They Make $5,000 Per Month Posting Sidemen Among Us Videos On Tik Tok (Copy This)

this Tik Tok page is uploading repurposed videos of siden Among Us and if I had to calculate based on their views they earning anywhere between $50 and $300 a month extra through the Tik Tok Creator program another page that is also doing this getting hundreds of thousands and millions of views using content on YouTube that's not even their own and if I click on this link in their bio it takes me to a landing page where they're selling a Tik Tok course for $249 even if 10 people out of these 100 of thousands of views that they're getting multiply by $249 they could be making well over $25 a day by simply using artificial intelligence to repurpose existing YouTube trends in the scenario the Sid man among us series I even enjoy watching the sideman videos and when I was scrolling on Tik Tok I came across one of their Among Us videos it was about 30 seconds long and I thought to myself let me go and click on this profile and have a look if this is the actual sidan page or if this is somebody playing it smart repurposing their videos and I noticed there's about 10 of these different pages probably even more if you searched well enough and these pages are getting anywhere between minimum 30,000 views and I've seen one or two videos while over 2 million views per video this page over here which only started uploading 3 months ago on the 15th of December got over 3.8 million views on their first video which is absolutely crazy there is no other opportunity on social media to post your first video and hit over 3.8 million hits of the first day of posting in today's video I'm going to show you how you can repurpose sidan Among Us videos to make money online through the perfect example of selling a Tik Tok Mastery course monetizing that through your videos and through the link in your bio or simply just relying on the Tik Tok creativity program in my opinion you do need to use more than just the Tik Tok creativity program purely because the Tik Tok creativity program doesn't pay a lot of money on average it will pay anywhere between 50 and $1 per 10,000 views what's going on awesome people of YouTube my name is Jay I'm a full-time online entrepreneur and prop firm Trader documenting my video on my YouTube channel on various ways that I use to make money online in today's video I'm going to show you how you can make a full-time income repurposing sidan Among Us videos on short video platforms and remember you're not limited to just Tik Tok you can use YouTube short you could create a sidan highlights page you can use Facebook reels you can also use Instagram reals to four times your traffic across all different platforms come over to YouTube and go and search sidan Among Us you'll see their entire playlist over here if I click on this of well over 70 videos which each of them are anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour long of them gaming there is really unlimited content ideas from this because remember they're still going to be posting sidan Among Us videos once every month and you don't even have to stick to sideman Among Us if you eventually find that you're running out of ideas in the next year or so from now you can use other YouTube channels and just continue YouTube highlights from other different series that perhaps the sidan creates let's come over to one of the most recent videos sidan among us but the Imposter can use AI all we need to go and do is is right click on this video copy the link addressed and the rest is going to be taken care of by artificial intelligence a tool that I've most recently spoken about on my YouTube channel called video.

A and the best part is they have a 60 Minute per month completely free plan which will be more than enough for at least 10 to 20 Tik toks which is really perfect you don't have to enter your credit card you can immediately sign in to this free account click on get started over here again completely free it will take you to your dashboard that looks like this and this is a tool that is automatically going to snippet the best highlights from this longer form video and turn this into a Tik Tok video click on new project paste the YouTu YouTube link from YouTube to the Among Us video click on import and in about 5 to 10 minutes this tool is going to process anywhere between 5 and up to 60 ready and done for your Tik Tok videos click on generate Clips if you're new to video.

They might ask you a couple of questions you can just answer honestly I'm going to say Video Creator click on next where did you hear about us YouTube next how frequently do you edit videos in a month occasionally and we can save for the next one uh audience engagement click on next and how much do you spend on editing monthly zero I edit all my videos myself and in about a couple of minutes you'll see over here processing this video usually it takes anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes when that's done I'll see you back over 34 Tik Tok videos have now been created of this long format video click on your new processed video on the left hand side over 34 shorts have now been created for you to use on Tik Tok if I click on play Josh he's moving extremely you can see over here it's automatically been edited in the right portrait format suspectedly let's go on camera I didn't see alen in medbay so I reckon this entire video has now been edited for you with captions the right portrait format and in full 1080p HD and you can go and download all of these or any of these by simply clicking on the download button on the bottom right hand side of your web page over here and you now have 34 Clips or 34 pieces of content for the next 34 days for your Tik Tok page which you can also go and post on YouTube shorts creating a sideman highlights Channel you can also go and post on Facebook reals Instagram reals and follow through the whole brand of sidan highlights or sidan among us through your social media pages and these pages that are not only using siden among us but there are many pages out there repurposing different sorts of content from different creat creators and making thousands of dollars every single month online with such an easy and off-hand strategy now my number one way that I recommend you use to monetize and make money off this page from day one without even hitting the requirements for the Tik Tok creative program is affiliate marketing I found a tailor made affiliate product for you to promote using the strategy called the Tik Tok shop affiliate amplifier this entire course is a full mentorship that will teach you how to go from Zero to Hero as a full Tik Tok content creator the different ways on how you can create viral content how to grow your Tik Tok followings how to collaborate with Brands how to scale your affiliate income how to choose profitable products to promote and how to sign up as a Tik Tok shop affiliate the necessary tools that you need to succeed and make money on Tik Tok and this specific course on udemy is allowing you to become an affiliate for this specific course you can come over to Google go and search udemy affiliate program click on enter go and click on become an affiliate on the top side click on join now you can sign up as an affiliate to through any one of these links on this website once you've done that you'll be able to add this course on your UD dashboard to become an affiliate 4 and you will get your affiliate link that looks similar to this except your username will be up top here and every time somebody purchases this course through your Tik Tok page you're going to get a commission of anywhere between 20 and 30% post sale all you simply need to go and do to succeed at this is to post consistently and there's no excuse to not to AI video.

A has created all of these videos for you without you having to spend a single second trying to edit or record any of these videos so you actually have the easy way out with this in fact I should not even be teaching you this because I'm teaching you to be lazy but ultimately we all value time and we want something that takes makes as little as time as possible well from today's video you've now got that so put this into action you're welcome to send me your results in the next month or two on my Instagram and I will be more than happy to share your results and also promote your page very excited for you guys to go and try this now if you guys want to go and learn how you can become a full-time content creator not only through affiliate marketing through funnel creation lead generation creating the right type of content with the right hooks the right viral videos the right formats in how you should create your content I'm going to give you an entire free course right here on YouTube with no cost at all there's going to be no sign up to some crazy $797 course all of my content is here for free on YouTube so I'm going to put two courses or playlists up here on the screen one is called my artificial intelligence 2024 playlist the other is called how to make money on Tik Tok in 2024 and this doesn't only apply on Tik Tok it applies on all social media platforms so I recommend if you really want to scale at this once you've started posting your videos go and click on one of these playlists over here if you can't watch it now save the videos to your watch later and I'll see you over there on the inside

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