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three weeks ago I started a brand new online drop servicing business where I would go and drop service the service of coding trading View and metatrader 4 and 5 indicators for Traders around the world all of my work is being outsourced through professional coders on the platform that I'm going to show you I'm going to reveal each and every one of my secrets in this video and the reason I'm doing this is because there is millions of Traders around the world there is a market for everybody and my videos on average get maybe four to six thousand views let's see 10 of those people actually take action it's really not going to affect the market at all so this is really a great time to get started with something like this doing this I've generated five thousand dollars in my first three weeks this is not all net profit net profit is about two thousand eight hundred dollars which is really a solid income for a business's first month you don't need a lot of traffic you don't need a lot of traffic to do this at all I'm gonna cover each and every step from getting your product sets up getting traffic to your product completely for free and how to have an unlimited content base that will provide you tons of clients on a monthly basis let's hop onto my PC and dive straight into this this indicator that you're currently seeing with these bands and Confirmation entries and these zones gives you indication on when you should buy and sell the markets in these various zones for example over here was a good sale on S P 500 and over here was a good buy on S P 500 but this isn't the point of the video this video is not about trading this is an indicator that I had made by an expert on the following platform that I'm going to show you now now where I've created a really high ticket sales landing page for a thousand seven hundred dollars however I have reduced the price of this product to 200 but also you don't even need a landing page for this particular video and I'm going to show you how you can go and create an Instagram page creating these indicators without even doing this work yourself and monetizing your Instagram page with these sales funnels I really do recommend that you watch each and every part of the video as there are some steps to this and setting this up so I recommend save this video to your watch later and you will have a very clear step-by-step understanding by the end of this video step number one is to go and find indicators that can actually be profitable for Traders and that can work for Traders so to go and get the best ideas you can come over to a website called genetiforics.com forward slash mt4 indicators or you can come over to the indicators Tab and click on mt4 or mt5 and take a look at some of these indicators this one over here is called the PIP collect indicator which gives you buy and sell signals based on hikanashi candles and an EMA which is great for scalpers if you go and click on this you'll be able to go and download this EA over here where you can click to get access or you can actually see a screenshot of this indicator now all you need to go now what you can go and do is you can go and send this picture to a professional developer to go and make this indicator for you so what I did was I came over to file driver.com and if you go and search over here developers that will program mt4 and mt5 indicators they will go and code done for you in T4 systems there's actually two ways that you can make money with this you can either you can either advertise done for your indicators or create your own Fiverr gig offering to people that you will create indicators that they want done for them and Outsource that through Fiverr so the first way of actually going and creating indicators and selling that you do need some Capital to get started as you do need to pay these guys on Fiverr to create these indicators the second way you don't need the second way you don't need any Capital because you're Outsourcing your service through Fiverr when you're creating indicators for your clients and you don't even need to pay Fiverr any money to list a gig so I'm going to show you the first way of actually Outsourcing your work through Fiverr and creating an Instagram page like this guy over here who just creates indicators reviews and reviews a whole bunch of indicators on Instagram so what you need to go and do is go and search on Fiverr mt4 indicator just like that and you will find a bunch of guys that will code these indicators for you I do recommend take a look at the amount of stars they've got and the amount of reviews they've got if they've got a lot of reviews with a 5 star rating even being top rated is a big benefit they mean that means they work is very good high quality a lot of people order from them and a lot of their client base comes back to them and obviously likes their work so I recommend go and choose any one of these guys I'm going to choose this guy over here and all you need to go and do is then come back to Fiverr just save his gig open in a new tab click on switch to selling on the top right and you can go and create a gig by clicking share your gigs it will open up your profile in a new tab click on plus create a new gig and your gig title I will and all you need to go and do is you can go and get influence from these other guys I don't recommend copy and paste but just kind of go and rewrite these words in your own words so it's not exactly copy and paste I will code your own custom mt4 indicators under the category you want to go and look for programming and Tech under subcategory you can go and choose I reckon we just go and choose software development under the service type web application for your programming language you can use C sharp as most mt4 indicators is c-sharp language so you can go and choose a couple of these it really doesn't matter it's just as long as your gig is up and has a couple of these selected because remember you Outsourcing your work you don't need to know the stuff yourself positive keywords we can go and type mt4 comma uh indicators we could also go and type trading View and then you want to go and click on Save and continue so on the next page when continuing setting up your gig over here you want to go and add media it will actually give you a tutorial so you can read through that you want to go and add your packages so on Fiverr you always have three types of packages let me just open up this guy here you've got basic standard and premium so under the basic you literally just go and have a look at what these guys have so you can go and modify your indicator expert under the description of basic modify your indicator or experts advisor for your standard package you can go and use program your custom indicator or expert advisor for auto trading create that spelling and then for the premium program your advanced indicator or expert advisor for trading so it's it's easy as this delivery time these guys take two four and six days so I would recommend add an extra day to each so go and add three days five days and seven day delivery for the premium for the design customation you can have these checked and you can also include the source code over here you must also check include source code because when people order from you when you're going to be ordering from your Outsource provider you do receive your source code so everything your client orders from you you just copy and paste that order and pay that same order to your provider on Fiverr and the best part is your customers paid you first so you don't need to take money out of your own pocket to process these orders it's money coming from your clients for revisions you can select one each and over here you can go and enter your price so if these guys are a thousand four hundred Rand I actually want to switch this to I can't switch this to dollars because I'm in South Africa but if you had to go and convert this this is about seventy dollars so then you can go and add your price over here to be 90 dollars their standard package is 200 2 600 Rand which is about a hundred and fifty dollars so you can go and make this 250 and the final package three thousand three thousand four hundred Rands about 200 and you can go and set your premium package at 300 so you're basically making fifty percent markup post sale under the basic you don't have to worry about this you can disable fast delivery you can disable additional revision or you can you can actually have an extra revision for let's say one day which can cost them an extra ten dollars and over here all you need to go and do is on the next page is go and upload your images for your gig uh okay for the name just type basic standard and premium click on Save and continue and it will take you to the next page and over here you need to go and describe your gig which is pretty simple you can just go and really copy and paste this as your description so it really doesn't matter because remember you Outsourcing your work again this doesn't really matter because you Outsourcing your work you can then click on Save and continue don't worry about these questions just click on Save and continue and it will take you to the next page how to get the most from gig it's just another tutorial you can read through this if you'd like I recommend you do and over here is where you upload all of your image and this is the easiest part all you're going to go and do is just come over to the seller on fiverr.com and you can go and post some of his work or you're going to do for your images you can come over to for example the original site genetic forex.com and open up a couple pictures of these indicators and post them on your gig once that's done your gig will look something like this ready to go and go listed on Fiverr now you're not going to actually be making sales through Fiverr traffic were you going to be making your money is off Instagram YouTube shorts and mass producing content that I'm going to show you how you can do through artificial intelligence which is really easy actually there's a website that does this for you so step number two now that you have your gigs set up you'll have your gig link with your payment set up on Fiverr which Fiverr then pays out direct to bank so that's how you're going to get paid in the strategy step number three is go over to YouTube and go and search best mt4 indicators reviews you can use any one of these videos for example this one over here just right click copy the link address you're going to come over to a website called opus.pro which is an artificial intelligence that will generate 10 viral Tick Tock type Clips out of one long YouTube video so go and paste your YouTube video that you've not copied of YouTube and click on get clips for free it will take about 10 minutes and it will process this entire YouTube video and generate it into 10 viral clips for you which is then content that you can go and post on Instagram Tick Tock YouTube shorts in a nutshell it's outsourced content reviewing indicators and in the description or caption of each and every one of these videos you can just leave a simple short and sweet message click the link in my bio to have your own indicator developed for you and in your bio will be your link to your Fiverr gig and this is just a short 40 second clip of the most important points in this video that reviews this indicator you can go and download this in HD completely for free there's no hidden paid free trials Etc this is all a free artificial intelligence site once this is downloaded to your PC you're going to come over to Instagram and Tick Tock and post these videos there and you want to go and post One Clip a day at least and this platform called opus.club gives you 10 videos of one video so this is content for the next 10 days you sorted for the next 10 days and all you want to go and do is is in the description or the caption of each and every video is just type Link in BIO to have your own custom indicator made for you upon your requirements you can then leave the link to your five gig on trading View and your Tick Tock bio and from there one or two videos that take off will lead to one to two to three even can blow up to 10 sales per day every order you get on your Fiverr gig you then come over to your sourcer on fiverr.com and place the order with them with the requirements that your customer has given you what I'm going to do is to help you out even more specifically with drop servicing I'm going to give you access to my entire drop servicing course completely for free on YouTube on how you can specifically make landing pages funnels if you really want to go and take this even deeper and learn more about that all of my content is for free on YouTube there's no upsell to some crazy two thousand dollar course I used to have a drop servicing course but that is now all just on YouTube for free so you can go over to this playlist on the screen over here everything is included here so what I recommend you do is if you really want to go more in depth and learn about drop servicing more is click on this playlist over here and I'll see you over there

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