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I generated $9,000 this morning using Capital that wasn't even my own you can sign up to any one of these websites that will pay you10 to a $200,000 live trading account however there is a catch each and every single one of these accounts will cost you a fee so for example the $100,000 account will cost you $497 but there is another catch if you pass the evaluation which is a test that proves to this company that you're a profitable Trader in order for them to give you this live for example $100,000 account you will get refunded your $497 fee plus an extra 20% on top of that provided that you pass this $100,000 valuation you're getting a $100,000 account completely for free because you're getting your $497 refund fee back in full 100% plus an extra 20% on that $497 so this is what I did I took the time and effort into studying a mentorship in order to become a profitable Trader I purchased myself three of these $100,000 accounts passed all three of them using the knowledge that I've learned from my mentorship and started trading these Live accounts in my first trade yesterday morning on the Live account I CAU a 1 to n risk to reward on EUR USD meaning I risked 1% of the $100,000 account which was $1,000 to make $9,000 profits so I've made $99,000 on this account with just due for payout in 14 days without investing any of my own Capital without putting any of my own Capital At Risk technically completely for free in today's video I'm going to show you how I hop onto the charts every single morning formulate my trade plan to trade my live $100,000 account successfully and profitably now most profitable Traders won't tell you this because they too busy making money from this so in today's video I'm going to give you a sneak peek into the premium content that I teach my private members completely for free I'm going to show you some Concepts that you can demo trade and back test and practice before you take this into the live markets giving you the confidence that you need in order to execute your trades all right guys so we are now inside of my PC I'm going to speak as slow as I can I'm going to explain in depth and try and keep this as simple as possible for you guys to understand this concept I've tried to keep this as mechanical and rule-based for you as possible so that there are specific steps that you can follow when hopping onto the markets and the chart every single morning so first and foremost I'm going to give you guys another little secret if you want to go with the website that gives you the funding Capital that you need to trade without actually having to pass the evaluation you can come over to a website called instant funding.

Where you can purchase Live accounts off the bat straight away so you basically if you think about it trading money for money so you can go and buy a ,250 Live account for $79 you can buy a $10,000 Live account for $440 and you can buy their largest account at $80,000 for $3,460 and you get a profit split of anywhere between $70 to 90% of the profits that you make on your trades and this is ultimately how the prop firms and how these websites are able to make money from this it's a win-win from both sides you're able to profit from this company and they able to profit from you because they giving you the capital that you need and that company is making profits off that Capital that they've given you all right so back to the charts first and foremost I want to explain to you a little bit of an introduction into how structure and Order flow works I'm a full-time smart money Concepts and Inner Circle Trader first and foremost my mechanical rules are every single morning is I have a look at the daily the 4H hour and the M15 time frames and they all complement each other the daily operates with 4H hour internal structure the 4H hour operates with M15 internal structure and so forth so let me break this down for you each and every Market that has buying and selling institutional power will move in the following in the forms of higher highs and higher lows and I'm sure you've been taught this over and over again but it's very true and it's one of the most simplest Concepts that you need to understand moving into the market now the markets don't necessarily look as neat as this what it will look like is let's say this is the daily time frame within the daily time frame we will have 4H hour structure that occurs with smaller higher highs and lower lows all right forming at the peak of those daily highs those 4H hour lower lows at the peak of those daily lows new 4-Hour higher highs start to form all right now oops okay I just messed this one up a bit but let's just keep that like that within the 4our structure all right let's just label this as H4 within the 4our structure we have M15 structure so inside the 4H hour structure we have tiny more tiny M15 structure higher highs and lower lows that follows through out the orderflow so once you apply the more mechanical way that I'm going to teach you in this video and how to spot this in the charts you will ultimately go into the market every single morning with clear context a clear crystal understanding of exactly what to expect from expectational order flow and you can start to then formulate trade plans from there okay so I'm going to remove this for now and we can go and apply this on the live charts so over here on The Daily time frame on EUR USD all I look at is plus minus the past couple of months so for example I'm looking from February and we want to look for Clear structure that's forming for example the daily expansion daily pullback all right into areas of demand strong protected lows weak highs the expectational order flow is to continue targeting those weak highs that daily pullback after that break of structure as after every single break of structure price is due for a corrective pullback which is exactly what occurred over here from middle of April to the end of May we then ended that pullback we had that internal 4H hour shift to the upside on the 4-Hour time frame that 4-Hour pullback and to continue with that 4-Hour structure targeting those daily week highs after that daily break of structure we had that 4-Hour internal shift and that 4H hour structure has really been flowing throughout price from July to beginning of October this year after this break of structure we had our strong protected lows which price which the 4-Hour time frame never gave confirmation to start looking to Target those daily week highs instead we broke daily structure to the downside so all that changes now is our expectational order flow what can we expect is the start of that 4-Hour pullback into areas of supply to then continue looking to Target those daily we lows new daily strong protected highs okay so as I've labeled for you guys over here right now we've actually just had I just quickly want to delete these Ki pens over here this 4H hour internal shift to the upside so the 4-Hour time frame has now broken structure to the upside which is a potentially which is time for the potential daily pullback to now start because we've had the daily break of structure to the downside what can we expect after every break of structure is the pullback phase which we confirm with our internal time frames so mechanically daily is the swing 4H hour is the swing M15 is the internal of the 4H hour all right so now that we've got an idea of where price is lying on the daily time frame is that we've just broken structure 4H hour time frame has now shifted to the upside we can start to expect it's not a prediction it's a reaction to start that daily pullback phase so we can then hop onto the 4-Hour time frame and again we Mark out our 4-Hour structure and once you start to practice this you will start to see it more clearly and more understandably every time you hop onto the charts all right as you can see over here we had that daily break of structure the 4-Hour internal shifts bearish that 4-Hour pullback into Supply strong highs weak lows price targets those weak lows that 4H hour pullback into Supply targeting those week lows pullback Target the week lows pullback Target the week lows pullback Target the week lows and it's really been following this beautiful supply chain ever since the middle of July and if we take a look at what price did yesterday we've now had price take out those 4our strong highs all right we're mitigating old supplies but these supplies now are catering for 4H hour pullbacks into the actual demand areas which is in control to now expect to continue targeting those weak highs understanding that all of this that's playing out right now is just catering for that daily pullback so hopefully you guys are already starting to see by just looking at the higher time frames what the overall intention and context of the market is all right I don't want want to confuse you guys too much but you can even take a look at the monthly so if I had to have a look at the monthly all right price has now created that monthly breakup structure to the downside that monthly pullback has now started after that monthly shift to the upside so these become monthly weak lows these become your strong protected highs so monthly Supply is now currently in control all right so what we can expect is that pullback to the monthly which is what we're seeing and if this monthly candle closes below this previous monthly internal low that signals we've now had that monthly change of character to the downside so the expectation then is to completely follow through to Target those monthly weak lows okay but let's not confuse you too much we can hop back to the 4H hour all right and I've made some labels for you guys over here so as I've labeled yesterday which is what the core CPI news did we had that that bearish H4 IM boss to the downside which signals again after every break of structure there's the 4H hour pullback we're currently in that 4-Hour pullback phase which is exactly what the news yesterday cated for it was expectation and it's how the markets and and it's how money in the markets move is price sold off simply because price is due for that 4-Hour pullback which is the shorts that I caught yesterday that I'm going to break down for you just in a bit all right so price has now mitigated the equilibrium of the overall 4-Hour swing range a 4-Hour strong low 4-Hour weak high this becomes our entire 4-Hour swing range we've now mitigated the 50% so it's possible that the 4-Hour pullback is now complete however I would like to see more structure form before determining so because at the moment as this demand stands this reaction for me could be liquidity to Target the deeper more extreme pullbacks before continuing the 4-Hour bullish Trend understanding that the higher time frame daily is still bearish we just do for a bit of a daily pullback before looking to continue short okay so now we repeat the same thing within our 4our structure we have M15 structure which is our internal 4-Hour time frame all right so if I hop over to the M15 time frame you will see it more clearly which again I've labeled that out for you and I've put some notes for you guys here okay so as of really the beginning of October we had that 4-Hour break of structure to the downside we were then due for the 4-Hour pullback how can we determine that is looking for M15 swing highs to break to the upside all right M15 break M15 pullback M15 break M15 pullback M15 break M15 pullback into demand M15 break M15 pullback internal structure following through targeting those weak highs until we targeted those 4-Hour weak highs so we're now due for that 4-Hour pullback okay which is exactly what played out yesterday we had that break of structure we mitigated old supplies which is areas that you can look for pullbacks to start from we then broke M15 structure to the downside so the expectation is now to continue flowing this through until we mitigate deeper areas of 4H hour demand cuz this Still Remains as a 4 week high and until that M15 structure shifts to the upside we can start to confirm looking for Longs targeting these 4our week eyes again understanding that all of this context is catering for the daily pullback okay so hopefully again you're starting to see how structure and Order flow is playing out through price again your everything that you trade every trade plan that you make can just be a simple reaction to price price okay so let's recap what price did throughout really October okay as we were getting to the 4-Hour week as we were climbing to the 4-Hour week highs I've discussed this on stream again and again with my members that price is going to take out these 4our strong highs simply because price is due for a daily pullback which is exactly what we did then I also discussed on stream with my members is after price takes out these 4H hour strong highs we can expect a bit of a 4H hour pullback which will then be valid to start looking for shorts which is exactly what played out yesterday and the trades that I entered which again I'm going to break down for you on the lower time frames okay so as you can see clearly over here M15 break M15 pull back into demand M15 break M15 pullback into demand all right so as I've labeled out for you guys over here M15 weak High break of structure M15 pullback into demand M15 targeting those weak highs M5 pullback into demand confirmation pullback targeting those weak highs all right now we've mitigated High time frame 4our Supply we've broken 4H hour structure to the upside so what can we expect is that 4-Hour pullback which is exactly why I was looking for shorts off of this area of supply all right so we had that internal shift to the downside which I'm going to refine for you now now we then had that pullback on the lower time frame mitigation and the entry of the S limit and I targeted these internal weak lows in these demand areas for a 1 to 10 risk to reward I'm going to break that trade down now for you on the real lower time frames okay so you'll understand in a bit as I hop onto the lower time frames how my ICT Concepts start to come into play so I'm not a full ICT Trader at heart my markup and trade plans derive from this higher time frame structure and orderflow system that I've made for you guys today here on YouTube and this is Concepts that I've taken years to learn and back test and really engrave in my mind okay so now where price lines after CPI occurred yesterday expectation was to now start targeting these M15 strong lows simply because we confirm that 4-Hour pullback after an M15 low breaks to the downside which is exactly what we have so all of the structure at the moment that you're seeing over here is INF 15 corrective pullbacks which we can start to look for confirm of supplies of these M15 strong highs to Target these weak lows riding more of that 4-Hour pullback if price gives that M15 break of structure to the upside Longs will then be valid of demand that's in control to then continue targeting those 4-Hour week highs okay we also do have a supply at the 50% of the M15 swing range so this would be our M15 swing Strong high so ideally if price reacts of the supply gives confirmation which I'm going to break down for you in a bit we can look for shorts if price fails the supply we can then definitely look for longs to Target those 4H Hour Week eyes so notice how everything that I've marked out over here every possible scenario every possible trade plan is a simple reaction to what price is printing there's no needing to predict there's no needing to over complicate your trade plan M15 swing and internal is currently bearish which is providing a corrective pullback to this area of Supply which is also just swep this liquidity into the supply okay don't worry about too much of those Concepts right now I do discuss that far more depth in my Discord but right now I just want you to start seeing how structure and Order flow is playing out so the expectation that I've discussed with my members this morning is for price to cover that corrective pullback into the supply I will then look for confirmations on the lower time frames ultimately just to give you a you could say a sneak peek into to my exclusive entry model that I discuss with my members is what I like to see is Price mitigator Zone print that change of character sweep that high and then print that new change of character to look for confirm okay so let me break this down this is my ultimate entry model which is a what you can call really if you want to put it in more friendly terms a fake change of character is you want price to mitigate a POI all right you want that change of carer to form that break of structure to the downside on the one or the 5 minute time frame then the expectation is for smart money concept traders to start selling supplies they then get swept out then what we want to see is new structure form as soon as price print that new break of structure and change of character to the downside we then look for shorts of those supplies going for following through that expectational order flow okay so that's just a bit of insight into my entry model there's another entry model that I also use which is also one of my favorites is a mitigation into the POI a sweep of that high a displacement with a fair value Gap entry and this is what you call ict's entry model which is exactly what I used yesterday so those two entry models are the two models that I keep in my Arsenal that I've back tested and collected the most data on that has given me the best results okay so let me come through through to yesterday's trade so my ultimate trade plan was going into session all right this was at 4:00 yesterday I didn't look for any trades this day I wanted to see price sweep these highs over here into the 50% of the zone so again we had the mitigation that change of character so we wanted to see price sweep those highs and look for that new structural break to the downside to then get involved so let me quickly bring back price over here I took two entries over here one was a minus one and one was A+ 10 R okay so I came over to the 1 minute time frame so so in the model that I trade when you're looking at structure your 1 minutes and 5 minutes is all just for entry confirmations your structure only applies on The Daily 4our and M15 okay so I want you to make notes of that otherwise you are going to get confused there's going to be too many structural points that you'll be looking at so simply look at the daily look at the 4H hour which is your daily internal then look at the M5 which is your 4H hour internal and then your 5 minute and 1 minute is just for confirmation in your poi which stands for point of Interest your supply or demand zones okay so this is exactly what I saw again I saw price uh tap into this POI again and this is exactly why I got stopped out is because price hadn't swept these highs yet okay saw mitigation I wanted to see this High sweep and a displacement fair value Gap entry so over here we had the sweep we had this displacement they there was a fair value Gap over here as well but I took the order block stop at that high cuz we also just swept these highs now and I was targeting these demand areas for a 1 to3 risor reward which I got mitigated ran one to one R I didn't set be uh or I actually ran one to two I didn't set be I wanted the full three R and I got stopped out at stop loss so again an extra Confluence for this entry over here was I'm we mitigated the 50% of this 4 Hour Supply again swept liquidity and that high into further into that POI look for the displacement with the fair value Gap and this was the fair value Gap that I entered over here okay uh which tapped me in it wasn't there it tapped me in over there that was the tap in and I targeted the overall M15 internal low which was a 1 to9 R Ro my stop loss was exactly at 9.5 I say 1 to n just to cover for commissions and spread Okay so so let me break down why I took this trade the reasoning behind it again just to break this through from the higher time frames is price just broke 4H hour structure to the upside after the daily break of structure to the downside so after that 4-Hour break we can now expect that daily pullback to areas of daily demand so the expectation after the daily break of structure was to have that daily pullback which we've now confirmed with that 4-Hour break of structure to the upside side but after that 4-Hour break of structure to the upside we can expect that 4-Hour pullback into 4-Hour demand before looking to Target those 4H Hour Week highs so I was getting involved on counter Trend trades shorts targeting demand areas that was in control which is 100% valid simply because once you understand your structure and Order flow you can start to trade counter Trend because you understand where price needs to go okay so after this I was then looking at this 4 Hour Supply which then we now understanding we writing that 4-Hour pullback after that 4-Hour break of structure so then I'm looking for M15 confirmations okay uh let me just quickly come back here the chart flopped out so on the M15 we had that M15 break of structure to the upside which what can we expect is that M15 pullback but understanding that price will need to Target these M15 strong lows to attive for that 4-Hour pullback shorts was really high probability going into session this morning as that is where the expectational orderflow is to go okay so on the 1 minute time frame this is how that trade played out at these fractal lows or at this demand area over here is where I set Break Even cuz this was my initial Target but understanding we also just broke the M15 structure to the upside over here with a candle body closure the M15 pullback is now due to start so we entered this trade I set break even over there I didn't select partials and this train absolutely ran beautifully and we hit the full 1 to 9.5r I risked 1% on this trade that same 100K account that I was talking about in the beginning of this video is currently 25% up after the 9% trade that I secured yesterday okay so back to the charts what I was looking at this morning was this was obviously now I didn't even look at us session after this trade I just let CP I play out looking at Price this morning if I just bring back price to Lifetime what I'm busy looking for is I want to see price mitigate this POI I want to see price then sweep this high if I want to look for shorts I want to see price sweep that then print that displacement with a fair value Gap to then enter on shorts potentially targeting these M15 internal weak lows and the overall M15 swing weak lows understanding that all of this right right here is just the M15 pullback and all of this is just the 4-Hour pullback so the eventual expectation is to end this bearishness all right after that break of structure to shift bullish if we take out that uh new M15 Strong high the 4H hour then confirms to Target those 4H Hour Week highs so again everything is just a reaction so my reaction and my trade plan for this morning is just to let Price play out and let it print what it needs to print so what I want to see printed is the sweep of this high that displacement with fair value Gap to then go short which is my trade plan that I've marked out for my members as well this morning just to end things off I want you to keep in mind trading is a beautiful game it's a beautiful industry the fact you have the opportunity to be watching this video today you are more lucky than millions of people out there who don't even have access to this type of knowledge to this type of information that you're seeing right here on YouTube with that being said I've got some homework that I want you guys to do for me specifically two things firstly I want you to start enjoying your process the process of trading the Journey of learning this beautiful skill because it's a high income skill that you will carry with you for the rest of your life if you're going to hop into the charts and start trading to purely make money the greed to try and get rich to try and flex others or Flex on social media you're going to burn yourself out and you're going to disappoint yourself because once you start to of the journey the goals and reward will naturally start to fall into place and secondly my second piece of homework for you guys is I'm getting to give you a blank chart okay I'm actually going to attach the image I'm going to choose for example let's do us3 I'm going to come over to the Daily okay just like this as is right here I'm going to actually screenshot this and I'm going to post the link Down Below in the description of this video I want you to mark up this chart with the structure methodology that I've taught for you you guys in today's video you don't have to mark out the supply and demand zones yet I just want you to Mark out the breaks of structures so I want you to Mark out the structure on this blank chart send me a screenshot on Instagram the first person that gets it right will win a free $5,000 Live account from me with no daily draw down limits and with a Max draw down limit of 10% okay so that's my homework for you guys today is firstly enjoy your process love the chart workor the beautiful industry of trading and secondly mark up this chart first person that sends me the screenshots on Instagram and gets it right will win a free $5,000 Live account if you guys want to if you guys want to access my live streams going into session with my members every single morning my full course methodology I will leave a link to that Discord Community down below without further Ado guys take care follow me on Instagram and I'll chat to you guys over there in my DMs regarding today's video

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