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I'm going to teach you one of the most successful indicators that you can find on tradingview that has allowed me to make over eight thousand dollars and over 50 risks to reward on my two hundred thousand dollar problem account this week I'm going to teach you exactly how I use this indicator so that you can become consistent on your Forex account and make 100 to 200 a day on your personal accounts or even thousands of dollars a day if you have a problem account which I'll explain to you more about in this video you're also going to learn in this video how you can trade with the company's Capital keep 80 to 90 percent of the profits and trade with massive live trading accounts anywhere from ten thousand dollars to five hundred thousand dollars and keep eighty to ninety percent of the profits every single month that you make in order to be profitable on these Company accounts you need to know what you're doing and that is exactly what my YouTube channel is for this upcoming week I'm going to be posting a pre-recorded live stream every single day in lifetime of every single trade that I take show you exactly how I make money online every single day with my strategy in the Forex markets being Supply demand and confirmations how to manage risk and how to catch high risk to reward trades like this trade that I caught over here on xavist this week Friday what's going on awesome people of YouTube before we dive into my computer my name is Jay your no BS South African online entrepreneur and full-time prop film Trader from South Africa documenting my journey on my YouTube channel on various ways that I used to make money online my YouTube channel is now comprised of full-time trading content because that is where I'm making most of my money online and that is what I'm doing full-time off of YouTube so if you want to learn how to master the Forex markets how to manage risk how to make your losses so small that they're not even relative to how big the wins are take this example over here this was a six thousand two hundred dollar trade that I caught on XA USD this week I sent this in lifetime to my community and right above it was a loss that I took earlier in that morning and as you can see my average losses are tiny at .05 to 0.1 percent and my wins being anywhere between one and eight percent so the losses are so small they're not even relative to how big my wins are so when people ask me on my social media content Jay why do you never show your losses do you ever take losses last week I took about four losses alone but they were so small it didn't even affect my account at all and that is why risk management catching those High RR trades is much better than over leveraging and going for those smaller one-to-one or one to two risk to rewards if you want to become a profitable Forex Trader and if you're not a profitable Forex Trader yet I recommend you watch this video Until the End alright so we are now inside of my computer on and I'm quickly going to recap exactly how I use this indicator as confirmation to catch an 18 risk to reward on XA USD this week Thursday on gold and as well as a 1 to 25 risk to reward on xaust on Wednesday the day before so this was a very successful week with two full long Runners on gold prior to this position over here I took a loss on this previous Supply Zone also with this exact same indicator but again my losses was Tiny compared to the wins and all of these trades documented in lifetime and traded in lifetime with my community so well done to those of you in the community that caught these trades live with me it would have been a nice profitable and well-managed risk week so over here on XA USD I want you to take note of this specific indicator right here on the screen this indicator is not some magical potion that's going to fall into your lap and make you millions of dollars that's not how indicators work this indicator needs to pair up with an existing strategy but I'm going to show you exactly how you can do that this indicator is used for confirmations to enter on your entry in your point of Interest whether it's a support or resistance Zone train line Supply demand Zone Fair Value Gap this entry confirmation indicator has at least doubled my risk to reward in the last two months as previously I would be looking to take trades with a much bigger stop catching one to five or one to six risk to reward that means if you risk one percent on the trade you're going to make 6.6 profit but but now with a tight stop loss like this with a entry confirmation tool such as this one over here which I'm going to teach you how you can add to your chart has gone from average one to five risk to reward to 1 to 15 to all the way up to 1 to 40 risk to reward so that means now instead of risking one percent for six percent I'm now risking one percent for 18 of my account firstly your losses are going to be way smaller and secondly your wins are going to be way bigger which is why refining behind your entry with entry confirmations is so important in your trading system so step number one to this trading system and adding this indicator to your chart I'm going to give this to you completely for free at the end of this video so make sure to keep watching until the end so that you can learn how to go and add this indicator to your chart first and foremost if you have not seen any other videos on my YouTube channel before my trading system is very mechanical it's a very fixed set of rules that is very easy for anybody to follow and it's a very successful system it's a system that has taken me years to develop but let's briefly go over it so what I'm going to do is I'm going to come over to a random pair I'm just going to come over to my list I'm going to come over to GBP USD and I'm going to remove all of my drawings first and foremost you come over to the four hour time frame you'll see over here I've got a little sticky notes tab so if you want to screenshot this save this to your phone you're welcome to go and do so and try this out for our swing structure is our first step in our trading plan identifying our current four hour swing range our high and our low so if we have to go and follow up GBP USD you'll see over here on the beginning of June we had this break of structure to the upside which would make this a four hour boss which was created by the most recent low that created this four armor break of structure so this thing becomes a four hour strong alright so after every break of structure to the upside or the downside there is some kind of pullback into relative price action so take a look over here we had that breaker structure to the upside that pullback respecting areas of demand targeting those weak highs that pull back into areas of demand that break a structure to the upside so structure is always printed to you in the form of higher highs and lower lows the only challenge for a lot of new traders that don't understand this is they don't know how to actually see this on the chart but once you understand how to Mark out these lows and highs on your chart you get that Crystal Clear understanding of exactly where you lie in the market and you're no longer blind when you're trading on the lower time frames so that is why it is so important to understand your higher time frame swing structure before hopping down to the lower time frames so after that four hour breaker structure the upside price had that pullback mitigating areas of demand over here and you'll see if I come over to the 15 minute time frame take a look at this the indicator if I bring back the chart to this point right here gave you a Triple M confirmation so over here would have been a valid entry stop loss below the wick to go and Target the 15-minute week high and the overall four hour week high for a 1 to 26 risk to reward this would have been 100 valid trade on GBP USD last week Monday but let's keep following this alright so we had that mitigation into the demand but understanding expectational order flow is now to look to Target this week high it would be valid to come and look for longs to Target these weak highs so let's continue price see what we get all right so prices that breaker structure to the upside a mini pullback over here and then another break of structure to the upside so this would then become the new four hour break of structure this would then become a four hour boss instead of a four hour week because price took out that previous week high this then becomes your most recent four-hour strong low is the lowest point of the previous swing range that caused the break of structure so let's continue with GBP USD all right so there's that pullback into relative price action over here which we can then make this successfully as our four hour week high so I want you to comment down below what do you think is current expectational order flow on GBP USD is for price to have that pullback like it's having so then go and Target those weak eyes to continue riding that pullback to continue targeting these highs so once you understand how to mark up your swing ranges your four hour strong highs and weak lows vice versa it becomes crystal clear to what price action is doing for you all you need to go and do there's no need to go and predict what price is going to do all you need to do is react to a price Prince for you if we're to come back a little bit on GBP USD all right so over here right now for our swing structure is bearish with a breaker structure to the downside created by this for our Strong high which was never broken remember this week is just a wick a breaker structure needs to happen with the body closures that does not validate as a breaker structure which then price targeted these weak lows right so that would be our full hour boss but take a look at this all right price left behind a beautiful Wick Supply Zone mitigated the 50 and gave you a triple n confirmation so over here just on the four hour time frame alone without even having to look at the lower time frames thus right here on this Wick with your Triple M confirmation would have targeted the four hour week lows this would have been 100 valid trade trading alongside Trend expectational order flow with your valid supplies on that caused the breaker structure and with an entry confirmation all on the same time frame without refining to the lower time frames you could have alone just caught a one to seven risk to reward nearly passing your funded accounts in one trade right so let's continue with this after the breaker structured to the downside price had that pullback right left behind with a valid Supply Zone and again price came to mitigate that Supply Zone all right so there's our most recent for our strong here's our four hour week so expectational order flow is to go and talk with these four hour week lows right here what's your Triple M confirmation to go and talk these we close so as you can see once you understand your structure supply and demand that is causing these structural breaks with your entry confirmation you can just trade on the four hour time frame alone and this would have been another one to seven risk to reward trade so this would have been 14 risk to reward in one week on two trades really minimizing your risk your losses would have been tiny compared to what your winners are over here and that is where this indicator has become a real game changer to my trading system I go over my system far more in depth in my community in my private SMC mentorship obviously over here on YouTube I'm just kind of breaking it down for you so that you can go and practice marking this up yourself and I'm also going to show you how you can access this indicator at the end of this video so let's go and see what price did all right so price now has that breaker structure to the downside right here this now becomes a new four hour week high this now becomes our new four hour week low expectational order flow is still to Target these weak lows over here we have a valid Wix Supply Zone again the criteria for supply and demand is discussed far more in-depth in my SMC mentorship let's take a look at what price does all right so price immediately Wicks that Supply Zone gives you a Triple M confirmation which would have printed without lagging in real time right about over here stop loss above that week targeting the four hour week low let's see what price does targeting those weak lows so again here was another one to eight rooster reward which has been 100 valid trade on gpp USD without having to hop down to the lower time frames just alone trading the four hour time frame so imagine now you're going over to the 15 minutes and then from the 15 minutes to the five minutes and you're refining down your entry to Target the four hour week lows you can actually end up with a 1 to 50 all the way up to a 100 risk to reward that means you're risking one percent of your account to double your account by a hundred percent in one trade there are traders that can catch these types of risk to reward my biggest trade that I've ever caught was a 1 to 90 risk to reward that means I nearly doubled my account in one trade but only risking one percent of the account all because once you understand structure order flow where expectational order flow is going to go to Target the four hour week highs or the weak rows you're trading alongside the order flow of those big institutional Banks and financial institutions that are putting billions and trillions of dollars through the markets every single day if you guys want to go and get access to this indicator all you need to go and do is leave a like on this video make sure you've subscribed down below with the red notification Bell on comment down below that you're ready and I'll reply to your comments and also leave a pin comment to this indicator on trading view so that you can go and add this to your chart in a nutshell what this indicator is it's a SMC indicator that identifies a entry confirmation in a supplier demand Zone by highlighting this Wick as on a lower time frame this Wick is a triple break of structure to the downside that's all this is so it's giving you an indication that the supply zone is increasing heavily in selling power that this Supply zone is going to hold which is your entry confirmation to go and Target those weak lows so if you apply a system like this with strict risk management with your entry confirmations targeting the expectational order flow you will become undefeated in the markets and I've seen this over and over again in my students in mm funded becoming funded on a daily and a weekly basis we have been around for about five months now we have created over 70 funded members in the last five months mentoring our members the way we explain structure supply and demand with confirmations here at Millennium mindset funded if you guys would like to follow along all of my live trades that I take I post them in live time this upcoming week I'm also going to pre-record all of the trades I take in live time and actually place them lifetime in front of you so that you can learn from the way that I trade so hopefully you can become profitable yourself but if you want to go and get access to our mm-funded Discord Community with our expert advisor that gets members funded automatically with artificial intelligence if you want to get access to our SMC and ICT mentorship where we've created over 70 funded members in the past five months as well as access to all of our live trades and tons of other risk management tools and content in the course section you can go and click on the first link in the description we also have our own prop phone which is also in the link of the description of this video what I recommend you do is go and take a look at the free video in the first link in the description and I will explain everything that's inside the Discord before you even have to join the Discord so make sure to click on that link and I'll see you on the inside

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