do parente or paragliding and just like fly like above the mountains it's really quite spectacular and also there's kamuna th which which is very popular bario like it was you know I won't go through the whole story but it's incredibly beautiful to see like it's a place that was once one of the most dangerous places in Southern Southern America Southern America am I saying that right in Southern America um and now it's like flourishing and it's it's um it's a much safer place now it's amazing what they're doing um what else is there to do I feel like I've done it all I mean I've done helicopter rides here in this City there are for those of you nature enthusiasts there are incredible hikes and mountainous Beauty like it's that's one of the reasons I love it so much and I'm not mad that I'm back is because of the nature it's like you being in a tropical enchanted forest in the city that's what I love about it so um and not to mention it is a digital Nomad dream like if you are working from like if you want to operate remote and take your online business overseas that's why so many people are coming here because it is that good of a city so that's just some of the highlights of the city and why like I would even consider coming back because I have such an incredible history here beautiful memories and that's never going to change and one night of getting robbed isn't going to ruin me coming back forever so now you're probably all wondering like okay what happened are you good are you okay let me fix the light is that better yeah that's a little better um so basically we're that it was July 14th 2021 and my husband so my fiance at the time and I were going out with two friends one was a good friend they're both friends from Cross CrossFit one was our CrossFit coach and one was just our really good friends and we went out to Paras to kind of like a just a goodbye going out night cuz we were leaving the next day to to Mexico and we went out and drank had some shots had a really good time danced listened to music and it was a really fun and incredible night and for some reason that night we decided to walk home which we never do cuz we basically walked our friend to his car which he definitely never should have got in the car but that's kind of beside the point anyway we we then like said goodbye and we just kept walking home because walking home at the time was not far uh it's just like a short 10 minute walk we even though like we it doesn't that doesn't matter like we typically always take Ubers regardless so anyways we were walking home we were literally probably within 250 M of the apartment and all of a sudden we came to this like te intersection and from the it was like a dark alley Street um not a alley it was like a dark Street where it intersects that street we were walking on and then out of nowhere the two guys dressed in all black just boom just came came in front of us pulled out their guns and I'm just like oh [ __ ] like when I saw the gun like my heart just dropped the worst part of it was like having to see then point the gun at my husband's face like that was um that was awful like awful um so there you know it's they took they took everything we had and thank goodness our my passport was still in the house um but they took everything my phone keys they stripped my friend clean of everything he had I mean his house keys his wallet everything it was pretty horrifying he had to spend the night at our house and the other good thing was my husband's phone was in the apartment he left his phone in in the apartment purposely and so I was able to use his phone to contact my parents back in the States to help help them or help me cancel all my credit cards and like it was awful I was up all night just crying because I couldn't believe what had happened and then you know to top it all off we had to leave and go to Mexico the next day and so it sucked it super sucked it was horrifying it I mean we we could have not been here because of what happened that night and so kind of the aftermath of that incident I was just very angry like I was really mad at aene like um it's kind of like I had raved about it for years like it's safe it's totally blah blah blah but it's like you're not you're not a victim until like one night you are and what happened to us was totally avoidable because what I think happened where those guys were like basically watching us from the bar and they followed us home that's honestly what I think happened because later we learned from the tracking app on my phone once they robbed us they went straight back to where we were that night for their next victim probably so I guess Mor of the story is just always always taken like even in the US like always Tak an Uber at night it was just it was a dumb decision and yeah it's it was really sad but anyway it's it's it's in the past but for that following year and a half it was hard for me especially like when we got back to the US it manifested a lot in my daily life and and um especially especially during postpartum like when Kai was 2 months 3 months like it was hard like every time I would even go for a walk with him I would think we were going to get robbed like it was it was very scary because you know when you're for those moms you know like going through postpartum it's it's hard because your hormones are going crazy you're like trying to figure life out and then like you're trying to navigate you know like what what to do so anyway it it was a very it it was this traumatic event that I'm like I don't know if I'm ever going to get over this and so I had a ton of anxiety thinking about coming back here so we we were going to come back a little sooner but we canceled the trip and a big part of that decision was because I just wasn't ready to come back um so finally we came back and I was ready still definitely a little bit nervous I mean how could you not be because of what happened when when we left the last time right so now that I'm back um what's it what's it like and so from all my family and close friends the number one question I've gotten is like okay well how is it what's it like being back and the answer is it's honestly been incredible like I I wasn't sure how it was going to feel but as soon as we got to the airport went through that tunnel um that you have to go through through the mountains and when we came out of the tunnel and it's that um you know fre that Highway that goes alongside the mountain and you see the mountains and just this beautiful country I'm like wow it almost brought me to tears in that moment cuz I'm like I had forgotten truly like how amazing this place is uh I think now I definitely being back have a different love and appreciation from the city or of the city as a mom as a mom I mean I've I've I've grown I Have A New Perspective now like I mean right now I'm there's I'm touching plants like there's literally a plant behind me um I love the nature before and like the beauty of it but now I extra love it and I appreciate just the closeness to Nature how you can come and like anywhere like you live around the building you can touch the Earth you can do some grounding you can you are just seconds away from plants and and the lushness and the greenery and the flowers and it's it's truly quite amazing so I love that and plus like the people here are are absolutely super nice and the weather is incredible like we had gone before this trip we had gone months it felt like without sun and we got here and it was sunny and just so beautiful um but yeah it's been really great being back um just in a new way and it's been nice like seeing old places is where we used to hang out and things that we used to do it's been really fun um you know showing Kai everything and so that kind of brings me to my next point of like the whole I guess the biggest motivation behind this trip was to bring Kai and to travel with our baby and you know number one to introduce him to his culture right to his Colombian family and to give him that global perspective as early as possible in his life right and for us as parents you know it was important for us to kind of check that off the list like yes we can travel not only on a plane but also internationally with a child which was you know crazy on its own because when most people I think new parents kind of shy away from traveling with a baby especially on the plane because they're scared of the criticism they'll get from their baby crying and you know that's valid but we just kind of Dove after it I mean babies cry get over it you know what I mean so I think what really helped us prep for this trip was getting Kai stuff together so his passport of course and we had to make sure he had everything he needed the best investments we made with Kai was his portable crib his portable high chair and also his portable car seat um that's kind of been been the biggest downfall of being back is the transportation because we don't have a car here um and although Ubers are super cheap anywhere from a dollar to $5 to go any anywhere around the city um the the his safety has been compromised a couple of times because he wasn't able to have the car seat most of the time I'd say 90% of the trips we were able to take the car seat with us but um that's the one downside is like you know sometimes he's had to ride in a seat Bel or on my lap or something like that and that would never like happen in the states so okay so this isn't exactly A Day in the Life video but I would like to highlight just kind of of what I do during the day how this looks as I'm traveling overseas like what life looks like in a week how I operate my business how I'm you know a mom like what we do and take care of our child so I'll start with just a snapshot of I'm looking at my nose right here but like business and what exactly I packed on this trip so let's go to that video so this is basically my portable office when we travel anywhere so um first off this is like my favorite backpack it is a um I forget how to say it when when word I don't know how to say the brand but I love this brand I did research for hours um when I was trying to get a backpack and one of the reasons I love this backpack is because it's huge first of all and it has this support here on the hips because it gets really heavy and this helps alleviate the heaviness this from the lower back and it has all it's so amazing it has all kinds of great Pockets um just a bunch of compartments and zippers which I do utilize so anyway inside is we have let me open this all the way but the other thing I love about this backpack is that you can put it through the airport like this so like inside obviously when it's packed like for good it has more but here's a laptop and here I have documents for our flights um keyboard and in here we have Sony headphones a mouse Bluetooth mouse this as the base to support the laptop um my Logitech 1080p webcam and that is really it like that is my workstation and then in here you know I have it's kind of like a little bag of electronics we have the uh SD cards microphone to film adapter for the computer um more microphones and that's it um and then of course we have the light in the camera and then also I carry my notebooks for journaling and taking notes but that is really my whole office this is is the desk that I've been working at and behind is where I made the YouTube studio and so this is really quite minimalist and I've been able to operate the entire business just from this and not featured in that video is obviously my well not obviously but my tripod so like I can show the b-roll as I'm filming this video but basically I have my luminex uh Panasonic j85 4K camera and and I absolutely love this camera and I have the tripod and just one light like normally I bring like two lights or even three lights but this time I kept it simple and just brought those things and that's like it's the most minimalist like Business Pack you can have right and also I brought the YouTube Silver play button because I like to have it in my videos and also it I love taking photo shoots here in medene like it is just really fun so there's a lot of pretty colors and like graffiti walls and just places to to have really great backgrounds and shots so uh one of my really great friends here he uh took photos of me cuz we're updating photos on the website and just in general so um it was really cool I got a snapshot with this S silver play button out you know in town as we were doing the photo shoot so it came in handy for several reasons so I'm kind of jumping around here like normally I start my day at 6:00 in the morning pretty much sharp or whenever Kai wakes up he's our alarm he'll just come into the room like after his diaper gets changed he will come into the room and it is pretty awesome to see him first thing and then after that before the day gets crazy I like to meditate or at least get like 10 even 5 minutes of silence just to connect spiritually and like just be good for the day and H have a good intention for the day as I set the tone so there's that so Transportation as I mentioned like Ubers are extremely cheap here and that's how we have been getting around we do have a friend who has a truck or like a Ford Explorer which is really nice so like we've gone a lot of places with her and Kai could be safe in the car seat Etc um so to get really anywhere it'll cost between $150 and $6 tops like $6 will take you very far like 35 minutes away and so like right now the do like $1 is about 4,000 Colombian pesos and so an Uber ride is anywhere between 6,000 Colombian pesos to 16,000 so as you can see really cheap um rent like a lot of you always ask about rent and I like to talk about it so this apartment we're currently in right now it's a really cute apartment it's a little bit smaller than what we've had in the past but the reason we really wanted to stay here is because of the amenities that are in the building so anyways this real quick this apartment is two-bedroom two bath it runs at about 1,600 USD per month that includes Wi-Fi everything the Wi-Fi hair is really fast it's like 400 megas um but we picked this location because it has everything for Kai right it has a pool it has a um a game room for him it has a really nice playground it has a cafe on this on the very bottom floor so if I want to go down and work at a coffee shop it's literally right there there's a pedicure place is a little convenience like it's literally everything you need right here and so this is the the biggest reason even though the apartment was a little smaller we loved everything the building had to offer and the location Etc so okay so this is just right there is the entrance to the gym and it's a little gym but this view from the gym is just so inspirational any every morning and just being surrounded by trees and flowers and that's also a pool right there we take Kai later but um it's pretty remarkable way to start the day with Fitness in this spectacular view one of the things that was an absolute Joy coming back was the cost of living right so food is so much more in like cheap than it is in the US I mean you can eat really well here for $25 for two people and that's like an appetizer two meals and two drinks that's not like just one plate it's it's the whole thing for $25 so that's really really nice um again like we just uh I don't know where they are I would show but we got some shirts made here cuz they were definitely more expensive to get made here so the subscribers to sales merch um that's really cool so we got team shirts uh made here and just kind of side note like anything you get here like cosmetically or people come here if they if they need stem cell surgery like I specifically got uh microblading on my brows in the us this will go from anywhere between 400 to 600 bucks I got it for $75 like that's crazy even with the touchup it's like $100 total like that's so insane um in the US it's like five times that expense and yeah throughout the week and obviously the weekend we hang out we this this trip has been majority hanging out with our Colombian friends and family not really done a lot of networking as far as interacting with entrepreneurs like I usually do um we haven't had as much time time like only 6 weeks in the city which is really short compared to living here for almost a year prior on Sundays we love to do this thing called the covia so I really love this I can't believe I never did the covia before because it's awesome like it's a bunch of people running there's a lot of vendedores or people selling stuff on the street and it's very relaxing it's like 8:30 right now we get started at like 7:30 and it's perfect great way to get some fresh air and a little bit of exercise Sunday morning and start the your Sunday off right and great to end the weekend so I love it and we'll next time we come back we'll definitely be doing this every Sunday um yeah I can't believe I I think before when I was here before I had a baby um I know we never came because we slept in on Sunday and now it's like every day we wake up at 6:00 so why not and yeah love it so during our time here during the summer it I have been definitely working throughout the week um and the business has made so many strides forward and it's been really exciting what what uh we've been creating next like for you guys and the way to serve you so um for the first time ever I'm coming out with a one-on-one offer where I'm working with you one to one so not only me but you also get my team so we've been working with that behind the scenes we've even teamed up with um another company to like get their expertise on how to launch this to make it really really really amazing experience and so I'm really excited so if you're a fellow business owner business founder and CEO wanting to really dominate on YouTube and turn things around with your channel there are five available spots currently to work with us with this new offer that we have it is absolutely incredible it includes everything from like turbocharged video growth strategy to helping you train and manage your Superstar YouTube Team behind the channel which is super important and also helping you implement a peaceful content creation framework right so we install the content creation systems for you workflows and making sure everyone including you and your team are getting things done on time but most importantly that you as a Creator are you know creating content for your channel in just two hours per week that is the goal so if you're interested in learning more about that you can um you can check out more information right here or more information in the first link in the description that has been the biggest like bulk of my time is working on launching the new offer also like doing some JB Partnerships and some collaborations with other business owners also creating new curriculum for a program that we had built out so my plate has definitely been full and I'm ready to finally step into a place where I'm able to serve clients in a one-on-one capacity I think I think this is super exciting because before it's been more of the course model and kind of um uh hybrid coaching so the hybrid coaching model with the course and now it's more like I am doing the work for you I am holding your hand through it there is no course involved like you can watch it if you want to that's included but this is really exciting for me and I cannot wait because the best results that I've had before with um clients and students have been the people that I've been able to work in a more oneon-one capacity if that makes sense so anyways this has been an update of digital Med life family business mother life I really hope you enjoyed this video and if you're still here definitely check out this video where I talk about F getting your next thousand subscribers and how well the Lights Went Out the power went out so F kiding your next thousand subscribers and how we can 5x your lead flow with your YouTube channel in the next 90 days definitely check out this video see you there revenue is greater than subscribers any day am I wrong so are you tired of seeing the advice like gain your next 100 subscribers on YouTube

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