+$1,046.50 (How I Claimed FREE Money Online From Gumroad.com)

what's going on awesome people of YouTube I am back with a brand new daily jamack video and in today's video I want to show you this brand new website that I claimed over $1,046 from this one simple product on gumroad.com now the Fantastic thing about the strategy is it takes very little time out of your day and to set up anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes and you don't need any fancy coding or Ecom skills and you don't need to run any ads and all you need is a phone and a laptop with an internet connection this is a brand new unseen method that I've not seen on YouTube before and the best thing about the strategy I've tested this over the months I'm going to show you my results in a bit and you don't need any camera and you don't need to record any of your own content and also my favorite part of the strategy is you don't need to spend a single dollar so therefore there is no risk from your side needed and you can copy and paste and automate this entire model with the following artificial intelligence tool that I'm going to show you in this video and I really recommend that you watch this video Until the End because you need to watch every single step in order to put this together so that is why I recommend take action after watching this video because this can scale into a fullblown business without further Ado let's hop on my PC go through some of the results and start off with step number one all righty guys so we are now inside of my PC and the product that I'm talking about is a product that I promoted called video marketing Blaster which is a tool or a PDF that I've been promoting through gumroad.com and the beautiful thing about gumroad 100% of the commissions and the sales that you make make goes straight to your pocket net profit there is no expenses no affiliate commissions that need to be cut off all of this is 100% yours I've made a total of 35 sales at a total revenue of $29.90 leading to a total of $1,046 made in the lifetime that I've been selling this product I'm going to show you exactly how you can set this up it even creates you your own landing page with your checkout the money comes straight into your gumroad account where you can withdraw in multiple ways Direct to bank PayPal stripe and cryptocurrency as well so if there's none of those options supported you can use crypto as crypto you can sign up a free Bitcoin wallet on coinbase.com and withdraw your money to bitcoin if you guys want any advice or want to talk to me personally on any of the ways that I teach you on how you can make money online or if it's trading related as most of you may know I'm a full-time Prof firm Trader off of YouTube you're welcome to send me a message on Instagram I'm very active with all of my followers and I'm more than willing to help you out there completely free advice and Instagram I most likely will respond with a voice note with that being said if you are also new to my channel my name is Jay I'm a full-time online entrepreneur and prop firm Trader from South Africa that documents my journey on my YouTube channel on various ways that I use to make money online I've also got my second Channel called mm funded which is purely dedicated to my trading content and documenting my trading Journey if you want to go check that out that will also be in the description down below but without further Ado let's not waste any time and get straight into step number one of the strategy step number one is you want to come over to google.com and go and search free plr websites now a plr website is a gold mine of a platform where you can find tons of free resources that's courses sales videos ebooks PDFs that gives you the license to claim those resources as your own and sell them as your own or if you want to keep them or distribute them you have a free license to do whatever you want with those products if you want to monetize them and make 100 % of your sales from them you are allowed to do so there's no copywriting license on any of these products this first website over here is on linkedin.com I just clicked on the second link over here best plr websites to get free ebooks and the 25 best plr websites to make money in 2024 now if you scroll a little bit down on this website it starts off with number one idplr.com plr.me in digital works there's really many of them over here my favorite is idplr which has over 12 I think 13,000 yeah 12,590 different products that you can go and use from from business and making money stories and tales psychology and self-help web development courses renewable energy computer technology lifestyle and traveling um free Graphics free ebooks free audios and music free video courses there's over 1,700 video courses on this website that you can download and use as your own over 6,000 PDF ebooks so there's really unlimited content that you can monetize and make money with on this website but you need to put this together with the following strategy that I'm going to teach you all right step number one click on register it's a completely free website you don't need to pay for anything you can upgrade to the paid version the free version is more than fine for this I'm quickly going to log in with my account I've now logged into my account I'm getting to head over to ebooks and reports and also videos tutorials and courses so I've opened these up in a new tab tab um and over here you will see tons of different PDF courses such as an AI YouTube master class which will teach you how to automate YouTube videos and monetize your YouTube channels using artificial intelligence there is also speak like a leader which is a book that teaches you how to speak in front of an audience confidently the chat gbt blueprint a mega Fitness bundle so as you can see all of these ebooks teach you really interesting and handy skills that you can use whether that's online or in your day-to-day life if I come over to videos and tutorials you'll see over here AI for productivity video upgrade so this will teach you how you can use AI to schedule tasks to manage your day-to-day um schedules and really improve the productivity of your overall day-to-day basis there is an entire video course over here on speak like a leader video upgrade so this is a video course on how you can speak confidently in front of an audience Blockbuster affiliate marketing an entire free affiliate marketing course a funnel crash course so this crash course will teach you how to make funnels the side Hustler blueprint the aweber crash course which I'm assuming is also got to do with marketing The Savvy entrepreneur so all of these are just fantastic skills and handy skills that you can carry with you pretty much for the rest of your life so let's use the example of the AI YouTube masterclass I'm going to go and click on this and I'm going to go and click on download and this will then download to your PC as a zip folder where we can then right click and extract this folder onto our PC so we have direct access to this PDF so over here it goes from a full module 1 to 11 it goes over the checklist the Mind map the readymade sales Pages high quality professional Graphics articles email swipes that you can use an entire social media um pack that you can use for your social media pages and this is really the full package on how you can get started and master YouTube production using artificial intelligence but this is not what we're going to to use this product for we're not now going to go and use AI on YouTube we're going to do something completely different we actually going to go and sell this product using the strategy on gam.com that is going to lead us to step number two of this video come over to our website called gumroad.com it will look like this when you land on the page you can click on your dashboard if you're already signed in or you can create a completely free account once you've signed into that account you can click on new product on the top right hand side for the name of your product you can simply come over to the YouTube AI master class and paste this as the name of your product you want to select this as an ebook for the price of your product I recommend start off with the price of a product that is relatively attractive really cheap because the whole idea of the strategy is not to charge a lot but to get a lot of sales to make it affordable for most so let's go and start off with $7.99 we can click on next go and customize this product for the description of the product you can come back to the page on idplr just copy the description and it's a matter of copy and paste for the gumroad name you can type your YouTube AI master class for the cover you can come over to the folder click on high quality professional Graphics you want to click on the bundle this picture over here come back to gam.com click on upload files from computer files come back to that same folder AI YouTube masterclass high quality graphics and select the bundle option okay if it gives you the image must be a square errow just right click on the picture click on open with paint it will then open in paint over here and you need to click on file image properties and you want to select the pixels make the height the same as the width 2079 click on okay and over here we can then drag this a little bit down to the center that looks like that click on contrl S or fil save we can then come back and re-upload this picture without any errors once that's been added we can continue to the call to action we can click on buy this the summary or I want this it really doesn't matter you'll get access to the full premium product of and again we can copy the title of this product the AI YouTube masterclass additional Pages we don't have to worry about that for integration we don't have to worry about that for the amount you can leave at $799 and all of these over here um we can leave this as is once we're done we can click on content the next Tab and over here we want to click on insert file computer files come back to the zip folder and just upload that entire zip folder to the content so that entire zip folder will download for your customers as soon as they purchase your product once that's complete you can click on publish and continue you will then receive your copy URL button over here with which we can go and paste inside of a new tab and over here you can now click on I want this where your customers can now check out with this product so it's a really Epic tool where again you keep 100% of your markup now the next step is really easy you want to come over to youtube.com and we're going to go and use AI to produce really high captivating YouTube shorts Tik toks Facebook reals and also Instagram reals with this one simple tool that I'm about to show you to come over to the YouTube search bar and go and search YouTube AI tips click on enter and you can go and choose from any one of these videos over here let's for example go and start off with this video here I made 700 monetizable YouTube shorts for faceless channels in 18 minutes using AI automation right click copy the link of this video come over to another tool called video.

A which is an artificial intelligence tool that will make hundreds of high retention short clips from the longer form video that you paste into this tool click on sign in or create a free account click on import video click on YouTube enter link paste this YouTube link over here and click on start import click on done click on go to dashboard and in about 5 to 10 minutes this tool will produce anywhere between 15 and 20 Youtube short videos or Tik toks or portrait format videos that you can use on any short video platform and the whole idea of this is you want to go and mass produce this AI produced content on already existing videos all you need to do is is just type in the comments or the caption of the video credit to the original Creator on YouTube and it will be more than fine to repost this content simply because it's a benefit for both you're giving them initial credit which a lot of your viewers will naturally appreciate while this is busy loading I want to show you an example of my two pages that I run through fully AI produced content my first page is MM fund.com where I've got over 8,000 followers average likes per post at 1,600 and an engagement rate of 19% which is really good and all of these videos over here this video here this video here uh this video here this video over here yes it's my own content but what I did was I used my longer form videos on YouTube and I used the video.

a tool to produce these shorter video clips for me so again I didn't need to edit any of this yes I did need to record it the only difference is you're allowed to use other people's content as long as you give them credit so just a really good example of a page that I'm running through fully automated AI my Facebook page as well I create the shter form videos which are getting anywhere between 500 and 1,000 views per video okay this video I have one or two videos that blew up to about 10,000 there's one that I think is close to 2 million views which really blew up my page nicely but on average I get anywhere between 15 and 20 likes per video and just over 1,000 views per video with over 40,000 followers okay and the whole idea of this is once you start posting consistently about YouTube automation AI over time the sales on gam.com are going to start loading in to a point where you might be getting three or four sales a day this one simple product that I had over here yes it was more expensive generated me a total of $1,000 return net profit off of my social media pages when I ran the content and the campaign for that specific product which was also about YouTube growth all I did was use the AI tool to produce all of the content for me so that is why you don't need any camera or any recording content you don't need to spend a single Dollar on this everything I've done here is completely free the video.

A tool has a completely free option where you get over 70 minutes every single month which will give you more than enough short clips to use daily because one video is going to give you about 18 to 20 Clips I'm just waiting for this one to finish so I can show you the example which is content for at least the next 20 days you want to post and you want to dedicate yourself to posting at least once per day that is why I say it only takes 5 to 10 minutes out of your time in a day so it's a really fantastic Timeless side hustle because AI is doing everything for you all you need to do is upload and post and the best thing is you can also schedule your videos on video.

To to automatically post these posts on social media again completely automating this entire model okay while this video is loading I'm just going to quickly use the examp exle of this one over here 20 YouTube growth hacks once that's complete you can click on review videos and take a look at this this has produced me 18 YouTube short videos and they rank them in a score on which would go from least viral to most viral so let's go and use this one over here click on this one it's going to add all of the captions portrait format the video perfectly for Tik Tok and Instagram reals you can simply click on edit and download and download this to your PC and upload it straight to Tik Tok YouTube Shorts Facebook reals and Instagram reals I recommend use all four of those platforms to get as many views and to get as many sales as possible now if you guys want to learn a fantastic way to start building your own sales funnels your own checkout Pages email campaigns upsells downsells to multiple products in a simple funnel I'm going to leave my entire playlist to cra.com over here now cartra is a fantastic tool that I run all of my businesses from it's a really great final building tool and this is my entire free course on YouTube that will teach you how to build funnels from scratch and also include traffic methods and making money ways and even done for you products that you're allowed to copy and paste and Implement inside of your funnels so what I recommend you do is is first leave a like on this video make sure you subscribe down below with the red notification Bell on and click on this playlist over here save it to your watch later if you can't watch it now and I'll see you on the inside

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