Make A $25,000 Prop Firm Payout This Month (Institutional Structure & Orderblocks Simplified)

this is how I made a total of 10 on my funded account this month totaling at a total payout of 25 000 I'm also going to recap how I did day trading USD JPY and GBP USD this week what's going on awesome people of YouTube Jay here your nobia South African online entrepreneur and prop foam Trader that documents my journey on how I trade going to session every single morning with my trade plan document the hundreds of funded traders that I have created in my community called mm funded and also show you what it's like going into session every single morning as a professional Trader that's been doing this for close to seven years giving you the understanding of price understanding what is in control which institution is currently in control of the market putting you on the right side of the market and also keeping things simple not over complicating anything and most importantly managing risk I've been trading for a total of about six years I've learned tons from the market still have tons to learn but how I'm trading profitably in creating payouts for my myself like this on a monthly basis today is not how it all started in the beginning it was not as easy it took years of back testing collecting data letting the results of the concepts that I've learned in multiple mentorships speak for itself and that is where I am here with my own experience to help you become your own independent consistent and profitable Trader at the end of this video I'm going to open up mm funded which is my community where I work very closely with my members into creating and mentoring them into their own consistent profitable and funded Traders mm funded has been around for about six months I've created close to 150 funded members this year alone teaching the concepts in the private mentorship in the Discord as well as seeing the concepts in live action going into session every single morning in my live streams with the members if you want to get access to that make sure to watch this video Until the End there's three main types of structure that I look for going into session firstly understanding swing structure internal structure and then fractal refine structure going into session with the idea of the higher time frame intentions in order flow alright so USD JPY most recently has just created the internal break of structure to the upside creating these for our internal protected lows so expectational order flow going into session is to continue targeting these internal weak highs which price is now about to do going into session on Monday markets are closed today as it's Saturday today so Monday we'll definitely be targeting these highs and most likely continue with that bullish order flow continuing to higher areas of the daily week highs all right so M15 time frame which is my four hour internal time frame on Wednesday we had our internal week high so understanding expectational order flow for the session is to Target this High protected by our strong lows as London Bal rang and started most recently using my two box methodology which is a more mechanical system that I've created for my Discord members and myself that identifies what is in control going into session we most recently had a fractal breakup structure to the upside creating and leaving Behind These fractal weak highs so again this was just a much better Confluence the price is just going to continue with this demand chain like it beautifully did to continue targeting these weak highs and also you've got to think what your competition is doing understanding that a lot of Traders are going to be looking for shorts of these Supply areas over here because that's what most people the trade SMC and fail do is they see Supply Zone cause the breakup structure to the dance site so this is the supply and control but that is incorrect these Highs are weak higher time frame intentions and demand is currently in control so the expectation is to trap out sellers over here and continue targeting these weak highs so we're 18 90 of people that are trading USD JPY are going short we still going Longs in mm Thunder to continue targeting the weak highs and even as price is now even though we've created that breakup structure we've had that pullback into areas of demand as after every break of structure price pulls back into the previous swing structural range to continue with that expectational order flow to continue targeting these weak highs which is exactly how USD JPY has been playing out for the rest of the week okay but back to the trade on Wednesday which was the 5th of September going into London session again we most recently had our fractal break of structure the upside which was then protected by the strong low we had our valid demand Zone with the inefficient push or fair value Gap it had our liquidity build up over here which we swept into the 50 this was an equilibrium Zone meaning mitigation is only valid at the 50 because candle wick of this demand is bigger than the body as soon as this inducement started to build up I said to buy limit at the 50 with my stop loss and TP at a total of a five risk to reward targeting the fractal week high risk one percent on this trade irised 0.25 on this trade for a one percent return because we already captured nearly 10.5 R last week so the rest of the count now is just due for payout the rest of this trades this week are really just under leveraged making spare change and pocket money while the rest is due for payout so we entered on limits targeted that week high for a total of two thousand dollars on the two hundred thousand dollar funded account okay and that was the only trade I pretty much had this week and then going on to GBP USD yesterday on Friday we had a really nice day uh with two box system understanding the expectational auto flow um I'm actually seeing GBP USD now we are continuing with that expectational order flow to continue targeting these weak lows so although price is reacting of a daily demand area smart money Concepts and want to be order flow Traders are all taking Longs but we understand yet mm funded the expectational order flow is still to continue targeting these weak lows so the majority of the time we are looking for shorts which is why here it funded you'll find myself a lot of my traders that are funded are always ending up on the right side of the market all right so coming into GBP USD in London's session we were still bearish with our two box internal breakup structure at the downside putting Supply and control understanding that this is the expectational order flow to continue targeting these weak lows all right so just set a cell limit over here again for a one to five risk to reward to the 50 of this demand area that also created this fractal breakup structure to the upside which then we hit full TP at one to five are into the long limit or half a percent because this was counter trained so we wanted to see a bit of a pullback into this area of Supply to continue that autoflow we got stopped out for minus one R so we were still up 4r for London session let Price play out continued into U.S session we then were actually bullish continuing with a bit of an M15 internal pullback before then continuing to Target that overall M15 swing low so going into London session we had our valid demand Zone that created this internal breakup structure to the upside with the inefficient push valid inducements and liquidity we then swept that into the buy limits again uh just entered with a one to four rooster reward targeting that fractal High we entered our buy limits and continued straight to TP after setting break even at one to two R we then again created this fractal break of structure to the upside had that pull back into this demand again just said buy limits targeting this new fractal higher through 2.6 risk to reward so this was a total morning of five for our 9R and 11R minus one total of 10 risk to reward secured on Friday if you want to start your own journey to learning how to backtaste how to collect data how to become your own independent Trader how to understand autoflow understand what moves the market understand the reasoning behind every trade that you take understanding what is currently in control of the market which institution currently controls the market whether that being institutional Supply or institutional demand putting yourself on the right side of price and ultimately becoming your own profitable Independence and funded and consistent Trader I will leave a link down below to mm funded which is my community where I mentor and live stream with my members going into session every single morning and there is a full section one to seven course on three types of structure two box system entry confirmations understanding who controls the market institutional Supply or demand and how you can always be on the right side of the market and not only that how to backtest and collect data in the right manner this community isn't open to the public 24 7.

There's certain times that I open it up to the public and then we leave it closed for a while and I work closely with those specific members so again I'll leave a link down below to mm funded if you want to join inside mm funded it will cost you the same as a premium Netflix subscription it's not some crazy two or three thousand dollar course there's one thing you've got to understand no matter how many people learn this and trade and get this right it doesn't affect the markets at all remember your little hundred thousand or two hundred thousand dollar funded accounts is nothing compared to the billions and trillions of dollars that are run through these markets every single day by some of the biggest financial institutions and banks around the world so your little liquidity doesn't move the market whatsoever which is why something like this that puts you on the right side of those big institutional levels and institutions is perfect for us smaller personal retail Traders I've also got tons of free courses over here somewhere on the screen that I will leave are to my YouTube playlist that's called trading2023 where I've got tons of videos on how I've developed my trading strategy throughout the years back from 2019 already so make sure to click on one of these videos on the playlist click on the link down below and I'll see you inside of mmfunded

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