Stupidly Lazy Zero To $100/Day Outsourcing Method For Beginners (Make Money Online 2024)

once that service is complete it's then delivered to the client and the front end business one up te Dr all they did was create a good brand found a client clicked a few buttons and made well over 100% markup and profit on their sale if you've never made money online before in today's video I want to show you a really simple and lucrative side hustle that I've been doing for the last couple of years that has made me anywhere between $3 and $1,000 a week which has total to about $25,000 in the past 2 years now this is not crazy money it's not something that's going to buy you Lambos and mansions however it can act as a vehicle or Foundation to scale into other Ventures to make more money online such as an affiliate marketing business a Content creation Business Online Trading and plenty of Juicy full content that I've got on my YouTube channel completely for free for you guys the most effective business model that you can have in 2023 and 2024 is without performing any firsthand work yourself ultimately without trading your time for money making that passive income and cash flow however in the beginning this is not going to be completely passive there is some work required from your side but I know people out there that have been doing this for many years and is making while over six figures per year full-time running a simple online Outsourcing method and business model in 2023 and going into 2024 personally I do this as a sight hustle because of most of you may know I'm a full-time Trader offline if you want access to all of my free trading content my trading Journey how I became a $1 million funded Trader in 2023 I will leave a link Down Below in the description to my second YouTube channel which is just dedicated to my trading Journey as you would know if you've been following my channel for some time on my main Channel I post simple tutorials and webinars on various side lasses and various ways to make some side income cash online now the strategy that I'm about to show you in today's video is completely for free as I know most people that come across these types of videos on YouTube don't like to spend any money or put any risk into these types of strategies so I've put together today in this video where you don't have to spend any money on this every single platform that I'm going to show you is completely for free you just need to sign up with an email and a password like really Google or any website that you can think of but I'm also going to show you a way that you can in time scale with the following pay tools that I'm going to show you but don't worry I'm going to keep this as simple as possible I'm going to hold your hand throughout the entire process and everything in today's video is going to be put in a simple step-by-step process let's get straight into it I want to take you all the way back to the 6th of January 2022 when I really started this business on this specific platform 2 years ago in the beginning of the year the this is my Boulder roll dashboard which is a final Boulder and hosting service that I've been using for years now close to 5 years you will see I've got videos on my YouTube channel somewh back close to four five years ago and I still use this tool today and I'm still getting paid from it today I'll show you withdrawal that I withdrew last month from this business model okay so January in 2022 was really initially a slower month started off at about a $400 a month which again this is not something that's going to buy you Lambos and mansions but it can become a really nice simple lucrative side hustle with putting in really minimal effort into this because the service that your arbitraging or drop servicing does all of the hard work for you therefore you don't need to have a lot of onand work okay so really through January we had a six I'm counting here 6 700 we had about 600 the last withdrawal in January was over here at about 400 so was about $1,000 month in January 2022 uh February also total to to about $1,200 and if I come back all the way throughout 2022 so this was April May May was a slower month only $400 June was a bit of a bigger month at $800 July in 2022 also about $400 August only about $350 September was quite a bit larger we had about $11,000 month October also about $500 a month so that's more or less where it's at that's why I've averaged it out to let's say between 5 00 and $1,500 a month and I did this using all free traffic and as progress started to improve I started to invest into more paid methods to really start scaling all right so fast forward all the way today in 2023 my most recent payment in December still this month was about 400 That 160 158 and 157 so plus minus $450 for this month so far as you can see it's not something that's going to pay thousands of dollars every single day so I want to keep your expectation as realistic as possible with this but let's get started with step number one in the strategy step number one in the strategy is really simple is to go and find a high income skill that you can go and Outsource or service or Arbitrage to your clients step number two is putting a high convertible sales page or sales pitch or website together that will sell your service automatically and step number three is getting traffic and loyal clients to your service and I'm going to put this in a simple step-by-step process that you can approach at the end of this video on the first platform over here is a website that will give you the 16 best freelanced websites to find work in 2024 which you can choose from Fiverr topel Jubal you can really choose any one of these and you will find on each and every one of these websites there's going to be hundreds of people selling hundreds of different services such as programming and tech building web websites Ecom design landing pages Drop Shipping websites ai chatbots ai agents AI Integrations AI websites Discord chatbots telegram chat Bots all of these services are services that people around the world are willing to offer you at a paid price if you think about this for a second local companies in your local area charge hundreds and thousands of dollars to build a completely done website for you to build a completely done application for you an online store every really single service that is offered over here is a high income skill or service that takes years to Lear and to be able to offer something like this how would you feel if you could come over to fiver pay someone less than $150 to get that same service done pretty much at a fee which is nearly 500% less than what local companies will charge for example I can get a complete done for your website built for 1,500 Grand which which is just less than $100 and there are hundreds of people offering this service now are you starting to put two and two together if you can create a good image and a good business name and offer these types of services to people around the world you don't have to do any of this hard work yourself you can go and create an entire full-blown web design and app design agency and Outsource all of your work through in time you will find the right people on fivr that you will learn to trust and that will do the best quality work for you and your clients the type of markup that you can add on these Services is well over 100% and you will still be less than the competition in your local areas and this is something I've been really doing since high school days I used to go into Facebook Marketplace Craigslist Gumtree ox and I used to promote my web design Services I used to go to people at school teachers that I knew were photographers people that I knew were starting little hustles or business of of their own I would go up to them and I would say would you like a website done I will charge you 2,500 Grand which here in South Africa is dirt cheap to create a website because we know companies both here in the US in India in the UK in Australia charge hundreds to thousands of dollars to get a basic website made I would rack up a list of about five to six clients that have paid me a total of let's say 10,000 Rand or $11,000 I would then come over to and I would just order their website to be done on Fiverr so I'm not doing any of the hard work I would just give them my client email and they would send the work to them so all that I had to do was get the client I didn't have to do any of the hard work myself and I kept well over 60% total profits from all of those sales without spending a single Cent simply because my clients have already paid me for the service so I'm not taking any money out of my own pocket I'm using the money my clients have paid me to order their service so let's continue to The Next Step what recommend when choosing a service is ultimately stick to the programming and Tech Niche and digital marketing Niche graphic design video animation writing and translation is not as high income skill it's not as high in demand and it's also very oversaturated programming and Tech being my number one category on where I've personally made the most return from I see recently they've now added artificial intelligence services such as AI Integrations AI websites you can build your own AI chat Bots you can build your own uh chat gbt applications with and integrate that into your website and you can go and offer these services to people all over the world you just need to know how to reach them I want to show you a quick example of a personal friend that I know has been doing this full-time for many years now their business is called oneup tech.

Z. they offer various different Services if I come over to our services and take a look at what they offer email hosting plans hosting plans for online websit such as a virtual private server or a simple web hosting platform website packages to get your website done and made for you customer management packages which is a customer management uh platform where you can do all of your clients and project management and additional services such as corporate identity building an entire online corporate brand Network infrastructure combo deals hardware and peripherals software Solutions and all sorts they also have a physical shop or online shop where they sell graphics cards laptop printers and all sorts of other product now would you believe me if I told you this business doesn't have any single one of these items in stock they don't have a single employee or a single server to sell every single product or service on this website is completely outsourced to different service providers around the world that do all of the hard work for them and they're making well over 100% markup per sale that they make isn't that a beautiful business model you can go and create an entire online corporate brand just like oneup tech.

Has done without even having a single employee without even doing any of this work yourself all this person does is when they all this person does is when somebody orders a website package design they come over to Fiverr come over to programming and Tech they come over to business websites if it's an online store they will come over to Ecom or Drop Shipping websites they will then choose a develop ER I always look for the people that are top rated or F's Choice with nothing less than 4.9 stars for example we can go and choose this one over here for 1,500 Grand also five's choice we can go and click on continue and you'll see they offer three different packages a basic standard and a premium very similar to this basic standard and a premium it's all outsourced but take a look at the markup on the basic oneup tech.

Zo. Za is making about 150% markup on the standard they're making about 80% markup on the premium they're making about 50% markup and all they do is once they receive the payment from the client they click a few buttons they click on continue click on continue with Google with your account and they order that service once that service is complete it's then delivered to the client and the front end business one up te all they did was create a good brand found a client clicked a few buttons and made while over 100% markup and profit on their sale and that's the beautiful thing about Outsourcing and having an online business model like this because you don't need to do and create and spend hours and days creating these websites for your clients you can use a website like to find the right person to make that for you I want to show you another example of a business doing something similar that gets a lot of the clienti from Instagram so what they've done is they've created a very simple and good looking corporate Instagram page called Web King Africa and all they do is they create simple little graphic design posts on such as Black Friday specials happy Heritage day offering Christmas specials again web design and web hosting and they've got their link to their website in their bio now this is a great idea or a great way for you to get started now imagine how you can scale if you invest1 or $200 into a Black Friday special post where you're only charging let's say $100 for a website design there's going to be tons of sales racking up not only that tons of people following your page because well your pricing is the best you're competitive your job requires hardly any onand work all you have to do is when you get a sale you process that order with your service provider on fiver and they will deliver that product to you or you can instruct them to deliver to your client either way and then you can deliver that to your client you've already received your your payment you've already received your profit so there's nothing left for you to do is to continue being consistent with your traffic model whether that's on Instagram Tik Tok YouTube YouTube Facebook reals there's all sorts of free traffic methods that you can use which is going to lead to the next step in this video I'm going to give you a completely free course here on YouTube that will teach you the high income skill of developing your own landing pages and sales Pages such as this example over here with both free and paid tools a simple drag and drop Boulder how you can integrate your own checkouts how you can integrate your own payment systems and start getting paid online and then step number two I'm also going to give you another completely free course that will teach you all about free and paid traffic and mastering the skill of online marketing and promoting your service both of these courses and playlists will be in the link in the description of this video it's all free videos on YouTube there's no upsell to some crazy $2,000 course everything I teach you is completely for free as I just love talking about these types of topics I love researching all of the different ways that we can make money in online in today's world and in today's error and then ultimately my second YouTube channel is where I trade full-time as that is what my high income skill is is full-time profam trading plus all of these other side houses that I talk about here on my YouTube channel what I suggest is first is leave a like down below make sure you subscribe to this YouTube channel with the red notification Bell on comment down below that you're ready and I will also leave a link on the pin comment to those playlists so make sure you go and click on those two playlists I will actually leave them up here on the top of this video over here go and choose one of these make sure you grind through it and I'll see you over there on the inside

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