5 Minute Chatgpt Tik Tok Trivia Videos (Make $5,000/Month With This Faceless Method)

in today's video I'm going to show you how I created this faceless trivia quiz Tik Tok page using artificial intelligence how some of these pages are making hundreds and thousands of dollars every single month using the Tik Tok creativity program I understand that the Tik Tok creativity program is not available in every single country so therefore in today's video we're not going to solely be relying on this if you are eligible for the Tik Tok creativity program that's a fantastic bonus and I definitely recommend make use of it in what I'm going to teach you in today's video you can replicate at these videos onto Facebook reals onto Instagram reals and onto YouTube where you can also get paid via ad Revenue affiliate commissions sponsorship deals merchandise a mentorship or a private membership area funnels email marketing affiliate marketing there are endless ways that you can monetize content in today's world and era this tool has taken the World by surprise chat gbt created by Elon Musk is one of the most trending topics on YouTube right now in the specific Niche and the pure reason being is because of the type of content and respon ansers and AI can give you almost feels human and out of this world we can use this to our advantage to coming up with hundreds of content ideas for our social media pages to never run out of content ideas and content pieces the tutorial that you're watching right now is going to take chat gbt one or two other tools and put together an entire and automated trivia question Tik Tok page and the reason why we specifically focusing on trivia questions is because this type of content is almost like a hack people engage with with your videos all the time and it becomes this snowball and ripple effect in virality let me show you a few examples this page over here that I spoke about in a previous video on my channel is getting millions of views posting simple trivia questions on their page this page over here is also a better example their most viral video got over 20.5 million views and over $300 from the Tik Tok creativity program and who knows what else they using to monetize their page and it's a simple question what is the long river in the world ABC or D if I come over to all of the other videos what is the chemical symbol for gold ABC or D and the reason these types of videos are getting so many views likes comments shares and engagement which is ultimately the prime metric that the social media algorithms focus on in order for them to choose a video that goes viral have a look at some of the questions over here some people feel offended bro making me feel smart American level quiz hardest exam in the USA and if I scroll down some people are actually answering these questions common knowledge test Au which is obviously number c which is letter C which is the answer in this case some people saying I got them right all the way your video is naturally causing a controversial discussion in the comments where some people are fighting out each other in deciding what's right or wrong some people believe they know the answers some don't and then those people go and comment on those other comments saying no you're wrong you're dumb or whatever it is and this is a real sweet spot in creating controversial content that will get a lot of discussion and a lot of Engagement if you ever seen those would you rather videos take the red Pole or take the blue pole and there's a beautiful example of a YouTube channel that is doing something similar they're asking simple trivia A or B questions so for example would you rather fight your BFF your best friend for $100,000 or would you decline the offer and this type of video got over 3.2 million views over 1,200 comments and over 150 shares and I quickly did some research on this YouTube channel I went over to the Channel came over to their shorts page and they are accumulating well over 200,000 views on average per videos some are blowing up to over a million 4.4 million 960k 3.2 million and it's super simple videos and they've only posted 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 26 videos on their Channel and they're already at 450,000 subscribers and believe it or not in their bio they're promoting an affiliate link called 11 laabs doio which is a generat voice Ai and every time they refer someone to this website they get a commission perst sale and on these types of views regardless of AD Revenue which I quickly also searched up on social blade is anywhere between 4.4 and 15K views a month and from my experience as a YouTuber and the specific Niche that they're in it's going to be more towards the lower SES I would say that anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000 a month in just ad Revenue Alone by posting these simple videos and if you come over to the channel and I click on their first ever video I can see from the oldest comment that was posted 6 months ago this video is only 6 and 1/2 months old meaning this YouTube channel only started posting content 6 months ago and they're already at half a million subscribers and this is all created using canva AI topic ideas generated from chat gbt and they've built up the perfect example of somebody who's succeeding this in a very fast amount of time so how exactly do we go and create these types of videos well it's super simple the first step that you going to go and do is come over to chat.

Open.com which is chat gbt's homepage on which looks similar to like a WhatsApp chat where you can type them messages send them prompts and chat gbt will answer you and as simple as this you want to go and search the following give me 10 general knowledge quiz questions click on send and take a look at this here are 10 general knowledge quiz questions for you what is the capital city of Australia now ultimately we want the example of ABC D questions so we can go and reprompt our same questions and just go and type here give me 10 ABC or D general knowledge quiz questions here are 10 multiple choice general knowledge quiz questions what is the capital of France AB BC or D who is the author of teilla marking bird ABC or D and tons over here and this is exactly what we're looking for now all we need to go and learn is how to go and use the second AI tool that I'm going to introduce to you just in a b and how to go and put these prompts into actual engaging videos for Tik Tok and YouTube shorts and whatever other platform you want to use if you want more ideas you can just go and type here give me another 10 and right over here I've now generated over 20 different quiz question ideas that we can separate into 20 different content videos for the next 20 days so in a matter of I would count 20 seconds in typing to chat GPT I've now got content for the next 20 days if I'm going to be posting every single day step number three is to go and build our Tik Tok page and to go and produce these quiz questions into these types of videos we need to first come up with our Tik Tok page name simply type on chat gbt give me a Tik Tok page name idea for Shia questions click on send how about quizz fa Zone that's a really cool one another five click on send sure here are five more ideas trivia track brainy bits quiz quizzical Quest fact finder frenzy trivia time Tales beautiful ideas that you can now go and copy and paste and use on your Tik Tok page name to go and get a logo also very simple we want to find something that's brainy so we can come over to cana.com go and search up logo on the search bar we can just use logo at 500 by 500 click on this option over here really nice example already on the left hand side there will be a prompt where we can go and search for elements once this loads right over here click on elements go and search brain and let's go and use for example perhaps this one over here we can remove this picture remove this logo soriz this and we can now go and come back to chat gbt and let's use quizzical Quest sounds quite cool all right we can go and paste that over here make sure that's long enough small on that little a little bit make sure our picture cented and then we go we have a beautiful logo that you can click on share download and download as a PNG to go and post on the logo of your Tik Tok page as well as your YouTube channel you want to keep your brand the same across all platforms now that we have our Pages ready to go and post we need to go and create our trivia question videos again really easy come back to canva on the homepage or the templates page at just cana.com the free version of canvas is more than fine I'm going to be using the pro version which costs about $15 a month but in this example the free version is more than fine as well come back to the back to homepage on the search bar you want to go and search for mobile video specifically because it needs to be in this resolution of 1080x 1920x which stands for pixels which is the required resolution for portrait Tik Tok videos and portrait short videos click on this option on the left hand side under the design option go and search up quiz and over here you will see very various different quiz templates that we can use for our video let's go and use their example of this one over here it's quite cool right we can just click on the plus sign and it will add it to our page we can change this at sign just to our own branding which again quizzical Quest double click on your text and just paste that over here and you can add the add sign to Simply add our questions come back to chat gbt let's go and use this one over here in which year did World War II end go and paste your question here under the text oops I just misclicked that there we go number a would be 1943 B we can put the right answer which would be 1945 c we can put another wrong answer which we can just say here 1950 just to theme this quiz page more towards our theme of the question which is in which year did World War II end we want to find something that's got to do with history so we can come again over to elements and just go and type war or history let's have a look and see what comes up for example we can add this picture over here of the soldier busy standing we can put him on the right hand side over there let's see what else we can go and find maybe this picture over here of these like tanks in battle we can drag this over the whole image we can then click on the position option click on send to back and just like that we now have a nicely themed World War II trivia question for the day I'm about to explain to you a trick that you can use to maximize your ad Revenue with your short videos and also with your Tik Tok creativity program videos that are longer than 1 minute long on Tik Tok earns substantially way more per thousand views per video it can be anywhere between an extra.

75 cents to $2 RPM per thousand views so in order to go and make this video 1 minute long you will see over here each default slide of this question trivia is 5 Seconds long so in order to calculate this to be 60 seconds we need to go and add 12 times so we can go and click on the three buttons click on duplicate and you really want to do this for 12 times and you'll see over here on the top right hand side the length of our video is now 20 seconds so we're nearly there if I duplicate again 25 seconds and again and again until we get to 60 seconds we're now at 60 seconds long the next thing we can go and do is is ADD our voice over of the voice that's going to ask your audience in the video in which year did World War II end on the left hand side of canva click on click on the search bar and just go and search voice over click on answer click on the first option over here and you simply want to go and type in which year did World War 2 end A B C or D click on generate audio and this audio will automatically add to your video track all right that audio is just a little a little bit too far forward we can move it back a little bit we can restart this little bit more in which year did World War II and a BC or d a BC or D all right I this sounds quite funny I'm just going to leave it like that in which year did World War II end once this is complete our video is now ready all I recommend is when you're uploading this video to Tik Tok is just go and use some already viral or trending songs as a softer background music on that video viral music viral audios on your Tik Tok content does play a certain amount to a degree of a role that does push your videos out to more people on the 4 You page same thing with YouTube shorts and Instagram reals we can then go and click on share on the top right hand side click on download click on MP4 video and click on download and this will now be ready to go and post on your Tik Tok page The Next Step that you need to learn is how to go and actually monetize this content well if you're going to be posting on YouTube there is a good chance that you will get to the 4,000 watch hour and th000 subscriber requirement in order to get monetized and also if the Tik Tok creativity program is eligible for you in your country you can go and use those two sources already just of AD Revenue to make money off your content but let's say in the example you don't have any of those options you're not monetized yet and you're not patient enough you want to make money from day one or the Tik Tok creativity program is not available in your country yet the number one affiliate program that I recommend for this type of content is actually just use the canva affiliate program which you can go and search on Google click on about canvas affiliate marketing program it will open up a new page and you can see over here get more information and apply here at the bottom of this page and as I open up this page you'll see you will only be able to apply for the canva affiliate program on March 28th which is basically a week and a bit from now so you'll have to be a bit patient until they reopen this affiliate program it could be due to anything it could be due to that they updating their dashboard or they've got maintenance on the back end which is completely fine another example we can go into use is 11 Labs affiliate program by just going to go and search that into Google which is very similar to canva except this is an AI tool that will generate automatic captions help you a lot in producing your content through voiceovers done for you templates very much similar to canva and this is what the affiliate program is going to pay for a 10 person creator plan for one year you're going to get paid $10 * $22 * 12 which you will get paid $580 commission which is plusus 30% on the sale if you refer 20 people to the pro version for a one-year option you're going to make 20 people * 99 * 12 is a total sale of $223,000 you're going to get a commission of$ 5,227 from that so the commission is really solid so this is a great Target for you to go and try and Achieve on just 20 people you can get paid a Max Commission of $5,200 and once you're at the stage where you're getting these types of views it's not difficult to refer people to these types of programs you can simply add at the end of or a small text at the bottom of your canva videos just like this over here we can change this text to content we can go and make this in white text just to make it visible and all you want to do is you want to keep this relatively small at the bottom of the page just so that it's briefly there just to entice people that see your videos on the for you page they know exactly where to go to go and create this type of content and that will refer them to the ailia program so this is a fantastic example on how you can monetize this type of content without being a part of the affiliate program or without being monetized on YouTube yet now if you want to get far more in-depth ways I'm talking about creating your own funnels collecting leads for affiliate marketing building your own checkout Pages building your own membership areas building your own online products that you can sell through your content I'm going to give you an entire free course here on YouTube for you guys to learn from up here on the screen above me you will see a playlist called making money on Tik Tok 2024 which doesn't only focus on Tik Tok but it focuses on on in general short video content I recommend go and save this playlist to your watch later if you can't watch it now otherwise if you click on this playlist over here I will see you over there on the inside

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