Live Office Hours for Entrepreneurs (AMA)

no I did not forget about you and I'm always on time ah it's Friday I don't know where you are in the world what up Venezuela D shout out Venezuela my girlfriend's Venezuelan I love Venezuelans I love to kenos and banadas Kaka kakar rones Aras what up dude that one CEO come on man dud don't think I forgot about you uh a little is in meetings I me back toback I'm working I'm not out here being some fake ass Guru I'm here I'm out in the arena working for y'all I don't know about for you guys directly but for arasi what up Gabriel ceria yeah I'm in Barcelona Spain right now right now A hey beauty campus Uncle Noah is back it's been a week it's been a week what up everyone Germany Ecuador in the house down the street in Houston Houston Spain I'm not in I'm back in Austin on Sunday yeeha damn Ian I have not heard that in quite a while if you guys have been in one of these office hours before holy [ __ ] 100 people already that was quick uh we got Spain in the house but yes we do yeas in the comments throw some yeas like And subscribe don't like And subscribe it is all good we have an hour to answer your business questions that's what we're here for uh hi from Israel oh man hope you're doing all right over there definitely wild time with everything going on in the world uh Nick K from Austin what up Austin okay life is good uh I started watching your channel before you got big you know what's first thought my head it's like I guess I feel like I've been big for a while I just haven't done viral YouTube videos till recently past two years but uh it's been a grind it's been fun I'm out here doing my best to inspire y'all in your own business Journeys um what up dude a lot of old school people what up Jimmy young what up James R's kitchen wow wow good to see you man good to see you uh who else is here Henry Hansen you sound like a football player you look like a football player uh I'm gonna go and answer you guys questions and just give me like five minutes of warming up the crowd wow you should never have to pay for food um thank you so much man uh I I think this is a compliment I can't really tell but it it sounded nice if you're new to office hours basically I'm going to help you on your business questions we're going to talk different stuff and have fun it's about an hour it's free I don't charge nothing uh I got some stuff to tell you guys about and hopefully you guys had a great week California in the house I'm originally from the Yay Area if you guys know where that is San Jose California hey what's up Marcel good to see you man hey Frank hello sir Grant my Indian friends where's all my Indians at yeah that was kind of weird how I said it what up Grant dude Grant looks like the guy that I would see with um in a Dental's uniform you look like it dude you look the part hey Sean Park good to see you man um thank you on the the YouTube growth it's been a fun ride I want to say it's just the beginning but I just want to keep going I think we're just going to keep going um uncle Noah is in the House Calgary representing a lot of different people over there the place I'm going to do quick two shout outs uh that you guys should all know about uh first I have a book coming out hot and it's launching next year we have a launch team we're closing the doors to our launch Team December 1 so you get to talk to me you get to do a free weekend cohort where we help you with the business on a weekend you get access the audio and digital of the book you get to meet other people who are getting their hustle on there's no Mastermind there's no upsell the only thing you have to do is grab a copy of the book preferably the hard cover but anyone's fine whatever works for you at MDW send me the receipt I think about 20 of you will do it from this office hours and you will join the launch team today it's super worth it people love it I think there's people here that are in the launch Team uh that'll be like oh yeah I'm in it it is amazing if you want to chat with me I'll be on the slack group you can talk to me there again MDW grab the copy send the receipt to book atok now man you guys got a lot of question Frank dude thanks for the 10 10 bucks man thank you on the book we this million-dollar weekend book I spent three years writing it I spent 20 years struggling and working my ass off working at the best companies in the world starting my own companies shout out there and we're out here now it's been great and um excited to get anybody who wants to start a business or if you've always thought you could be an entrepreneur this is the book that's uh that's going to solve that there's been things that hold you back and we got the answer that's what gurus do I've been I was thinking about gurus this morning all these internet gurus and it's like is there any internet Guru you can actually like their business like there's no internet Guru where you like their business because they don't tell you about their business um I thought that was kind of an interesting experience today dude so many awesome people in the house again last shout out if you're interested in working with me and you want help in starting a business you grab a copy of our book it's 20 bucks or 30 bucks MDW emailing the receipt yeah there's digital audio physical email and you will get on our launch Team I think about 20 or 30 of you do it a lot of you guys are already in it that are here let's just jump into office hours what are your business questions uh cat Mullin did it and she said she actually sold some stuff instead of just talking about it yes that's what happens when you stop being polite and you start getting real does anyone know where that's from um all right questions from you guys I'm just going to go right into it uh have I been to the comedy Mothership yes Joe Rogan's comedy thing in Austin I went I left early is it possible for Market to be truly saturated no are there better markets million dollar or billion dollar markets or trillion dollar markets to play in that are easier for you to succeed yes most people spend way too much time in markets that are too small or declining and on ideas that are not really million-dollar opportunities because no one wants them what is step one of Entrepreneurship there are two steps of Entrepreneurship but the most important step is the one you take today that's the number one thing which is what are you doing right now during the show get off your [ __ ] phone sorry Mom and do something right now that is the step what the success of Entrepreneurship is the amount of experiments you'll be you're willing to take oh my mom's calling I can't do it mom because it's I can't call because I'm using my camera for the phone so the audio so the video quality looks really good uh looking good hey you look great too Emil you are a part of the book launch Team um Loom acquisition by atlastin I was I had some equity in Loom it did not actually I didn't get paid on it though which is kind of interesting they were I got Equity at one and a half billion they sold it at 975 million so because it was over I didn't get any but I think it's awesome I think um I don't know i' fits into the acquisition of atlassian in terms of their strategy we're a customer of both and I love loom I Really Love atlassian Actually I don't know if I love I like both um I don't know where the billion comes in but my guess is that there's a lot of distribution there there and it's a gateway drug mom I can't answer your call because I'm using the phone as a camera uh my mom calls if you guys have not been a part of office hour she calls and she says hello to everyone and she wishes you a happy Friday sorry M uh but the acquisition I I think the way that we're you know appsumo is going to be doing an acquisition this year and we just sold something as part of appsumo uh for millions of dollars I don't know if I'm allowed to say the exact number yet uh we're still working through some things uh but in terms of Acquisitions I like to think how can you test something one of the appsumo values which if you guys don't know is the company I help run and I started how do you test and then invest and I think so many people like to invest and do all this stuff without knowing if it'll actually work so test then invest and I'm guessing they saw some data around video or sharing on a consumer level that they can turn it into their product you are ready the beauty campus great profile picture email book if you guys are interested in being on our launch team we're closing it December 1st book launches afterwards you get behind the scenes you get to meet other people you get the book audio and uh digital and you can help in get your business started if that's something you've always been wanting to do MDW um how do you give a newsletter evaluation I don't know why it has oh David you're the guy that come and ask a [ __ ] ton of questions David gets full value out of these office hours I'll tell you that um I don't know what the valuation is I guess there's there's generally a few different areas of valuation like discounting cash flows the ideally the best way of evaluation is a strategic valuation which is like it is an asset that's just not based on your actual performance meaning not your Revenue minus expenses your profit but the actual strategic value to another business where they'll pay more multiple for what you actually do oh this is really interesting can you talk about how billionaires think differently um yeah great question I think there's a few call outs in dude you ask a bunch of dumbass questions you get banned that's how it is today not in the mood uh just someone posting the same question over and over so Millionaires and billionaires let's just start with billionaires because I I've met a lot of them I know I have friends who are billionaires literal ones not ones you see on YouTube that that put it in their title they hire people that's number one that's not the number one but that is one thing they hire people uh Mark Manson had a good quote uh around this stuff to become a billionaire generally you're thinking something that other people don't think you do it and it turns out to be right and so I do think you have to consider what is an area that is likely going to be larger that I can have an advantage in and it turns out to be right so uh I think that's number two which is what's the area of opportunity where the market is going to be at least a million or billion dollars most people are playing in the Thousand Doll Market uh and it makes it much more competitive for them uh third they stick with it this is probably you know I talked about the law of 100 a lot um in terms of dude it's funny the guy asking about mods is getting banned um they stick with it so I talked about law 100 which is do something a 100 times so 100 videos 100 emails 100 podcasts 100 uh dates whatever it is most people give up too soon and most millionaires get rich after sticking with something for some time billionaires have stuck with it for 20 to 30 years plus what up Frank denbo thank you man uh any advice on grow the inflection Community YouTube we have some great videos not doing the thumbnails and shorts but some able break through aside from a few shorts on Instagram so yeah stick with it I mean let me go look at your channel oh wow a lot of you guys are buying the book and sending emails that is super cool um YouTube Let me see inflection Community is that the channel name so let's pull up Frank's yo we do it live I don't inflection boom all right yes I was watching Marshon Lynch High School football videos that's what I do in my free time uh so what do you do I think stick with the law on 100 more than anything right now just get consistent in putting out videos um you have a lot of videos it looks like coming out uh and you've you've just started so get to 100 videos I think more than anything commit to the law of 100 and at that point as your thumbnails get better as your content gets better as you start looking at some of don't worry about data don't worry about your avd or whatever Mr be is doing just worry about yourself and getting to 100 videos and I promise you you will start seeing the results most people give out give up uh 10 15 but that's not you Frank [Music] um it seems like every software com is becoming AI I mean on appsumo decom we sell a lot of tools with AI we've built some AI into our own backend I think people are it's definitely I would say a hype cycle I mean crypto was hype remember crypto that was super cool so funny by the way go on YouTube and look up all the influencers who were talking about crypto and now they talk about AI they're like a I'm a crypto influencer I'll teach you about crypto and now they teach you about AI I'm like I hate you people I [ __ ] hate you people so I think there's ways of leveraging it that it's great but what's missing with most of the AI stuff is that what's the problem you're solving and people want to give you money for it a lot of the technology just accelerates or leverages the ability to accomplish things and so how do you find things that people actually want so riding people want traveling people want uh text to speech people want like an example of something I was even looking for today there's a really popular you YouTube video and I wanted to know what's the one or two things that's really popular about this video so there's probably something with AI that can understand why there's a certain sections of the video content that's popular again though is that something people pay for or want um I think that's what needs to be whether it's AI or the thing that comes out in the next five years damn lot of questions how often do you go live I go once a month on the end of the month is when I do this uh it's always free for everyone who's out there do you think it's be possible to become a millionaire without the grind with work a couple hours a day or hard work is a must oh this is interesting I don't think you have to work very hard and there's the generic cliche where like if you find something you love you never work a day in your life oh my God so cheesy [ __ ] I think if you find something that's either very high value that people want or you just generally enjoy it with appsumo to give you an example the first year I started it I made 300,000 I didn't make it I didn't even make money till year five the second year we did $3 million so I wasn't working that hard I was working infrequently and as we took it more seriously now it's on track to eventually get to $100 million a year and Revenue which is absurd um so it is possible I think find something you enjoy working on as more important answer is what's worked for me but yes I don't think you have to go insane on work you just have to stick with it for some period of time if you grind faster yeah you'll probably get your be millionaire seta sooner and I will tell you being a millionaire and making millions of dollars a year is awesome it's just awesome it's awesome like it's a great feel that I went to dinner last night and I was able to help pay for more dinner than other people because I don't have to worry about it or I can fly I'm flying home first class first class it's pretty awesome it it's awesome to be able to do these things or be able to pay for other people and treat yourself to nice things because I I didn't have that for many many years I I can tell you a time I was in Thailand I was 23 maybe had like a few thousand dollars to my name and I slept on a train it was from like the middle of Thailand Bangkok up to the North like longang prong and I slept in the stairwell of the train because I was so cheap I was like give me the cheapest they're like this is below the local level and now I being a millionaire is dope man so I would say you everyone should do entrepreneurship because you learn about yourself and everyone should be a millionaire or at least try it so that you can see hey what kind of Lifestyle actually can I live maybe I like it yeah that is funny that is funny it's more that it's just cliche a lot of these things um represent C yes if you guys are out there in Cali uh these live streams why I don't do them more often I was actually doing them more often uh relative to the amount of time they take and the energy they take one I love them I do it for free I just love showing up I love interacting with you um for 200 people that are here and it's super intimate is great but could I do some work on appsumo decom could I be with my girlfriend could I do something for fun or could I make a video uh that could reach more people and so with all of us it's it's about our return on time and so just be mindful so for me I just still like it so that's why I always have done it for the past few years once a month um but from a like opportunity cost is pretty high and then in terms of YouTube videos on my channel I'd love hear guys feedback one of the things I'm considering uh is doing more videos about how I run appsumo like behind the scenes of how I run a$ hundred million doll actual business um hey deer good to see you man and then maybe a little bit less of these like viral Noah on the street Noah I think I'd still like to interview billionaires and millionaires that are that I find interesting um hey what up Jeff what up deer what up Marcel uh but probably I'm curious do you guys more videos about just who I am and how I help run appsumo with all these other people what up Jeff what up Emma good to see you yeah some of you guys have been around for a very very long time um yeah you know I think I was really ashamed of making millions a year or being worth millions of dollars and I will tell you I just got was hacked you guys want to hear that story that was kind of crazy I almost lost a million um that's kind of crazy and I I think I was ashamed of enjoying the money for a long time but I've worked I worked hard and very long and had a lot of suffering and a lot of challenges just like all of you have your own challenges uh and so yeah lately I'm like I'm I'm proud of myself and I think it's good for us to all be proud of ourselves and there there's a balance between pride and cocky uh let me see what you guys are saying hey what's up Joel buers uh love this YouTube what up James Crypt millionaire okay oh the hack story so let me just see if I can show it without it being too weird because I'm using my phone as a camera because I wanted a higher quality camera um all right I'll show it okay by the way unlike like it pisses me off there's so many people on YouTube that are poor and they're lying to you and they're fiction gurus trying to teach you [ __ ] um this is one of my crypto accounts I show you my real numbers I don't I don't know why these these people don't listen to them listen trust yourselves people anyways it just really irritates me because it's a disservice to everyone who works hard so someone called this site and said they were my wife and said I was dead and they were gonna get this money withdrawn to their account I'm not dead I don't I have a serious girlfriend but we're not married uh so protect yourselves out there uh that was very concerning to lose you know a million dollars suck to lose uh how do we intern for appsumo uh right now I will tell you we are definitely me um hey Monica Lynn I saw you buy the book today awesome yeah trying to saying that I almost died was is [ __ ] horrible and then trying to transfer all the money out um we're hiring a video editor long like for the CH this channel as well as a shorts editor um to help us make shorts there's a lot of you guys who seem to be doing that stuff or um know people who are doing that stuff if you want to be a if you can help out hey Dr Brian King I'll put you up here man shabbat shalom what a week my man I hope you're doing well hope everyone else that there is doing well um if you know a video editor or shorts editor definitely looking for people to help us with the channel so if you know anyone who's available that's really good um I'd appreciate you letting me know you can hit me up on Twitter just DM me on Twitter with their YouTube link of any of their content so again hiring a video editor for short and long across all of our content uh we travel we have fun you meet cool people you learn business um check it out let me know so hit me up hit me up frankly anywhere if you're a video edor and know anyone dude Tik Tok is such garbage I know it makes me feel like a boomer but I'm dude I'm into shorts I'm into YouTube I don't do Snapchat anymore I'm a hip with it my friend but Tik Tok I just go on there and every time I'm like we're being tricked people you're being like you know I guess all these [ __ ] YouTubers like you're in The Matrix I don't know what the [ __ ] that's is but that's Tik Tok Tik Tok is the Matrix that tricks the [ __ ] out of you Tik Tok is total trash Tik Tok is the Florida of the internet I like hating on Florida it's like one of my new favorite things what is the uh let me go through your questions hey man yes if you guys the Ryan Moran podcast YouTube video was fire he did a great job it was really fun talk with him the video editor could be remote again send me a YouTube Links of the video editor um someone just did 10 bucks dude thank you so much for the 10 bucks my YouTube channel focuses on interviewing business owners and I think that has great potential would you ever consider being the host of your videos probably not because I I host my own videos on on my channel but if you want to interview me we could consider it I think that's a cool ask I mean maybe someone else here um how would I prevent the hack hacking of someone saying I'm dead one I've moved most of my online stuff offline two it's actually great if you have someone try to hack you so I've hired people to try to hack me and it's a way to actually see where the vulnerabilities are so that you can say hey if they could get it what are my preventative measures um so it's not necessarily it is a Bad Thing luckily they didn't do it uh but yeah go you should actually test it uh so that you can see where your opportunities or your weaknesses are we do it you know same thing at any advice on motivation what up my man uh everybody has ups and downs but apart from Discipline Do you have anything that helps you when you're going through a low motivation period I'm going to give you counterintuitive advice if you're feeling low motivation just go be lazy as [ __ ] just go embrace it I was feeling real low motivation this morning and so I just played chess for probably about four and a half five hours and I think what we do is we're like no I should be motivated and that's the part that makes it really horrible I would lean into to the laziness lean into to the to the distractions and the drugs and the drinking just kidding mom no drugs whatever it is um lean into it now the two other things I would think about when you're low motivation is maybe think about where it's coming from right like is it coming from because you actually just don't like the things you're doing which I would say that most successful richest people I know are all really angry they're all really like I they were tell they were told they suck they are proven wrong and it creates an opportunity for them to prove other people wrong themselves and so maybe just thinking about what's going on where this is coming from the last two thing two or three things around motivation I think make huge differences number one get make sure you had a good night's sleep a lot of times when I'm in a [ __ ] mood it's because I didn't sleep well so I'm like ah I didn't sleep or last night I had some beers and vermouth and wine and then you don't sleep well and then yeah of course you're not as motivated uh and then so sleep well last two things one go for a walk or get your blood flowing and three call someone who will support you that's that's just going to either tell you hey you're being a little [ __ ] get off your ass or they'll say hey man it's okay give yourself a break but find someone who is kind of always on your side and I have you know my girlfriend MAF is there my buddy Adam Gilbert's always there dude hell yeah and sometimes you know I tell you I go on I go on some of these different sites on I go on YouTube and I see people copy our videos or then I go on Twitter and people upset me with something they post and then I realize it's all in my control so I just block them be muted blocked that's it easy easy button uh I don't know what Setters and closers is that a video game I don't know it's a very broad question how do you build a good team I think that's been something I'm working on so a lot of people just by the way problems don't go away no matter how old or how wealthy or poor you are it's just a problem you're all going to have problems we all have problems so on our YouTube channel a lot of the team is is transitioning I don't it's not quitting like they're like screw you they're like hey they have other things to Aspire in their life and and I felt disappointed the past two weeks because I really like these people we've made some really great content together uh and I think it's discouraged me and I I felt frustrated about this and you know I like these videos I like you guys watching them and taking action from it and so be you know give yourself some time that it's may not going to feel good and that's okay and then eventually just be patient move forward and it'll be okay there's one of my favorite shows is the art of accomplishments a podcast and he has this phrase he says and that's okay and I just like that phrase and that's okay that's it um what is the offer for buying the books again MDW looks like I don't know five 10 of you already have grabbed it email me the receipt we have a private group on slack where you can be involved with me you get to talk to me we have free weekend CTS we help you in your business digital audio books versions of the book as well that you get included and you see behind the scenes of the marketing uh which is really interesting and an accountability group we're also giving out my income streams about exactly where I make my money from there's no other Mastermind [ __ ] upsell I'm already rich I don't need more of your money but if you actually want to start your own business or you've curious about entrepreneurship uh this is the book that's going to help you solve that oh my God Ethan I had a yeah this [ __ ] it makes me livid I I had a I was biking this morning and I thought of a funny tweet which is like how to make a million dollars as an Uber driver number one drive Uber number two video that you you drive Uber number three sell a course about how to make a million dollars driving Uber and I don't know how people are not more skeptical of all these people teaching them about business that ultimately have something to sell them and so the question a lot of times to ask is like what's the incentive and for me my Idols my gurus are Jeff Bezos my Idols my gurus are the people who created Uber my Idols my gurus are the ones where I can actually see their businesses and I admire and respect what they've done and I think there's a lot of people out there that a lot of people like and that's fine there's a lot of different restaurants with different dishes I like going to work out with people that are really fit I like biking with Pro cyclists not someone who can tell me that they've done a lot of cycling do I have uh nce man this is great advice for being better on camera hire a coach so I hired I'm you know my book is coming out I hired two I'm trying out two speaking coaches uh I think that's a great way of doing it I think you know recording yourself and reviewing it that's it that that is the the work it is a practice uh that's why I talk about the law of 100 do 100 videos uh and I think the fact that you're reviewing it have someone else review it I think will make you really effective oh this is a great question what up Tony versus time this is super cool how can my daughter stand out and differentiate herself in a sea of other IG experts um that that's interesting I think number one it's results so the problem I see with like a lot of SEO experts or YouTube experts or marketing experts I asked them let me see your channel and their channel is always small like Patty Galloway he's like the number one YouTube consultant we hire him it's I can't say his price it's expensive he's got a big YouTube channel that he does by himself it's like yeah he's walking the walk so my suggestion for your daughter is get her Channel big so that when she goes to people it's like oh they she knows what she's doing the second thing you can do to differentiate yourself I get hit up all the time literally probably 10 to 15 times every day for short form content do dot one out of 15 of them will actually send me an example for me that they put work into and I think that's literally the easiest way to differentiate yourself which no one else is doing so those are two ways that I would approach it oh my God ignasio 100% sad what is a zar I got seven Zars I don't know what it is but I'm excited law of 100 what up man love our new videos we're gotten a lot of new videos coming out not a ton we have like two or three in the pipeline we're going to do some crazy live business ones where we just start business live see what happens um khish thank you for the $10 holy [ __ ] 300 this is probably like one of our biggest live streams uh I'm gauging interest in my sass for real estate agents I would make property transactions super fast but Brokers around me aren't interested in sign up because my tech is too new any tips to get signups yes stop doing what you're doing I know look I'm working on my positivity but this is this is literally where I wrote the book for someone like you I can save you months of time you are trying to sell them a solution to a problem they don't have it's like creating content it's like me creating YouTube content of drinking Coke Zero as much as I I like drinking Coke Zero in Europe I don't drink it as much in America no one wants to watch it so you have to figure out what is something they oh my God if you had this yes I'll pay you right now for it and work from their problems not yours um the property transaction may not be an issue if they've already closed the client it may be something else it may be actually getting clients getting referrals or another option but I think the first two are probably where I'd spend the most time in the real estate industry or yeah I think those would be eras I would spend more time on how have I been Patrick this week has been tough how has your guys week been but overall I'm excellent absum is doing great my girlfriend's great cycling's great this book coming out is going to be great YouTube YouTube's been a little challenging so I've been I told you I'm honestly I was a little disappointed but it's going to come back and also I think with some of these things in life we're so impatient like it's not going well instantly it's not going well instantly and it's like just just give it a day I'm telling myself this but it's also for you too um hey what up enrio Fior I'm struggling with corporate life to work on my business full-time any tips to fight the sense of fear yeah don't leave your corporate job get your business going so when you leave your corporate job you know that it can do it that is how I've always approached it I worked at I made 100,000 a year and I my freedom number everyone tell me your freedom number which is the number you need to quit your job and live the way you want to live and do what you want to do mine was 3,000 tell me your freedom number in the comments but don't do it until you get that going I I I think this mentality of like yeah just burn the bridges and all go for it is just it's foolish and you don't have to take that risk there's not the risky thing is staying at your shitty job that you don't like that's risky so I would say how do you take more swings take more experiments think about what your freedom number is focus on that and once you get that then you'll probably get that within 12 months if not sooner then quit this shitty ass job uh the guy I filmed on the private jet does not want to give out his information uh his name is Jim but he did not want me to give out his last name dude I love my Indian people shout out people from India uh carsten Fox I've seen your name before I love you too yeah we love appsumo I mean we just SP a lot of time working appsumo so it's hard to do appsumo this book YouTube do my best to be a good boyfriend shout out MAF let me see your guys Freedom numbers oh yeah shout out appsumo dude Carston we got to get more appsumo swag I got that I got appsumo shirt I didn't wear my appsumo hat today I was like I got enough appsumo swag on but maybe I couldn't have enough appsumo swag um 2500 5,000 by the way there's no wrong number it's the number that you need 5,000 8,000 3,000 hey Riri oh is that Riri the Riri if it is you hey John Payne is our company making 80 million yes uh I actually think we'll that's forecasted I think we'll end up around 72 to 75 Topline Revenue any person that tells you your Revenue there's all these other costs that you have to be mindful of we do not make 80 million that's how much we generate we pay out our partners pay out the teammates we pay out all the advertising and then we have some left that we distribute to the company and ourselves um dude Mario you're coming in hob with the questions make sure you send me your YouTube link uh I actually don't listen to a lot of podcasts uh I watch probably four to how many hours probably 10 hours a week on YouTube that's probably the majority of my content it's either YouTube or audiobooks I find most podcasts most not all just kind of like it's like it's like empty calories it's like eating a candy bar it tastes good but I don't really do much from it I find audio books get a lot more inspiration uh I find YouTube stuff more educational I think I I love my first million Tim Ferris is fire I don't follow a lot of these like Bro Science people I don't follow huberman I don't follow Rogan I don't follow Lex nothing wrong with it in my mind I think I don't want to follow what everyone else is following that's the god- honest truth you know who I follow simple stories in Spanish that's who I follow this woman I think she probably has like 10 listeners and she just has simple stories in Spanish I like her a lot um I've listened to a few of the founders podcasts that was those are excellent there are good podcasts out there I think the way I prefer to approach it is is there a guest or a podcast episode specifically that I should pay attention to uh versus just kind of I I think what happens is it feels like we're doing business by consuming this stuff but it's not actually moving things forward and so I would evaluate all the material you're consuming and think about what really made a difference for me a lot of the time it's like a actual book I'm reading or particularly YouTube content the most common pitfalls people make when starting a business is they don't start and they don't ask those are the two most common uh the next two most common is they spend money to start their business and they spend a lot of time so those are my those are the four uh that is literally why I wrote the book that there's no if business was so easy and there's so much YouTubers showing you drop shipping crap and affiliate marketing crap how come everyone who wanted to start a business hasn't started one yet or how come they haven't had success with it yet so I think there's some things that I've been able to help understand that can solve that uh and it's about starting and asking not spending a lot of time and not spending a lot of money and doing exactly that within let's just call it a weekend that's why the book is called million-dollar weekend wow you stood outside of a private aort with a sign did you get on the jet H so did you make the video I I don't know when do you call it quits on YouTube nich or keep going I would like to believe that I never going to quit Never Gonna I like using real fake words what's up Anan good to see you I'm I just like making content I like it right now I'm I'm not feeling it and but you still have to kind of keep going on it but I'm not feeling like oh I have to kind of keep chasing on a treadmill that's where I don't want to feel I don't want to feel like a hamster but for me it's like I like putting myself out there I like you guys showing up I like helping you and teaching you what I'm learning from appsumo what I learned being at Facebook what I learned at and all these other businesses I enjoy it I don't think there's ever going be way well fully quit probably be dead and I'll do it from the grave dude hell yes hell yeah 10,000 awesome how do you meet billionaires well I'll tell you one way is if you become a multi-millionaire it makes it a lot easier to meet billionaires the billionaires I've met though none of them have come easy it's been through persistence uh also you probably want to try to find the billionaires that are not on YouTube because they're actually probably not billionaires um You probably have billionaires or at least millionaires if not multimillionaires in your network so think of someone in your network who's a doctor lawyer accountant financial planner a lot of these people have rich clients and if you just ask someone within your eventually if you ask you will get to someone who has money what up skis ski you bought the Hat oh hell yeah the appsumo Hat I didn't wear mine today I wear this one from Barcelona how long did it take from 30,000 subscribers to where I am now three years three years and each year last year I lost 300,000 the year before I lost 100,000 this year I'll probably lose 200,000 dude you keep asking this billionaire question you're in timeout yeah I mean this is a Martin sounds great advice like sometimes yeah people are like no you're almost at a million Subs you're Subs it's like and yeah I'm thinking about it a little bit more because people are mentioning it but I I want to come back to like am I putting out content I'm proud of that's it and as long as you can do that yes you want the numbers to look good but really are you proud of it number one and if the numbers don't look good okay cool I'm proud of it and secondly what can I learn from it dude Mario hell yeah 800 bucks is a great number uh for your freedom number so people are asking so I had a day job at I made 100,000 it took me I quit in 9 months so it took me nine months of trying businesses to get one that made me my $3,000 a month that's why you have to start experimenting you have to get started today because it does take time to find anything that actually works how hard did I work I was I actually was working insane because the opportunity was big it was when Facebook platform opened and I was working mornings vacations lunches nights weekends during work I was working a lot I don't know this Iman godi he's 85 million that lives in Dubai I don't know anyone that I that I like that wants to live in Dubai if you have an option to live in other places also I I don't know what the hell he did to get 85 million I don't know sometimes this whole Rich showing culture the richest and the most interesting people are not showing it so no shade on him I haven't met him as a person there are people sharing that I am impressed with uh but I can't I don't know him well enough to have a a strong critique I just don't I don't fully understand where some of the numbers come from it's just cool on YouTube you can make up whatever you want on a title uh how do I deal with burnout I'm sure there's some [ __ ] answer like you just don't get burnt out I think burnt out is a little bit of a mindset and I think it's just because people say it and how people do it burnout is just like hey I need a break that's what it is and there's there's generally some root causes like you don't like what you're working on you're not making enough meaning you're doing all this work and it's not producing what you think you're worth you probably don't like who you're working with and really if you can just find something that you never burn out from that's the ideal scenario so if it's making content if it's doing sales if it's a restaurant if it's a service if it's software um and then yeah you probably have to think about how do you pace yourself but I I think you should just stop saying burnt out I think when people say it they become it and if you just remove that word you're going to probably not become burnt out I think people using it all the time happen uh there's a few people dropping money dude I have some investors I'm talking to the game living streaming space have a pitch meeting week I've never pitched for VC money before any tips yeah one go look on YouTube right now for pitches you could get the decks and the pitches of companies and I would go look at ones that have raised a lot of money and then secondly I would record yourself and have someone else watch it and give you feedback so you can make sure your pitch is really tight dude just bought the book what up Michael SC sounds like a rapper anyways if you guys are interested again I I'm happy to promote my book because I love it this is something to think about with yourself what what's the last thing you're really proud of so this is a book that's exactly how I built appsumo it's exactly how I've helped literally thousands of people start and fail their own businesses with a lot of success and it's something I've spent three years working on with beta readers we're still doing we're doing weekend free cohorts with readers and the idea is if business is so easy if there's so many gurus online how people aren't doing it and how do we help them do it in a very short amount of time with no extra money and it's through challenges through stories through simple writing I would say very like funny simple quick writing that people can change their lives in a weekend and that's what a million dollar weekend is we're going to have a we're having a launch Team so if you want to be part of it behind the scenes it's closing December 1st uh it's 30 bucks for the book which is insane I think that's for what you're gonna be able to change your life for 30 bucks like sign me up for that uh the book link is MDW and if you email me book atok uh you can join the launch Team how would you go about finding your specific knowledge or unique ability uh they're drinking out here in the office and I'm here with you guys because I I enjoy this maybe I'll have a beer afterwards um two things one ask someone that you respect what they think it is that's that's probably the only one just text someone right now dtia and say hey what do you think my specific knowledge or unique ability is the second thing that I believe is that what would you do for free that's it you know what I realized about most advice most of you know the answer some of the time obviously I have expertise in running businesses and starting businesses but you know the answer and and a lot of the reality is embracing the answer and Having the courage to face the fear the courage and the practice which you know I'm still afraid of things it's not like once you start making money this fear goes away it keeps coming it's just different levels of fear and you just keep going at it and you keep courage and facing it and growing and feeling really good about yourself any audiobook recommendations yeah let's go see well look up my recent audio books yeah I mean mental health about people looking for ideas um I I think in general this is a good call out uh I think what people do is they enjoy the the game or the play of business but the actual fear of asking someone for money or putting yourself out there it it is a little bit hard but it's through simple practice and fun uh to make that easier for people to succeed with it and it's just a practice like anything anytime you someone's done something for the first time like what did I do recently I think I was playing paddle this game out here and I sucked and I was like yeah dude it's your first time but I think when we're not perfect and amazing our first times we we we're really Harden ourselves what have I cut out of my life to keep focused what have I cut out recently I don't know I especially the way I've I've looked at it in a different way is I have three things that are really matter to me four let's just say four but it's like appsumo book YouTube girlfriend and if it's not that it's very easy for me to say no to these stuff so that that's more of what I've cut out he hey Monica I do the same I love ger Manon episode yeah he was awesome oh you guys have a lot of podcasts that you like um Chris Williamson he's become really he's done a good job I've heard a lot about him dire CEO modern wisdom um how many shots do you give to the project it's hard to give you like three give three shots then quit that's why I do like talking about the law of 100 um I think around that it's like committing to something and sticking with it and seeing if it really works same with uh million dollar weekend you want to commit to a 48 hour period I think just figure out whatever time bucket you can do that again law of 100 is one option or a weekend uh I'm looking at my book suggestions you guys asked for audiobook recommendations if you guys have any good ones this was a great one The Comeback uh I really make sure there's nothing per uh I really liked it about um Greg lemon American Icon is fire this was really good about how Ford is run um I like Mel Brooks I thought it was really good if you like if you're interested in that uh damn some of these I have not fire and fury like behind the scenes of the Trump Administration oh I never listened to James Dion invention those are some of them uh I'm sure you know J Abraham d Kennedy G halber based on where you are would you rather go the expert make a couple M with a small team or big business route and a brand why not both I think there's many ways of getting rich I think that's one of the coolest things about my channel it's like we show you all these people who got rich in Strawberry strawberries children's books tequila uh Kinkos energy trading software like there's a lot of ways of getting rich I think it's figuring out which one works for you but realizing it's just about starting it and there's so many ways of doing it I think Niche and super Niche about marketing what up David my favorite guy you're my number one uh person here uh I think people say Niche it's just I think it's overw it's overused it's not about Niche it's about finding a core group of customers who you can really oversaturate that are excited to see from you and hear from you and I think people do too broad and nothing good there's there's nothing spicy on the dish they're putting out stuff that's just generic that no one gives a [ __ ] about so at least make something that some people care about hey what's up Lala how do you push yourself out of the comfort zone so one it's good to be comfortable it's nice being comfortable sometimes I don't want to be cold and take cold showers and all this stuff that that sucks that it's not a great way to live when people I cold shower every morning I'm like well I like a warm shower yes I do have a cold plunge and I'll do it on occasion but you want to balance and when you've challenged yourself in the past I think you also realize how much more you can do and you do feel good about yourself and so I've talked about the coffee challenge it's where you ask for 10% off next time you buy coffee and it's a little challenge that's simple that anyone can do and you realize you get rejected and you can move forward and it's you could do it as many times as you want and keep doing it and doing it and doing it and I still keep doing it and it's not that the fear goes away you just kind of get better at it and eventually you you remove your ego and you disassociate that you're not getting it's just they don't want to give you a discount and that's okay and you can keep moving forward I got about 10 more minutes what else you guys got life gets in the way for everyone everyone's got problems that's what I've been realizing this week is that everyone's kind of struggling or going through different stuff uh it doesn't go away it's just how do you want to show up what's the story you want to tell about yourself when you're facing a challenging moment like what's that what are you going to tell yourself that you're so for me when I'm on my bik and I'm struggling and it's tough on like a climb I said I tell myself I'm built for this and I just repeat that to myself I say I'm built for this what's the story you tell yourself uh James just got the book hell yeah man you're GNA email book atok it looks like a bunch of y'all have gotten it super cool you're going to join the launch Team we'll send you guys out invites uh sometime today after we get off the show wow this is so cool nego Maria gracias Maria bi phis deess I'm practicing my Spanish hell yeah that's so cool uh any strategies to keep on task during the main mundane task I'll tell you one strategy I use when I do certain work I tell myself I can't do any my rule is that when I start it I can't do anything else so that works for me and it it's very simple I start writing something on my journal or I do a specific T it's like do not touch anything else and I think one of the things about success what I've seen for successful people is they trust themselves because they follow through with themselves and so don't make it big things like I'm gonna write a book and I can't do anything else until try I write this book I think when we put it such a big expectation we're g we're it's we're asking to fail we're asking not to trust ourselves so take a small task like I'm gonna cut my nails and just cut your nails without doing something else uh the other side of it is that when you're doing tasks and you want to be distracted it's okay to be distracted sometimes it's okay to [ __ ] around I think we're the problem is that we get so like oh no I have to be perfectly optimized and perfected and productive 24/7 if I'm not I'm bad and some of the wealthiest people I know are also the laziest people I know holy [ __ ] a lot of you guys have bought the book super cool uh I'm excited to see you guys on the launch Team excited to show you the book excited for you to actually get your own business going um I love you guys you're great uh can I translate your book into Spanish one I like the idea um you just bought the book I'm sorry I saw this question I just bought the book and I'm an immigrant trying to make it in the lead gen agency game I would do it in the language where you have an advantage again I think about this a lot in life I was doing real estate and I have six properties I'm selling them I'm reducing it because I just it's it's a headache and I can there's other ways of living and making money without real estate I think real estate's overrated but I don't have an advantage in real estate I have an advantage in YouTube like I know people I've been doing it da where's your advantage where's your advantage and again if you have a local language or if you live in a local city that's your advantage that I can't compete with you on hell yeah I'm built for this affirmation I literally that's why I tell myself I'm build for this I wrote that [ __ ] down and law of 100 definitely try that out when you want to stick with stuff um there's questions uh I like real estate in the ego of showing people I own this property and I could say how many I have from an investment standpoint there's way better Investments the number one investment you could do is starting a business you know when people say this the number one investment you could do is investig in yourself I'm like what does that mean buy my book no I think the best investment from a investment return is a business like my appsumo returns Millions for me and I've worked my ass off to get here and ideally everyone at appsumo that's that's working their ass I want them to make a lot of money too and all of our customers do well and our partners do well and I think there's just better returns than real estate and also real estate's not liquid you have to put up a lot of cash oh no but it's leverage leverage I can't tell you how many annoyances I deal with all this real estate [ __ ] um how many sales people are in appsumo I think our business development team is around 15 people um we do have the channel in Spanish if you search my name in espanol you will see us on YouTube Sergio every idea has been done so I would do it and when you're doing an experiment again when you're starting business think as an experiment not I'm starting a business when you do an experiment it's okay for it to fail but go with the experiment and think about you're going to learn because it's an experiment and most business ideas have done but what what you're kind of commenting on this is a very common thing I've seen it thousands of times literally thousands of times oh there's a lot of competition there's a lot of com yeah that's a way of you avoiding actually starting because you're afraid and that's okay to be afraid and so change your perspective to say I'm going to try this out and experiment have a good time and learn from it and guess what maybe you'll succeed and if not this is getting your reps in most of the successful people I've seen almost every single one have had up so many things that didn't work I've never seen someone who's like I'm gonna do my my first idea make it really big almost none I don't think anyone send any just forward your receipt to the email um am I still handson yes I'm day-to-day running I was just in a meeting till 7 p.m.

With our product team I was a meeting with our marketing leader I was Market lead with our sales leader um I have to follow after this call with more meetings and work on yeah I work my ass off I like it do I do visualization exercises no not really I do think it's good to have dreams you're excited about shanash you're posting too much you get banned my friend sorry I gotta ban your ass um dude if you're posting a bunch uh appsumo in Latin America uh We've considered it it's not as much of an opportunity because a lot of the browsers now can translate the text um I saw some other questions I'm sorry if I missed your question and you donated that was super cool uh Monica I don't know if someone in Korea has bought wrs to the book yet but I think they have um what are my dreams my dream next what are your guys' dreams tell me that I like it too way street one of my dreams is to have a kid next year and my other dream is for this book to do exceptionally well I'd like I'd like I think a million is a stretch I think a 100,000 is a reasonable goal for people to read it and not just read it I don't need people to buy the book I don't make to be clear I don't make money on this book I don't make I don't know lately if I can say the number I guess this video is gonna come down so I got paid almost a million dollars to write this book this video is going to come down so I don't mind sharing it I paid a lot to the best writer in the world for that will work on business books his name is to RZ I paid him a lot I won't share his number that's private then I've paid Charlie hoen who is one of my very good friends and he helped Tim Ferris Tucker Max and all these other people then I've hired Tommy who's doing all the book marketing and then we're doing a lot of marketing on the book and then when the book sells I don't get money until we even sell like I don't know 50,000 books 25 which is very hard and then after that every book sold I get a dollar you don't get rich writing books you get rich speaking which is not my intent um my intent is I I was annoyed that there's no books out there that can help people with the business and I do believe this is the one yeah dude hell yeah I I think I'm so glad to be rich at 40 I'd rather be rich at 40 than Rich at 60 and it's because I put the work in for the past 15 years to get here oh your dream was to retire before 50 hell yeah totally doable very very very very very doable hell yeah this is great fix rhymes with nipple I love it by the way you don't you know everyone should try being a millionaire and see how it is for them I like it it works for me someone else man sorry someone else donate I missed it though it kind of went a little too fast um I Journal I use bear app I there's a book called morning Pages highly recommend it go get the morning Pages uh it's a phenomenal book and it has a recommendation on it uh but basically I just journal every Monday and I just write out anything in my mind and I write out what things I'm looking forward to in the week there's a lot more way I have my syst but that is just one way of how I specifically do journaling dude yes my one of my favorite quotes is that if you have a chip on your shoulder from all these people who doubt you the chip on your shoulder will put chips in your pocket so let those chips be worth something um Can listening to podcast replace books no I think books are just much more researched uh I think podcasts are generally good for inspiration where you get an inspiration of a thought you hear something you think about how can that help you but a book generally to become a book uh it's for me this is three years clutch Lewis clutch levels up my man I love your profile picture hey I love Charlie hoen oh wow High School homie that's a that's a small world uh yes Julia Cameron artist way thank you so much Janine good to see you my dream is for people to buy my software since I started fing I started my business and then we got my first customer yes Hell Yeah Izzy five bucks thank you so much any tips on Landing an internship for computer science build something that people then want to talk to you about most times people like oh I want to be an intern no build something so when you talk to someone you have something to talk about secondly look within your own network to see if anyone's a computer science or works at a company that you can then ask to be a part of it's much easier than uh just hitting up people cold what book do I recommend for personal development other than mine no I definitely recommend mine I think most of business is not actually the business that part's easy it's the fear and my book solves that for person of I think Stephen cvy seven habits of highly effective people look at any book that's actually been around for 10 years all these books that have been around for one year I don't really give a [ __ ] I'm like look at the books that stend the test of time and Stephen cuvies seven habits highly effective people there's a reason people recommend these these are the ones that are great and guess what read the book again that's what people tell me no no read the same book that worked how to win friends Influence People another one it's phenomenal whether you're trying to be in sales or just be a good person uh it's a phenomenal book uh Kareem it sounds like you know the answer so in my last company Gambit uh it was a million-dollar company we were making a lot of money I had partners that disagreed with me and so like I would take out a customer to Subway sandwiches for $5 and they would complain and I was like I'm taking them out for $5 or I flew a customer up and I had them sleep in my couch and they didn't want to pay for the flight and so at some point I was you know stop being a victim you me and take your power back and go do something about it and so I quit I just said hey you guys can have the company and I'll go work for someone else for a little bit while I come up with some ideas and eventually that's led to appsumo which is now doing where it is you know multi-million dollar business but you have to figure out how do you take your power back in the situation um versus not saying you're doing this but you know we we we victimize ourselves we blame these other people we blame this other stuff how do you take your own power back in these situations yeah I know Stephen OSI hey what's up man how can I leverage a majored marketing to find lucrative opportunities inquire yeah you don't learn that doing marketing in school I majored at UC Berkeley in marketing and economics the best way to uh to do this stuff is to actually start businesses especially uh as a college student do the most tradition especially as a college student think about as as as repetitions and getting your reps in that's what people talk about for me it every successful person has started so many things that were stupid and failed so start a College Book Exchange sell liquor in colleges go to a t-shirt business maybe just start posting on Instagram do the law of 100 and do 100 posts on Instagram sell your parents and your friends parents stuff on different ebays and Etsy and Facebooks and marketplaces do the basic ones and as you keep doing this it will lead you in the right path but starting and doing is going to get you there uh not taking generally classes yeah Leonard very well said what did I learn from the Kinko guy so he's a billionaire worth two billion um it's on the channel he I think I Lear I'll tell you the two things he said he was stressed for 35 years running his company and I will tell you with appsumo there's you know almost 100 teammates there's a lot of customers a lot of Partners uh it's stressful it is really really stressful and I want want to not be stressed for 35 years I want to have a balance of being challenged but not stressed so I thought about that from him uh I think that's probably the biggest one is just like how do you you stress is not always bad there's a book called The Upside of stress which is pretty good um how do you have good stress consistently not bad stress dude when you post the same questions all right guys I've got maybe 10 more minutes uh to hang out with you holy [ __ ] a lot of you guys bought the book if you guys have not bought the book I'll do one more plug grab the book you can see behind the scenes of my upcoming book million dooll weekend you get the digital and audio versions of it you get a B&R weekend cohorts for free where you get to meet other people and start work on your businesses you also get to chat with other people and me and slack uh you grab the book at MDW I think it's 30 bucks email me the receipt looks like I don't know 20 of you guys have done it uh super excited about that it's it's been fun I mean it's it's probably one of the hardest and best things uh and most proud things I think one the thing is think about things we're proud of and generally things you're most proud of are generally something you wanted and they're hard considerations for finding a coach what up Eric Parker which coaches have made the greatest impact in your life um I have a therapist I go to once a month that's been a huge impact um I have a health coach Adam Gilbert from my body tutor a lot of eating and health health is really about psychology that's made a gigantic impact I have a CEO coach I use am Al abdulla I also have a second CEO coach I use and then lastly uh marketing coach so uh a guy named Moody who was the CMO of GL door and zapier how do you find him I like hiring so this is what irritates me about YouTube is I like going to the people who've done the thing I actually want to do not someone who's made up [ __ ] oh yeah I'm a marketing Guru like what marketing have you done oh no dude I've done it you just can't see it I want to hire the person that did it at a company that I'm like damn that's crazy you did it there there is a caveat sometimes when you're a part of the company doesn't mean you've done anything there so you do have to dig on that to make sure they have but generally I want to go to the company or person uh and you'll be surprised for a thousand bucks most people will talk to you all right y'all I yeah I'll do five more questions what other business questions you guys got um writing a book I'll tell youall writing a book is easy getting people to read a book is hard getting people to read a good book is even harder getting people to take action and change your life is damn near impossible I think we've gotten we've figured it out but uh it's taken a lot of revisions to get here yes I the million dollar weekend I mean getting ideas for the business is actually trivial and there's so many ways you can get business ideas that's not the hard part I've had this guy Filipe get a lot of ideas there's so many videos on ideas if there's so many ways of getting ideas and having it what's the problem and the problem is fear right and then after you've overcome your fear once you have an idea the idea is easy how do you make getting customers easy easy and that's the part that we can help you solve how many hours per week do I work I don't think that's again I don't that's always an interesting question because I think it's the wrong question and I hate when people say it's the wrong question it's more what's the output and the output is pretty good to run a million person YouTube channel which I appreciate you being a part of a book that I think is going to do well do my best to be a good boyfriend uh to my girlfriend uh and then run help run an $80 million business like that's what I output on a weekly basis and I think I'm doing a pretty good job of it the book link is right here it's MDW also if you don't have money totally get it just go check out my free stuff we put out so much free things out there uh there's a free chapter from the book no lost lost uh if you want just a free chapter of the book uh it's something that we couldn't put in the finished product but it's six ways of growing a business um I think it's pretty good check that out a lot of you guys have asked about my podcast uh so I do a weekly podcast I don't actually do a great job of telling people about it so I'm going to tell you all about it um so it's okay or podcast uh weekly guests that are millionaires professional cyclists famous artists there people I'm curious about and how they you know how they've succeeded in their own business Journey so if you want to check out my podcast if you want to hear from me on a weekly basis uh I would say the episodes lately Mark Manson Leo batata some people you've heard of that you need to hear of I think I highly recommend checking out the podcast and subscribing if you are not already uh you know two things on this coaching thing um I don't think anything is too broad I think you should try to see hey is this something that people actually want to pay money for I I what I've noticed from accountability coaching is no one actually really wants to pay for it so the whole point though is go find out so that you can then find the thing they do want to pay for I don't advertise my podcast enough yeah but I work hard on it and it's definitely a lot of effort um podcast all right here's how to choose a business idea in 30 seconds one what is a problem that you have today that you would be excited to pay someone to solve and that you can find at least one other person that you think could be a customer for you that's the best business idea period yeah so I am flying someone to live with me for for 48 hours just like the book says and we're going to go through the book together and we'll see what we can do and then yes we're putting we're gonna record it and then I'm going to do a live stream of the book uh as we get closer to the launch date is there any content or things you guys want me to make videos about or podcast about Hey Kevin ye good to see you man yeah we're GNA put the podcast on YouTube they just need to be edited and produce a little better yeah I struggle with confidence we all do and you know how you fix struggling with confidence practice practice you go and do it like this book I've done it myself I've helped other people do it I've seen it so my confidence is high when I first started writing it I was like oh do I really can I do this even though I've done it myself so many times I've worked for literally Zuckerberg I worked at I worked for Microsoft uh I've started so many different businesses that I've worked um and it's through practice seeing others doing it that built up my confidence all right let me see other suggestions this is a podcast Q&A maybe actually that's not a bad idea of putting this out on the podcast James I like that suggestion um that video is coming out middle December end of December we're filming it in two weeks yeah I think this is a really cool idea or app for businesses i' I've you know a lot of business ideas have been talked about or tried doesn't mean it can't work again um so I I think that's a really interesting one gifts for your partner yeah can you join the virtual million dollar yeah we're gonna have a launch party not some webinar get some selling you some [ __ ] it's just gonna have a launch party for it um the link to the free chapter all right y'all it is I'm going to give you a few of the things that you guys are asking for uh link to the free chapter of my book is no loss no Kagan that's me how you uh SL lost uh check out the podcast at no podcast I changed everything to noan from OK dork uh I'd like to see in the podcast maybe I'll release this as a Q&A was pretty fun it was actually really fun sorry I love doing this and again uh check out the book I've already mentioned it more than enough times that I need to say it here tell me one thing that you are excited for this weekend and we'll we'll we'll leave it at that I'm going to call out people who leave comments hey Katie good to see you my Walkin friend I don't think mama sumos here the party maybe we'll have a party in Barcelona what is one thing you are looking forward to this weekend I can't even say that Katie said rain in Texas Christopher said costumes the next live is at the end of the month so make sure you're subscribed to the channel to get notified so whenever the last Friday of the month is is generally noon uh if you're on the email list if you're on lost or uh sometimes we email out about it but make sure you're subscribed to the channel um Liam's launching a newsletter Karim wants to do a party in Barcelona Chris is making his next video hell yeah man cat is gonna make calendars the what up people is going to start a business 40 hours hell yeah Charles gonna replace bearings on his car oh wow Karen tenia that's cool sem cast is going to the farm October Fest oh I really that's one of my bucket lists 80 degree weather no F1 traffic a day off hell yeah all right I love you guys I'll see you out there thank you for showing up with the office hours we do them every last Friday of the month at noon I love you to see all out there have a great weekend

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