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what's going on awesome people of YouTube in today's video I'm very excited to share with you a brand new AI tool that is taking over the graphic design space on the internet right now and the platform that is going to pay you is really quick and easy simply because how it works is you design something for them if they like it they will pay you anywhere between $1 and $350 straight to your account if they don't like it they will let you know and they won't pay you but the amazing thing is if they don't like it you can just try again there's hundreds of other companies offering you this type of money to do this why are these companies doing this because a lot of companies want graphic design done for their company whether that's logo media banners whatever it is now instead of paying professional graphic designers thousands of dollars for projects they've opened up a marketplace where they will find or try to find freelance developers like you and me and rather pay them and support them by paying them a couple of hundred and whichever one that they like from all of the submissions they will choose and pay you now I will be honest something like this isn't a sustainable model long-term to live off of meaning paying for your rent paying for your cars paying for your food it's not something that you can Thrive off of solely however it gives you an amazing boost and start to your online money-making career now I've been making money online for the past seven years now service Arbitrage affiliate marketing content creation and recently my most thriving business prop firm trading and what I'm teaching you today is something that is very easy to get started in the make money online industry just to get started in earning that initial Capital now before we get started into the actual strategy I want to show you a really interesting statistic that actually took me off my feet take a look at this website over here this is the current market size for the artificial intelligence industry as a whole right now we are right here under 2024 and when I talk about AI I'm talking about computers AI robotics machine learning programming such as chat GPT all about in learning and developing its responses and how it understands you natural language processing autonomous and sensor technology all fall under the AI industry 2024 currently at a market cap of $184 billion and I just quickly want to show you the projections 2020 2021 was with the more or less the release of chat gbt so that's when it really started started to improve nicely from there 2024 big increase in the industry but take a look at the prediction for the next 5 to 6 years there's a prediction of AI nearly being a $1 trillion industry so where we are now in 2024 is absolutely minuscule of where we can potentially be in the next 5 to 6 years now what I'm saying is is the opportunity is here right now the opportunity for you to make money using AI or to build build a business with AI with many various different tutorials on YouTube and whatever else is out there now is the time to get started with it because five six years down the line there's a very good possibility that that's going to leave you behind and you're going to fall behind on an opportunity that is presenting itself like it is in the world right now so let's get started with what I'm talking about today and how you can consistently make $200 using artificial intelligence I want to show you a very new and recent AI web we ite that has come up very similar to chat gbt except it's a free version which generates you images and graphic designs based on the prompts that you give this AI tool so as you may have seen if you've watched a couple of my previous videos I've often spoken about leonard.

A a very similar website to chat gbt as well and a great alternative to develop graphic design pictures logos whatever it is adverts YouTube thumbnails YouTube banners you name it with artificial intelligence by typing in a simple prompt. is currently the number one rated graphic design AI tool on the internet right now and I can go and type in something crazy let's go and type for example a labrador driving a Lamborghini let's see what comes up something really crazy let's click on enter and let's have a look at what they come up with and take a look at this you've got a cute Labrador driving a mini Lamborghini all generated in a couple seconds using AI for somebody to put this together in Photoshop would take hours on end trying to find the labrador template cutting it out putting the Hat on the people in the background or this Zoom Vortex effect in the background with the wheel spinning this takes hours and hours and a lot of expertise for a human to manually develop a graphic design like this but in today's world and time there's plenty of AI tools out there that can do this now in seconds and this is a good opportunity and I'm going to show you how these companies are going to pay you money for these types of images let's try something more diverse make me a logo for my tennis coaching business make sure there is a tennis ball and Racket included in the logo let's click on send and see what it comes up with I'm really starting to like this software and I'm pretty sure I'm going to start us using this for some of my online businesses branding and logos my favorite one the really simple one that I like is Tennis Pros really simple with the ball and the racket just like I asked I also like this one over here tennis coaching sure with the Racket and the tennis ball making sure that this AI tool fulfills what I'm asking it to do and take a look at this you can scroll down on the main page of.

You can click on any one of these images for example let's use this duck giving the middle finger they will actually give you the ex exact prompt that this person typed to create this logo so if you're on ide's homepage you can go and look through a whole bunch of different images let's say you want to influence something for the idea of your logo let's go and find this example of a cat let's say you've got a plane spotting page or you've got a Instagram page that's got to do with the history of old planes or whatever it may be you can come over to this picture you can click on prompts and you can have a look at the exact specific prompts that this person typed in to to design or get this image made for them through the AI tool so you can go and use different prompts that different people are using change it up to start developing your own logos so how exactly are we going to make money from this let's take one more example make me a YouTube logo for my artificial intelligence Niche YouTube channel let's click on send and see what it comes up with in a couple of minutes or even a couple of seconds it will then come up with these logos take a look at some of these examples YouTube artificial intelligence Channel AI insights the simple logo over here which is actually my favorite artificial intelligence with a brain type of logo with a Rubik's Cube in the middle really interesting and really impressive and considering the fact I've ordered when I say hundreds of different logo designs off of developers on fiva or Freelancers on fiva not one of them have been able to match the quality of the the type of logos that this tool designed that alone is my perfect experience of AI is really starting to take over it's starting to develop better quality work than what US humans are able to do how exactly are we going to make money from this well I found a specific website for you guys that will really help you out now I'm not guaranteeing that every single one of you are going to make money but there will be definitely some of you maybe all of you that can eventually make money from this and this is how it works so this is a website where companies are posting various different freelance logo design jobs and take a look at what you're going to get paid this website over here or this particular or this particular company called W q16 is a new company that is recently launched that is offering anybody £10 to design a logo for their company they will give you a description of the company more or less what they're looking for and really from here you can just go and tell this AI tool what's it go and make and you you can go and submit this on by the way this website is called designcloud tocom I will leave a zoom in on the screen over here and how it works is different people from all over the world will go and submit their logo submissions to this website through this particular gig here and the particular logo that the company likes and chooses they will then pay that person £110 so that's why I say back in the beginning of this video this is not going to be a sustainable model long-term to live off of because it's not going to be guaranteed that you will get paid every time from this however I'm going to help you out some more I'm going to show you a couple of alternative websites to where you will also go and get paid for very similar tasks increasing your probability of making money from this here's another company over here called the PC trading cards they're looking for a designer to get their startup off the ground by designing a logo for their startup online trading card Hobby and collectibles store for the logo that they like the most as you'll see over here right now they have 59 designs submitted the number one design that they like the most they will pay that Designer $150 Australian another company over here looking for a design for a high-profile regenerative Farm 99 design submitted $150 reward for the top logo and if I scroll down some of these companies are paying a really good amount of money this particular company over here is paying $300 Canadian for for the number one design that they like and I can scroll down and you'll see over here I can go all the way up to page N9 most likely even more pages than that so this really endless opportunities of hundreds of companies on this website for you to go and submit your logos too and this is how you're going to do this let's take the example of the modern logo design brief for a law firm so we can go and click on this particular gig open it up let's read about it and see what they want so firstly they are seeking a modern and sophisticated logo for our law form that captures the essence of professionalism trustworthiness and Innovation key elements professionalism so the logo should include professionalism and competence establishing trust with clients at a first glance modernity we want a logo that feels current and relevant reflecting the progress and the nature of the firm Simplicity the design should be clean and minimalist avoiding over complex elements unique identity the logo should set us apart from our competitors this is what you can go and do go and copy this first sent come back to and go and paste this over here and you want to reword it to the following I am seeking or rather remove this in type design me a sophisticated logo for our Law Firm that captures the essence of professionalism trustworthiness and Innovation go and type here include these main elements in the logo click on colon and go and copy and paste these following things professionalism comma modernity comma [Music] Simplicity and last one comma unique identity click on send and let's see what this AI tool comes up with and all we did was put their description into this AI software and take a look at some of the logos that it has already created obviously L you can go and click on them download them and edit them to suit the name of that particular Law Firm mod mod cudan law firm with a really simple elegant professional and Innovative logo I like this one as well and take note of how they're using the colors of gold and black that matches Integrity strength professionalism Innovation and also modernity I also like this black and white logo over here but simply what you can go and do is is download one of these logos click on it you can even choose you can even choose from multiple colors over here and simply go right click save image as come back to design where you need to submit your design click on Submit Your Design email address password click on let's go upload the image and simply from there it's a waiting game one of two things is going to happen you're getting to get an email saying congratulations we chose your logo here is your $150 or sorry we have chosen another logo please try again at a later stage and then all you can simply go and do is is either submit a different logo or you can go and choose from hundreds of different other gigs to go and submit your logo to let's say by the end of the month you've had at least out of 100 submissions five of them approved if you take on average $150 payout and we go 150 multiplied by five that may be an extra $750 for the month just submitting logos that an AI tool created for you to these various random companies on the internet really easy really flexible as you can see it took l literally none of my time up in the day to do this and the second way that you can also really go and make fantastic money from this is go to and you can click on switch to selling and go and post your gigs so you can go and search up here logo design for those of you that don't know what fivera is fivera is a free freelance website where different professionals around the world offer different Services ranging from graphic design programming and Tech digital marketing video animation writing translation it's really a gold mine of a platform to find people that can execute High income skills either for you or for your business and the second way you can use Fiverr is to sell these high income skills and make money doing that task or service for people that are ordering from you you can simply go and create a gig influence them from some of the top gigs over here on so that you can increase your chances of ranking on the top page and then secondly come over to if you really want to boost your Fiverr business go and create a logo design page on Instagram and start going and running Instagram boost ads on your different posts on the different logos that you're just generating from idor or alternatively you can also use Leonardo Ai and start including the link to your Fiverr gig in the bio of your Instagram page because how Fiverr works it's very similar to that of social media the more clicks the more orders the more reviews that you get on your gig the higher you're going to rank on the top page Pages now the whole goal of and really those that are making hundreds of thousands of a are those at the top pages because those are where hundreds of thousands of people of the top traffic are going to land and where most of the people are going to place their orders there's not going to be a lot of people that's going to scroll down all the way to the bottom click on page 2 3 4 5 or six and order from there most of the people are going to be ordering of the top pages but in order to get to that top page you need to increase your reviews increase your orders increase your rankings by doing all of those things and once you get there this will pretty much become your full-time thing if you guys want to learn more about artificial intelligence making money with AI through content generation through selling providing services for people I'm going to leave two playlists on the screen over here one called the make money on Tik Tok 2024 a lot of my videos in this playlist incorporates AI into short video content creation monetizing that and making a full-time income through that type of content secondly I'm going to include a second playlist called my cartra training playlist this will teach you how to create funnels how to sell digital products through capturing leads through an email marketing campaign mastering sales page design mastering webinar Pages design advertising and that ultimately pairs up so nicely as a sweet spot with your content generation or your AI business to start selling a product effectively so all of my videos on my YouTube channel are completely free I try and teach you guys some of the best skills up toate that is not taught in universities and school schools so if you want more of that type of content make sure you're following my YouTube channel with the notification Bell on and I will send you a notification every time I upload my latest video take care guys I'll see you tomorrow

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