The Easiest AI Side Hustle to Make Money Online in 2024

I've spent the last 5 years trying to find the best AI side hle that one can do to make sustainable and a full-time living making money online from the comfort of your own home I've lost hundreds and thousands of dollars in my journey in finding what is possibly the best way to make money with AI in this video I'm going to teach you how I use artificial intelligence to blow up my Instagram Pages I've got proof I'm going to show you one of my small pages and an in Instagram real that has made over $700 in 2 days with less than 9,000 followers lately my Instagram reals have been turning over more Revenue than what my YouTube channel makes purely because I've structured it in such a way that builds an emotional connection with audience and gets them to convert into sales but none of this would be possible without AI in this video I'm going to show you exactly how you can use AI to make $1 to $1,000 a day and this can scale to Beyond limit there's no limit to this I'm going to show you how you can set it up how I use AI to get unlimited content ideas how I take already viral Reals in that specific Niche use this AI tool to replicate and reproduce them in my own unique way associated with my digital product using this has honestly become an Instagram cache machine you can do this on Tik Tok you can do this on Facebook reals and you can do this on YouTube as well there's no limit to the amount of platforms that you can do this on I'm specifically going to be using Instagram in today's video because that is where most of my sales have come from Instagram just tends to generate far more Revenue than the other platforms with this particular strategy so if you want to learn how you can do this make sure to watch this video Until the End you are going to receive from me a free 30 minute funnel building guide on how I plug in my high converting funnels that made me over $200,000 in 2023 and 2024 so far it's 100% free training there's no upsal to some crazy $2,000 course as all of you may know and if you watch my content all of my content is here for free on my YouTube channel step number one is to write down your broad Niche there's many examples pick one and stick with it do not jump do not jump in between other niches pick one and stick with it for example nutrition Finance trading growth content growth there's so many different niches in this example I'm going to use the trading Niche purely because that's the theme of my page it's a field that I'm an expert in it's what I do full-time off of YouTube but again what you can take from that is choose something that you're passionate about choose a niche if you haven't got one already that you already are good at or potentially have interest in or already know a lot of things about step number two is create 20 sub niches based on your primary Niche to go and do that come over to chat gbt and type the following write me 20 sub niches for the trading Niche click on send and it will give you a list of 20 sub niches day trading swing trading Forex Trading options trading Futures Trading stock trading cryptocurrency trading algorithmic trading penny stock trading technical analysis and it's going to give you a beautiful list of all 20 stop niches in your primary niche of trading take one of your topics let's do crypto trading paste it into Google and click on send and I want to show you a powerful tool that Google has that is actually kind of hiding something from you I want to show you a powerful tool that Google hides from all of us I use this all the time to get thousands of views in sales online is this people ask section over here all right not a lot of people look at this very deeply or very deep into it when you Google something on YouTube YouTube is going to prompt you up with a people also ask section and this is based on the analytics of what the majority of people that is searching for the keyword cryptocurrency trading alternative help that they searching for in the specific Niche so these are questions or problems that hundreds of thousands of people around the world is facing and searching for help on or example is trading a crypto a good idea a lot of people have that question right now with the dip in Bitcoin and ethereum people want to know so they're going to go and Google we can go and make content on all of these questions answering them but you need to keep watching because I'm going to show you how to do this in a very strategic way to significantly grow your Instagram and your digital business don't worry I'm going to show you how it's going to convert and get sales and everything this video is super important that you watch it from step one step two step three if you're going to skip through you're going to miss out on a lot of important nitty-gritty steps that you need to pay attention to and it's not going to be difficult to set up a fifth grader can do this here's a cool trick click on these arrows up and down a couple of times okay each and every one just keep clicking them up and down and take a look at how more questions are popping up keep doing this until you get 30 questions there we go now we have a good amount here which coin can make me a millionaire or crypto millionaires real does crypto actually make money can you make money on crypto daily these are all questions coming from the public all over the world how can we capitalize on this we can go and answer these questions in the form of viral Instagram reals and by doing this I've built a $10,000 business every single month just using the simple tool from Google many of you are probably wondering how on Earth that's not real that's not possible once you realize how to strategize the sort of stuff and realize the source that Google is actually giving you and you put it into action with good working strategies you can build a full-time income from this so let's continue to step number four how do we make money from these simple questions the next thing I want you to do is is copy 30 questions from the specific keyword and paste them into a Google spreadsheet and do the same thing for the rest of your sub niches sculping let's use sculping sculping trading sculping trading and repeat click on these arrows till you get 30 questions Okay click on them randomly how to sculpt the one minute chart why is sculping so difficult which account is best for sculping again copy 30 questions and paste them into a spreadsheet and do this for each and every one of your sub niches by the time you've done this you have content ideas you will have if I calculated it correctly just over 370 video ideas a video a day for a year by using Google simple people ask tool you have content for over a year now let's put all of this into action come over to Instagram and go and create a trading or your Niche theme page again I'm going to be using trading as the example for this particular Niche the supplies for anything and for anybody that wants to make content before we dive into the juicy stuff of how to go and turn these questions into viral content we need to structure The Branding of our page correctly to go and create a logo you can use canva or free business name generator and Logo generator for example if I come over to namelix and I search up trading again just type in your Niche click on generate click on auto click on next click on medium click on next and click on generate in one two 3 four 5 seconds it's going to give you trading names for your Niche page with a logo for example exq trade stack trades virtue trades if you're in the trading n just use your name j trades James trades very easy to put a name together will give you a nice idea you can come over to Instagram upload your picture and upload your name what I want you to do is for your username short sweet simple make sure it's easy to spell easy to say and easy to remember make make your name your name of your page and then your Niche or a little bit of a keyword in your Niche for me I've got disciplined trading tips so that when people are scrolling on the for you page instead of just seeing mm funded they will see mm funded discipline trading tips so they know my page has got to do with trading tips which gives them a call to action to click on your page and follow you because your content is automatically going to be pushed to people interested in trading secondly your bio first line State what you do state who you help State your goal I help Traders create consistent payouts I help landlords scale to six figure property businesses secondly more of a slogan transform Traders discipline through profitability third line State a bit of your testimonial I created 250 funder traders in 2024 so far fourth line a call to action to your paid product simple sweet like that I want you to leave it like this so quickly before we dive into again very important that you continue to watch the next part and learn how to turn this into viral content to make this work just want to show you an example of one of mine a very common question that I saw on Google using the same tool was how long does it become or how long does it take to become a profitable Trader so I found a real on Instagram that made a post almost identical to mine so I went turn into Instagram scrolled through my reals page having a look for trending Reals in my Niche and I found one all I did was I recorded my own background video I'm going to show you how easy it is and I made my own text and I literally copied it from that Viral reel answering the question of how long does it take to become a profitable Trader I gave myself one month to figure out trading it took me 3 years plus but I did it here's the five key lessons I learned as a beginner then in my caption over here this call to action here Master prop firm trading guide to gain access to six figures of funding coming course for my free proper mastery guide take a look at how many people commented course I think there's just over 200 comments and out of this this Instagram reel generated $700 so far literally by using Ai and answering questions on Google in a form of a viral inst gr real this is how you do it come over to the reals page on the left hand side if you're on your phone click on the reals feed so let's have a look if we can find a way to use influence or ride this real that is doing well so firstly I can see he's got 4,600 likes if I click on his page he's got 274k followers so this isn't really a real that's getting pushed because he averages those amount of views so this is not one I'm going to use because it's not getting super viral what counts as viral is perhaps an Instagram page with 2 or 3,000 followers but they've got 100 or 200,000 views on that real that means that is a real that's getting pushed that's what we want to piggyback and find to find that's easy keep scrolling through let's have a look at this real here 15,000 likes I want to see how many followers they have 69,000 followers 950k views that's a viral reel we can click on this we can now ride this trend and what I'm about to teach you has been lifechanging for tons of students that I've mentored on how to create online businesses through their content firstly to go and piggyback this real and to use this trend to push your video to go viral we need to incorporate these questions very strategically into how this real is structured to trigger the algorithm let's click on the sound of this real okay I know the sound so what we can do is copy the link to this real or this audio and come over to Google and search Instagram audio download so let's first download the audio the viral audio just click on the first link paste this audio over here click on download video and it will download this real with its audio to your PC once you've downloaded the audio of this viral reel let's go and construct this reel and put it all together come over to and go and search up real click on Instagram real go and click on create a blank new template and there are three elements that we need to create or specifically piggyback this real our text our audio which we've already downloaded and the background video which needs to be a second and a half I used my phone to take a simple for second clip of a trade on my screen now when it comes to your Boll content you can get really autistic with it you can either use AI generated content stock video footage on over here if you click on videos again we're in the trading Niche so we can just go and type trading or trading charts and we can use all sorts of different stock video footage on this website I'm going to use my own because it's really easy to go and make your own it also makes your content really unique so once you've got your background video again it just needs to be a couple of seconds long we can click on upload click on video videos click on upload files go and drag this open that it's now full screen on your canvas click on audio click on upload files and go and upload the same viral audio that we just saved from that Instagram reel click on it and it will add to your video playlist that looks like this so we're going to make this real 4 seconds long and we want to go and type the following text realizing I can pass prop pH challenges with ease after I move to my higher time frame strategy add another piece of of text and type the following steal my strategy by commenting go so what this is going to do is it's going to create a ton of engagement on your Instagram post so I'm just quickly going to add an effect on this text with the artline make this thick and make this black in color so that it looks like this okay and then we can make the text color green perfect and this is what your real now looks like just like that and as you can see how similar it is and what we're doing is we replicating the style of this already viral reel and the algorithm is going to pick this up and I've tested this time and time again and I've had on my main page and my trading theme page reals take off completely skyrocketing my sales of that particular reel so now that this is done click on share and click on download the next step is to come over to Instagram and go and post this on Instagram before you click post you need to set up a digital product to go and sell on your page now what I'm going to do is I'm going to leave a full tutorial on the screen over here that's going to go far more in depth it's kind of like a part two of this video that will teach you how to set up Instagram automation so when people comment go on your post my keyword was course your page will automatically DM them with the link to this paid digital product in into your funnel and this video on the screen over here is going to teach you exactly how to set up this funnel and how to set up Instagram Automation and how to set up your digital product so make sure to go and watch this video over here to continue on to this now that you know the foundation of how I acquire sales on a daily basis incorporating viral Instagram real Trends into my own content to get my own content pushed click on this video on the screen over here and I'll see you in part two

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