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[Music] Al righty good morning everybody I think we are live welcome back to the fourth episode of the SMC live stream I hope you've all had a fantastic week so far the order flow really been beautiful on the pairs that we've covered XA USD also played out beautifully yesterday EU just really continuing with its internal bullish order flow but yeah I posted all of the markup in the telegram Channel this morning um Hine also posted his markup or his ideas in his Discord so we will continue just to recap price today have a look at any trade plans that follow out what we can expect going into session today this afternoon and also continue through the rest of the week um at from we need to low the intro music volume a lot is it all right now are you guys uh can you guys hear me clearly as well hey Jay love these videos hey Ellen how's it going long time no see brother everybody just a quick mic check I know that we had a bit of an audio issue this morning that's why we started a couple of minutes late just checking my voice as well ch uh testing one two testing one two also good morning to that beautiful voice of Hine good morning everyone welcome back to our fourth stream all good all good loud and clear all righty guys I'll show you what I had uh in mind for EU this morning just to quickly break down the higher time frames so the daily time frame uh swing structure still currently bearish or regardless of this entire bullish move here uh slight Echo yeah I I can also hear it on my side I think uh it's it's from hine's side um Hine the echo is just a bit bad that side um I'm try to put this completely down um just testing again just test your voice I think mine's fine J better that side I can still hear it let me um pick something testing one two all right well just in the meantime until we fix that um we'll continue with EU Hine will keep playing his side I don't know why the audio is doing that but yeah as I was saying regarding the daily swing structure we still are currently bearish regardless of this overall bullish leg right now we are currently in a bit of a daily pullback phase which we can expect to at least reach premium areas of these supplies to then start confirming on the 4H hour to look to continue bearish to Target those weak lows who knows price not even might not even play out like that what could happen is price continues bullish takes out the daily strong highs these then become daily strong lows new daily week highs after the pullback forms and then what we can expect is is potentially the overall monthly order flow to continue playing out as we have got monthly strong lows the previous monthly break monthly weak highs we now busy mitigating extreme areas of demand in the monthly swing range so therefore the expectation is for the weekly to start shifting bullish to realign itself with the monthly and we confirm the weekly once the daily internal starts shifting bullish so there is the possibility that we can take out those daily strong highs continue bullish and eventually Target those overall weekly strong highs to confirm the overall monthly orderflow okay but again we don't need to worry about predicting that we can react to price as it starts to form over the weeks and the months and even going into session every single morning just again having that clearer understanding of the intentions of the higher time frame which will give you much more clarity when hopping down on to the lower time frames all righty guys so from the daily to the 4H hour all right as I've marked out over here the 4-Hour swing and internal is just currently bullish so as I was looking for this morning and we'll break this down on the M15 now I ideally wanted to look to stay prot Trend looking to continue into deeper areas of the supply but this is where we also have to keep in mind and manage our expectation because the H4 pullback is due which we can identif of potential older supplies but the confirmation on the M15 is still bullish once that starts shifting bearish it is definitely valid to start looking for those phase C shorts to ride a bit of that pullback all righty so from the 4H hour we can get then go over to the M15 all right so M15 we had from yesterday um I think we were at this point in time here yeah about how 10 in the morning we just created this internal break to the upside and we've really just continued with a bit of a demand chain following through targeting those internal weak High what I was looking for this morning was to really continue through with that after a bit of a pullback especially into really the discount of this entire internal swing range to start looking for my lower time frame entry models to continue targeting those weak highs okay so if I hop on the one minute I'll show you what I was looking at this morning we both had a Frankfurt sweep uh Frankfurt session which is the 8:00 candle from 7 to 8: often used as a nice point of liquidity to sweep to then continue in the direction of orderflow so yeah first entry was the initial sweep of frankf foot low standard displacement F value Gap to continue long just to really Target that internal weak High we hit some partials at the most recent fractal High came back to break even later then further on this morning uh which was just before I started this stream we had a sweep again of those initial lows we had a great pullback didn't manage to get an entry here as I wanted to really get in these fair value gaps and here then we actually came back swept these lows which I really liked and took a mediate displacement fa value gap which again was just be partials and I like the fact that it swept this low again so what I might even try is a third entry and really just going off this volume in Balance Gap over here to continue Target those weak highs okay so yeah still really just sticking Pro train this morning understanding uh M15 is pro train 4 hours Pro Trend the M15 hasn't shifted bearish yet to confirm a bit of a start of the 4-Hour pullback our M15 swing lows still remain uh far down here because the internal has still remained bullish until those internal lows break to the downside that will confirm the start of the overall M15 pullback which then we can start to look for those phc shorts potentially into the discount of this entire swing range to then start looking to go long otherwise if the M15 breaks to the downside in terms of Swing structure we can then expect a bit of a 4H hour pullback into at least discounts of this range to then start looking for the M15 to realign itself with the overall 4H hour to continue targeting those weak eyes Okay so again guys really really one thing I want you to take from is setting up that trade plan each and every single morning okay so my trade plan this morning was really to continue long targeting these week eyes with the right entry confirm we execute regardless of emotions thoughts we executing on that plan second entry also trade plan was valid especially after the London low again was sweeped here which displacement faor value got to go along and eventually a third entry over here so both of these trades were be partials be partials which was 5% risk each so this was about 2% and 2% partials this trade I'm risking 3% so even if this trade stops out we still at be for the morning and we'll look to continue following through the trade plan for the rest of the day and this is exactly what I want you guys to see what trading is trading is not a matter of taking wins making those thousands of dollars those 80 90% win rates it's a matter of executing your plans managing the trade whether that's be partials whether that's a loss another loss and another loss and then a full Runner but overall coming out on top in terms of percentage and Equity okay which is again comes down to a big reason why it's nearly impossible to rely on somebody else's signals because the one signal that you miss their data and their results is going to be completely different to yours okay but are you guys kind of happy with the breakdown of EU what we can expect going really in for the rest of the week potentially some trade plans today so yeah if price really just continues internally bearish we'll look to potentially continue with Longs of the more discount of the overall swing range before then looking to go long okay in the interum if that fractal really continues bearish ideally I don't want to look for shorts yet until the internal lows start breaking to the downside okay because at the moment understanding that would be phase D shorts both counter swing and counter internal trading therefore also we trading against demand that's in control so there's very little risk to reward to work with when shorting this Market okay but any questions guys on um EU any questions on the entries that I've taken this morning is there anything that you guys are looking at on EU that you'd like H or ey to break down I just just backing you up there on EU I'm also looking for Longs on EU this morning um we haven't reached the daily Supply area that I was um mentioning yesterday um so I'm still looking for Longs until we reach um that zone so yeah that's just to back up what you said there on on EU yeah I think I've still got that that daily Supply Mark out from yesterday hence why I like the idea of Longs simply because we haven't mitigated it so everything that's resting below becomes liquidity for this old Supply Zone which again we can anticipate the start of the swing pullbacks from these higher time frame older supplies would you give gold a look there please Jared for the Mixology the mixologist that's mono how's it going what a legend all righty yeah so let's quickly have a look at gold and then we can hop over to one or two potential trade plans that H is looking at okay so gold actually continued beautifully in terms of the M15 structure we had uh as of yesterday we were at this point in time yeah about over here all right we had a bit of an internal pull pull back to cater for more of the overall M15 swing pullback we then mitigated the pois that we had out in stream yesterday at the extreme of the M15 and again also on the one minute I was just looking for a displacement fa value Gap entry after this Asian sweep into the higher time frame POI which I really like the fact that we had that initial mitigation reaction and then the sweep of that low this being accumulation manipulation distribution confirm okay I Look to take the 50% of this placement and fair value Gap here I really couldn't find any gaps in this area of pricing really messy Wicks and yeah just must buy limit of about2 Pips I took the 50% of this FG but yeah the idea the bias the overall understanding of the higher time frame was there to continue targeting these M15 weak highs and again another thing that I want you to see what trading is this is going to happen most entries that run beautifully to full TP which this would have been a 9 risk to reward but it it's beautiful it's a it's something that you need to get used to it's something that I am 100% happy with accepting because this is exactly what trading is trade plan missed out we leave it we move on to the next trade plan no emotions involved nothing attached to it we'll wait for price to play out because remember the markets are going to be here for hundreds of years to come there's going to be hundreds of years worth of opportunities to come in these markets so there is no reason to feel fomo if a limit doesn't get tapped in there's no reason to let your emotions get involved once you start to really see the overall perspective of how long this industry is going to be here it will really really help in terms of your psychology being patient in terms of waiting for your trade plan to play out and execute from there okay so what we can potentially see from gold we haven't had that break of structure on the M15 yet we've really just had a sweep of the weak High potentially a bit of an internal pullback maybe to demand here or here to then continue targeting those weak highs okay also understanding this is in alignment with the overall daily structure being daily week highs and weekly week highs okay this 4H hour only shifting bearish just catering for a bit of a daily pullback okay so is everybody happy with XA USD the breakdown of x uh any questions on EU before we move forward guys H is there any other one or two PS that you would like to have a look at uh let's have a look at gu um okay swap over to my screen let me switch to hind screen there over to you yeah just doing a top down analysis like we do every morning when we come into the charts just running through our daily Market structure quickly we have a look here we had our daily break structure to the upside breaking this load to the downside change of character to the downside we still have not um had another break of struck the downside you can see this is a very big extension move we have started the pull back so now we are looking for buyers into any potential pois so the only POI that I can see on the daily so far is this one over here where my pen go this one over here so I would be looking for Longs up until this point to then look for reversal trades to the downside to continue this bearish order flow okay going down to the 4our as we can see we are bullish in the 4 Hour as well hence these two breaks structure to the upside so now we are looking just for the market to continue that into our daily uh demand I mean Supply R excuse me right so going down to the 15 minute keeping in mind we are bullish on the 4H hour and looking for buyers up until that daily Supply area on the daily we then have our 15-minute which is also bullish we have our break stru to the upside over here this was our most recent break of structure we left this nice order block and has we have already ordered we have already formed some um some liquidity and we have a nice order block unmitigated inefficient push whatever you want to call it um which we will potentially be looking for uh buyers or F so this is a potential trade that I'm looking at for today and there's also not a lot of news for for the USD or jbp so this would be a very good setup for today also Jay sorry I just want to quickly go over to Gold the gold trade that I mentioned yesterday we did end up taking and we did lose that on the minus 1% on that trade um I only realized after is that we were not coming off of a 4-Hour POI um and that what that's actually what invalidated my trade uh which I did not actually realize so that was just me indirectly breaking my rules um so yeah that's just to complement keep following your rules because it can it can bite you yeah 100% And as long as it's important that you learn from each and every trade that you you take whether it's a loss or a win so usually what I do is the best way and this is actually a strategy I've used for years now to learn from myself in this industry is every week or so usually about every two weeks what I'll do is I will leave all of the live trades that I took on trading view all of the trade plans that I executed and I will back test the previous two weeks and I will compare my live results to my back tested results and that way I can see trade plans that I missed potential mistakes that I made and where I can improve on and that's ultimately where again you can never stop learning in this industry because as you trade more and more and you recap that same data within the next couple of months or the next couple of weeks there's always so much more than what you can that what you can learn from yourself um and you'll see the three entries that I've taken on EU this morning uh we had plus4 plus 2 -1 I'm going to leave this here because at the end of November I'm going to reback test the entire of November so I will compare my FX replay results to my results on trading View and ultimately discover and learn plans that I missed plans that I executed correctly and ultimately continue to refine and improve my Edge in price okay but yeah really clean setup on gu um I have something very similar on E gu quickly just shift over back to my screen here uh there we go you guys should be able to see my screen okay so gpp USD also very similar to EU at the moment daily time frame we've had our daily swing breaks daily pullback started after that 4 Hour shifted upside 4H hour pullback into demand to really continue with a bit of a 4H hour leg um if I'm correct it's about building the confidence in your Edge 100% And that's all again it comes down to back testing collecting data continuously working on the charts um and slowly but surely you will start to understand yourself more as a Trader and ultimately build your Edge in the market can you please break down Naas in US 30 also GBP AUD can gold to head to two60 areas okay so firstly let me quickly just cover gu then I will high and I can breakdown NZ in us and then GB a uh regarding can go to head to 26 2060 well as weekly structure and as we discussed really yesterday we have weekly strong lows weekly weak highs here we've had that Weekly pullback really cater from April 23rd all the way to the beginning of October we've now shifted bullish internally indicating that there's good probability that the weekly order flow is going to follow through so what I would like to see is gold Target those weak Highs at record highs at 2080 uh Jay I'm hearing an echo H is there any way you can fix the echo on your side I've been trying J let me just quickly try one more thing over here no stress brother okay so we'll cover quickly oh that's even worse is that better uh that's that sounds a bit better okay so yeah we'll quickly cover GBP USD I think H needs earphones yeah yeah so he's only got airpods at home uh which you can't connect to your PC but I think you'll get a set for the next couple of streams um but yeah going forward with the echo's back yeah so it's definitely the mic uh just let me quickly da a bit with this Mark why is everything duplicated uh there we go okay so continuing with gbpusd on the 4our time frame 4H hour swing structure bullish internal is also bullish Echoes back on and it's I'm going to do what I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to mute myself Jay I'm going to mute myself um and then when I speak I'll just uh put it back that should be good okay perfect not the video right all good I can still hear the echo no we good now we good now all right so eventually continuing with uh yeah gu on the 4H hour 4H hour swing structure is currently bullish internal also bullish understanding that all of this is just really catering for a bit of a daily pullback phase right previous daily break weak lows to or the strong lows targeted the entire daily swing structure now shifts bearish 4 Hour breaks to the upside confirming the start of the daily pullback 4H hour pullback into the extreme of this range internal shifts to the upside confirming that the 4H hour is going to follow through and continue targeting those weak highs 4H hour pullback into the discount into demand areas to continue targeting those weak highs 4H hour pullback continuing to Target those weak highs after the internal shift to the upside internal pullback to then continue through bullish okay so if we have a look at the M15 time frame uh already righty we had our 4H hour pullback after the internal structure started shifting to the downside we then had a internal shift to the upside intern interal pull back into Demand with a bit of a liquidity sweep to then continue targeting those internal weak highs and we've been following through bullish since after this internal break to the downside here that signal this as M15 week highs so we had a valid M15 break of structure to the upside over here uh M15 baross okay we then had that candle body closure right here we printed our internal break to the downside strong low that took out the previous week high broke structure to the downside signaling the start of the overall M15 pullback okay so that makes this a weak High we then shifted internally bullish to mitigate demand to Target those weak highs weak highs targeted new strong low and we've been bullish on the internal since so until price takes out those internal strong lows this will become the official weak high in then terum this is not a official pullback yet so we would like to see candle body closures above these internal lows to confirm the start of the pullback because then if price breaks that internal low targets that weak high this will be the new strong low new weak High new structural range okay so what I would like to see really in uh gbpusd is just continuing Pro Trend potential bit of an M15 pullback into snd areas and institutional levels here to start looking for longs to Target those M15 weak highs okay in order for me to look for shorts I would really have to see a significant M15 internal break to the downside so at least this internal low to break potentially then looking for shorts even then so after this internal break we'll still be in the extreme of the overall M15 swing range so ideally these M15 swinging stronger lows will need to break to the downside to start looking for a bit of an overall 4H hour pullback which again we can anticipate or the older areas of Supply okay so yeah if I had to look for a trade plan going into session this morning we have a valid snd area over here as well in the Asian session if we could see a sweep of these lows with our 1 minute model I'd like to continue long to Target those weak highs okay so yeah gu also been quite clean this week really nice bullish order flow very similar to EU um are you guys happy with the breakdown on gu then I'll hand over to Hine to cover NASDAQ and then I'll cover us3 after NASDAQ and then we can also have a look at GBP AUD okay so I'm just going through the pirs that have been posted in chat here so we'll we'll do it in that order it's good to see the losses as well not just Blues yeah and again as I explained n now to the the viewers here on stream it's exactly what I want you to see what trading is it's a combination of losses taking some more losses taking full Runners be partials but overall coming out on top in terms of percentage gain okay so one of my uh mentors that mentored me a couple of years back he has about a 15 that's 15% win rate but he generates consistently on a monthly basis anywhere between 5 to 30% Returns on his account but he loses 80% of his trades that's just how great his risk to uh risk management and risk to uh risk to reward is again that's exactly what trading is okay but let me hand back over to Hine for that was NASDAQ you happy to do NASDAQ h j if I can just ask you to do us3d quickly I'm just quickly sending a few things out on my um mentorship group sure thing I'll move over to us3 all righty so us3 on The Daily time frame we actually covered this in stream I think it was yesterday morning we had our weekly order flow weekly strong lows previous break of structure weekly pullback started after the daily shifted bearish confirming the start of a bit of a daily pullback all right mitigation into the discount of this entire swing range also further mitigation into the overall weekly demand especially after this liquidity sweep to then shift bullish with that daily break to the upside to then confirm the overall continuation of the weekly order flow so I do see us creating Highs at 35 at about 35720 and even potentially if we have a look at the monthly record highs at 36 even potentially 37,000 okay previous monthly break monthly pullback after internal shifts bearish continuing into the discount of this range and monthly snd to then continue targeting those weak eyes okay weak eyes strong lows we've mitigated the extreme of this entire range so we could even potentially see really really longterm even potentially into next year if Donald Trump wins elections for us to create record highs okay so back down to the Daily which is our weekly internal we've had our daily really internally and swing bearish from the beginning of July this year understanding we shifted bearish after that Weekly break to the upside because we were due for that Weekly pullback phase all right mitigation into the weekly demand daily shifts bullish which then confirms weekly order flow is potentially going to follow through so ideally what I would like to see already or understanding the higher time frames on us3 Longs immediately will be much will make a lot more sense looking on the lower time frames when it realigns itself with the higher time frame understanding that taking any shorts on this Market is going to be swing counter Trend okay however that doesn't mean shorts are not valid because remember remember price is not just going to have that pullback and move sharply straight to the weak highs it's going to follow through in the terms of structural highs and snd so it is valid to look for shorts of these pullback phases which understanding inside of mm funded would be our phase C shorts okay so from the daily we can hop into the 4H hour previous 4H hour strong lows 4 Hour break of structure 4H hour pullback has not started because we need to see the M15 shift bearish confirming the start of the 4H hour pullback which again is 100% valid to start looking for shorts even though it's a it's completely against the higher time frame Trend and Order flow and it's counter Trend it comes down to where I explained to you that price is not just going to move straight up to this weak highs it'll move in the form of structure and it's valid to look to ride these pullbacks okay so from the 4 Hour to the M15 yesterday on stream we were at this area over here okay we just had that M15 pullback after the M15 break we created internal shifts to the upside that internal pullback into areas of demand which I think we marked out over here on stream mitigation into that internal Demand with the resting double bottom liquidity to sweep which again also after the Asian sweep into this demand to go along and continue targeting those weak highs okay so if we had to update this we've now had our new M15 break updated M15 strong lows lowest point after the pullback that created the next break of structure okay break pullback break of structure we look for the lowest point after this pullback that created the next break of structure and that rule based becomes our strong low okay I'm happy to mark this out as our M15 weak High simply because we have had this internal break to the downside confirming the start of a bit of a 4H hour uh m115 pullback okay so going into session today what I would potentially like to see we have valid areas of Supply here that has created these internal breaks resting liquidity if we do get a bit of a pullback potential one minute entry model to ride some of the M15 pullback otherwise if we want to stick prot Trend we have valid areas of institutional level here which can also be refined down to this candle that's created the inefficient push break of structure anything that forms below here is resting liquidity ideally what we'd like to see is initial reaction sweep of that low which then we can confirm to go long which again is accumulation accumulation manipulation distri distribution okay and then we also have our extreme M15 demand fractal ranges down here which we can just Mark out for now we don't have to worry about that yet we can react to price when we get to that level okay is everybody happy with us3 all the way from top down to the M15 what we can expect for the next couple of years all the way down to what we can even expect going into session today got a meeting in the next few minutes cheers guys cheers Jason hope you got some good value from the stream all the best with the meeting okay quick confirm on us3 guys you're happy with the markup any questions on that and I really want you guys to ask as many questions as possible as this is ultimately where I want you guys to learn as much as possible possible that's why we here streaming is for you to ask questions to get help on potential mistakes that you're making even the things that you're doing right so that we can guide you on that okay I'm happy to hand over to Hine to have a look at NZ 100 yep all good 100% guys okay let me quickly shift to high screen transition over to your okay cool as you guys see I don't really trade in there so let's quickly start on The Daily and sort a whole new chart mark up here right right off the bat let's quickly Mark out our daily break structure as we can see we have our daily break structure over here I'm going to mark all these out for you guys now let me just quickly draw all the lines uh we can see here that we did have a break of change of character the down side over there small close and um and uh yeah small break and close below another break of structure to the downside over here actually we did not close there we close it about there there that's our break of struct to the downside meaning this would be our new high over here which we did end up breaking and closing above so it would be another change of character okay let me just quickly take all this away right so this would be our recent change of character meaning we are now bullish on The Daily so let me just quickly Mark that out for you daily change of character and just to make everything simple let me quickly Mark all of these out as well daily break of structure this will be our daily change of character and our another daily break structure there we go right so we said I'll change a character on the the daily meaning we are expecting the market to um start start its pullback now after breaking this high so what do we expect now we expect the market to come down into Ai and then continue bullish so we have not started our pullback yet so at this point in time we are still bullish on the lower time frames as well so what we would then expect is the market to turn around at some point and then Target any one of these pois over here preferably in the 50% of this range and maybe down here as well that could even work as well so this would be our daily strong low daily strong low right so going heading down to the 4H hour now we can see that we are of course bullish as well which just makes sense because of this long extension move that we had so this would be our most recent break of structure over here right and then this would be our 4H hour strong low all right so this area over here would be our 4H hour range which we could then potentially look for buys off of so two ideas that we can start to think about here either we come down for a pull back into a POI over here and then continue to the upside like that or what we could potentially see is a break of these lows confirming the pullback starting on the daily time frame to then continue to the downside into the daily pois right so that's the two ideas I have for now going down to the 15minute time frame we would be bullish as well I think yeah so you can see we had this massive extension move with no real Market structure over here this would just be an extension move in my opinion on the lower time frames it could be a bullish order flow so what I would be looking for now is the market to in a sense almost make another break of structure to the upside confirming that it's going to go up or come down and then breaking those 4H hour lows that we spoke about and then continuing to the downside where we could potentially look for sells excuse me potentially look for sells into these daily demand areas so that would be my plan for for NZ I hope that made sense yeah I think Nas is also really clean and again if you want to get more uh context on The Daily you can hop on to the weekly I think we actually I think I still actually have my mark up here from a stream a while back with mm funded um I've got something very similar on NZ as well quickly ship over to my screen just to show you guys quickly then we can hop on to GBP AUD okay so yeah previously on NZ we had our uh weekly breaks of structures to the upside weekly strong lows weekly weak highs after the daily started shifting bearish okay so although NZ was bearish from really July all the way to end of October understanding we just had a bit of a weekly pullback phase which now we've targeted those weekly week highs so if this weekly candle closes in the next 3 days we'll have new strong lows after a bit of a pullback new weekly eyes and a new weekly structural range to work within okay we can even have a look at the monthly all right previous monthly break monthly strong lows monthly pullback which we had a liquidity sweep of we then shifted internally bullish which was the weekly weekly confirm to potentially even continue to create record highs at 16 872 okay so yeah I definitely think by next year or going into the new year at least we have good opportunity for both USD and NASDAQ to be creating record highs but remember as Hine mentioned there's nothing wrong with looking to trade those pullback shorts because price is not just going to go there in one leg it will form in the form of structure so from the daily we can hop all the way to the 4H hour I think a lot of this is just overlapping over the time frames actually remove these drawings okay previous 4our break 4H hour strong highs so we definitely are due for a bit of a 4H hour pullback however the M15 is most likely still uh bullish M15 break M15 week highs potentially for a bit of a pullback today to then continue uh Pro train so immediately just looking at the high time frames I'd like to stay on the long side of the market but also we have to keep in mind that the 4H hour pullback can happen at any time okay but are you guys happy with the breakdown of NASDAQ uh that hind covered for you guys I think Nas and new also been really clean uh the last couple of weeks in terms of bullish order flow and um yeah one thing I want you to take note is is once you start to really learn the concepts that we're teaching you here on stream you automatically start to naturally shift towards the right side of the market okay so instead of looking now for shorts to anticipate the end of this bullish run to catch a bit of the dip ideally you want to stay prot Trend with it and all you need to do is React to what price is printing for you rather than try and predict when this pullback is going to happen okay if the M15 shifts bullish uh bearish with a break of structure to the downside new strong highs new weak lows we can then start to anticipate our trade plan look to execute our trade plan because we've been given the confirmation that the 4-Hour pullback is now potentially going to start okay so instead of predicting rather let Price play out and react from there once that plays out okay once you found consistency what advice do you have to do to keep that consistency and not fall into some kind of traps I think uh what I said earlier of firstly continue to make sure that you execute on your trade plan if you found your consistency whatever you're doing is working for you keep back testing that after every month or two back test all of the data that you traded live and ultimately compare those results and you will learn still potential mistakes that you're making trade plans that you're missing and you will ultimately still form your Edge on that it's important to keep up Tod dat with your system keep collecting data on it just because you found something consistent it by no means you must now sit in front of the chart and think to yourself that okay I found my system I can can now relax it's so important to still keep practicing keep back testing your system back test all of the live trades that you've taken compare those results and ultimately keep managing at refining that edge in that system that you have found consistency for you okay but everybody happy with n at Shar I hope that open uh answers your question clearly okay then there was one more pair request happy with us happy with NZ GBP AUD H would you like to cover GBP AUD yeah sure no problem je sorry I have to unmute myself every time that's cool let me switch over to your screen here over to you all right quickly start up on the daily here see what we have see I've got some old markings when I SL actually traded this pair so let me just quickly remove all these drawings okay right so starting off on the daily just marking out our Market structure again we have our daily break structure make that t guys daily break of Chuck to the upside okay right so this is an interesting one for me actually so after we had this break of structure we have not broken this high or this low yet so that means that this is our strong low our daily strong low and this would be our daily week high right so all of this are inter is internal structure on the daily as you can see this after this break of structure over here we have not broken this High yet or we have not broken this low yet meaning this would be our daily range right so keeping that in mind let's just quickly Mark out this for you guys daily strong low daily strong low and then this would be our daily week high right popping down to the 4our time frame let's just see what's happening over here so I'm actually going to start back in time just so that we can get the right narrative over here right so break of structure the down side over here creating our new lower high breaking that lower High having a change of character to the upside right then after that change of character we had another break of structure to the upside over here I will Mark all of these out for you guys just to make things a bit quicker and simpler I'm just going to mark them out with lines so just follow right so break of structure to the upside and then over here we had another break of structure to the upside as we can see by that small break above and close closure excuse me okay right after that break of structure we had our new flow formed having our change of character to the downside after the change of character we had another break structure the downside meaning this would be our new high breaking this High over here closing above it meaning the our new Range would be our new 4H hour strong low and hour 4our week high so let me just quickly Mark out I'm not going to Mark out everything now this would be our 4H hour week high and as you go back to typing School J 4H hour strong loan all right so now that we have our 4H hour range let me just quickly mark this out just to make it a bit simpler for you guys this is be our 4H hour change of character and 4-Hour break structure that's all far back I'm going to go for break a structure right so now that we've got that what do we expect now because we just had our 4H hour break of structure to the downside and our change of character and we have started our pullback we are now expecting Market to start forming a start forming bullish order flow coming back to the the daily time frame we are bullish so remember keep that in mind we are bullish so we do expect the market to turn bullish on the on the lower time frames as well to then Target the weak highs and then continue its bullish order flow so just keep in mind we are bullish on the daily as well so now on the 4H hour that we have turned bullish we could potentially see um some buying opportunities or 4our pois so marking out some quick 4our pois the only one that I could actually see was over here but that's no stress what we could then potentially look at is um reversal patterns on the lower time frame so keeping in mind we can actually Mark out this whole area over here we have not closed below this area so this area could still be valid going down to the lower time frames we can see that we are I think bearish at the moment at a break of structure the downside over here this would be our 15minute break of structure right then I would call this an internal break Shure the downside over here yeah hi Jay when will you take partials and set trade to be and what qualifies as a pullback okay so the the first question to that is I like to take partials at nothing less than three or four risk to reward uh I see I see H's screen's gone off I think there's good potential that he's had load shedding but that's okay I'll continue the stream with you guys um hi J when will you take partials and set to be so yeah I like to take partials and be at nothing less than three RIS to reward then let the rest run because remember when you're taking partials it's going to affect your overall risk to reward so for example if you're running let's say a three risk to reward okay and you're taking 50% partials at 1 to 1.5 this entire trade only becomes 1 to 1.5 risk to reward because you take or 50% okay that means you're making now Less on the total that you've risked therefore that's why why um when you take partials you still need to understand that it's going to affect your risk of reward because now you're taking off Less on the amount that you've risked in terms of profits okay so what qualifies as a pullback what I like to do is is a mechanical rule for a 4H hour pullback we identify the start of a pullback after the M15 swing shift breaks to the downside Okay so we've had that 4-Hour break here the M15 has still been bullish really throughout until the M15 takes out that M15 swing strong low that will confirm this is a 4H hour week high and the potential start of the 4H hour pullback and same thing with the M15 okay M15 time frame we've had our M15 break what we look for is our internal structure which is all of the structure that happens in between the M15 swing ranges okay so M15 strong low well internal strong low after the break if price takes out that strong low with a candle body closure this then becomes our valid M15 week high indicating the start of the M15 pullback okay so that's just a more rule-based way of approaching your identifying your pullbacks okay and then if we take a look at EU what again I'm still looking for Longs on this Market I like the fact we've now continued to really just sweep all of this liquidity that we've been building up for potentially these pois okay I look for the initial reaction sweep of that low and I was really just looking for the first displacement fair value Gap really messy price action nothing really interesting over here then we eventually actually printed that market structure shift with The Gap so I'm going to try this entry this morning see how that runs um and then yeah if this doesn't follow through I'll let Price play out a bit ideally maybe if we come into New York session into these deeper areas of demand or otherwise we play out through here create new demand and start to anticipate the start of that 4-Hour pullback off the higher time frame supplies okay okay so are you happy with the what qualifies as a pullback and also understanding in my rules in terms of when I take partials and set trade to to be I just got a WhatsApp from Hine his puppy chewed his land cable that's hilarious so he lost internet connection CU his puppy CH chowed his land cable how can we enter off the Asian low okay so what I like to use for my Asian liquidity model is and that's the only thing why I don't like potentially this entry too much just yet I'm trying it just with lower risk is simply because we haven't swept the Asian lows but to explain how I approach the Asian liquidity model okay we need to have well we've got our Asian lows Asian highs ideally is any institutional level such as an snd Zone here all this entire 4H hour Zone that holds the Asian liquidity is very valuable in terms of in alignment with your structure story to look for the Asian sweep for your one minute entry model to continue along Okay so understanding your structure story would it be high probability to take the sweep of these highs and then potentially shorts as compared to a sweep of the lows to continue long to Target the weak highs well in this scenario this could potentially cater for a bit of a slight M15 pullback but understanding this is counter Trend theoretically it's much lower probability than looking to keep on the right side of what structures printing for you uh in the market okay so that is where again I utilize ict's Concepts but in alignment with my three structure types methodology which again the full course methodology on that is inside of the Discord um and once you start to pair that up you will find that you often find yourself far more on the right side of the market when utilizing other Concepts such as maybe ict's entry confirms whether you're a resistance Trader support resistance trend lines whatever it may be three structure types is ultimately the foundation of the market which will Foundation any other strategies that you want to apply within first and foremost understanding the trend and the context of price okay so is everybody happy with the breakdown on GBP AUD that Hine gave before his puppy chewy land cable um at Louie do you understand how I approach the Asian low any questions on um well firstly the Asian liquidity model any general questions on how we approach three structure types here mm funded um how many of you guys here are coming from a retail trading background more from the basics such as candle patterns double tops double buttons support resistance EMAs key levels um and how many of you guys here are have a bit of experience in terms of the SMC background such as Supply demand um structure institutional levels Etc yeah I I I ask because I'm just Keen to really get to know you guys the style of Trader that you guys are um and ultimately get closer to you guys here on stream and learn a little bit about your trading style so ultimately I can help and guide you to potentially improving that system and finding your Edge I came from retail but not after mm funded uh I'm SMC all the way going into my fourth year now the trading journey is really amazing and diverse it is it is it's it's a beautiful journey and um again that's where something that really helped me in terms of breaking through with trading was actually learning to enjoy the pro process far more than the reward and it's it's quite contradicting I know people trade to make money but if you're going to approach trading just to make money you're not going to make money because you're going to burn yourself out um and it's it's quite a catch 2022 uh situation because well we trade to make money but once you get into that mindset of trading to enjoy the process and really just overall understand price the reward will naturally start to follow much more smoother Jon the reason you go from the daily to the H4 to the M15 is that the power of 30 yeah so that's just a the time frames that complement each other the best the 15minute complements and confirms the 4H hour vice versa with the daily and the 4H hour so that's why I've put it into three structure types and a more mechanical way of approaching um the time frames like that okay Jay can you please give me honest opinion do you think someone can make it in trading with your free content and no Mentor there is tons of valuable content on my YouTube channel and especially with these streams there is no doubt in my mind that there's not enough information on my Channel or that there's more than enough information on my channel to learn how to slowly but surely back test apply these Concepts and find your own Edge and ultimately become your own independent Trader started this year and started with retail patterns found SMC last month you're definitely heading now towards the right side of understanding price I'm thinking of waiting for an Asian sweep in the M15 demand yeah that's what I would like to see as well um so yeah the all of the Longs that I took inside of Asian session uh was really just 2.3% risk so we had plus 4 + 2 -1 – one um so we're still up close to break even for the morning my next trade plan will be really just to Now look for the Asian liquidity model okay cuz for me any of this really just becomes more liquidity to sweep those Asian lows into the extreme of the entire internal range to then potentially continue long okay it's just at the moment EU is in a bit of a weird place simply because the the M15 is beautifully bullish but the more the internal continues to break to the upside the lower probability phase a Longs become because the expectation and the anticipation is to start that due pullback by confirming the M15 at this internal strong low shifting bearish okay so taking Longs is pro Trend but it's against your expectation but taking shorts is counter Trend and looking for short confirms well would only be counter Trend as of now but if the M15 confirms itself then those phase C shorts will definitely better be better probability than looking for shorts as is now okay but I'm actually glad you guys got to see um a bit of some live trades taking place here because ultimately this is what I want you to see what trading is it's a combination of plus fours partials plus twos – one – one maybe another minus one then a plus 5 then maybe another minus one then a full Runner plus 10 but everything at the end of the day coming out overall maybe plus 8% and overall profitable and that's exactly what trading is it's understanding the percentage and Equity game behind the mathematics of your entries okay and also keep in mind the tighter your risk to reward naturally the lower your win rate is going to be the less your risk to reward the higher your win rate is going to be and that's one thing I actually tell a lot of Traders busy entering this industry especially mm funded is in the interum just while you grasping the concepts of what I teach you is focus on just Trading for example mechanical 2 RS where we're looking for a mechanical 2 RIS reward mechanical 3 RS just to slowly but surely get a more rule-based understanding of risk to reward and your percentage returns and once you start to get more experience with that you can really start to refine and start going for those tight long Runners so you'll see um a couple of videos I think it was a while back on my YouTube channel what I even used to do on the one minute for example if we had a over here this mitigation into this displacement fa value Gap after the liquidity sweep I would actually go all the way onto the 5c even the 1 second and I would look for okay we've now entered that one minute displacement Gap over here I would like to see initial mitigation sweep then displacement fair value Gap to continue with the entry so so you can even confirm the 1 minute with 1 second and 5sec entries then you can really start to get tight risk to reward trades targeting those M15 week highs so already from a on the one minute time frame from a six risk to reward refining down to the 5c we've now tightened that to a 37r and that's ultimately how you tighten your risk to reward is by refining on the time frame as remember the markets are fractal what occurs on The Daily occurs on the 1 second structure will form break pullback break pullback break break of structure to the upside pullback targeting those weak highs pullback until we break pullback structure occurs like this on every single time frame and that is why we call the Market's fractal and that is the reasoning behind the design of three structure types that I teach each ins side of mm funded is because the markets are fractal we can hop onto lower time frames and refine from there you'll probably even fine if I hop into this on the 1 second we'll have smaller structure that occurs inside of that 5sec lower lows higher lows lower lows to confirm itself to go long okay so even yeah in this 5-second Gap we have that 1 second shift 1 second pullback which then allow ows you to refine even tighter with a 0.009 stop loss to then continue targeting your targets so now from the 1 minute where we had a where we had a 6r to the 5 Second where we had a 15r or 30 R to the 1 second where now you know you're refining to really tight stop losses below the 1 second lows up to 30 40 r just really targeting the internal weak highs okay so yeah hopefully you guys well just from that real breakdown gives you a good understanding of how the markets are fractal structure applies on all time frames every single day week and year that price takes place do you trade us30 uh no I don't my three main pirs is Euro USD gbpusd and X USD okay do you guys have any questions on the breakdown that I've just covered of the second chart understanding how price is fractal how price occurs on and structure occurs on every single time frame okay so another good example on the four executions that I took this morning why it's it's so difficult to follow signals is because if you took for example the first this third trade here and the second one here you would have been minus two on your account whereas because you missed the first two that I took which was plus4 plus two overall I'm still plus four up on these four entries uh plus four risor reward I'm up while your percentage is down and that's the that's again comes down to where following signals and remaining profitable with signals long term becomes very difficult because as soon as you miss one or two uh entries that Gap in the data becomes completely different on both sides okay and that's why I don't mind executing on stream for you guys but I don't want you to copy these trades just for the sake of trying to get quick profits out of the markets I want you to see the consistency in applying a trade plan understanding where price is currently lying in terms of the higher time frame context to the lower time frame and formulating a trade plan every single trade and executing on that and ultimately these streams are here to rather help you become independent at this yourself to become your own consistent and profitable Trader all righty guys so X USD swing range Still Remains the Same simply because we didn't have that candle break of structure to the upside so this Still Remains as the weak High strong lows if this did candle body close this would have been your new strong low low lowest point after the pullback and this would have been your weak high after that internal shift what is a better way to keep track of your RR monthly or over a longer period uh what do you mean keep track of your risk to reward um yeah so if you're approaching risk to reward in a more mechanical way and you only trade three risk to reward like hind does he strictly trades three risk to reward if you're like me where the risk to reward is going to differ because well each and every day your structural points are going to be different so for example if I'm only targeting internal highs this would be a 9R if I'm targeting the swing week highs that would be a 19r if then um future potential trade plan on gold we get a bit of a pullback into demand and these internal Highs are now only for risk to reward my risk to reward is different every time it's not fixed and it's not mechanical simply because the market conditions and the structural points are going to be different every time how to calculate lot sizes uh for risk to work out your win rate uh yeah so I recommend back test a year of data and then all you do is divide your wins by losses and you can work out your percentage win rate from there how do you calculate sizes for risk uh what I use is a trade manager for mt4 so when I um place my limits on trading view take note of how I always use the 8ap feed because my prop firms are eight cap so the pricing is exactly the same and for example if price Taps me in uh what I'll do is on my trade manager I will enter my stop of 1.30 and my TP of 24.6 7 and I'll enter my risk percentage so on the trade manager Tool uh there's a little spot where you can open up the risk percentage you enter 1% and it automatically calculates the lot size for you uh I think if you go to Google and you can go to trade manager uh mt4 or mt5 I use mt4 uh there's one on mkl 5 I'll show you now so yeah at it looks something similar to this where you can enter your stop- loss size your TP and you enter your risk percentage and then it automatically calculates your lot size for you and you can click buy and sell and it will execute with that stop- loss that TP and the correct risk management and this is a big reason why I only trade on desktop and no longer on my phone it's because it's it's really gets impossible especially when you're trading on the lower time frames to uh calculate manually on your phone manually modify the stop- loss values when you're setting be or securing partials um it's just the trade manager tool on mt4 allows you to just drag your stop loss to be which is really handy do you trade based on Frankfurt s session open high or low I don't trade based on it I look at it as Confluence so what I like to see for example is especially for example if we're in a bit of an M15 pullback okay and Frankfurt session is formed and we sweep Frankfurt or Asian session into a higher time frame POI to then start looking for my entry model on the one minute after that liquidity sweep which is where my ICT Concepts come into play but that must happen inside of higher time frame pois to Target those relative weak highs and in line with your structure story okay so does that kind of answer the question on that is I look at Frankfurt as liquidity for four higher time frame pois to look for our entries in line with the structural story of price I'm going to bounce have load setting uh load shedding soon cheers Jin uh cheers at CJ trades thanks for joining the stream hope you got some good value we'll see you in the next one yeah same uh cheers Carlos thanks for joining the stream XA USD is on the premium side of the H4 so we shouldn't look for Sal okay so if we have a look at auu on the H4 uh we currently have had our previous 4-Hour break to the downside okay so these are 4our strong highs these are 4-H Hour Week lows the expectation is to continue targeting these weak lows but we need to keep in mind the only reason the 4H hour is bearish is because it's confirmed a bit of a start of the daily pullback so XA USD at the moment can really do one of two things the M15 can continue bullish to take out the Strong high continuing daily Pro Trend because remember our weekly Highs are also weak or the M15 can shift bearish which will be our internal shift on the 4H hour to potentially then confirm we're going to Target the 4-Hour week lows catering for more of a daily pullback potentially into the more discount of this range okay so in order for me to look for shorts on XU I would like to see these M15 strong lows break to the downside to then have a bit of an M15 pullback into Supply to then start looking for shorts at potentially Target that 4-Hour week low okay because remember our M15 always confirms our 4H hour our 4 Hour confirms our daily our daily confirms the weekly which confirms the monthly okay so although we've had this M15 change of character with Supply we could potentially see a bit of a pullback into this area of Supply catering for a bit more of an M15 pullback but understanding that shorts here is going to to be M15 counter Trend simply because the M15 has not realigned itself yet with the overall 4H hour Pro Trend which would be bearish okay thanks uh you're welcome hopefully that gives you a good understanding of where I would personally look for shorts on gold is is once the M15 realigns itself with the 4H hour okay cuz looking for shorts right now it could be valid it could be just for a potential M15 pullback before we mitigate demand areas in control to then continue targeting those weak highs okay as this is a valid M15 change of character to the downside okay the only fact I don't like is is that we haven't broken structure to the upside this there was no candle body closure so therefore this really isn't a confirmation of any pullback cheers J thanks for another stream got a head out thanks for joining sh hope you got some good value I will see you in the next stream all righty guys is there any further questions on any of the pairs that H or I have covered in stream today any questions on a potential trade plan that you have any ideas that you guys are looking at that you want me to take a look at for you all happy with the the markup and the breakdown of price uh I will continue to update this as we go throughout the day the markup will be posted inside of uh mm funded um just for a show of hands who have you guys on from mm funded here I'm more than happy to give you guys a bit of a a breakdown of what's inside of the all of the course content inside more or less what we do there uh can you please show us the GBP USD trade you're looking at uh gu what I would like to see is potentially yeah we've had a bit of that M15 pullback that internal shift liquidity sweep I wanted to see the Asian sweep at least into these areas of demand to continue along to Target those weak highs uh similarly to EU um so I've really been taking Longs here all morning we had plus4 partials plus two partials minus one – one um so my next trade plan will only be to really look for Longs if we sweep those Asian lanss to take the Asian liquidity model if you use mt5 accounts on your phone they have a new feature where they calculate your SL and TP on screen you just have to know what percentage of your account balance you want to risk yeah that will be great um but I still prefer executing on the desktop version um so I only trade if I'm in front of my laptop or my desktop uh with my trade manager tool and I find it also executes pretty much instantly but yeah if you happy trading on your phone there's nothing wrong with that it's just personally what I prefer uh or I gu say everybody here this morning um mostly from mm funded any new people on stream this morning I am welcome Louis to the to the streams if it's your first time here all righty guys let's quickly get an update on the us3 that we covered yeah we're really just continuing fractally bearish potential liquidity for these areas of Supply to cater for a bit more of an M15 pullback um we still have our M15 strongs in alignment with the 4H hour and the daily NASDAQ which H broke down I haven't marked up NASDAQ I haven't traded NASDAQ for ages but immediately I can see our M15 breaks M15 strong lows potentially do for a bit of an M15 pullback to then continue targeting those weak highs in alignment with the overall daily and 4-Hour Trend and then GBP USD yeah very similar to EU okay awesome stuff uh Jay welcome James I hope you got some good value from our streams and continue to get good value here and I hope to see you in future streams as well uh at T here also new welcome to the streams yeah H and I will be yeah live every single morning halfast 10 GMT plus 2 um just after London session starts that we can recap trade plans potential uh plans that we can look to execute in price in those morning mornings and also complete top down analysis giving you guys that clear understanding going into the day the rest of the week and even into the rest of the year all righty so for those of you that aren't inside of mm fer there is a link in the description of this stream to my telegram group it's a free group where I just post uh my daily markup uh these the trading view links so you can get a good idea of uh what I'm looking at in the mornings following through my markup and I update that every single morning mostly on EU and gu and then ex USD I'll updat every couple of days or so um yeah so that telegram group will basically just really be a screenshot recap of the markup that we discussed in stream here and then also I'll post the the notification for when we're about to hop on stream on YouTube um then also my Instagram is in the description below with hin Instagram so again please do if you have any questions about markup a trade plan that you're looking at remain active with us send us a message on Instagram uh and we'll help you out there and ultimately both of our Discord servers where our full methodology access is and also the private live streams with mm funded in the mornings um just before we hop on YouTube here um and ultimately we also have all of the public trading floors there the public streaming rooms and then the core of mm funded which is our three structure types broken down into a chronological Section 1 to7 Section 8 also just being added which is the ICT boot camp inside of mm funded which is also free on my YouTube channel but all righty guys then I think we have covered more than enough pairs this morning well the major pairs that Hine and I really look at are for those of you that are inside of mmun and hvd FX we will continue to update our markup there we'll also host the private mm funded stream tomorrow morning uh and then at hopos 10 we'll be we'll be back here yesterday when you covered Z I could not listen with intent did I catch the gist of it correctly the Rand is going to weaken over the next few years as far as I know in the next few years I'd actually like to see the ran create record highs but I'll show you what we covered yesterday okay so if I got all the way back to the monthly on usdz we have our monthly break to the upside monthly strong lows monthly weak highs after the weekly has now shifted bearish confirming the stock start of a bit of a monthly pullback before we continue bullish to potentially Target those weak eyes okay so what I would like to see and we are definitely due for a bit of a monthly pullback potentially at least to 1670 1680 17 Rand to then continue targeting the the weak highs where I would like to see the Rand and this is possible at least the next year or two to be 20 Rand to the dollar okay so if I come back then to the daily daily swing is just currently bearish catering for the monthly pullback okay weekly strong highs weekly weak lows weekly a shifted bearish because we are confirming the start of the monthly pullback the daily has now shifted bearish in alignment with the weekly to again continue with the overall monthly pullback so there is possibility again where price could reach 17 r even a bit lower before then realigning with the monthly to start creating those record highs okay so I definitely see room for a bit of a pullback first before creating those record highs and again we don't need to worry about predicting that we can react to price as we get to these pois okay if we get a bit of a 4H hour pullback into these supplies M15 realigns itself we can then look for those shorts as we've got the confirmations in alignment with the higher time frame and even then let's say a trade plan over a short over here we potentially first get stopped out minus one we get a second entry okay and then we get that full Runner no matter what happens once you understand the risk management aspect of percentage risk and risk to reward that will always have your back for when your trade plans don't play out please upload some back testing videos uh there's quite a lot inside of the Discord server but I'll definitely excuse me consider making some for the YouTube channel as well uh cool thanks so much you're welcome I hope that gives a bit of a breakdown just on uh USD Z On The Higher time frames then obviously within the lower time frames the mine Etc we can confirm the continuation of the higher time frame that

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