Watch Google Ads: Earn $0.57 Every 35 Seconds

you know those unskippable ads that you constantly see on YouTube when you click on a video well this whole morning I've been watching a couple of ads for 57 cents 62 cents 30 cents 54 cents another 46 cents and I've made 10 bucks this morning in today's video I'm going to show you how you can make money online watching the adverts that we see anyway on YouTube of this one simple platform and I'm going to show you a second trick that I've been using to actually refer people to this and make money off the referrals and affiliate program at the same time just to show you that I have indeed made $10 on this platform I'll reload my dashboard to show you that this is currently in my balance all you need to do is is click on the withdrawal button over here and you can see all the various different ways that they pay out via Paypal scroll paye Western Union Google gift cards if you guys want to get access to this website I will leave a link Down Below in the description to a text file that will give you all the necessary steps and links to sign up to this platform once you've done that the first thing you need to do is click on sign up on this website called you need to enter your full name email address password your date of birth complete this capture and you will successfully sign up completely for free and you will see on your dashboard there is multiple ads available for you to watch that will pay anywhere between 40 cents and 60 us cents as you can see these ads vary most of the time between 20 and 35 seconds long once you complete this ad this balance will then add to your overall total balance before I continue to show you my additional method that I use to invite people from Facebook groups to also make money watching ads and making money off of those referrals I have a very awesome announcement for you guys something really epic that I've been working on for the past 3 months I've been creating what I call the sixf figure tuber program and this is going to be an entire Zero to Hero content creation online business course that will teach you how to build successful online businesses with the power of content creation faceless YouTube channels and also traditional branded YouTube channels with your own personal brand right now I'm about 30% done through the course this course is going to include over $500 worth of freebies premium Photoshop thumbnail templates done for your YouTube channel branding done for your video scripts in various different niches and awesome tricks on how you can piggyback viral Trends on YouTube to get views and subscribers very early on in your content creation Journey I've also included an entire speak clearly confidently and fluently on camera English literature course section that will teach you especially if you're not English home language or if you are a struggling English speaker or if English is not necessarily your home language to teach you how to speak clearly removing words such as Ms and rs in your sentences to look confident and fluent on camera I'm going to cover all sorts of important topics required to run a successful online business in 2024 and going further into 2025 and Beyond I'm going to teach you how you can find super high converting affiliate products and offers how you can create your own digital products and my tips and tricks that I use to increase my sales online I've then got a section dedicated to content quality and gear the best cameras the best phones the best cheap microphones and the more expensive microphones that I will recommend and that I use to increase the quality of my content then there is a full funnel building section that will teach you tools that you need to create your funnel full funnel creation course email campaigns tutorials done for you email swipes I've even created a done for you funnel campaign that I'm going to give to you in this program how you can create your own membership areas upsells downsells and connect your own check outs to start getting paid then I'm going to teach you an entire section where you how you can grow your YouTube and short video platforms the types of videos to post replicating successful videos titles tags description optimization creating good thumbnails how to find videos that will go viral my updated viral video strategy two elements that makes a video go viral how to get subscribers quickly and early and I'm going to show you a trick that I used to get my first 100 subscribers in my first day of doing YouTube back in 2019 and how you can still do that today creating the perfect short videos that goes hand inand with your long form YouTube content my Instagram automation strategy understanding the algorithm of social media creating faceless videos and growing your Channel with YouTube ads Instagram boosts Tik Tok boosts and Facebook ads I've put tons of effort and value into this course and this course will definitely be expected to Launch launch within the next 2 weeks if you guys are Keen to get Early Access make sure to DM me on Instagram I will leave a link in the description and then I will save you a spot for when this launches without further Ado let's continue with today's video so let's go over watching one of these ads sometimes you will see these this website has a couple of ads you can just put in an ad blocker so you'll see when I click it opens up a random ad you can head over to Google Chrome and look for an ad blocker extension you need to click on complete ad and over here you just need to let it load up on the top right hand side you can see it says please wait 35 seconds all you need to do is let that 35 seconds run out and you will see that 57 cents will be added to my balance just like it will be added to your balance it will take me to my dashboard and as easy as that I have now earned $105 I'll reload this again just to show you that it is truly refreshed and just like that by simply watching an ad I've now earned 57 cents and there's tons of other ads that will be added to your account over here where again you can earn 30 Cent 46 cents 62 cents and what you can also do is to get your $10 bonus added to your account every time you can come over to Google and go and search temp email address generator click on the first link over here at T and over here you can create a new temporary email address or it will generate one for you where you can also see your inbox over here and then all you can go and do is you can go and copy this email over here just click on the copy to clipboard come back over to sign out and create a new account with that new email to receive your $10 balance again to that new account and you can create as many accounts as you want to there's no limit to this but I want to show you a second way that I've been using to also make money with this is if you click on invites earnings over here you will see you have your unique referral link every time you refer somebody through your link you're going to earn $1 for that sign up and you will also earn a commission from the ads that they watch so what you can do is you can copy your affiliate link over here come over to we can go and search up affiliate marketing groups so let's just search affiliate marketing groups just like this click on groups on the left hand side and you can go and join all of these groups ideally we want to look for those groups that are active and have a lot of members so for example this group over here affiliate marketing for beginners learn how to make money online has 240,000 members with 10 people posting a day so that's the type of group that we're looking for we want to find a group where there's a lot of members and the MERS are also active as obviously we don't want to promote this in a group that's dead and what we can go and do is we can click on write something over here we can come back to our Account dashboard at account or the Account dashboard on the left hand side of cash FB click on Windows key shift s on your PC and you can go and screenshot your dashboard just like this come over to the affiliate marketing group click on contrl V and it will then paste this photo over here and we can go and type the following a template as simple as this I earned $105 from this free site this morning by just watching 35c ads it's totally free just comment how below and I'll send you the details take note of my call to action telling the members to comment down below the word how and I do this purposely because how Facebook groups work is the posts that get the most engagement are bumped up to the top where everybody starts to see your post and getting you more affiliate commissions so instead of just pasting your link in this post you want to avoid that completely rather mention comment down below any key phrase whether that's how or ads or contact me it can be anything and when people comment on your post click on their profile and DM them the details here is the link this is how you sign up you will get your $10 bonus let me know once it's added to your dashboard and that way you are going to get a substantial amount of extra engagement on your posts bumping up your posts to the top of these groups you can also mention instead of just comment leave a like and just comment how below and I'll send you the details as simple as that and you can go and click on post what you can also do is come over to cash F's home website click on live payments on the top right hand side of the menu bar and you will see screenshots over here of people getting payouts and what you can do is you can screenshot the same pictures over here come over to your Facebook message and paste this as an image as well if you guys want to learn how I run my full-time five and six figure online businesses selling High income skills around around the world without even doing any of the work myself this is a method what I call service Arbitrage or drop servicing I will leave a full 50-minute course video on the screen over here that will teach you guys how I connect highquality services from to my own funnel pages and from there run ads all over the world to constantly get sales every single day make sure to click on this video on the screen over here and I'll see you guys on the inside

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