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step number one identify a video that has over 57 times the outlier score than the average of other videos that is how we know these particular videos are going viral step number two right click and copy this video paste it into p and piggyback this virality to get paid for every click that you get on this video right over here is a whole bunch of other people that have most recently got paid promoting videos around the world this person over here got paid over $102 6 $5 $8 $278 $11 $15 $180 so as you can see the income from this is not going to be out of this world but it's a really nice side hustle that will pay you a couple of bucks for just sharing and watching other YouTube videos so how exactly can you do this well you need to watch this video Until the End because I'm going to break this down in a really simple step-by-step chronological order but it's super important because each part of this video is going to relate to the next part and therefore you can't miss any important information that I'm going to be explaining to you in today's video firstly I'm going to teach you a really fantastic YouTube tool that will help you identify viral YouTube videos that you can go and find and use to find for this particular strategy because remember the whole idea of the strategy is we want to picky back existing trains and existing videos that are going viral simply come over to a website called vid IQ on Google you can go and open up their website over here the easiest way is to actually go and click on install Chrome extension and you want to go and add the vid IQ Chrome extension to your browser once that's been added come over to YouTube and you'll see over here on the homepage different videos will have different outlier scores some will have .9 times 2 times 100 times 10 times 38 times also again 100 times and really what we want to look for is the videos that are 50 times plus because those particular videos are doing 50 times better than the average of the videos on that particular person's Channel meaning the algorithm is starting to pick up and push those particular videos one example that I really like is music it's a really easy industry and a really easy Niche to do this with because a lot of people love listening to music it doesn't require an attention span at all so it's definitely something we can get a lot of clicks to make money with every time someone clicks on that so let's go use this Nostalgia music playlist over here of about 3 hours and we'll use this as the example of today's video and as you can see this video has over 100 times outlier score meaning this video is doing a 100 times better than the average of all the videos on chill bead's Channel which is good this is what we want to use the algorithm and YouTube is pushing out this video so we want to catch on to this we can go and right click copy the link of this particular video come over to Google Google again and go and search for a tool called thumbnail save this is a tool where we can go and grab thumbnails from videos on YouTube go and paste the link to this video click on view thumbnails and over here you can see the picture of this listen GTR we can go and click on right click save as and save this to our PC after we've downloaded this thumbnail all we need to do is is convert this into a portrait format thumbnail that will suit the Pinterest feed in a format like this simply come over to go and search up create a design click on custom size click on 1080 by 1920 on the height click on create new design and it will open up a new tab in where we have now a portrait format page where we can go and edit this thumbnail click on uploads on the left hand side click on upload files come over to YouTube where we save that picture of the nen GTR upload this to canva and you'll see over here this has now been added we can now go and play around and edit our portrait thumbnail click on apps on the left hand side click on Magic media and all we want to go and type here is a midnight purple background click on enter and we'll let this AI tool create like a matching purple midnight background that we can use to fill up these white blanks and why I recommend you actually put some effort into this portrait format is simply because well we want this to look as good as possible for p interest and also for YouTube shorts so we can go and click on for example this option over here we can add this to our page just stretch this out click on position click on cender back and over here you can see if we cize this image this looks much better than the missing white blanks that we had previously and you want to Simply go and type the following add a Heading by clicking on text add heading drag the heading to your top come back to your YouTube video and as you can see over here nostalgia night drive music so we can type here 3 hours of nostalgia night drive music we can just shrink this a little bit perhaps to 72 just to censorize that we can actually replace this text with the glow text over here which actually really matches the theme nicely of this thumbnail so again we can just go copy this paste this over here and again just go and make this 72 all right we can delete this we can increase the size slightly censorize this and all you want to type at the bottom over here is click this image for the full YouTube playlist all right again we can shrink this text over here select our color and go and make this white and perfect we now have our done for you thumbnail ready for Pinterest and only Pinterest you can use this for Instagram run ads on Instagram you can use this on Twitter run ads on Twitter you can use this on Pinterest and run boosts on this to get this pin listed at the top pages of Pinterest where again your PIN will be exposed to hundreds of thousands and millions of people so let's come back to canva click on share on the top right hand side click on download click on PNG and click on download and this picture will now download to our PC the next step is to come with over to and I'm going to show you how to post this pin how to optimize it to get the most clicks and get the best ranking possible and also how we will get paid every single time somebody clicks on this nostalgic night drive music pin that we've just posted onto the YouTube playlist so on Pinterest homepage your homepage will look something like this click on create organic pin if you want to you can also create a pin for an ad meaning you can boost this pin to the top pages of specific search terms but let's start off organically and we'll post this pin completely organically click on create pin under organic here where it says click a file come back to the folder where you've saved this pin that we've added and over here for the title we simply can go and copy and paste off of YouTube so I'm going to quickly open this link in a new tab we can copy the title straight from YouTube come back to Pinterest paste this over here again we just want to type here 3 hours call music come back to Pinterest we can put this in Brackets and then obviously add your 2024 for a detailed description we can actually go and copy the entire track list of the specific playlist so come back to Pinterest and go and paste this over here for the link we're going to come back to this in a bit for our board we want to go and create a new board and we can go and type here music playlists for example click on create now we have a new category board for the specific video for our tags really cool tool again you can go and use vid IQ just come back to YouTube of that specific video copy the tags of this video so if you come to the homepage scroll down you'll see over here vid IQ gives you the tags of this video that you can click on copy to copy to clipboard and again we can go and copy that onto our pin all right now for the part where we going to go and get paid every single click or every single time someone clicks on this playlist you need come over to a website called shrink me.i which is one of the highest paying URL shorteners where you can get paid up to $222 per 10,000 views which is not hard to achieve but like I said this is not something that's going to pay a lot of money it's going to pay a couple of bucks but one or two of those videos that do take off can substantially boost your earnings with this and you'll see over here if I come over to payment proof there's a whole bunch of people that I've been earning from this the latest payout which which was just a couple of hours ago got over $10.2 this website paid a total of 1 2 3 4 5 6 78 I count over 20 payouts yesterday alone the largest of being $278 so this person obviously use some kind of strategy where one of his videos or his piece of content that is getting these clicks went kind of viral and that's exactly what can happen one or two of these payouts can blow up but on average i' ENT ipate anywhere between $5 and $115 perhaps per month so like I said it's not going to be something crazy but really really easy to do and at the same time you're just piggybacking trends of viral videos The Next Step you need to go and do is is log in with your free account once you've signed in your dashboard is going to look something like this and you'll see over here just in March of 2024 alone on 286 views I've earned a total of $17.80 which again is not a ton of money but it's really easy simple side hustle money if you quickly want to go and get an idea of the different cpms per country you can come back to the homepage click on payout rates and you'll see over here currently the top countries that pay the most money is Greenland Ireland and United States so if you ever decide to run ads on your specific in our example today YouTube playlist We want to focus on running ads in these top three countries where we primarily get these clicks and get a much higher GPM per click is obviously we don't want to be getting Clicks in Thailand that's only paying $4 we would much prefer to get Clicks in the United States Ireland and Greenland that is paying anywhere between $1 and $22 it's really a no-brainer let's continue to The Next Step where you can go and create your unique link with shrink me.i so that every time someone clicks on that link you will earn a couple of cents per click come over to the homepage of shrink me.i after you've logged in once you've logged in it will view the dashboard button over here and simply come back to YouTube copy the link of this YouTube 3 hour playlist paste it over here in shrink me.

Click on send and over here you will see you have your new link now how exactly does this work well every time you click on this link there's going to be one or two ads that pop up and then it will eventually take through the viewers or your leads to the full playlist on YouTube and this website will reward you a couple of cents per click so you're getting monetized through these ads Simply Now go and copy the shink me. link come back to your Pinterest pin and add your link over here and that's it click on publish this Pinterest pin has now been posted to Pinterest withth your clickable link so you'll see over here the Nostalgia Fun mix for night drive 3H hour c music 2024 and when people click on this link it's going to take them to a page where there's a couple of ads that will need to wait about 30 seconds complete this capture they then click here to to continue which will then take them to the YouTube playlist where you would have then earned another view and also your earnings would have gone up by perhaps a couple of cents I recommend go and try it for yourself see if it works for you see if you get a couple of earnings and once you get the ball rolling you can start to go and run those ads in the top three higher CPM countries now if you want to learn way more sustainable ways of making money online I'm talking about full-blown affiliate businesses mentorship businesses trading businesses Ecom business businesses I'm going to leave three of my best playlists on the screen above me over here these playlists consist of years of information that I've learned over the years that I'm documented on my YouTube channel in forms of various different tutorials and courses completely for free for you guys to watch so what I recommend you do is is if you can't watch these playlists now save them to your watch later so that you can watch them at a later period but in the meantime if you're ready to move there and really scale click on one of these playlists over here on the screen and I'll see you over there

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