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using this free AI listening tool to conduct market research customer research and product research and finding what people are searching on the internet all over the world to make well over $20 a day one or two days has blown up to over $150 which is really fantastic so there are going to be some days that will bring in some great sales there are going to be some days that is a bit slower than others but the Fantastic thing about this entire strategy is it's completely free to do it's really easy to do and this tool is very powerful not only in the sense to make money online from but you can learn a lot about what people are searching up all over the world in terms of problems that they searching for whether that be health and fitness problems how to lose weight how to gain weight how to find the right diet how to hit a tennis ball correctly how to correct your golf swing it can be questions all over the world and this tool will conduct research on that and give you topic ideas based on what the most searches people are making to ultimately blow up your videos and blow up your content giving you great metad DOA and great titles and thumbnails and ideas for your content but don't worry in this video I'm going to teach you how you can do this without creating any of your own content how to plug in done for your affiliate products to monetize your type of content and ultimately how to build a fantastic side hustle and work from home business doing this or if you want to you can approach this fulltime this tool is really going to allow you to get as many sales and as many conversions as possible which in reality is the dream that any online entrepreneur or affiliate marketer once for those of you that have been watching my channel for quite some time you would know that I document my journey on my YouTube channel on various ways that I use to make money online my second channel right down below in the description is my free mentorship trading community and channel where I post my free webinars and free courses off of YouTube I'm a full-time prop firm Trader but I document that Journey separately on my separate channel in today's video I'm going to try drop as much as value for you guys so I recommend watch each and every step of this video because I'm going to break this down in the most most simplest step-by-step process as possible without further Ado guys let's hop into my PC and smash it with today's video If you want to get a personal message a notification from me every time I upload my latest course and way that I use to make money online here on YouTube make sure you subscribe down below to this YouTube channel with the red notification Bell on so that you don't miss any of my latest videos as promised in my previous video where I hosted a $50 PayPal giveaway I will then announce the winner in today's video the instructions were post your favorite quotes or comment in my latest video on my second Channel and this was the random generated winner from this video so well done to you make sure to send me a DM on Instagram my link to my Instagram is down below in the description send me a screenshot of your YouTube channel that you use to make the comment with just so that I can verify your channel is the same as the one that you commented with just to verify that you are indeed the real person all righty guys so we are now inside of my PC but before we get started I've got a really cool challenge for you guys if we can get this video to 500 likes by the end of today in the next 12 hours I will do a $100 giveaway in the next video so let's push for that let's see if we can get that and then I will announce the instructions only if we achieve the 500 likes by the end of today I'll announce how you can take part in this giveaway in the next video but let's get started with step number one the Fantastic thing about this tool is it will allow you to discover some of the hottest topics around the world on YouTube beinging Google and many other search engines that are out there so what I really like about this tool is if you enter a certain topic a certain keyword if you even enter a certain product or brand name this tool will automatically generate title ideas or video title ideas or Google ranking title ideas for your websites to go and use to title your videos to rank on the top pages of these platforms to rank on the top page of YouTube Google and Bing which is ultimately where the millions and millions of traffic land on YouTube is on that first homepage after they make a search so let's think of the top of our heads let's use a topic that is busy training at the moment I'm going to use the whole artificial intelligence thing that is really trending around the world AI videos AI content AI Drop Shipping this AI topic is really blowing up in terms of people searching how they can use it so if we can ultimately find a way to get ourselves rolling in this viral and highly searched Topic at the moment we can open up many doors for ourselves to start creating our own brand creating our own affiliate agency many different doors can open for us so let's go and use the topic of YouTube ai go and click on your country go and search I recommend United States or one of the biggest countries around the world or I'm sure you can select pretty sure they allow it worldwide okay I don't see they have it as an option but I'm going just going to use United States for the example click on YouTube and go and click on search once you've made the search you'll see over here there's over 439 results this website will then print a whe generated graph which will give you different questions starting from will are can how what when where which and who generating the most search questions that is that people are searching on YouTube and Google well in this specific example YouTube because be selected YouTube all right so for example YouTube will YouTube use AI is YouTube AI can an AI YouTube channel be monetized do AI YouTube channels make money will YouTube monetize AI voice channels what is a AI YouTube channel YouTube on AI what is AI on YouTube how to make money using YouTube AI how to create a YouTube AI video how to make YouTube AI shorts how to make a YouTube AI video what is an AI YouTube channel can YouTube detect AI generated content can YouTube monetize AI voice channels can AI YouTube channels be monetized YouTube on AI so it gives you a bunch of different questions that is busy ranking on the the top pages of YouTube at the moment and this is what the majority of people around the world who are searching for Content or Solutions on how they can start YouTube Ai and automation this is these specific keywords on the back end of those search bars combined into one simple graph for us to see and we can exploit this to make money from this step number two is to go and find a product that really fits perfectly into this Niche and I've just got the perfect idea and I'm going to show you and give you this product which is a tool that will help you rank on the top pages of Google and YouTube in three simple clicks this tool that you're seeing on the screen over here is a tool that all it takes is three clicks to rank your video on the top pages of Google and YouTube now all you need to go and do is is click on the keywords tab over here and I'm going to show you in a few minutes how you can get this tool yourself I'm going to give you the exact file so that you can go and start selling this tool using the strategy that I'm going to show you so also giving you this tool completely for free whether you want to use it yourself or whether you want to use the affiliate strategy that I'm giving you in today's video and the Fantastic thing is is that you're going to keep 100% of the affiliate commissions so under your main keyword you want to go and search YouTube AI click on Research keyword in about 5 minutes or so this tool will generate done for you in Thoroughly researched keywords that is busy ranking on Google and YouTube at the moment so for example if I go from top to bottom YouTube AI Tools YouTube AI automation how to make money with YouTube AI YouTube automation for beginners and it gives you all of these tags and recommended tags with their rank on YouTube and their search results so you'll see over here at the moment the most viewed keywords getting more than a million views will be ranking higher on YouTube or that are ranking higher on YouTube Simply means that these keywords have a lot of searches but there's also a lot of competition meaning there's a lot of people making videos using these specific keywords so what you really want to go and look for is keyword that are getting more than a million search results but are still in the top 30 searches meaning a keyword such as YouTube thumbnail AI gets a rank of 24 on YouTube but he's getting more than a million Searchers this means there's high demand for this type of topic but there's very little competition and if I scroll down some more you'll see over here AI for YouTube less top 10 rank but more more than a million Searchers so even less competitors less Supply but a lot of demand for the specific keyword and these are the specific keywords that you want to go and find so for example another one over here canva videos is ranking on the top 10 but he getting more than a million views let's for the purpose of today's video go and use this keyword over here the YouTube title generator AI we can go and right click or select this keyword click on the video details tab click on the YouTube AI keyword and take a look at this it will generate you done for you titles done for you tags and a done for you description already optimized to rank on YouTube in the top 20 for this specific keyword now all you need to go and do is is copy and paste this text into your video when you upload that on YouTube now I'm going to show you in part two of this video how you can go and make this YouTube video without recording your own content without having to do any editing and using AI or other people's content which you have the right to do legally taking all of that on hands work away allowing you to do this completely passively now if you want to go and get access to this tool I've posted it completely for free on Google Drive with a sharable link that I can share with anybody if you want this link I'm going to give this to you in today's video but all you need to do is is I'd appreciate a like on this video make sure you subscribe down below with the notification Bell on comment down below that you're ready and send me a DM on Instagram I'll leave my Instagram link down below and I will send you the link to the setup for for video marketing Blaster which is this tool that you seeing over here completely for free on Instagram I could easily be charging hundreds of dollars for this tool but in today's video I've decided to give this to you completely for free you can also within this tool completely have a look at Niche analysis based on the YouTube AI keyword that we've just used so over here you will see this video over here is a very good example of a very good title description and tags and you can go and piggyback these videos over here with their titles that is getting a good click-through rate good watch time good engagement and incorporate their ideas into your video I don't recommend copy and paste but you can use their videos as influence also there is a rank tracker over here where you can start ranking and tracking your videos again if you guys like to get this tool make sure to do the following that I've just described to you and I will send you the link to the setup you will need a Windows PC as this tool is only compatible on Windows now that you've downloaded this file you need a platform where you can go and sell this file online I'm going to take you over to a free platform called now this is a place where you can sell digital downloads courses coaching and much more from one simple platform and all they do is they take 2% per sale that you make so it's completely free they just take a small cut from every sale that you make you can click on get started for free I'm going to log in with my existing account and show you how to create your landing page once you've signed in click on add new product on the top right hand side it will pop up with a page that looks like this you need to go and click on digital product upload product file and select the video marketing Blaster file that you've just downloaded from the link that I've sent you now the best thing is for your price you can enter any price that you want to I like to start off with something quite low to get people and customers attracted to this product so the whole point of this product is going to be a low ticket item but it's one of those items where you're not going to make a lot per sale but you're going to get many sales so let's start off with $14.97 for your product title we can go and type Here video marketing Blaster Pro three clicks rank on YouTube for your cover image you can just come over to Google Images search up video marketing Blaster and you can use this first image that you see over here which is quite a nice picture of this tool packaged into a little cover template that you can use for your product page and upload that product image that we've just downloaded from Google for the description of your product I've already downloaded an IM image over here that you can use for the description so if you want to pause this video or screenshot this so that you can type this in make sure to screenshot this right now so that you've got this saved and you can just go and copy and paste this into the description of your product you want to enable visible so that it's public and everybody can see it and purchase this product click on ADD product and this product will now be available publicly by copying this link and if you paste this in your own tab on your browser or your phone you'll be able to see over here that people can now add this item to their cart and download this product The Next Step that you need to do is come over to video.

A that's VI yo. a now this is a tool that will automatically generate you done for you short videos for Tik Tok YouTube shorts also YouTube longer form videos Facebook reals and Instagram reals and the best thing about this entire tool the captions is done for you the editing is done for you it chooses the best and most captivating points of those videos for you to post and it generates you between 10 and 100 different short videos and it's completely free as well you can click on get started completely for free there's no hidden credit card you can sign up straight away for free just with your email I'm going to sign in with my existing account last and finally you want to come over to YouTube and go and search YouTube AI growth hacks click on answer and you will see over here tons of videos that you can go and use to go and create your short videos from so let's go and use this video over here right click copy the link address come over over to video.

click on import video and paste this link and click on import once that video is imported it will look like this this is an example that I use called 20 YouTube growth acts click on review clips and this tool will automatically in a matter of seconds generate over 18 perfect YouTube shorts videos based on this longer form video that you have not pasted into this tool and the whole idea of what you want to do with this tool is you want to create a compilation page of AI my YouTube generation and wealth generation on Tik Tok you can also use YouTube Shorts Facebook reals and Instagram reals but the whole point of this tool is to schedule these posts to post at least once per day and this is super important because you need to keep consistent with this and then in the description and captions of your videos you can just simply type Linkin bio to download this tool that will automatically rank your videos on YouTube on the number one page in just three clicks and people will naturally start to get interested in what type of product you're selling the fact that you have a product that can rank your videos and remember your AI generated content is automatically going to Target the audience that you're looking for because people that are searching for how to grow on YouTube how to grow AI does AI does AI YouTube channels get monetized and this all Loops back to the titles and the questions that has been generated on this answer the Republic you can use these titles in your AI generated videos with your pay hiip product in your bio to build a full-blown software as a service business on social media now what I'm going to do is to help you out even more to really help you super boost your Tik Tok page and your short video platforms I'm going to give you an entire free course here on YouTube that consists of videos that I've created over the last two years studying the YouTube shorts algorithm the Tik Tok algorithm Facebook reals and Instagram reals this entire playlist will be available here on the screen I recommend if you can't watch this now save this to your watch later start grinding through the playlist and you will soon and very slowly but surely learn the Fantastic skill of growing content and building your own Agency on social media without further Ado guys make sure that you choose one of these playlists over here and I'll see you there on the inside

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