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I just received a payout of seventeen thousand dollars I only risked three hundred dollars to get the seventeen thousand dollars and I posted this lifetime in my Discord community in this video I'm gonna show you exactly how you can catch trades like this without risking your own capital and with a very fixed and mechanical system if you want to learn exactly how to replicate payouts like this make sure to watch this video Until the End make sure to watch this video Until the End if you want to start a chance to get free access lifetime access to my Discord Community where I live stream with you on a weekly basis post all of my live trades can get access to my full ICT and SMC mentorship and are exclusive and mechanical Concepts that we teach here at Millennium mindset funded as well as a community with over 800 professional traders that also document their journey and are learning at the same time so yesterday we actually had a 25 risk to reward trade it was posted in live time in our Discord you'll see over here this trade was posted in the form of a Solomon with the entry points is all which is your stop loss and you'll take profit points at the most recent structural low so in this video I'm going to show you exactly how I took this trade so that you can go and get a crystal clear understanding of where you are in the market [Music] hey everybody Jay here from the Millennium mindset YouTube channel on this channel I document my journey on various ways that I used to make money online in this video I'm going to show you how I receive the payouts from my prop firm for over seventeen thousand dollars and I only risked 300 to make the seventeen thousand dollars I documented this in lifetime with my Discord community and in today's video I'm going to show you exactly how I did this so that you can replicate payouts like this as well without risking any of your own capital and with the safe and fixed rule mechanical based system that I follow in the markets for the last couple of years I've been posting affiliate marketing content drop servicing Drop Shipping creating content on Tick Tock which are all great and viable ways of making money online I've moved into the trading industry full time specifically with prop phones such as ftmo my Forex funds and many others so it would be more valuable for you guys to to learn more about my trading journey and to understand what has worked for me in overall life as trading generates far more income especially now that I've taken years to learn this skill than Drop Shipping drop servicing and any of those other ways of making money online combined this YouTube channel is here to help you shortcut this process and instead of taking years like I did but to learn the way I trade instantly straight away so I recommend just take a look at this video and you will understand structure on a more clear and understanding basis so the first thing and foremost there are three types of structure in my system this is all mechanical rule-based step-by-step here for you to follow there's no discrepancies in my trading system it's all setups are based on the same set of rules step number one is come over to our swing structural time frame that is the four hour time frame remember price is always printed just a quick recap in the forms of higher highs or lower lows with breaks of structures to the upside or downside price respect getting fair value gaps or supply and demand zones to continue with that expectational order flow to the upside to take out the weak highs created by strong lows if we had to go and label this out on our chart you'll see over here on xau USD this is the trade that I took to make that seventeen thousand dollar profits we had a break of structure to the upside with the candle body closure created by this strong low point this is a strong low that took out the weak High because this week I was not able to take out previous lows after every break of structure to the upside there is some kind of pullback so take a look breaker structure pullback breaker structure pullback breaker structure pullback and this is exactly how price is printed to you on every fractal time frame so if you're going to have a look after the after the four hour break of structure we had that pullback phase however price was not able at the time to respect the four hour strong low and instead had a break of structure below which means our swing structure has now turned bearish this break is structured to the downside was created by this most recent Strong high over here that broke this load after the break is structured to the downside we heard a 15 minutes internal break of structure to the upside which signals we now in the pullback phase of our overall four hour swing structure which allows us to label our four hour week low this may sound like a lot to take in for some of you guys especially if you're new to trading but I recommend it just keep watching this video with me and I'll show you how you can access a far more slower in-depth mentorship and weekly live streams with me on this once we've then identified our four hour week low and four hours Strong high this now gives us our structural range so what can we expect after that breakup structure is for price to have that pullback to relative price action and to continue targeting these weak lows until price takes out a strong High which we can then expect to Target weak highs so this currently is our expectational order flow is to Target these weak lows step number two 15 minutes internal time frame so this is where we mark at all of our internal structure let's take a look at what price did after that four hour break of structure over here price had a mini pause in price action over here with a slight pullback and a breaker structure to the downside with a body closure remember this is 15 minutes internal structure after this breaker structure to the downside price had that pullback but instead of being able to respect the Strong high and to continue breaking weak lows price had a body closure above the M15 internal Strong high and therefore this then signals we are now in the pullback phase of our overall four hour swing structure and we can Mark out our four hour week low so price continued two have that break a structure pull back that break a structure breaker structure to the downside price respecting Supply zones to continue breaking structures to the dial side price then had a fractal change of character signaling we are not over with the pullback yet break obstruction to the upside breaker structure to the upside break is structure to the upside price then had that M15 breaker structure to the downside which could then signal we at the end of the overall four hour swing pullback and we're now ready to Target the four hour week lows so after this M15 breakup structure price never really pulled back to relative price action over here but instead price had a mini pullback and then broke that structure to the downside which is another valid break of structure created by this valid Supply zone so this is Step number three once you've marked out your four hour swing structure and your 15 minutes internal structure you need to look for your supply or demand Zone that caused the most recent break of structure there are four mechanical fixed rules that you need to apply to a supply and demand Zone that being the supply must be unmitigated must have an inefficient push or a fair value Gap as you can see over here is a fair value Gap liquidity build up above or below it over here there is trend line liquidity which just got swept and fourthly the supply Zone needs to cause a breakup structure or a change of character in this case this 15 minutes break of structure so understanding these four mechanical rules and applying that to your supply and demand zones you will be unstoppable in the market and all of these mechanical rules are defined much further into depth in our private school community and mentorship so over here you can have a look as price came to the supply Zone and mitigated the supply this is Step number four in our rule-based system is five minute three minutes and one minute time frame is all our confirmation time frames no analysis happens on the five minutes three minutes or one minute that is just for entry confirm so and then hopped over to the three minute time frame for a valid entry I will look for a fractal change of character or a flip zone so over here we had our fractal structure so you'll see over here there is a great indicator to identify your fractal structure it's just called fractals you can go and search that up on the indicators tab over here which puts these dots on the candles one thing I also want you to go and note is my candle colors are all the same that is because I don't look at bearish or bullish candle color I look at fractal structure instead which was a big game changer for me in my system so all of these dots are fractal highs and lows so over here we had a fractal low fractal High fractal breaker structure to the upside now created by this fractal low pullback breaker structure to the upside minus fractal low another fractal High over here created by this demand Zone and fractal low which was the most recent demand Zone that had the inefficient push the fraxel breaker structure to the upside with liquidity build up just above it and is unmitigated so we would want to see price break this demand Zone signaling that Supply is now in control and look for a valid Supply Zone that price will mitigate to continue targeting those weak lows so it's very important when trading the one three and five minute to understand your overall four hour swing structure and your 15 minutes internal structure and this is where you get that clear clear indication of where you are in the market so this is exactly what happened price broke this demand Zone which now signals that supplies and control the supply Zone that broke this demand Zone and flip this demand was the supply over here with inefficient push this trend line liquidity which we can expect to be swept so let's continue price is not sweeping that liquidity mitigated the supply Zone and this is where I entered on this candle over here with the Triple M confirmation you'll see over here this candle of the week of this candle is highlighted a red color which is a concept that we teach privately in Millennium mindset funded in a nutshell it is a triple break of structure to the downside on the one second time frame which is a much better confluenced entry that shows Supply is heavily in control especially when entering on a flip zone or a change of character zone so this was the candle that I entered on with my stop loss just above that Wick and I targeted the four hour weak lows so if we continue with this over here I'll show you how I managed risk in this trade and how I managed it as it was going so price reacted beautifully of this flip Zone had a bit of a pullback creating a new fractal low so as soon as price breaks through this fractal low is where I secured partials right here at 10 risk to reward and secured 30 of this trade so my stop loss was then at Break Even This was risk-free and already 10 risks to reward already bagged so let's continue running this and this is how the trade played out malted down to TP but understanding the price is looking to Target these four hour week lows which is exactly how the expectational order flow went in this trade this was actually sent last week and this week we had another 25 rooster reward sent on our community in a nutshell if you risked one percent of this trade you would have made 40 return with this type of risk to reward if you guys want to stand the chance of getting full lifetime free access to this Discord Community which is my underscore that I run with another member of mine called Millennium mindset funded in order to go and stand a chance to win access to this all you need to do is is make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel with the red notification Bell on leave a like and comment down below that you're ready and I will choose one lucky winner to get free full lifetime access to this something else exciting that we are busy developing is our own EA expert advisor we just are hedging EA based on our own indicator that we have released in our Millennium mindset Matrix V2 mt4 system our EA Hedges this indicator and has had extreme success rates with over three percent generated in the past trading week with a Max drawdown of 1.6 in a day every single daily result is documented and posted on the Discord and you can get access to this EA in the Discord this upcoming week when it will be launched so what I'm going to do is to help you guys out even more I'm going to leave a link down below to the school community in the description of this video and I'm also going to leave my entire free YouTube trading playlist on the screen screen over here you'll actually see about three years back of how my system looked like then compared to how I trade today and you can actually follow through that entire journey and see how I developed mentally and physically in front of the charts as a Trader in my chart markups and that's the big reason I've still left up those videos years back when I used to trade with RSI and chart patterns which obviously back then didn't work but back then I believed so until I found pure price action and developed and took years to develop my system which is now all documented and posted lifetime in this Discord Community with our full section one to six SMC and ICT course so again if you want to go and get access to all of us link down below and make sure to click on this playlist over here and I'll see you over there

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