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what's going on awesome people of YouTube in today's video I'm going to attempt to pass a hundred thousand dollar prop film challenge live on FX replay so it's going to be a simulation I've been day trading for a total of six years my formulated mechanical system today is three types of structure institutional levels targeting those relative weak highs or weak laws liquidity Concepts and entry confirmations as well as fractal structure so I'm going to give you insight into how I trade as a full-time 400 000 funded Trader I'm going to use FX replay so we can immediately go and start our session over here so I'm going to use the account balance of a hundred thousand dollars the pairs I'm going to use is GBP uh there is a GBP USD our start date we can set this at the first of August and we can end this on the 1st of September so I'm giving myself one month to pass this Challenge and get the eight percent targets our strategy over here I'm just going to put two box system which is a mechanical methodology that I teach to my members privately plus the three structure types okay so over here we click on Save we can then go and launch the session over here uh let's click on play all right so let's get started with GBP USD over here my account balance at a hundred thousand dollars all the trades you'll see I'll be placing on the actual chart risking one percent per trade and over here uh all the closed positions will be documented over here all right so first and foremost the first thing that I go and look at is hopping into my trade plan and session is for our swing structure from there I have a look at what internal structure is doing in that four hour structural range just to give you an idea price will always move in the forms of higher highs or lower lows okay for our protected lows four hour week highs expectational order flow is to continue creating those brexit structures and for our pullback that internal shift to the upside to continue targeting those weak highs internal pullback respecting those higher time frame demands continuing to Target those uh for our weak eyes within your four hour legs of structure there is internal structure on Lower time frame that occurs okay so we have our M15 breakup structure the upside M15 pullbacks and 15 brick structure and 15 pullbacks continuing with this week's expectational order flow which gives you a clear crystal understanding of exactly where you lie in price and always keeps you on the right side of the market and then within this M15 structure we have smaller tiny tiny tiny even little lower time frame fractal structure that occurs okay so I don't want to complicate things too much for you guys I've got a much more mechanical way of approaching uh structure in my system so first and foremost let's have a look at the four hour structure most recently we've had the four hour swing just going to quickly turn off this fractal structure indicator break to the upside which over here is our four hour protected low so that is our four hour strong for our boss to the upside which leaves behind this four hour swing week high okay for our breakup structure four hour pullback four hour internal shift pull back into that internal supply to continue with this supply chain targeting deeper areas of demand before we start to look to go long targeting those weak highs all right so extreme areas of four hour demand we can actually Mark out this demand fraxel range with all of this valid liquidity so we potentially see could see a continuation of this bearish order flow targeting this demand before we can start to look to go along all right so hopping on to the 15 minutes which is our internal structure of our four hour time frame uh we currently over here at eight o'clock at night so I'm just going to quickly go to next session that's Asian session and London session over there okay so most recently we have heard the M15 break of structure to the downside which this highest point over here after the previous M15 pullback becomes our M15 swing strong and this becomes our M15 week low so understanding price at the moment that we are looking to mitigate these deeper areas of demand our M15 swing lows are weak expectational order flow is to continue targeting these M15 weak loves all right so if we have a look at fractal structure or internal structure in the M15 swing range we have this M15 breakup structure to the downside price busy respecting the supply following through with the supply chain so we could potentially see a continuation of the breakup structure the downside price pulling back to supply to continue targeting these fractal laws okay so let's continue through we've now had that break of structure to the downside we have this area of valid Supply I just want to see on a lower time frame if we do get that liquidity build up for that Supply is going to speed price up a bit I want to go too quickly okay so we have that valid liquidity build up for the supply Zone double top liquidity so I'm going to take a short limit over here stop above that high we can actually Target that in 15 week low for one to four risk to reward let's just keep that at one two four we can place that order over here risking one percent okay there's tap in and we tapped out on that trade okay that's perfectly fine potentially just got sweeped into the Zone deeper areas of Supply so what I want to look for over here now is after this internal break to the downside is shorts off the supply over here so I'm going to look for a short over here to then continue targeting these weak lows okay so I'm going to set this at a one to we can actually set this at one to six just for risk management purposes we can risk one percent on this trade okay we've tapped in over there if we reach this low down here I will set break even also take note whenever I trade I never take partials I like to have my RR system fixed for risk management purposes oh okay and we just completely Dove straight to TP over there for a six percent return one to six are secured all right so we're ready up five percent on the account minus one plus six just risking one percent uh when I trade profiling challenges I always go a bit more aggressive one percent per trade Live accounts I'm usually half a percent per trade just to be conservative don't need to be aggressive for those payouts now that we've had that M15 swing low taken up which was our trade plan and expectational uh order flow going into session we can ask start to potentially see a bit of that M15 pullback into areas of Supply before continuing short targeting these in 15 week lows and potentially the overall uh for our demand Zone that we want to see mitigated later going into this week okay so now we have this M15 break to the downside we have these valid areas of Supply we also have these fractal breaks to the downside putting this area of fractal Supply and control so again everything is a reaction to What I Do When approaching the market so if price pulls back into the supply builds up that liquidity valid to sweep into the supply to continue targeting these fractal laws followed for shorts if price pulls back into the supply breaks it with no liquidity buildup demand will be in control price will most likely then just continue with a bit of a pullback into deeper areas of Supply before continuing to Target those weak lows okay so let's let Price play out we're still at two o'clock so currently us session okay price have a slight fractal pullback and continuing to Target these weak lows so now we've had price with this fractal break of structures downsides if we get a pullback into the 50 of the supply okay so most recently fractal break to the downside keep in mind that we can start to expect a bit of a bullish move catering for that M15 swing pullback so to look for shorts at the moment will be a bit lower probability because expectational autoflow for the higher time frame is to start that M15 pullback that M15 pullback we confirm with an internal breakup structure to the upside price overtaking Supply putting demand in control looking to continue with a bit of that pullback okay so we want to see these Supply areas before going long to ride that M15 pullback okay so let's let Price play out okay so this is what we wanted to see prices now taken out this area of demand we have uh price has not taken out this area of Supply we have a valid demand Zone over here so if we get that pullback into this demand valid to look for Longs we'll just Target a one to three for risk management purposes I haven't really got a Target over here so I'm just targeting one to three okay um this is not eight o'clock at night so I'm going to remove this limit as realistically I wouldn't be trading at this time price did leave without us okay but to forward tested let's just have a look at how this demand would have reacted yeah so this is a two o'clock in the morning so again you wouldn't be trading at this time yeah so you would have most likely had a be trade after this break of structure the upside but it's okay there's nothing to document for him we removed the limit as we would have in a live trading scenario because now we can move on to the next session so we're currently at seven o'clock let's just quickly go to next session right over there okay so prices now had this internal breakup structure to the upside putting these internal demands in control so if we get a bit of a pullback into this demand we can look to ride more of that M15 pullback if price pulls back into these supplies Supply will be in control valid to then Target these weak lows okay so again everything is just a reaction of what you're looking for going into session no need to predict no need to panic once you understand your trade plan you execute you execute and manage risk from the end even if your trade plan doesn't play out risk management always has your back okay so over here we have a valid Supply fractal range so if we get a pullback into the supply we'll start to look for shorts otherwise we're going to look for dogs on this demand area okay so over here we've now mitigated this demand I'm going to set buy limits over here we can actually Target that supply for a one to two point eight uh I'm going to risk point seven percent on this trade simply because this is a counter-trained why can't I place that trade oh it has to be below okay we'll just place it like that then okay so tap in all right immediate takeoff sweeping this liquidity valid 100 valid trade line because we had that internal breakup structure internally demand was in control but understanding we're not going to Target price all the way up to these areas because the expectation is still to continue targeting these weak lows but let's let this trade uh run okay uh that actually should have been a break even trade I don't know why I closed it's fine we'll just leave it let's just say that was actually a be but minus point seven percent that's fine 100 valid um so now we've had that break of structure to the downside valid Supply in control over here so if we get the pullback into the supply area okay this potential entry so now in this area of demand we want to see these areas of Supply fail before looking to go long okay new break of structure new Supply and control so we want to see the supply zones failing before going long there's that failure we had that break of structure mitigation into this demand now we do have valid liquidity for this demand of the 50 this is an equilibrium Zone because the Wix is bigger than the body so valid to take a long over here we can place that order uh one percent risking yeah one percent okay so we're in and out price is going to probably want to come to this more extreme area so here I'm going to place limit at the top over here and again because we're in a higher time frame demand we can expect price to continue writing to these areas of deeper Supply so I'm just going to Target a one to three again for risk management purposes over here we can risk one percent on that trade okay tap in all right immediately tap out okay so three percent secured on that trade understanding our plan was if price mitigates this higher time frame demand we want to see Supply start to take over so we took entry on the recent Supply wasn't as high probability because we didn't have any liquidity build up for that swept that liquidity over here into the more extreme demand just targeting a one two three four risk management purposes Okay so we've now had this fractal break to the upside price is busy mitigating this area of demand so I actually wanted to enter this over here because we do have liquidity for the Zone here um so let's just see if we can just get this in over here I would have entered the other 50 but now on FX replay this candle has already played through you cannot go back on apex replay so I'm just going to Target a one to three let's just actually see if we get tapped in for a total of one percent on this trade uh uh so price must be below okay does it want it there one percent there we go okay let's see okay tap in tap out we potentially want to continue to this area of demand fractal range so let's see if we get that pullback over here again we can still Target one to three just writing price of the high time frame demand okay so no entry there random Alice we're now coming up to this area of demand which again I wanted to enter on on that tap in most recent demand inefficient push the new fractal break to the upside so let's just see if we get a re-tapping over here um I'm just going to Target a 1.3 so yeah all I'm doing is I'm just following the fractal structure playing out through off this High time frame demand okay tap in and tap out again so then most likely will come to these deeper areas of demand I'm going to set limits on the extreme still continuing to Target these fractal weak highs right there we can place that order okay tapped in and we've Tapped Out for three percent okay so yeah so far we've heard minus one plus six minus one minus one plus three minus one minus one plus three so the win rate is more or less forty fifty percent but look at your RR risk to reward we're already nearly eight percent up we basically need one more trade to pass so that was the end of U.S session I'm just going to quickly move forward to the next session okay so here's our next London session uh most recently we've had this break to the downside we also potentially want to see Longs off uh this M15 demand area over here this is the M15 demand that created this breakup structure the upside so weak High strong protected low over here on FX replay I'm just using a structure indicator so I don't have to keep marking it out manually when back testing which can help a lot it's called mentifix structure okay so we also have this fractal Supply that's in control that created this breakup structure the downside so if we get to the supply area first well let's look for shorts if we come to this area of demand going to look for longs okay so that will be the trade plan going into session today no entry off the supply okay so price is just continuing to fractively break structure to the downside uh if we get the failure of these supplies or potential pullback into these supplies this can actually be your supply fractional range valid to look for shorts okay price is reacting off of these supplies I still want to see demand fail I still want to see Supply fail looking for shorts understanding our bias is still bullish as price is coming off his higher time frame demands um let's let price continue see if we get a clear bias okay so there we go Supply failed demand over here now in control okay okay price took off without us without any entry so we can look for continuations valid demands on here to look for longs okay new uh breakup structure the upside I just want to see if I can find a recent candle that has created that yeah so over here we have valid demand that created this new fractal break to the upside so we can actually set buy limits on this demand to continue through with this fractal structure again just going to Target a 1.3r so yeah what I look for is when structure creates these breaks of structures to the upside so you'll see over here structure break price always likes to pull back into the recent demand areas to continue from there all right recent breakup structure refined this to a lower time frame the demand that caused that Freckle break following through with our higher time frame expectations okay so we can actually place this all over here let's see if we get the pullback okay no pullback the price around without us uh again over here we can look of this area of demise if we pull back potentially to the 50 percent which we just missed all right okay so now we've had a clear pullback I'm going to look to then enter off this area of demand uh I just want to see a bird of a reaction okay there we go so that's what I wanted to see that liquidity form for the 50 we'll just put my stop loss a bit below targeting a one to three and yeah okay price ran without us all right so we're out of that well we didn't actually get tapped in prices material at the top I wanted to see a sweep into the 50 of the Zone that's perfectly fine no entry there uh we're currently coming up to hop us six so let's just see what we get over here all right that break of structure um these demand areas are still in control okay this is at eight o'clock nine o'clock at night so I wouldn't be trading realistically at this time so we can move over to the next session uh that's Asian and London session over here okay so going into London we most recently have had these fractal breaks to the downside valid Supply zones over here let's just have a look at our M15 swing okay so M15 we could potentially see a mitigation into these extreme areas of demand so we could look for shorts writing price to these deeper areas of demand before going long but keeping in mind our Highs are still weak so if we see Supply failing like this which is what we want to see we want to then start looking for Longs of demand areas okay so valid to take an entry over here it's going to take a one to three but we only need 600 to pass I really don't I'm only going to Target a one till two over here because we literally need four point four percent to pass if I can place this order I'm just going to risk 0.5 percent because we really don't need much to pass okay and there we go we pulled out half a percent on that trade yeah so because again this was an evaluation simulation we only need four hundred dollars to pass I'm not going to go and risk one or two percent on the trade I'm only going to risk what I need to make to pass the account so there we go eight percent on the accounts if I go and click on I just want to quickly see how can I get Analytics uh back testing dashboard oh there we go okay so let's quickly recap this back testing session so we had a win rate of 44 average risk to reward of 3.59 R Max risk to reward of six and a the minimum was 2.5 so over here average win 3.34 average loss minus nine four percent so over here is a prime example of how I'm losing more than half of my trades but I'm making eight to ten percent on the account per month and this is exactly what trading is you don't need to have 80 90 win rate you can have a 30 win rate and still be extremely profitable you will find the best traders in the world I have maybe 20 30 win rate but once you manage your risk correctly you will start to see returns like this this was phase one past our Max drawdown I just want to see if that was uh anywhere over here daily losses yeah so our biggest loss in the day was minus three point eight percent so we were well within the prop firm's limit at the end of this day I wouldn't have traded anymore so yeah we didn't violate the account we passed with flying colors if you guys would like me to do a continuation series of this perhaps on a daily or a weekly basis I want you to comment down below leave a like on this video make sure you subscribe so that you can get a notification every time I post a value pack video just like this one I really enjoy doing this type of series um I back test and collect data all the time that's basically what is created and turned me into a profitable Trader is backtest data collection trading with a proven system that has been backed by proven data proven history and back testing data that proves excellent results which gives you that bulletproof mindset going into the markets if you guys want to join my mm funded Community I'm very picky and selective over the members that I bring inside of my community send me a message on Instagram I'd like to learn a bit more about the type of Trader you are even if you're a complete beginner that's completely okay my community caters for anybody that's a complete beginner all the way to more experienced and advanced Traders I will also leave a link down below at the top of this video in the description will take you to a page where there's a free video and a description of everything inside the community and also how you can join mm funded from there without further Ado guys I'm going to leave an entire playlist on the screen over here that goes over my entire trading Journey you'll see I posted trading videos two three years back when I traded complete retail with chart patterns Lux I'll go buy and sell to a completely fully raw price Action Mechanical institutional system today without further Ado guys take care and I'll see you guys in the next video

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