How @ferraricollectordavidlee Made a Million Dollars Selling Rolex’s

how did you make your first million I made my first million from being a jeweler so in 1993 I opened my retail store HW Jewelers in St Gabriel I had to be the sales manager I have to be the accounting manager I have to be the marketing manager I had to be the first person to open the store and to be the last one to leave I had to work s days a week for the first few years there's no time for fun you got to make it happen if I wasn't persistent I wouldn't have got Rolex authorized dealership if I didn't keep my Integrity in doing this cuz there was a lot of Temptation to buy gray Market if I did that I would never get Rolex off rice dealership that was a shortcut to make money I could not do that because of all those things I was able to make a million dollars shortly after that.

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