Make $39.900 Per City Using Google Maps (WEIRD Make Money Online Trick 2024)

for the last couple of days I've been using a fantastic good old side hustle on Google that has gotten me over two sales so far leading to over $82 in net profit in today's video I'm super excited to share with you guys this fantastic side hustle that I've spoken about quite a while back on my channel and that still works today to generate a really fantastic side hustle in the beginning this may be slow but the potential is there right off the bat as you don't have to build any audience this is not going to include social media this in fact has nothing to do with creating any content or any affiliate marketing so as you can see I've only made about 80 bucks from this so this is not hundreds and hundreds of dollars off the bats but it definitely is a fantastic side hustle income and I definitely do see the potential for this to blow up into something full-time and I'm going to break this down and show you exactly why and how this is so easily scalable if you remain consistent at this there are people that are doing this fulltime however I've just started with this so I'm not at the level that these guys are at I'm just trying to see see how this goes in the beginning and see where it can scale to but these people over here are making thousands of dollars every single month doing this take a look at this person over here who's also fiverr's choice he charges about 593 R which is plusus $30 per shot that he gets for this he has had over 928 reviews this means at least 928 people have purchased his product because in order to leave a review you need to have purchased his service so let's go and take 928 8 multiplied by 593 which equals 550,000 r divided by 18 which will give you the dollar he's made about $30,000 so far doing the simple side hustle which is really not bad this is a completely sustainable income that this guy is making but like I said you can't expect this from day one this guy has most likely been doing this for years so in the beginning he started off where we all started as well only one or two offers or sales per week going really slowly in the beginning but you get to that point where you easily scale over time it really becomes like a snowball effect in the beginning that snowball is Tiny and as it rolls and rolls and rolls it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and also rolls faster and faster and the Fantastic thing about this this pays straight to your paper account stripe account or wire transfer direct to any Bank in the world the first couple of tools that you need for the strategy in order to work is obviously Google Maps secondly you're going to need which is the platform that you're going to get paid from I'm also going to show you a hidden Arbitrage service where you you can go and do this without doing any of the work yourself through the people on now this is a way that I really recommend because it really takes off all of that onhand work that you need to do and you completely making money as man in the middle completely passively and the Fantastic thing about that it will also allow you to not only build a sustainable business through Google Maps but also through so since you're already getting sales on this strategy make makes it really easy to rank on now as we all know fiva is a website that gets millions of views every single month and if you can land on the first page for a simple search term such as Facebook pixel at the top page over here hundreds of thousands of people are going to see your service hence why all of these guys over here have 1K plus orders 300 plus orders 900 plus orders 120 plus orders but as I scroll down and I come over to page two take a look at how gets less and less five orders two orders seven orders zero orders four orders 18 orders 17 orders so this is where on where the guys that are really making it making sustainable income I'm talking about thousands of dollars and tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year are all ranking on the top page of Fiverr and that's where the Fantastic trick of the strategy comes in is that will automatically boost you on Fiverr without even trying so the first step that you want to go into is you want to come over over to and go and search Facebook pixel helper on Google you can come over to called The Meta pixel helper it will open up a tab that looks like this you want to go and click on add to Chrome I've already added this to my Chrome browser so therefore I don't need to remove it and read it and once you've added it on the top right hand side it will look something like this called meta pixel helper now what exactly does this tool entail well this tool is a piece of code and a backend piece of code on your Chrome browser that will help you identify if certain businesses or websites are running Facebook ads have a Facebook account have a Facebook pixel Helper and what that specifically does is is websites that have a Facebook pixel helper or Facebook pixel code where potential customers that land on their website let's use the example of an airport if somebody is searching flight tickets and they hop onto Google and they find a specific airport let's talk about the Chicago airport port and that website of Chicago airport has a pixel helper that means when that client clicks off the website they will be prompted with ads on Facebook relative to flight tickets and airports and potentially vacation travels so it automatically tracks that client and advertises ads based on what they searching and this is really the perfect way to Target Niche down audiences in what they're really looking for to provide that for them and this is where we come in we're going to help businesses around the world secure clients using the metapixelatron [Music] those websites have Tik Tok and Facebook pixels installed in that website to track the data that you're searching on Google so it knows exactly what kind of ads to Target you with and this tool this tool will tell us what website has the Facebook pixel and what websites don't so the first thing that you can go and do is is you can come over to Google Maps zoom out all the way and you can come over to any country in the world and the best thing about this is you can Target businesses in any country in the world this map right here is your oyster to do anything that you want to do with so for example I can come over to Egypt I can come over to Cairo let's come over to Cairo city and we zoom in and over here we can see various businesses around Cairo such as the tools Market an electronic store a BNB another school a restaurant another BNB a gas station an open park looks like a beach over here a pharmacy a shop a museum another Airbnb and these are all businesses that we can go and use and assist them with the Facebook pixel helper to help them bring in more clients so it's a win-win for both sides so let's go and choose a random business let's go and use this Airbnb or this accommodation over here called the alto residen sees we can click on this and over here you will see it will pop up with this business and over here you can immediately see this business doesn't even have a website so this is another thing that you can go and do you can go and reach out to this business they'll often have a email or a phone line over here they have send to phone where you can send them a short text message or an email I'll help you with a template towards the end of this video and you can go and offer to create them a Business website to get more clients through the door of their business or you can go and offer to list their business on now if you don't know how to do that very simple you can come over to Fiverr you can go list on book click on answer and over here here is people that will automatically list your properties on Airbnb and various other property websites now this person is charging $30 for the service they Five star rated and they also F's choice you can go and charge $60 for the service keep $30 in your pocket and when they complete the service you simply deliver that to your client and remember the information that you need you just need to ask your client for that once once they agreed to your service to list their property on to get more traffic through the doors of their business using the template that I'm going to give you towards the end of this video and you just forward that information to the provider on to do all of this for you and therefore you're doing none of the hard work this is a method called Outsourcing but let's go and find another business that actually has a website so let's go and use this ABNB over here we can click on them and here you can see they also don't have a website so you can repeat the same process by designing them a website over here we have a dental lab let's click on them and they over here also don't have a website that's fine over here is a restaurant we can click on the restaurant and also they don't have a website so there's going to be tons of businesses that don't have websites and you can Target them with website design here's a property place with a website so we can go and click on their website we can simply go and click on the pixel Halper and over here you can see there is no pixel found on real estate helper or on their website so this means this business is potentially missing out on a ton of clients so when people are busy searching them or when people land on their website we can go and offer them to install this Facebook pixel helper meaning when people click on their business and click away they can retarget them with potential specials or offers or let's say a two night stay giveaway to any of the people that click on their website via Facebook ads later in the day keeping those interests similar and targeted to those specific clients and one thing we can also go into is since this is a accommodation business we can go and offer to list them on which again you can just go and Outsource all of this on so what I recommend you do is is go and find at least 5 to 10 different businesses I would recommend that accommodation businesses are the easiest CU they're usually quite small they often respond to you and there's lots that you can do with them you can develop them a website you can list them on book you can also help them with the Facebook pixel helper here's another one over here that doesn't have a website or photos so you can go and reach out to them to improve their presence on Facebook and also add a website and also include photos of their business to rank their ranking and get more clients through the door of their business over here is another Roma Cafe so if I click on them you'll see over here they also don't have a website another potential opportunity to design them a website site and to get more exposure which ultimately leads to more clients potentially coming through the door of their business so let's take a completely different town for example if there's not much that you can find in Egypt you can come to a completely different country let's come over to England we can come over to Birmingham and we can go and search we can just zoom in on random neighborhoods over here is another BNB called the crocodile works we can click on them and over here as well they don't have a website we can potentially help them create cre one and list them on so that they can capture online bookings over here we have a restaurant called the shake bu bun and Shake Birmingham and over here they indeed do have a website so if I click on the website you can see over here this website has no pixel on their website so you can potentially go and Target this business to help them get more clients through the door of their business so when people land on their websit and people click off that metapixelatron the person on Fiverr is going to do for you will automatically Target those customers with ads that they're running on Facebook so they could simply Target them with a let's say a 5B coffee and 2 eggs breakfast on a Sunday morning special just for the next 3 weeks to ultimately get more clients through the door of their business so this is why the metap pixel helper is a really powerful tool in today's world it gets a lot of information on businesses they clients and we can use that to our advantage another fantastic alternative that you can go and do is you can come over to our website to and this is the more onand workway that's going to take a lot more effort from your side but this is a funnel tool Builder where you can go and drag and drop done for you themed pages and business websites with contact Pages email marketing and all sorts of necessary marketing tools they have fantastic tutorials and an entire training program on and you can design these websites for these businesses and then ultimately there you don't owe anybody money on because well you're making the website yourself so 100% of the profit is yours so this is the more onhand work way the less or the no on hands work way is to Simply Outsource that work through so they are really your two options to go and do this if you've got more time on your hands throughout the day I recommend go and create your own pages and your own websites for these businesses because you will generate more Revenue it just takes more effort otherwise if you don't have a lot of time in your day and you busy with an ID 5 job you can use and Outsource the effort through professionals on F but then ultimately you need to pay them their cut so if they charging $30 and you're charging $60 your customer will pay you 60 half of that needs to go to your provider on Fiverr whereas if your customer pays you $60 and you've designed your own website on cartra you keep that full $60 now if you guys want my full training on I'm going to give you an entire free course and the Fantastic thing about this tool and learning about it it doesn't necessarily only teach you how to make websites It teaches you a really handy and high income skill that you can carry with you for the rest of your life you'll learn how to design funnels how to plug in products how to create your own checkout systems how to create email marketing funnels how to create entire webinar funnels host course memberships a necessary tool that is very handy to have in today's era and don't worry all of this information that I'm going to give you in this course is completely for free on YouTube how so it's all over here on a playlist that of videos that I've posted from years back to date on this tool that I still use I'm not an affiliate for this tool you can come over straight to the landing page so I'm not monetizing this video at all with cartra all of this is completely free knowledge okay so what I recommend you do is is click on this cartra playlist that you'll see on the screen over here if you can't watch these videos today or within the next couple of weeks save this to your watch later because it's really important that you do if you want to go and learn how to use with this strategy take care guys and I'll see you on the inside

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