Asking Supercar Owners How They Got Rich

today we're at Austin's F1 race track so this is about a million dollar car here it's one of the fastest cars ever built for the road we came here to find out what people do for a living I'm an old and gas business so that kind of helps build a big automated distribution center and find out how they've made their Millions I bought the car in crypto can someone make millions of dollars selling oil and gas yes brokering yeah your car the uh one out there yeah do you have like a minute to chat about it sure hell yeah hell yeah how much is your car worth all Lane that you've put into it that'll take me like 140 150. what do you do for a living to be able to afford the cars and the watches I'm in a manufacturing what kind of stuff Electronics in Tech how is that for you as a career a lot of our people are trying to figure out what to do with their careers and like get inspiration so all this stuff isn't actually bought by that I was a pretty big crypto guy back in 2016.

I bought the car in crypto you think people should still be buying crypto today it's a good entry point just do your own research you know this isn't financial advice hey boss is that your McLaren do you have like two seconds to chat about it yeah oh hell yeah what kind of car is this and how much is it uh it's a McLaren 620r this one was north of 300. and then what do you do for a living to be able to afford a car like this I'm in the oil business everyone from Houston says they're in the oil I know that's what I'm always curious what does that mean so I'm uh I'm a broker I'm a refined products broker can someone make millions of dollars selling oil and gas yes yeah brokering yeah they could what is one tip for sales for someone who wants to be good at sales know your customer you know like really know your customer learn everything about them what they like what they dislike you know what their hobbies are that kind of thing try to connect with them what kind of car is this and what kind of price does this normally go for the 2020 AMG Evo GT3 how much do they go for I think if you're going to order one new they're like 550.

What do you do for a living uh to be able to afford a car like this mine and build a big automated Distribution Center so robotics conveyors things like that I work with a really great company and that's what we do for a living so I've been there for 24 years and then what do you do at the company I'm the chief Solutions officer and is it a lucrative career should people try to get into being a Solutions officer but the supply chain industry in general is a great opportunity it's a great industry with tons of opportunity when you think about everybody was wondering how do I get a great looking shirt like you're wearing right they couldn't get it they couldn't get it so and now all of a sudden supply chain got really popular so it's it's a great career with a lot of opportunity but this is your car how much does this car go for All In a brand new car from Mercedes like this is about 550 us what did you do for a living to be able to afford a car like this I'm an old and gas business so that kind of helps I feel like I just need to go to Houston I get an oil is that what happens uh go to Midland that's where the money grows on the trees and then what does it mean you do oil like what exactly does a land manager we buy old leases and get get them prepared to drill wheels on so I go out and talk to land owners and say I want drill a well on your land and here's some money to do it and we'll make you all will if after watching this video you want to get started with your own business but you're not quite sure how to get started I put together a course a couple years back to help you go from no business ideas to making over a thousand dollars a month in 60 days it is not a get rich quick scheme it will take some work but it is only ten dollars to join for a limited time because I want to help as many of you as possible to get started on your own entrepreneurial Journey head over to to sign up how much is this guy so this is about a million dollar car here it's uh McLaren's essential GT3 car but it's unrestricted it's one of the fastest cars ever built for the road it's my clearance pass this car so they have F1 cars and then they have this car and then for the people that don't know you what do you do for a living I try natural gas and I'm an entrepreneur business owner and then what advice you have for the people that want to be able to afford a million dollar car like this the only things that I always tell people is like you never know who you're going to meet and so you know when you go places always be prepared to network you know and you know make yourself approachable because you never know that the person at Starbucks sitting next to you could be potentially the person that gets you to being that millionaire you know like they may have this great opportunity for you that you will have never learned about if you just didn't say good morning what's going on in your head when you're hitting like 150 200 coming these turns hitting the straight up what's going on your head in the car uh you know when you're in there you're in the zone so you're just like looking forward and that's one of the things that I think even in life it applies in racing so in racing whenever you come into a corner you're not looking at that corner you're not looking at this moment you're looking up ahead and so if you if you spot where you're going and now you're looking ahead that just comes naturally that comes with an in-state that comes with a peripheral vision so as you're achieving goals you can set a goal like this is what I want to be but like that's where I'm going and so as you're driving I'm coming up the hill I'm not looking at that Corners I'm making that corner I'm looking down the hill so that's you know that's a tool that I think and really translating to live for this car like roughly how much this car costs to build uh to be completely honest with you I had an Excel spreadsheet for the first year um I stopped adding to it about 125 000.

stopped after over a hundred thousand yeah I couldn't look at it anymore it's sickening how much does a car like this cost when you sell it to clients this exact car could probably be up around 650 thousand how do you find customers to buy these cars from you I run pretty much off social media and then just my Straight phone number I'm a one-man show so I try to keep it really personable so if there's interest it's usually via social media or through word of mouth it's a lucrative career for people to young people are thinking hey as the crash you build cars for a living yeah uh uh I I'm not gonna lie to anyone no I grew up in a very uh working class family very very very proud of that and I was taught work ethic for my parents so my dad's been in the trades his whole life um and a lot of the times if you have to ignore your hourly and work on day rates basically so I work but it sounds wild but a legitimate 90 to 100 hours a week for the last seven days a week for the last six years um and that's the only way I'm able to even afford to try to be out here right now so I I work pretty much Non-Stop and just so I can do this fun stuff and break the car and rebuild it and stuff like that do you believe in the American dream and what does that mean to you I do believe in the American dream and for me personally I believe the American dream is the ability to go out bust your ass and work as much as you can at whatever you want to do there's not a fancy business model a 10-year plan it's I'm going to work as hard as I can until I can if you want to hear the full interview I did with Rafa the multi-millionaire oil and gas Trader where he shares a story of immigrating to the U.S living the American dream and how he made his fortune then subscribe to the channel to get notified when that video comes out foreign

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