+$695.13 (How I Claimed Free Money From Payhip.com)

what's going on awesome people of YouTube I am back with another daily jam-pack video in today's video I'm going to show you how I created over $695 13 lifetime claimed on this one simple website called payhip.com now the Fantastic thing about this website is it takes very little time to set up this is not going to be affiliate marketing this is not going to be Drop Shipping this is not going to be CPA marketing and this is not going to be content creation this is going to be all about running your own business model with done for you tools and also with the help of artificial intelligence so you don't need any coding or any fancy skills to do this and this will also be a great follow-up of the video that I created a couple of days ago this one over here that you guys really enjoyed and found some really great value from so in this video I'm going to give you access to free courses PDFs and high selling digital products in a database where you can claim thousands of these products as your own to do what you want with meaning you can resell them redesign them into your own brand or name redesign them into your own image you can share them you can do 100% with what you want to do with them there's no copyright on any of these products this video here today that you're busy watching is going to be a full step-by-step training video and webinar so make sure that you watch each and every single step because I don't want you to miss anything and I want this to work for you I'm going to show you the exact product that I used on payhip.com and how I made this money on this website and I recommend if you can't watch this video now save it to your watch later so that you have access to it later because I want you to take action after this video without further Ado let's hop into my PC and dive into today's video my name is Jay I'm a full-time online entrepreneur and Prof firm Trader from South Africa that documents my journey on my YouTube channel on various ways that I use to make money online my journey comes way back from 2018 when I started creating funnels websites Ecom stores and sold products online all over the world my second YouTube channel which is in the link of this description is dedicated to my trading Journey where I have my full free YouTube mentorship on trading on my second YouTube channel if you want to follow that progress and get access to my daily live stream trading sessions I will leave a link down below to my second YouTube channel where you can get all of that where you can get all of my trading content completely for free without further Ado let's start off with today's video so I want to show you the example of the one product that I've been using on payhip.com so this is a fantastic website the reason being is because you keep 100% profits of the sales the only commission that the website takes I think is 1 and 1 12% per sale that you make which is really not bad at all so if you're selling a product for $7.99 if I'm not mistaken you're getting about $7.70 total net commissions which is really really good so there's no extra commissions that have to go to affiliate marketing where you only get maybe a 40 or a 50% cut every single sale that you make is 100% yours and I'm going to show you the database where we can plug into really high selling digital products into payhip.com so one of the examples and products that that I've used over the last couple of months and years is a PDF on how you can build a responsive mailing list which has got to do with marketing collecting an audience in terms of email marketing to ultimately sell your affiliate products via email marketing and this entire course teaches you how to build that email list with a power of free content and free value okay so this product this product in its lifetime got over 10,000 views and clicks over 87 orders at a total of $7.99 each which was total of $6.95 and13 on this product now I'm going to show you how you can set this up how you can get the ball rolling and get more and more people to buy your product step number one is to come over to google.com and find these databases where we can find thousands of these high selling digital products that we can use to make money from on payhip.com and you want to go and Google the following term free plr websites click on enter you can go and use this link over here on LinkedIn 25 best plr websites to make money in 2024 and this little post on linkedin.com will give you if you scroll down a little bit a 1 to 25 ranking of the best PL websites where you can find these products and high selling digital products to go and claim as your own now my number one has always been idplr but since we recently spoke about that I'm going to use another example for today's video I will also cover ID plr and kind of compare what you're getting in between the different plr websites now these plr websites are the platforms and the databases where you can get access to these high selling digital products okay so over here we have IND digital Works number four at Big product store plr assassin Master resell rights so you can go and use any one of these or you can go and use all of them if you want to another fantastic example is plr.me where there is done for you plr content for coaches that want to Brand Products as your own so you don't need to go and take the time out of your day coming up with product ideas coming up with course content all of the products are here completely for free and take a look at all the different niches that you can go and choose from such as anxiety depression panic attacks confidence selfesteem and self-care business marketing career and jobs so these really educational courses and content on any Niche and product that you can think of let's also go and use the example of idplr.com which is personally my favorite platform because there is over 12,500 different products that you can get access to which you can resell and keep 100% of the profits for all right so over here under categories we can go and use for example software and scripts if you go and click on that it will take you to a social media boom software which is a program that will probably teach you how to convert traffic on social media into sales and build your audience on social media over here we have the entire internet marketers tokit video upgrade which is an entire course that will teach you how to use the internet to your advantage to build a business and to build a brand and a image to start selling your own product or service okay let's go and use for example under niches we can use business and make money here's a product that teaches you all about artificial intelligence the AI profit Master Class millions of people around the world struggle to grow their income the reason why most people fail is because they don't have the right strategy so this will teach you how you can use artificial intelligence I'm not sure about what I haven't taken this product but I'm assuming it's got to do with chat gbt maybe it's got to do with AI trading on the markets or it's got to do with AI social media contents Mass distribution to build a following interon audience it really could be about anything but the main point that I want you to receive about this website there is really access it's all sorts of Handy and high income skills on this website another fantastic example that I've used in a previous video called the AI YouTube masterclass but let's for today's video use the example of the AI profit master class we can click on this product over here and on the next page there will be a download button which you can click on this and this product will immediately download to your PC now that you have your downloaded product you want to come over to a platform called payhip.com which I've already signed in with my free account it's completely free there's no free trial where you have to secretly enter your credit card and they debit you 7 Days Later this platform is free for Lifetime how they make their money is they take a certain percentage of every single sale that you make you need to come and click on the products Dash dasboard which will look like this you need to click on add new product click on digital product under your title it's all just a matter of copy and paste you can go and copy here AI profit masterclass for example 2.0 so let's go 2.0 for the product price and when it comes to your pricing I recommend try and keep it as low as possible because you want to make the product you want to make the price of this product seem like it's under a huge special and that way because it's at an affordable price you're not going to make a lot of money per sale but you're going to get a lot of sales where a lot of those sales start to add up to a large amount so let's go and start off with the price of $6.99 all right under your cover you can simply come over to AI profit masterclass open this image in a new tab of the AI profit click on save image save this to your PC come back to pay.com and upload that same image under the description of your product again you can simply just go and copy and paste the already existing description of this product so everything is really just copy paste and really easy to do and remember you're allowed to do this because you have the 100% right to use any product and any content on this website if I come back to the homepage here to resell and keep 100% of the profits and use the product as your own okay you want to select visible so that it's visible to the public under Advanced options you can add all sorts of extra options over here such as different variations upload a preview file for your customers keep it as basic as possible click on ADD product uh all right we just need to quickly add the file which we add over here where we got to upload the product file I just missed that part come over to the folder where you've downloaded that sub folder double click on it and it will upload to payhip.com once that's complete scroll down and click on ADD product and your product is now ready on the public Marketplace to go and sell so if I go and paste this Link in a new tab of your product it will lead to the next page where it will check add your first product now you need to select set up your checkout click on set up Checkout and over here you just either need to link your PayPal or your stripe account so that you can start getting paid so I'm going to go and link my PayPal account once that's complete your PayPal account will then be connected so if I come back to the landing page of my product and click on reload you'll see customers can now add this item to the card and proceed to the checkout so that you can get paid 100% of these commissions Direct directly to PayPal The Next Step that you want to do is you want to come over to facebook.com and you want to create your own Facebook page where you can go and post Facebook reals the reason why that you want to do this is simply because Facebook reals or in my discovery of creating short video platform content grows the most quickly and gets the most views my Facebook page only has 46,000 followers which is the least out of all my platforms but it's grown the fastest in comparison to all of my other platforms by posting those same videos I think it's because Facebook Facebook reals is a lot newer than that of Tik Tok and Instagram reals so therefore they're pushing out content a lot faster to really catch up to their competitors so this is a great time for you to capitalize on this I know some of my short videos welcome to go and scroll on my page myself have reached up to about 2 million views and they average anywhere between 1 and 10,000 views per video allowing me to get good traction clicks on my links and sales to my videos now you're not going to be creating any content yourself I'm going to show you a brand new artificial intelligence platform that is going to mass distribute already done for your content you want to come over to YouTube all right come over to the search bar YouTube and go and search how to make money with AI click on enter and you can go and use any one of these videos let's use the example over here from Franklin Hatchet we can go and right click copy the link address of this YouTube video you want to come over to another website called video.

A which is my favorite AI tool that will automatically short clip longer form videos into between 10 and 20 already made for you short videos with captions music and even has an Autos scheduling program to automatically post that on your social media platforms so you can go and sign up completely for free once you've done that sign in with your account once you've signed into your account click on import video and go and paste this YouTube link over here and click on start import and in about 5 to 10 minutes it's going to completely regenerate short clips for example if I click on the YouTube video here that's now complete into 14 different YouTube short videos take a look at this if I click on this video it will add all of the fancy captions it's title you can see over here these videos already done for you with done for you voiceovers done for you captions and done forv titles ready to go and post on short video platforms such as Facebook reals now the best part is you're not limited to Facebook reals you can use YouTube shorts you can use Tik toks Instagram reals rumble.com there's many different video platforms out there to reach as many people as possible to start buying your artificial intelligence course product click on edit video and download and once that's downloaded to your PC come back to your Facebook page I do recommend brand your Facebook page in line with the artificial intelligence Niche if that's the example you're going to use of course if you're using health and fitness product you need to go and brand a health and fitness Instagram or Facebook page so once you've done that all you need to go and do is is click on real upload this Reel with the link in your bio to your product and you can mention in the caption or the comments of this video link in BIO to my full AI profit masterclass 2.0 course payhip.com the whole strategy of this and making money on payhip.com is you need to be consistent on the social media platforms because Facebook reals Instagram YouTube if you post every single day for the next 30 days the algorithm will start to notice and start to push your content more and more how these social media algorithms are designed is they push out content creators who are consistent and they will be able to tell if you're posting once or twice or if you have a consistent schedule program on when you're posting your content and those are the content creators social media likes to push out that's why a lot of people get disappointed when they post one or two videos and they expect to go viral like PewDiePie but it doesn't work like that it's because PewDiePie has been posting daily pretty much for the last 14 years on YouTube that is why he is where he is today so that's exactly how I recommend you approach the strategy and you will get to a point where you can probably make one or two sales every couple of hours or even a day it makes a fantastic side sell income who knows maybe it blows up to a full-blown page where you're making hundreds of dollars a day it's 100% possible so if you're going to try this out let me know send me a message on Instagram I'll leave my Instagram Down Below in the description send me a link to your page I'd love to check it out I'll even review it for you guys so please don't be afraid to reach out to me but what I'm also going to do is now that we at the end of this video I'm going to give you an entire free course on how you can build your own funnels courses how you can Master the art of making money on short video platforms going to leave an entire free course up here for you guys it's my whole playlist on how you can make money on Tik Tok in 2024 and on this playlist over here I'm going to leave a link called my cartra training playlist which will teach you how to create funnels email marketing campaigns done for your checkouts pretty much like clickfunnels professional websites and funnels that convert viewers into sales just a fantastic and cheaper alternative so I recommend choose one of these playlists over here and I'll see you on the inside

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