How @MannyKhoshbinyt Made $300,000 in his 20s

age 18 I started my own business selling nuts door-to-door it did great until Health Department fined me so I caused that and I had about twenty thousand dollars saved you know what 20 grand you could buy a Mobile gas station so we opened escrow I put my twenty thousand dollars in a loan officer turned out to be a con artist and I lost all my money that was my first real failure and then I went back to working at Winston tires every time I was having a Porsche Ferrari coming to a tire shop I would ask them and say hey what do you do for a living nine out of ten times here they own a mortgage company or a real estate I'm like wow so real estate's good so I got my license and then I opened my own mortgage company it was 22 years old I made 290 000 bucks first year and that was my first taste of success real money right the link for the full video is in the comments

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