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hey what's going on awesome people of YouTube in today's video I'm going to show you something really strange I'm going to show you how you can make money online with no experience as a beginner in 2024 and going into 2025 but doing the weirdest thing I'm going to show you how you can make simple money online selling puzzles yes puzzles online I'm going to show you a really easy step-by-step tutorial that requires no coding on you don't need a website you don't need any funnels this is not affiliate marketing this is not Drop Shipping this is going to be something really brand new that I've never really thought of or spoken about on my YouTube channel before and I've also created a bot for you on chat gbt that is going to do most of the task work for you making it really easy saving you a ton of time and also really doing this professionally I'm going to show you some results of one or two people that was really difficult to find because not a lot of people are doing this and how much money they making from this there's one or two people that have been actually doing this for quite a long time and is now making a full-time living doing this so a tool I can go and use to find these people and to actually see how much they getting paid is called aura.

Which is an online application where I can dive into the analytics the exact sales revenue and how much money stores are making on now this particular store over here is doing something pretty much exactly what I'm going to teach you in today's video selling these puzzles created by AI on I'm going to show you the full setup how you can set up your puzzle and how you can start getting sales from this now this particular store is been around since 2020 in the last four years of business they've generated over $497,000 they're coming up to half a million dollar now coming into halfway through 2024 $500,000 in 4 years for a new business I would say a business is new if they're less than 5 years old is a really staggering good amount of money returned in this business they've had over 25,000 nearly 26,000 sales from this their monthly revenue is now at $1,840 so this store is making $1,840 every single month I can even go into specifics and have a look at what specific listings are performing the best I mean this specific listing over here currently has made over $144,000 in Revenue really good so that's obviously a product that's busy starting to take off at the moment so this could potentially be a good product to piggyback on but that's not what we talking about in today's video our specific strategy is going to be selling puzzles online that has been created by Chachi BT through very similarly to what the store is doing the first step in the strategy is to come over to sign up for free account where you can then get access to chat gbt which is an AI tool that looks very similar to that of a WhatsApp chat where you can talk to this AI ask for advice you can ask for chat gbt to do a million different tasks for you whether that's write a blog post create a website create images through the different prompts that you ask chat gbt to do when you log into chat gbt it's going to look like this the standard chat gbt landing page now these specific tool that you're going to be needing for the strategy I've created for you guys and that is going to take you to the puzzle Creator on chat gbt which is a specific app on chat gbt that will allow you to create these digital puzzles and as you can see the description over here says I will create puzzle images choose a size and then tell me what type of image that you want you can use the puzzle print on demand service like Printery firstly step number one is to choose a size for your image so click on this option over here and you need to go and type for example it's going to message you let's create a square image 1024x 1024 for what would you like the image to depict please provide us many details as possible to ensure that it matches your vision respond with the wordwide because we want chbt to create a horizontal rectangular puzzle rather than that of a square image and from there you can go and describe your puzzle you can go and type anything I'm going to type out a basic example for you to take influence from create an image of the Amazon rainforest with beautiful trees surrounding the Amazon River make it look realistic and amazing we can click on send all right guys so that image is now being generated initially the bot had a little bit of an episode it didn't really generate the image it just kind of gave me its piece of code so therefore what I did was I just copied my original prompt and sent it through again and over here you can see here's the Amazon rainforest with beautiful trees surrounding the Amazon River I hope it matches your vision and if you need any adjustments or a different scene just let me know and over here really beautiful image I mean this is really really exactly I'll pretty much pinpoint exactly what I'm looking for and I actually realized guys that this video is not going to be long at all because of how simple this is actually to do and I mean to generate an image like this with one or two simple prompts in a couple of minutes even a couple of seconds is absolutely mind-blowing what you can do with the chat gbt pro version and with a free version as well 5 10 years ago when I started in the online space when I'm looking for graphic design images it would take me hours even days on end to design pictures like this thumbnails whatever it may be now you can go into Changi BT in a space of nearly a blink of an eye and you can generate images that would take 5 10 years ago hours and days to do on the right hand side of your image click on download and this image will now download to your PC once you've saved this image from chat gbt to your PC come over to prin is the highest recommended print OnDemand platform on the internet right now where we can collect and secure orders whether that be t-shirts puzzles hoodies beanies gloves mugs you name it every time we get an order this website will automatically print that particular image on our product send that to our clients without us having to ever deal with the clients or deal with the products deal with the shipping so we just the man in the middle making money through the selling on those website and obviously through every single sale will take a cut from your sale to cover their expenses and to make a profit and ultimately what's left over depending on your markup usually anywhere between 30 and 80% is yours to keep net profit so simply click on start for free on you can sign up completely for free as well which is really cool once you've signed in you're going to be taken to the back end of where we can go and view all the different products that we can go and make from t-shirts to sweatshirts to hoodies phone cases journals even Beauty bottle products desk mats jar stickers more vinyls canvas Gallery wraps an art print a desktop calendar a desk calendar and all sorts of other products and all this is is a print on demand website somebody places an order with you let's take the example of this t-shirt with your specific design and image on the T-shirt once you get that order Printery is going to design that shirt for you with all the materials all the printing ship that to your client and you're keeping profit as the man in the middle so as you can see over here from $23.70 with Printery premium $18 28 so that's going to be your cost price anything up and above that is net profit for you to keep and as you can see at the moment this particular products is really trending a high selling rate with a 70 to 80% growth rate coming back to the puzzle is this particular option over here the puzzle 110 252 520 so if I go and click on this I can go and up open this up and start designing my puzzle take a look at this I can click on start designing and let's go and design our puzzle with the image that we've just selected from chat gbt on the top left hand side click on upload click on my device come over to your downloads folder and double click on the image that we just downloaded from chat gbt so initially it may not be perfectly centered or aligned with the canvas of the puzzle which is simply fine all we can do is we can just zoom it in until we cover all the borders of this particular puzzle which we can soriz making the river the subject of this particular puzzle okay we we can just zoom this in a little bit more to cover the bottom and the top and there we go I think that is more than fine as our puzzle we can then click on Save product and take a look at this if I go and open up this image and I zoom in on this this is exactly what our puzzle is going to look like as you can see over here this is how our puzzle pieces are going to come out which is actually really cool if I click on the front as well and I zoom this in you will see over here this is what the puzzle looks like when it's complete so how exactly are we going to start making money with this come over to prin ofi homepage and if you scroll down you will see over here various different platforms that you can connect your store to you can connect Printery to Walmart online shopping to to woocommerce Squarespace and the Etsy store and this is how it works if I come over to just come over to the homepage let's go and search up Amazon or or puzzle let's search up puzzle as is let's see what comes up and over here you can see different puzzles here's a puzzle of people here's a puzzle of a family so there's really puzzles everywhere is's a nice puzzle of a animated tree that's busy glowing so there's all sorts of puzzles on this website and this website is far more suited for this type of artwork remember there's hundreds of millions of users on this website every single day you can start your own Printery store you can then connect your Etsy store and I'm going to give you a full tutorial on this at the end of this video so make sure to keep watching to make sure that you receive that if I go and click on any one of these puzzles let's take a look at this one over here you can actually see in demand five people bought this in the last 25 hours which is really good and this is just a random puzzle which has also been created on just multiple puzzles and whenever somebody orders this particular puzzle the order goes through to printify they automatically connect this to their warehouses or their Factory to go and create this puzzle to get all the materials the cardboard or the wood for the puzzle The Cutting they then package that puzzle ship it to their client and you're keeping 50 to 80% of the profits depending on your markup as the man in the middle for just selling this puzzle and remember you're not limited to one puzzle I can go and type you for example let's try this Lamborghini evented or svj racing against Inon GTR make it look realistic and amazing let's see what it comes up with and that's actually really epic I really like that that would make a really epic puzzle so then you go and rinse and repeat you come over to Printery recreate your puzzle with your new image that you've created on chat gbt and from there you can then go and list that or connect that through if you want to try out Walmart as well do online shopping on Walmart online store M the area the more the traffic the more sales you can potentially get at you can also go and create your own Shopify store and once you start to scale you can launch an entire Facebook ads campaign through your Shopify store and rack up tons of orders like that and as I showed you from the beginning of this video there are people that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year selling basic products like this through Printery through whatever other platforms they out there but the gist of the story is is take notes of how they were all started at the same place with no one nothing no sales and now they've both two multiple 6 Figure Enterprises online if you guys want that full tutorial on how to go and connect our Printery to Shopify I'm going to leave a video on the screen over here there's also a subscribe button over here so if you want to get my latest videos on the various different ways that I use to make money online fulltime make sure you subscribe down below with the red notification Bell on and I will send you a message every time I upload my latest video make sure to click on this video over here and I'll see you on the inside

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