How John Paul DeJoria Built Patron Tequila to a BILLION Dollar Brand

part of the idea for Patron come about Wolfgang Puck was a friend of mine and spagos was the restaurant in Beverly Hills to go to and I gave him so JP this is good stuff I said would you serve it to your celebrity friends I said of course it's the best so Wolfgang Puck gave me a great break and served it to all of a celebrity guests pretty soon Bruce Springsteen is on the road they're bringing a case of Patron with them on every concert they want to do well that was pretty cool we would sell the Jim Beam and they would sell through their Distributors whoever they sold Jim Beam alcohol to and they were very kind they said guys let's tell you the truth okay no one's ever come out with a tequila like this before right you're just too expensive the most you will ever sell is 20 000 cases a year when I sold Patron about five years ago we were approaching four million cases a year no matter what the rejection is keep your eye on the target you don't believe what people tell you you believe yourself

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