$0 – $400K Funded In 1 WEEK (Millionaire Mindset Funded Matrix V2 Indicator)

this is how I passed over four hundred thousand dollars worth of Live accounts in the past week all using an indicator that I've created for metatrader 4 desktop version [Music] in a nutshell this indicator highlights a series of SMC volatility bands with very high probability reversal zones with each band giving you a confirmation entry in the last two weeks we have found about an 80 to 90 win rate using the strategy running wanted to RR trades yesterday I had this entry confirmation on NASDAQ 100 which is a trade I also sent to my Discord Community where I bagged a total of 1.5 percent at a total of a one to two RR which hit full tp2 with partial secure the tp1 and be set at 500 Pips profit the first thing you will need is a live trading account personally I prefer trading with prop firms because you get to trade with anywhere between 10 000 and 2 million dollar Live accounts on behalf of the prop firm so you're trading with a capital and they allow you to keep up to an 80 to 90 profit split meaning you keep 80 to 90 percent of all the profits that you make on their account and also it's not at your own risk you're not trading with your own Capital all of the capital belongs to this particular prop firm they offer anywhere between a 10 and a four hundred thousand dollar account and up to five times four hundred thousand dollar Accounts at a total of two million dollars funding however there is a catch you do need to participate in some kind of evaluation or test before you get your Live account because the prop form is not just going to give this amount of money in a live account to anybody so you do need to prove to them that you are a profitable Trader by doing that they give you two tests to do so a phase one target of eight percent on a test account or a demo account once you pass that you will then need to hit five percent on the phase two accounts once you've passed that you will then get access to a live account of whichever account size you have chosen and they offer up to 140 refund on your deposits meaning the 400 000 account costs a thousand eight hundred dollars but once you buy lost you get that 100 refund plus a 30 deposit bonus refund on this amount you will get a total of about two thousand dollars refund when you pass and you will get paid out every 14 days I'm busy with eight hundred thousand dollars finding with this particular prop firm they really have a good deal going at the moment and this is exactly how I've been trading on my four hundred thousand dollar accounts and how I hit five percent profits last week alone which was a total of twenty thousand dollar profits on my 400k account with this company I'll put some results up on the screen over here and I'll take you through my exact system and what I've developed for mt4 and how you can also get your hands on this and how you can get access to all of my analysis my live trades live streaming sessions and also my entire SMC and ICT course so this entire indicator is basically smcm ICT built into one system in the form of these bands with these Circle confirmations for buys and sells now now just to be clear it's not as simple as just following buys and salads going from band to band you do need to pair this up with some Confluence and this is exactly how I do it for example NASDAQ 100 this was a buy I took last night price breaking multiple structures to the upside left behind this high probability reversal Zone as well as a one hour fair value Gap my confirmation was as soon as price completely closed outside of these bands mitigated The Zone and printed a confirmation I took on one to two which hits a total of 1 500 profits TP at a 500 stop loss which was a one to three risk to reward ratio so later on if price actually reaches down here I will wait for confirms for buys price mitigates higher up Supply zones over here I will be looking for shorts with confirms using this tool in my Discord I will be posting my FX book back testing sessions of this tool and a full-on report on how this tool is performed from December last year all the way to may this year the percentages that were returned the win rate percentage and what results we've gotten from this tool if I had to sum it up into one sentence this tool has had about 80 to 90 win rate on non-high impact news days with one to two RR and 1 to 3r trading that is specifically just taking 15 minute time frame entry confirmation on one hour time frame zones so for example price over here mitigated a one hour Zone if I come over to the 15 minutes you will see over here was your confirmation for a long which prices now run over a thousand five hundred Pips so this is in a nutshell how exactly we trade the system it's just one hour zones high probability reversal zones and 15 minutes entry confirms for a intraday trade this was us 30 last night my partner who runs the Discord with me also took this trade this was de30 also known as German 30 last night on the one hour and over here you would have had your 15-minute confirmation in this one hour Zone which so far prices ran close to 2 000 Pips just utilizing the strategy all the strategy is is following your fixed set of rules you can watch multiple charts at the same time so for example this is your JPY at the moment I will only be looking for logs from my points of interest over here until price gets there I won't even be looking at this market and what I love about this type of strategy is it allows you to follow a fixed set of rules there's no emotional trading there's no forcing trades out of nowhere there's no Revenge trading it's all following your rules following a fixed risk management system so all I do is on Forex I use a 20 pip stop loss 40p one to two hours is all I take personally as a Trader I like lowering my risk to reward ratio but having a much higher win rate I used to be that kind of SMC Trader that goes from one to five one to ten even up to 1 to 30 RR trades personally the win rate was very low you'd maybe have a 10 20 win rates you'd still end up profitable but personally I just prefer and have found myself to be even more profitable going for one to two and one to three hours but rather having a 70 to 90 win rate on that for most people that's also much better psychologically as a Trader and all this game is it's patience and following rules let's take a look at another market for example odd nzd actually mitigated a one-hour Zone today right over here but if I come over to the 15 minutes there was no confirmation price didn't actually leave out the band and give a confirm therefore no trade you just wait until the next potential setup shows an opportunity and you take it but right now there's no entry confirm no trade if I look at our USD this was yesterday on a one hour Zone if I come over to the 15 minute time frame this by confirm would have been way down here this confirm would have been way down here as a 15 minute buy which actually predicted the news really nicely yesterday on CHF right now just reacting on Fair Value gaps I'm looking for sales on the Zone up here or buys on zones down here until then there's no trades on this Market if I have a look at odd CAD Australian dollar Canadian dollar nice opportunity for sales over here on the one hour Zone NCD CAD I will only be looking for Longs here nzd USD shorts up here or Longs down here xau USD nice opportunity amazing opportunity for Longs yesterday came back into this one hour Zone if I come over to the 15 minute time frame we'll actually see over here yeah beautiful confirms for the news yesterday to go along which this move ran close to 300 Pips alone and if I had to only look for shorts on gold I will be looking for shorts higher up here at the 2042 Mark and I will be looking for Longs again over here and perhaps a sweep of this liquidity and support line over here UK 100 also presented a really nice opportunity I think it was the other day for a long ride over here in a one hour Zone if I come back to the 15 minutes this was your confirm as soon as it mitigated it and price ran about 2 000 Pips from that entry point personally this week has just been full of news so I've only had one trade this week I really have not been interested in the markets this week just because I want to stay out all of the news my last recent trades that were sent on my Discord Community was odd nzd which we had a full tp2 we had NASDAQ which was last week which will actually be we ran about 500 Pips and came back to be we then had an NCD JPY trade which we also came back to break even we had a us30 trade which came all the way to tp2 at a thousand Pips CHF JPY trade which came all the way to tp1 so we are about five out of six trades just for the last week alone in my Discord community over here I send out all the analysis of the charts that I'm busy looking at and also you can get access to all the best funded firms with their best offers so for example bespoke funded at the moment is offering a 7.5 discount with an 85 profit split an entire seven section SMC course going over Supply and demands on Basics inefficiency and imbalance best loans versus weak zones which institution controls the market all the way to Wyckoff and understanding how the banks manipulate the markets as well as a full in-depth ICT course so if you guys want to get access to this community you can also message me on a daily basis we do stream we actually had a stream yesterday evening in New York session where we had a full profitable trade on NASDAQ so if you guys want to get access to this Discord I will leave a link Down Below in the description of this video you can also send me a message on Instagram if you perhap apps of any questions and also I'm going to leave my entire trading playlist of 2023 on the screen over here which consists of my entire trading Journey back from 2019 when I used to trade with chart patterns and as a real beginner compared to where I am today and trading as a full-time professional Pro firm Trader so if you guys want to check out that content I will leave the playlist on the screen if you guys want to access the Discord I will leave a link in the description down below but take care and I'll see you guys in the next video

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