Copy and Paste Videos Legally and Earn $100+ Per Day (Without Making Videos 2024)

in today's video I'm going to show you a fantastic strategy that you can use to copy and paste videos legally to make over $100 a day now I want to show you a fantastic example of a YouTube channel doing this that started this 4 months ago and they putting all of this content together by simply copying and pasting and you are allowed to do this and you will understand the secret to this just in a bit this is a brand new YouTube channel that started for months ago and they now averaging anywhere between 500 and 1,000 views per video Simply using stock footage and a caption overlay to create motivational quotes and the Fantastic thing about this type of content a lot of new channels and new content creators doing this are going viral and taking off very quickly here's another example of a YouTube channel doing this as well averaging anywhere between 20 and 1,000 views per video some taking off some not taking off but what I want you to take note of is the type of content that they creating all they're doing is they're taking simple Drone footage which I'm going to show you where you can get completely for free and copyright free to use in the background of your videos and all they doing is is simple boy fact deep interesting conversation starters psychological fact so the whole page has got to do with psychology and motivation overlaying text over simple Drone footage videos now don't stress you don't need to go out there and buy yourself a drone you can get all of this footage completely for free of these two simple websites that I'm going to break down for you in the step-by-step video now the Fantastic thing about the strategy it is very simple to follow and it takes very little time out of your day so if you're working a full-time 9 till 5 job or you're very busy throughout the day this is a fantastic strategy for you and as I mentioned small content creators are absolutely taking off doing this and the best part is you just need a phone for this in fact the mobile editing apps just to put these stock videos and text and motivation quotes together is actually much easier than using a PC so therefore you don't need to use any editing softwares and or you don't even need a PC to do this so without further Ado let's get into today's video so that you can learn how to copy and paste these videos to grow your own YouTube channel to monetize with affiliate links with ad revenue or with merch with memberships with whatever you would like to use what's going on awesome people of YouTube my name is Jay I'm a full-time online entrepreneur and prop firm Trader from South Africa documenting my journey on my YouTube channels on various ways that I use to make money online we're busy in the process of moving so my office is quite empty at the moment so we will be settled in the new office hopefully by tomorrow afternoon and I'm very keen to work with you guys in 20 4 after the move so therefore in today's video I'm going to do a giveaway to get the year started what I want you to do is very simple and I'm going to give you a $50 PayPal giveaway you need to go over to my second YouTube channel over here I'll leave a link in the description click on this video make sure you leave a like subscribe to my second YouTube channel with the Bell on and comment down below that you're ready or you enjoyed the video or even one of your most favorite inspirational or motivational quotes if you want to send me a message or interact with me directly you can follow me on Instagram I'm active in my DMs I will respond to you today without further Ado let's hop into today's video step number one come over to images and search motivational quotes and over here are hundreds and thousands and probably tens of thousands of different quotes that you can put together in your stock video that you're going to copy and paste onto YouTube so all of this is allowed and you're allowed to do this we're not going to be using this image specifically we're just going to be getting influence from these quotes you can also use chat GPT to generate quotes you can also use Twitter redit YouTube or Instagram pages to get influences for quotes as long as you find a good source or a reliable source with very cool quotes that you think people will find attractive so let's for example go and use the example of this quote over here if your actions Inspire others to dream more learn more do more and become more you are a leader so this is a fantastic quote and a fantastic example that we can use for today's video the next platform that you want to come over to is called pixels.

Which is a website that I've spoken about quite a couple of times on my channel filter the photos by videos and go and search drone Drone footage as is and this is where you can get access to Millions well I wouldn't say Millions but thousands of different stock videos of random Drone footage around the world so hopefully you can start to see and now we putting two and two together so let's go and use for example this video over here of the city click on free download and you can go and download this completely for free now remember the rules behind a free stock video website such as is this is a license-free website where you can post these videos on YouTube and YouTube won't copyright strike you or demonetize you because the license Behind These footage and these videos here allows you to reuse and redistribute this content which is really why I love this website it gives you access to a really nice database of done for you content so now that we have our quote we have our Drone footage we need to go and put this video together and also before we continue I want you to remember this is not a strategy that's going to make you rich overnight all of these channels that started this started with really low views some videos with only 75 views 400 views 300 views which is completely fine but what you need to understand is the YouTube algorithm and not only necessarily YouTube if you want to start an Instagram page a Facebook reals page a Tik Tok page you can copy and paste your videos onto all of those platforms but the key to mastering those platforms is to post consistently with a consistent schedule whether that's once a day once every second day try and post every single day at the same time because funny enough the YouTube and social media algorithm on how it pushes out content is based on how consistent a content creator is and this is designed like this to stop random people from going viral because remember a social media platform is a business they want to benefit from you and you want to benefit from them so they're going to benefit from you if you're posting consistently on their platform because you're getting more viewers more people to their platform they're not going to benefit somebody who's posting once or twice a year simply because well that person or that content creator is not benefiting the social media platform so that's essentially the breakdown of how the algorithm works now there is one or two more theories behind this but we will discuss that in a later video now there's also a second way that you can go and do this you can come over to YouTube and go and search motivational quotes and go and use any one of these videos over here so let's go and use for example let's go and use this one over here that I can do this motivational speech this video also has been created by stock video footage with simple overlay text and probably most likely some kind of motivational song so you can right click go and copy the link of this video come over to a website called video.

A which is an artificial intelligence tool that will automatically edit your video for you in a short video platform with overlay text and with overlay music so therefore you don't even need to do the editing yourself you can use AI to do it for you click on get started it's completely free they have a completely free package which gives you 70 free hours every single month so if you divide 70 hours by a one minute video you can work out how many free videos you can make over a month completely for free and that's what I really like about this platform it's completely free there's no hidden free trial and in the future you can upgrade to one of the bigger packages so I'm going to sign in with my account click on click on import video paste this YouTube video over here and click on start import click on done and click on go to dashboard and in about 5 to 10 minutes this video will then be processed for you once this video is complete click on review clips and you'll be able to view a ton of different short videos that this AI tool has now created for you it will automatically add the title The caption the music and it will rank your videos in a score from lowest to highest on the prediction of which videos will go viral so over here now you've got 12 different shorts from the this video that you can use on your motivational theme page you can simply click on edits and download video and download this to your PC step number three is you want to come over to a website called now you would know I really speak about this website in most I would say 7 to 10 out of my videos is because this website is an absolute gem and gold mine for online marketers for online entrepreneurs or aspiring online content creators to make money from their content this website has paid out over $6.2 billion in commissions to over 100,000 active Affiliates let's break down how you can use this website and how you can make money from it through your motivational videos click on start here if you have not got an account you can sign up it's completely for free if ClickBank is not accepted in your country you can come over to this other website called digistore24 which will then take you to your affiliate Marketplace dashboard you want to click on spirituality new age and alternative beliefs because this entire category has got to do with motivation spirituality new age and psychology so these products are really perfect for the type of Niche that you're using in this video now the Fantastic thing is you don't necessarily have to use motivational videos like I'm using you can use health and fitness tips you can use cooking tips and apply and plug in that same type of product on ClickBank whether that's a fitness program or a cooking class as affiliate product you just need to make sure that your product that you're choosing needs to match and line up with the type of audience that you target in your content so for example let's go and use this product over here called the New Wealth manifestation offer which is an offer that goes over some kind of 5,000 year old Egyptian frequency secret revealed and how to manifest money effortlessly like the top .1% and the Fantastic thing about this offer it really relates nicely to your motivational content as manifestation and motivation go really nicely together this specific product is going to pay you $26.8 once off and then $353 every single month reoccurring so what I like about these types of products and I always look for this when I'm looking for an affiliate product to promote is that reoccurring bow because that reoccurring bow is going to give you that passive cash flow coming into your account every single month and this landing page is already created for you you don't need to go and create your own landing page purchase a hosting platform to create and host your own website all of this is already here tailor for you as an affiliate to go and promote you just need to reach the people out there and the target audience out there which is what your content is going to do for you so you can click on promote over here click on click on generate or create hop link and over here you will have your own unique affiliate link which will take you to the same landing page but this unique link now knows that every time someone purchases a product or purchases this product it ClickBank knows to send that commission to your account so it's connected privately to your account so now that we have our AFF link all you need to go and do is is put together your YouTube channel you can go over to a business name generator generate your own business name my favorite website is if you want to learn how you can use AI to create your own logo your own banner and also your own thumbnails I speak about it in this video on the screen over here so I recommend click on this video over here it will teach you how to use the website called Nam which is an AI tool that generates your own YouTube name and YouTube logos to put together a fantastic brand for the type of content that you're creating now all you need to go and do is is take the videos from video.

A that you've generated and set a consistent schedule on your YouTube channel I recommend go and replicate this process on Tik Tok Facebook reals Facebook reals is a really underrated platform Instagram res create your own Instagram theme page and put that bio in the description of your videos and in the bio of your profiles and post consistently and you can eventually get to a point where perhaps you're getting a sale every single week maybe even up to the point where you're getting a sale every single day and that's the Fantastic thing about content creation there's no limit to where you can scale to it's up to you on how you want to approach this if you want to have that consistent schedule of posting daily and pumping out the content in the beginning to get traction really quickly so what I'm going to do is to help you getting really quicker traction on your channel and your pages I'm going to leave my entire YouTube growth playlist and growth course that is here on YouTube completely for free I recommend that you go through this playlist it will teach you tons of tips and tricks that you can use to increase audience retention watch time and engagement on your videos as those are the top three things that favors the YouTube algorithm and any algorithm as a matter of fact Instagram as well watch time engagement plays a big role in which videos go viral so this playlist will teach you how to increase that so I recommend click on this playlist over here and I'll see you on the inside

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