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this Tik Tok page right here has been uploading hacks for all AI Tik tokers out there he has the chance to put all AI Tik talkers out of business but what you don't understand is how simple it is to make these videos all this guy is using is canva.com and chat gbt and is making thousands of dollars every single day through the Tik Tok creativity program I'm surprised that this is the first time that I've come across a page like this I'm really shocked that hardly any people are doing this hence why I quick jumped into this did some research and I formulated this YouTube video today to let you guys know about it these guys are making thousands of dollars through who knows what ad Revenue affiliate commissions Tik Tok growth courses we don't know but we're going to dive into that in today's video and all they doing is they're coming over to canva creating a simple quiz for their Tik Tok videos that they posting onto Tik Tok they come to chat gbt ask for simple ABCD quiz question examples and use hundreds of ideas that chbt is just feeding them load these questions into ca.com and are posting them on their Tik Tok pages in the form of a trivia theme page now why these guys are getting so many views and have grown so quickly these videos are asking the audience to answer the question on what they think is right in their trivia answer so what do you think is going to happen tons of people are going to go into the comments and comment their answer what does that do the Tik Tok algorithm picks up that these videos are getting a t of Engagement naturally pushing their video out there to more and more people and it becomes this giant snowball and ripple effect on virality happening over and over and they earning thousands of dollars through the Tik Tok creativity program as well as hundreds of dollars through different affiliate programs that they promote and remember this is a type of business that you can run remote anywhere in the world purely because there's billions of users on Tik Tok so essentially this type of content has the potential to go super viral very quickly and honestly I wouldn't believe this if I did not see this with my own eyes so if you guys are interested in learning how you can do this how you can create your own trivia question theme page on Tik Tok and not only Tik Tok Facebook reals Instagram reals YouTube shorts start monetizing that through YouTube ad revenue and various different affiliate programs or merch and get a ton of engagement on your videos I've got the video for you today make sure to stick around I'm going to break this video down in a step-by-step tutorial so without further Ado let's get started the first step that you need to do is come over to trivia time HQ on Tik Tok and have a look at the type of Tik toks that they're creating the first video that I ever came across on my Tik Tok for you page was this top video over here that got over 20 million hits and it simply is a basic trivia question what is the longest river in the world the Nile Amazon or Mississippi and what I noticed was under the comment section you can see over here tons of people answering their questions Amazon Amazon Amazon again Amazon again thousands of people are posting their answer in the comments which plays a big role in this video getting pushed on the for you page on Tik Tok and the same thing will replicate itself on YouTube shorts on Tik Tok on Instagram on Facebook reals because all the algorithms major metrics consist of watch time and engagement when I first found this I even commented myself the answer and engage with this video because it seems so simple and so friendly and then I thought to myself let me dive deeper into this I clicked on their page I had a look at their videos and I thought to myself wow this page is getting millions and hundreds of thousands of views just posting simple daily trivia questions like this so I thought how come I've never even seen a Tik Tok page like this before why aren't other people doing this I took the time to scroll all the way down to the bottom of their page to find their first ever upload to my surprise to find that it didn't actually take me very long at all indeed it was this video over here that hit 90,000 views and was posted towards the end of 2023 on the 19th of September 20123 so this page has only been posting for plus minus 6 months now and they already close to 800,000 total followers and a total like count of 9.8 million likes so that's telling me this page has gotten well over 100 million views so far in just 6 months imagine being able to reach 100 million people in just 6 months it's because they've developed such a great way of naturally getting people to interact with your content playing a big role in this fast success of this page also to mention the second ever video that they posted the same day as their first video hits over 3.3 million views and over 700 comments and 193,000 likes and this is when I realized I've stepped across something really really powerful with a great opportunity the fact that it is now possible to create a Tik Tok account and hit 3 million views on your second video ever which means there is a huge demand for this type of content the crazy thing is the amount of money that you can earn on a 100 million views plus total overall on a Tik Tok account is staggering purely because of the Tik Tok creativity program Tik Tok pays 10 times the ad rates for Tik Tok videos that are over a minute long any video that's less than 60 seconds will earn substantially less than the longer form videos on average the Tik Tok Creator program pays anywhere between 50 cents and $1 per th000 views the ad program has now significantly increased the amount of money that content creators can earn per th000 views do you want to see something crazy to my surprise trivia time HQ has made each and every one of their videos longer than a minute long take a look at this one over here that got 100,000 views to my surprise over a minute long and they are purposely doing this to Skyrocket their ad revenue on the Tik Tok creativity program I took the total amount of views that they've accumulated over all of their videos so far to a total of about 50 million views divide this by 1,000 multiply this by 50 Cents or 50 cents will give you more or less what they've earned of the Tik Tok creativity program so far totaling to plus minus anywhere between $1 15 and $20,000 keep in mind this is over a period of 6 months divide this by six works out to be about $4,100 every single month for simply creating trivia based question videos on canva.com and posting them onto Tik Tok and this excludes all of their affiliate commissions merchandise that they sell and any other product or service or monetization offer that they have to monetize their content which works out to over $138 every single day that they've earned so far the only requirement to become a part of the Tik Tok creativity program is to have 10,000 followers and to our surprise trivia HQ has done that in the first day of being on Tik Tok maybe I'm being a bit biased to this page over here well I did some research and found other pages that has reached this requirement in just days another page called the cheetah trivia tribe that is only 4 months old has already reached 220,000 followers creating the same type of content and reached the requirements for the Tik Tok creativity program in their first week of posting now as we all know the Tik Tok creativity program is only available in certain countries most creators that are in the United States and United Kingdom are safe to use the Tik Tok Creator program unlike me where I'm from South Africa the Tik Tok creativity program is not supported in my country yet so therefore I'm going to show you one of two Alternatives that you can use to also monetize your Tik Tok page and that is from one of my good old friends and websites clickbank.com how to earn money from affiliate commissions clickbank.com is the number one affiliate Marketplace and database in the world where we can find hundreds of different products in hundreds of different niches to go and promote as an affiliate where we can earn up to 80% per every sale that we get through our affiliate link and it's really easy to sign up to this website you can come over to start here into your information and log in with your account I'm already going to log in with my existing account and show you around some of the products and give you one or two ideas that you can use for your trivia theme page for those those of you that don't know what affiliate marketing is well over here on my screen I've just created this quiz themed template for a Tik Tok video on canva.com cana's affiliate program or referral program will allow you to share members to cana.com and they will commission or compensate you every time you refer Somebody To canva You can simply search on Google the canva referral program click on the first link and you'll see over here there's a button where we can click on get more information and apply here right now applications are closed until the 28th of March until the 28th of March they will reopen their affiliate program at the moment there's maintenance on the back end on their side so we'll just have to be patient about that but there are hundreds of different other affiliate programs that we can use for our Tik Tok page and one of the most popular products that a lot of AI content creators promote is the product that offers you to get paid to use Facebook Twitter and YouTube now this is a opportunity where different people around the world can get paid money online to use social media now every time you refer someone to this you will get paid a Comm of $17.23 so you can simply go and click on promote of this product enter your account name go and click on create hop link and over here you will have your unique affiliate link that you are now ready to go and share in the buyer of your Tik Tok profile let's get started with step number three how to go and create these quiz type videos firstly we need to go and get our quizzes and our ideas of questions that we need to ask in our videos we can simply come over to chat gbt and if you're on the free version of chat gbt it is more than fine and gives you an abundance of different questions that you can use all you want to go and do is is ask chat gbt give me ABCD quiz questions click on send chat gbt will start to write out tens of different examples that you can use in your videos number one which is the following primary color red green orange or purple what is the capital city of France Berlin Rome Paris or Madrid who painted the famous artwork Mona Lisa Vincent fangar Leonardo D viny Pablo Picasso which of the following is not a mammal a dolphin crocodile cat or elephant and really interesting General Knowledge Questions and if you want more just go and type give me 10 more and it will type you out another 10 you can type out again give me 10 more and again and again and again and you will be able to get video ideas from chat gbt for the next years worth of content now it's time for us to go and put these quizzes into an actual video the easiest place to go and do that is to come over to ca.com which is the number one graphic design website on the internet currently over 100 million users use this platform worldwide and the best part is they have a completely free plan if you go and click on the Instagram story option over here where we can go and create a blank template we want to use this option because of the resolution size 1080x 1920 this is the portrait format or the portrait resolution required for HD Tik Tok videos click on this it will open up a blank page in a new document mine is just fulfilled with the quiz option so I will remove that and it will look something along these lines under the design button on the top left hand side of canva go and search quiz in the search bar and you will see various different quiz options that we can load onto our template take a look at this one over here simple smm or we can change this to trivia quiz I also really like this option over here so we can simply go and remove this title over here and go and type trivia quiz come over to chat gbt copy our question paste this in the question section if the text is too wide you can just shrink the text slightly under option number one or a fe option number two is AG PB and Au all right you can put your Tik Tok username here for example trivia master class or whatever you want to call your page from there I recommend go and theme this page into the theme of chemical and science so for example if we're using who painted the famous artwork the story night you want to theme this page in the form of artwork so we can go and delete the background of this quiz we can come over to elements go and search chemical science click on answer and over here we'll see a nice science video that we can stretch out full to portrait mode censorize the subject of the picture click on position and send it towards the back so that your page will look something like this now we just need to add our AI voice over that will read the question for our audience on Tik Tok and I'm going to show you something really cool I'm going to give you guys something completely for free how you can get the exact same voice over that all of the other Tik Tok pages that are doing this exactly on your own videos on the left hand side click on apps in the search bar type on a AI voice over click on search click on the blue icon that says voice over click on open and simply come over to chat gbt and just copy the question that we've also asked on our quiz page paste this over here and I recommend use the Deep mail voice from the speaker you don't have to you don't have to select Adam you can go through all of these and choose one that you like my favorite is Adam the Deep mail voice and and simply click on generate audio you can go and drag this voice over anywhere you like within this video and every time you want to create a new Tik Tok video you can simply come over to chat gbt we can go and search or use the question of what is the capital city of Australia we can go and paste this in the center of our question copy our questions a would be Sydney B would be Melbourne C would be canbera and D would be Brisbane once that's copied we can simply come back to our elements tab going and search Australia click on search and we can go and use this photo of this kangaroo making our video look relative to Australia or an Australian theme we can zoom this in ceriz the subject of the photo being the kangaroo position this all the way to the back we can actually even remove these unnecessary colorful photos so I can delete these question marks keeping it as simple as possible we can increase the size of this a bit and also censorize that come back to apps click on voice over and go and type you what is the capital city of Australia click on Adam click on your speaker click on generate audio and just like that we have our Tik Tok video with our voice over the last and final step is to make this video longer than 1 minute to maximize your earnings with the Tik Tok creativity program simply right click on the bottom part of your video over here click on duplicate page and you need to go and do this for a total of 12 times because each video is a total of 5 Seconds so therefore 5 * 12 is 60 seconds being 1 minute so we can duplicate this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and you'll see on the top right hand side this video is now 1 minute long we can click on share click on download make sure we've selected MP4 video in HD 1080p once we click on download this video will now save to our device ready to go and post on Tik Tok if you guys want to go and learn a much more thorough in-depth full Tik Tok monetization course where you can monetize Tik Tok through four different ways and also how to go and master the use of artificial intelligence and content creation I'm going to leave two of my best playlists on YouTube these playlists consist of my best videos that I've uploaded in the past year as you all know all of my content is completely for free on YouTube all I would appreciate is leave a like down below and make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for more content like this but without further Ado guys have an amazing day choose one of these playlists over here and I'll see you inside of there

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