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first and foremost welcome to the mm funded ICT and smart money Concepts boot camp this entire course and program will be here on my YouTube channel completely for free my name is Jay I'll be your host I've been a full-time day trader for 7 years I've been studying supply and demand mechanical order flow structure types confirmations liquidity Concepts ICT concepts for the last 5 years I've mentored over a th000 students privately throughout the year of 2023 and I've created over 150 funded members I've also mentored tens of thousands of Traders around the world publicly on YouTube through my free public YouTube content I really want to take it to the next level for you guys by creating an entire boot camp based on ICT Concepts and my own methodology that I teach inside of my Discord here for free on YouTube for you guys I want to start off by telling you guys a story taking you through my personal experience firsthand in what every single Trader has gone through or needs to go through in order to break through in this industry and become your own independent profitable consistent Trader I was first introduced to trading in 2018 via support resistance trend line Concepts EMAs and proper retail Concepts that I'm not saying is wrong you can still formulate amazing trade plans and systems out of that but personally for me just never worked out for me and I could not find consistency and profitability using those Concepts so if any of you are coming here from retail Concepts such as support resistance trend lines I certainly believe that trading is a very personal Journey every single person is trained to see the markets in their own unique way whether that's through different concepts that you've studied throughout various mentorships and I don't believe that there is a wrong or right way to trade if you have found a system whether that's through Lux algo buy and sell signals or fullon orderflow smart money Concepts but you found that it's working for you and you're profitable with it you found a great system you're a good Trader it doesn't matter how you trade this boot camp here on YouTube is more going to be ad documentary of the methods that I put together into a simpler step-by-step chronological course for you that has allowed me to find myself over $500,000 in funded Capital throughout the past 2 years and has allowed me to be a full-time professional funded Trader going back to 2018 about a year into trading going into 2019 I truly believe that I was ready I was profitable I was scaling demo accounts like crazy doubling them tripling them and I put together my first large private capital account through a broker called tikol which I put together 200,000 Rand which was about a $10,000 account out of my own money at the time just coming out of high school and just coming into Varsity for me back then that was basically most of my savings and really the majority of the money that I saved up at the time long story short I had a beautiful setup on us3 and at the same time my signal provider at the time sent the same Buy Signal that I had on us3 needless to say I went and completely full ported and leveraged at this 200,000 Rand or $10,000 account and I lost that account in my first week of live trading when I say that I couldn't eat I couldn't sleep I couldn't drink water for about a week solid I was in a near depression State I was so close to giving up it was like starting over again I was back to asking mom and dad for petrol money I was back to asking mom and dad to basically get me food and support me but that whole experience was an experience that I needed to experience to learn more about myself my emotions to importantly become a more responsible and disciplined Trader I consider telling you these stories for hours and hours but no Trader will ever actually understand what they need to go through in order to make it as a full-time Trader until you go through it yourself so when people come up to me and ask me what did you do in the beginning how did you deal with your emotions blahy blahy blahy blah the first thing I say to them is do what you need to do take the Concepts that you've learned from my mentorship or other mentorships that you've learned because back then there also wasn't the mentorships that are around today available then and I will tell them go and apply this to your charts back test collect data build confidence around your strategy and system based on proven data and history collection rather than trying to trade something that you've seen on social media and that you automatically think will work you need to go through these experiences yourself to ultimately learn more about yourself s which will develop you and elevate your trading career I want you to pay close attention throughout this boot camp you will slowly but surely discover that I'm a very mathematical person I like to research I like to keep things mechanical I like to keep things rule based I like to keep things disciplined ultimately which has given me that bulletproof mindset going into the markets every single morning so I don't only want you to pay attention to the concepts that I'm about to go through with you guys throughout this boot camp course but also pay attention to how I approach the market it's my thought process how I'm Not Afraid or have no emotions involved whatsoever when analyzing a market when determining when to take a position the easiest way to really get over your emotions is to take a mentorship formulate your own unique way to develop a trade plan from what you've learned and the best way to do that is through a mechanical set of rules and only execute your trades based on that trade plan that you've marked up every single morning which will eliminate a lot of emotional stress anxiety going into the markets every morning unsur because ultimately you have that fixed plan going into the market every single morning and this was one of the concepts that took me close to 2 years to understand and develop before I really was started to be able to manage my emotions in the market you'll also find throughout this boot camp that my entire ICT concept is not really based off of ICT himself I use a couple of his Concepts that he has discussed but I've ultimately Built My own system around his Concepts which is how I ultimately teach my methodology inside of mm funded which I'm also going to give to you guys here today on YouTube this course in boot camp will cater for complete beginners who have never seen the charts before I will start off section one by going over the real Basics such as trading view how to get started with a broker and how to get started with a prop foam and then we'll go into the more juicy stuff such as fair value gaps my mechanical three structure types liquidity Concepts session volatility and also session liquidity and ultimately putting together your own system that will allow you to back test get results on that and ultimately help you find your Edge in the market there's a very good saying that goes I can take you to the water but I can't make you drink it's up to you to also put in the effort by making notes thoroughly going through the concepts that I'm about to teach you here back testing collecting results collecting history because ultimately when you're back testing and collecting data it will help you and identify different concepts and things that are working for you such as specific entry criterias or a way that you mark out supply and demand zones and ultimately you will also identify things that are not working for you and that is how you put your Edge together when coming into the market if you guys have any questions regarding this public boot camp and course here on YouTube today please message me on Instagram it's where I'm most active you can send me a direct DM I'm very active with my members and my students in my Instagram DMS so I will respond sometimes will take a while and I definitely will respond within the same day or two let's have a successful Journey with this boot camp and I'll see you on the inside in the next video

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