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step number one send this simple keyword to chat gbt step number two copy this entire text that this AI tool has generated for you come over to this tool that will automatically generate done for your videos just like you're seeing on the screen over here with done for your footage done for your captions and done for your voice over by pasting the text that you've just copied into this tool doing this I've been able to reach tens of thousands and even up to hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook reals which I've been able to monetize and generate various different streams of Revenue anywhere between $2 and $200 a day and the Fantastic thing about the strategy is that's only going to grow because the more and more that you post with keep in mind the done for you videos that this AI tool is going to make for you you're going to reach more and more people allowing you to get more and more sales all through becoming a Facebook copycat now we're not going to be copying and pasting other people's work we going to be using content that artificial intelligence is going to create for us and we just going to copy and paste that onto Facebook and I'm going to show you a few examples of a couple of people that are doing this on Facebook and generating well over tens of thousands of views per video take a look at the simple video over here I'm going to leave it muted otherwise you won't be able to hear my audio and all this is is a simple animation that artificial intelligence created on amazing facts about a woman's body and health tips for women so for example fantastic flexibility given by Nature if I skip through a little bit a bit developed memory women have Li to sleep how to gain weight for women so there's all sorts of tips and tricks and whatever this has come from but the whole point of this is that this entire video did not include any editing it didn't include any recording coming up with scripts no nothing because artificial intelligence can generate these videos done for you with one simple click of a button I want to show you another example of a page that is busy doing this so if I come over to this page over here called Health Plus plus and I scroll down they've got another video over here what to eat during a UTI foods to eat for a UTI berries and all of this again is generated with animation and artificial intelligence this specific video got over 11,000 views on their Facebook page here they've got some one or two pictures but here's another video how to relieve back pain in 10 minutes again also generated by AI this specific video got over 15,000 views on their Facebook page this video over here best foods to gain weight and muscle mass got over 10,000 views on their Facebook page another example over here over 8,000 views and I can continue and continue and all this page is doing is producing AI generated content posting that on their page and if I scroll up over here you can see over here they've got a link to their website which is in Hindi where you can go and buy all sorts of Health Products that they offer so they using their Facebook page and AI generated content to make money and generate sales on the Ecom store this post on Facebook called qot is also doing something very similar they creating AI generated videos also in the health and fitness Niche how to lose weight with a based weight loss drinks this video got 15K views 11k views 40K views on lose weight fast without exercise the lazy way how to lose weight on a plant-based diet the health benefits of running every day 1.8k views here's another example of another page called health tips by Dr Niha but this entire page is also just based on artificial intelligence I mean you can see that this is clearly AI generated and I mean this post had over 46,000 reactions this post over here also AI generated just giving simple health tips got over 5.2k reactions which is well over 100,000 views at least same with all of these other videos over here and these types of videos seem to really be taking off on facebook.com now I've noticed a couple of these Pages do and don't have something to monetize their page with I've seen one or two with merch most I've seen is either they're selling Fitness or health programs or an affiliate product that's got to do with health and fitness which is the approach that we going to approach this entire strategy simply because it's the easiest way to sell something if you're selling merch you've got to deal with deliveries you've got to deal with stock Consignments and getting those t-shirts or whatever you're selling to your customers whereas affiliate marketing is super simple everything's digital you don't have to worry about shipping and all of those extra expenses which is why we get to focus on that step a little bit later in today's video but firstly what we need to focus on in today's video is creating our Facebook page which is super simple you can come over to a website called well first the on google.com business name generator click on search you can use the first link over here called Nam lck this is my favorite website to get an idea of different business names or name ideas for my social media themed Pages let's go and use health and fitness click on generate click on on auto click on next again click on medium and click on generate in a couple of seconds this website will give you a whole list of plus minus 50 different name ideas that you can use for your Facebook page idea plus a logo that you can use so over here we have the Life Fitness lab Focus fit Zone my fitness wellness fitness Fitness aware trust fit tone body dance fit Health pulse absolute healthy so let's go and use for example I like the fitness Life Fitness lab you can simply just go and screenshot this logo save it to paint come over to Facebook create your page name it the Life Fitness lab upload your photo as your logo and as your banner and you've got it done for your branded page that you just got influenced from from again another AI tool so everything is AI generated so once your Facebook page is complete again let's just use this example over here of Health Plus which also is just posting AI content and they is selling their different Health Products on their health store let's start off an order I'm first going to teach you how you can go and generate this content and then how to plug in your product into your Facebook page step number one is you want to come over to chat gbt or chat.

Open a.com and you want to go and enter the following keyword five smoothie recipes to lose weight click on send over here and chat gbt will give you an entire answer on different or the top five smoothie recipes that you can make to lose weight okay in about a few minutes or a couple of seconds it will type out this entire answer and this is the Fantastic thing and where chat gbt is needed because this is going to be the foundation of your content the script of your content we're then going to be using a second AI tool to turn all of this text by copying and pasting so again just highlight your answer crl C or right click copy called invidio do AI or inv video.i which is an invid AI tool where you can go and paste text which will convert all of your text to video with a simple AI feature and what this tool does and what I really like about it it generates all of the pictures it generates all of the captions it generates the D for you voice over they've really updated this tool nicely since I first found it to make really high retention rates and high watch time and high attention captivating videos for you to post on your page you can click on the button over here turn text to video now no credit card required so you can create a completely free account once you've signed in a page like this will pop up where you need to give a topic and detailed instructions what you need to do is is click on script to video create a video paste your script here just as is from chat gbt for the make background music you want to go and type upbeat and happy any settings if you want to choose a voice with a young American accent or a Australian accent an Indian accent a British accent a any other accent that you can think of here I'm just going to use the default any voice click on continue and click on generates video the next tab will ask you what type of audience you're looking for Select Health enthusiasts look and feel bright platform you want to click on Facebook click on continue and in about a couple of minutes it will generate this done for your video which I'll show you just in a bit in a couple of minutes this video will now be done for you take a listen to this to our video on delicious and nutritious smoothie recipes today we'll be sharing five amazing smoothie recipes that are not only tasty but also packed with health benefits so grab your blender and let's get started first up we have the green detox smoothie this refreshing blend includes spinach cucumber green apple lemon juice chia seeds and water or coconut water simply blend until smooth and you'll have a detoxifying and fiber smoothie and take a look at the quality of this type of video literally every single video that this AI tool is selected lines up perfectly with what chbt has created for you so that is why I really like this tool is because it creates super high quality content once you're done you can click on generate and this video will then be ready to download to your PC and to go and post on facebook.com then the second part of this video is to then go and plug in our product which is actually specifically going to be designed as well for smoothies to monetize and make money on your page once that video is complete generating you can click on download and this video then download to your PC all right ready to go and post onto Facebook and your Facebook page that you've just created with your branding that you've also generated using nam.com righty The Next Step that you need to go and do is is you need to go and click on clickbank.com now this is the number one affiliate marketing website in the world where there is over hundreds I would say tens of thousands of different products that you can go and promote as an affiliate and the crazy thing is those products already have done for your funnels done for you uh done for you sales Pages done for you checkouts done for your payment processes so you don't need to go and pay clickfunnels cartra or Boulder roll or any funnel building program to go and make these products yourself they already there for you tailor made for you to go and promote now the only catch is you're not going to get 100% of commissions or you're not going to get 100% commissions of all the sales you're only going to get anywhere between 40 sometimes up to 80% which is 100% fine it's still a very good percentage that you're keeping per sale you need to go and click on start here or create a free account it's completely free I'm going to log in with my existing account once you've signed in with your your ClickBank account you will land on the marketplace that looks like this immediately on the search bar you want to go and search smoothy click on enter and the specific product that we're looking for is this product over here the smoothie diet 21-day rapid weight loss program now what I really like about this product is that it has a gravity of 129 which is one of the highest in this Niche on clickbank.com out of thousands of products this means this product is selling over 129 times times per month between different Affiliates so that shows you this product is working people are buying it it's obviously good quality it's getting good reviews and all of those factors contribute to the overall gravity score and you're going to get $22.68 per sale that you make now if you want to work out in terms of percentage you can click on the the link of the product it will take you to the done for you landing page that I was talking about with the done for you sales video the done for you checkout system where immediately off the bat customers that you refer will get2 bit off this product so it's marked down from 47 to $27 and if we work it out you're making $22 so that means this product is paying over a 90% commission per sale that you make which is absolutely crazy and there's a huge uh New Year's sale going on at the moment for the next 17 hours so to go and get your affiliate link for this product click on promote enter your affiliate nickname that you created when you signed up on ClickBank click on generate hop link and you'll be able to copy your affiliate link over here so when I go and paste this in a new tab this link will take me through to the same landing page but this link now knows that when people purchase this product it needs to send those commissions to my ClickBank account where I can then withdraw to stripe PayPal or direct to bank so that is why it is super important that you make sure you use your affiliate link and the next thing you want to go and do is is paste that in the bio like this person is done over here of their Facebook page okay so now you have a done for you Facebook page you have done for you content you have a done for you smoothie product related to your smoothie content to go and sell so therefore you have an entire business model which I've given you here in today's video completely for free this is stuff that I shouldn't be giving away for free on YouTube I could easily be charging you guys for a a $300 course but here it is for free why because it doesn't affect me if I give you my strategies there's 8 billion people in this world there's always a market for anything and a market for everybody no matter what they selling and you can simply start running ads on your videos on Facebook from the one or two first sales that you get to really start generating traction and from there that's how a full-on Facebook page gets six s million views or followers is because it becomes a snowball effect so that is why I recommend in the first 30 days post once every single day so that you can start to get that initial traction if you have zero money to invest at all then I recommend use the money from the sales that you make by posting initially to start reinvesting that into your page to start running Facebook ads so really fantastic strategy that you can become just an AI copycat on Facebook to start generating a full affiliate business and full-time income on your Facebook page now if you guys want to learn more about creating your own f creating your own email campaigns creating your own high tiet products I'm going to give you my entire affiliate marketing course here on YouTube completely for free and I'm also going to give you over here my entire cartra training playlist this playlist will teach you how to create funnels from scratch without any coding knowledge without having to study a 4-year computer science degree what a degree in four years studying computer science this playlist will teach you in just a couple of days simply because information in today's world is such a commodity you can find most of the stuff they teach in vity for free on YouTube and that's exactly how I learned where I got to where I am today just constant study constant learning that's how I come up with these strategies and that's why I want you to take action with this so I recommend after you've watched this video sit everything up start having a look at one or two of these Creek courses here on YouTube there's no upside to some crazy $2,000 course all of it is completely for free choose one of these playlists over here and I'll see you on the inside

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