He Became A Millionaire Building Houses

what do you think when people say blue collar work clothes like you're a blue collar millionaire yeah one day I got a call when I was 18. can you build a house for me and it was a building boom and all the real Carpenters were busy I said well you know I'm 18 years old I can build a house for you but I'm 18. let me know if that's a problem it's like this long silence on the phone as the guys weighing his options and he says no no let's get together so we met it at Denny's and he rolled out the blueprints on the table and I gave him a price and you know he gave me the job and I showed up every day for six weeks with my friend who was 17 years old and my younger brother who was 14 years old and the three of us built this house framed roof sighted windows and doors deck in six weeks and at that point they were coming to me saying build my house built my house built my house because it was a building boom you know and it's like the story of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs kind of being in the right industry at the right time and that that was where I was

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