Live Office Hours for Entrepreneurs (AMA)

for [Music] what is up y'all book launch day it is surreal uh to actually have your own book and I'm excited to get it in the hands of you guys what is up hello everyone I don't know if you can hear me on audio let me bring the mic a little closer I got to go through comments on the iPad because I have the other Studio set up otherwise how are you happy I think it's Friday what's up Molly Walsh good to see you Ali Dewan Stephen Anton Mickey Hof we can hear you Kevin hawor good to see your face Amigo good to see you mahti linia Sylvie hello hello King Taco himself I I think they were ordering tacos for lunch uh I was busy as hell for these past 24 hours and I've got about 24 hours left as I'm doing the million dooll weekend challenge the 48 hour challenge I am doing myself in secret so no social media no Twitter no email list no NADA I'm not even I'm even gonna test it with fake names like you won't even see me on these places trying from brand new scratch um I've got about 24 hours left and my goal go in this challenge is you guys came up with the ideas so we looked at all the YouTube comments uh and Twitter and on other social media that we posted I think Instagram and then I'm not using any of my social media uh it's challenging it's really and y'all didn't make it easy on me so I'm excited uh to get back to work I got another another hour uh of this and another meeting but I promise you guys I'd show up I'm gonna do office hours every single Friday noon Central I'll be here answering your questions about your businesses uh until book launch so that every single Friday this month you will be seeing me the million-dollar challenge is in 48 hours can you start a million-dollar business and so I'm doing it live right now the the guys are filming me and stuff like that out there uh but I promised you to come here for office hours just like I'm gonna do every single Friday this month how are you guys K Pasa I have my little iPad out here um how are you happy Friday hello from Israel shalom shalom how are youma what's your personality type I would say it's like an n o Ah that's generally how I I've been called that was good that was pretty good joke uh the book launches went live today I think a lot of you guys have already grabbed it or you're already on the launch Team so it's been super cool uh to put together a book launch this is definitely my first and last experience of doing it uh I'm so excited for this to in the hands this the only book I'm ever going to do and uh very happy to see you what up Dave poris shout out ATX uh good to see you in person oh man someone else uh just bought the product that I'm using the million dooll weekend challenge the 48 hour challenge I'm doing it and I just got another sale I can't show you uh let me just show you this is crazy it does work some sometimes I I was surprised I was surprised no I'm not um from Dynamite Ventures let me just show you guys on cam I think you could see it I don't can you see it on cam I don't know if you guys can see it but they just sent me a100 um let me see if I can change cams here hold on watch watch this watch The Magic of Technology let's see boom all right so Dynamite Venture shout out tropical you guys know these guys uh Dan and Ian Sandy Alex check them out tropical NBA podcast they just sent me $100 for my brand new product not even out yet doesn't even have a name no website no social media and it's part of the million dollar weekend challenge I just got another sale during this stream uh that's crazy or is it we've also done some other crazy stuff so far this week uh in these 48 Hours uh of doing the million dollar weekend challenge I came in hot I came in hot the book comes out January 30th I think I see you guys I see a a lot of people asking about that what up my Pakistani people my Indian people I don't know if I'll ever do another book again I this book is available in India on Amazon Kindle what's up Ren King Sumo himself I practice what I preach I don't just tell you about some madeup business that you see these other YouTubers tell you like oh I'm I'm worth this much money hundreds of millions of dollars what's your business oh it's a thing you can never see it don't worry about it uh I proove it to you live come on now Stephen Anton what's up my man so let's uh I'm going to enter the studio I'm going to see your guys' questions I got an hour let's answer your questions I'll talk about million dollar weekend specifically as well um if you guys questions about that and if you've pre-ordered the book we've got insane bonuses you can hang out with me in Barcelona you can spend a I think a week might be a weekend in Austin we have a book launch party we have a lot of really really cool exclusives over at the website all right let me see you guys questions I'm got my iPad here open how long did it take you to get the book out so from start to finish with four years who here has pre-ordered the book by the way who here is pre-order looks like reclaimer has it's super cool it's bright so let me show you an example so I'm gonna give a few of my favorite books oh this book's fire all right so I'm pulling out a few of my favorite books just to show you guys how bright this is this the brightness here is out of control look at this so we got Tim Ferris is one of my buddies for our work week have a podcast coming out with him this is Tim's book Fire book for especially for starting a business I would say my book's very complimentary to Tim's but look how bright this is that's nuts you can use this as a flashlight if you hate the book so if you don't like the book just use it as a flashlight you can use it like where did I need to go in the house glows in the dark Dave H pre-ordered money making Sim this literally is the only book I can ever recommend for people after Tims I would say but I'd say I like mine as well uh I love mine to get started on a business in a very short period of time Janine Weiss I love seeing your name out there um Dave H pre-ordered holy crap you guys pre-ordered that is so insane I I just got the book yesterday um you guys want to see some of the Easter eggs from it I honestly it's just insane I'm I'm so like proud of it I'm excited for you guys to get it I'm excited for you guys to change your lives um let me show you one of the Easter eggs there's a lot of little funny things I try to just make the book that I would I wish I had when I was starting out and it got you know it got rejected doing this book in the beginning uh Lisa deona I love her my agent she said no so then I spent a year working on the proposal and then she said yes and then we pitched it and then I begged tall RZ T RZ he wrote he wrote this book Never Eat Alone with Keith farazi and never split the difference so I I I cold emailed him and bugged him and he eventually was like sure I'll work on this book with you do we have the audio version yeah I did recorded the audio version that was really hard really really hard you can check it out on Audible uh it is on Audible yeah go to millionar there's a link for the audible and get the bonuses the bonuses are uh first come first serve there's limited quantities and they stop on January in a few weeks January 30th janary 23rd when the um pre-sell happen all right nope so the book comes out January 30th right now we have pre-orders available uh with a bunch of bonuses so behind the scenes of my $2 million income stream I don't know why I'm giving that out to you frankly uh we have a book launch party we're gonna have a lot of insane guests that are coming to that we're gonna have a workshop that you'll have a dedicated 48 hour workshop with me so if you want to change your life in 48 hours I will be with you holding your hand hello hello Bob I got you Bob Smith Stephen Anton can you explain how you got to where you are in business what is your mindset how do you overcome mental challenges that's a lot well I will answer your questions today let's not spam the chat I don't think you guys are doing it um let's be mindful uh of the questions post it once please what is the book about the book is how to change your life in 48 hours so the surprisingly simple way to launch a seven figure or more this is the same thing I'm using to run appsumo decom appsumo uh in 48 hours without spending more money and without spending a lot of time especially if you are anywhere in the world and you don't even have a big network if you're like I don't know a lot of people out there um here's an example of one of the stories this is pretty cool uh there's a big difference between what people say and what people do everyone's interested until they have to pay and so how do you actually get them to pay dealing with rejection one of the ways to deal with rejection is rejection goals H and this is a story I share about creating a taco shirt so you can see this is me and my taco shirt after I tried another business that did not work but guess what people like taco shirts H and it shows other ways like this is Neville showing how he started a camera rental business using Craigslist for free super super exciting um I'm just so I'm so proud of it I'm so many I love that you guys have pre-ordered it and you guys are excited about it um I'm back stage uh what are you guys questions about the book I'd love to answer them and I'm looking at the chat in the comments so I can see him right here as well uh love the color yeah so what's crazy in the in the book World there are no green business books zero there are no green business books which is is unreal they think it's bad luck so either this book is going to totally bomb and uh I don't think it will I I I love this book for me I'm so excited to get in your hands actually it is feels like a child that I'm excited see go off and and you know see what it can do in life and I think there's a lot of stories this is Jennifer Jones who started a cookie business using million dollar weekend talks about my father who didn't speak English and how he was even able to start a business not speaking English what is the biggest lesson you learned from working with tall Ross so tall Ross is the co-author he's wrote Never Eat Alone he wrote split the difference um I would say there's a difference between a professional and amateur number one and tall is a professional writer and so if you are doing something like medical go to a doctor if you are working on a book I am not a great writer I'm a great marketer I'm a great blogger maybe YouTuber and so one of the key things is going to who is an expert and how do you work with them number one number two tall big thing which I thought was very powerful is what's unique about what we're saying that there's no no other book that can talk about it and secondly how are you telling actual really meaty stories meaty super stories that are just not generic like yeah so my kid was doing this and uh I sold a thing and that's it it's like no let's go into like crazy stories like mudwater story let's go into Airbnb story let's go into stories that are like super unique uh that are really going to hit home the examples and have just so many of them like my father dying story which is insane I mean it's sad uh but how do we have really powerful stories that'll inspire you to take action for yourselves uh so go to the challenge millionar you can get the first chapter totally for free at millionar does it talk about sales techniques yes we talk about the loot method uh and this is what I'm literally doing today so right now I'm starting my own brand new million dooll weekend business live we're recording it uh and it'll be coming out in two to three weeks and we'll see how much I was able to make in 48 hours not using social media or my email list uh and using the ideas that you guys came up with so in terms of sales yeah a lot of what starting a business is is how do you get better at asking we have literally a whole chapter on asking and how do you get better at asking and the lot framework which I'll te I'll tease in it a bit it's called lot which is listen options transition gotta get the book to go find out more but I can't just give you everything and I'm also giving out chapter one totally for free um on million dooll Honus viser cool name one yeah I recommend a lot of books I read a ton of books um and I would say for starting a business in a very short amount of time without a lot of money uh and helping you overcome some of the fears that have held you back from it million dooll I was just showing off artist way another really inspirational book that that's inspired us uh with this one you guys got great questions does it talk about how to acquire new clients 100% so we have a whole chapter dedicated funny you asked I don't know if you can see it it's called the growth machine so this is the exact Playbook that I've used at I've used at we've used at senf we've used at tidy um it has the exact Playbook on how do you grow the business it's here's our charts and you get all these templates from the book uh but how we grew our YouTube channel to a million subscribers as well it's the same exact formula over and over and over uh with very tactical examples it's cool to show the book it's like story time with my children uh so Source expected sales actual sales uh and this is from y'all I've been doing startups for 20 years I worked at Facebook worked at mint I've been running appsumo I failed a lot of startups I've started a lot of things with the rest of our team um this is I'm still in the game running a business live you can see appsumo dcom and my businesses that I'm a part of with an awesome team so I think if you've always wanted to kind of get going in your own business this is the book for you you can buy the book at millionar it's not out yet it's out January 30th but if you pre-order you get a ton of really exclusive bonuses uh can I do an updated video on business coaching yeah I have a lot of coaches we spend as a company over a million a year which is insane um $60,000 a loan on my CEO coach $60,000 a year on my business coach and that's just two um so yeah a lot of coaches a video coming out about that probably not for a while most people in the audience are aspiring to have a business uh and so that's why I'm on millionar you can get it millionar so brand new AI tools I haven't used a ton of them I've used chat GPT uh I like chatbase for customer support I like cast magic uh for show notes for the podcast those are the main ones uh that I'm focused on right now but I I think when people are thinking AI they're getting it backwards they're like here's technology how do I find customers and you need to that's what I focus on the book which is the customer first approach which is what's the customer's problem how does Technology support that uh yes it's available internationally worldwide uh in German in all of the other languages you can go to your local Amazon and get it Brad uh what up Brad Mills seen you a long time on the interwebs the my New Year's resolution and how I do goal setting there is an older video on YouTube but I don't have an updated one but if you go back to two years ago or if you go to we've sent it out two weeks ago dude so good to see you guys are we using AI internally app Sumo yes we use it with some of our customer support every single person in the engineering team around 25 of them uh uses co-pilot from GitHub and otherwise you're going to be behind in your development stuff and we're looking at more ways to integrate it with our operations so the photos the titles the description of our products as well as we're having a new version of our questions and reviews coming out with a little bit of AI little AI magic but again don't worry about AI worry about the customer problems first and then seeing if AI can support that what is my favorite chapter in million-dollar weekend oh hey Janine good to see you thank you for all your help with the book A lot of people here have pre-ordered and been part of the launch Team I would say I mean chapter one is banging I'd say chapter one uh which is the power of starting and the power of asking has got to be there I'd say chapter one is definitely in chapter two the unlimited upside of asking so this is about selling and asking and how to make it super super good um the reason I think it's so powerful is that there's a lot of books out there how to do Facebook ads how to do affiliate marketing here's how to make an offer and here's how to do this stuff but the problem is more 99% of people have a tough time just asking doesn't matter how good the offers are or whatever that is it's like so how do you get good how do you get good at that in a fun way and you can get a gold medal in rejection and so there's a lot of fun stories about pizza parties my father not speaking English and how he did sales um how it was at Bill Gates's house how there's a lot of really unique examples um from Deer to Jennifer and the people who' have gotten uh early releases of the book this guy Paul Millard who wrote The pathless Path um he was like dude I can't believe this book it's definitely different it's not as boring as I thought it would be that's honestly one of the greatest compliments I could hear because there's all these business books and I read a ton and they they suck they're just not what you need people uh 10 books yes we have a lot of offers limited time only because we're going to have the once the book is out those offers go away and I will never do those again ever like there's weekly mentorship for me I literally will Coach you every single week that I don't even really want to do it but I do think people someone will will get it um and you have to apply you can't even buy that one uh 10 book offer yes is available worldwide how do you find winning business opportunities so we have seven different ways to come up with at least 10 ideas in the book uh I'll give you two that you can do right now one look at your credit card bill this is inspired by Tim Ferris just see what's ever expensive on your credit card bill and that's an opportunity number two is what is something you've avoided doing for longer than a week that's a business opportunity I'll give you one a third let me just let's look in the book see which one so cool to write the book on it you can just look it up um I'll give you the third one it's not even in the book but it's another one I I really like which is around what are the things that have bothered you throughout your day and so what you can do is on your phone right now just have your phone out breakfast lunch dinner and then put two categories per each one so two breakfast two lunch to dinner and just think about the things going on that have frustrated you for me for example figuring out how to get lunch delivery where I don't have to think about it is super super annoying finding a house manager this morning I just really wish I could have a house manager super annoying and again now that can lead lead you to having your own different business ideas um is the book billion doll month coming no uh I do have a lot of experience running almost a hundred million do a year business but I think this is will be my one and only book it's a lot of work way harder than I ever expected and a lot everything that I have all the best of me and T Raz and all the stories and things that are unique that you will not see elsewhere is going to be in this book I don't plan on doing another one um have I read other people's business books yes I think there's a lot of good marketers out there who I like to buy the things from people who did not get rich from books or courses uh that's who I like to learn from so I like to learn from Zuckerberg who I worked for or I worked at which sold for 200 million and you know I think there's other authors who've done well where when I look at their business or you can't see their businesses or they claim big numbers uh I don't like Le learning from them and that's just my own personal preferences so you know different people like different restaurants and I like the the the food I'm serving up have I gotten high scores at pinball yes um I'm a huge pinball player I have an arcade at my house uh so if you guys end up coming to my house one day we will play some Godzilla and yes tining I am the that was literally on my yearly goal list is to have the high score at Godzilla so now I'm pretty much done besides million dollar weekend and and my partner MAF I'm done for the year you guys got me all excited so good to see I can't believe it's launch day there are so many people tweeting about million dooll weekend I can't wait it to get in your hands like holding the book the color uh the Easter eggs let me show you guys a few of the little Easter eggs that I was able to sneak in thank you I'm glad you like the new studio it only cost 20K here's oh man these are cool Easter eggs um so you know in books all right I'll show you one of them you know in books they have these acknowledgments and it's like oh I want to thank my family I want to thank that I was like n those are boring so I put in the the acknowledgements that you can write your own name you so as you're succeeding and you and I and you helped with the book I have a place for you to write your name right there you write your name in the acknowledgements because I acknowledge you uh I hired someone Jay Stevens to help build out the studio dude Luis G if you guys have uh pre-order which a lot of you guys have make sure to send in your receipt we have a ton of insane bonuses we have a launch party virtually and in person in Austin we're going to allow 69 people to come to Ryan holidays bookstore uh so Ryan holiday's bookstore is gonna host us for in-person book launch there's only 69 people alive um that'll be exciting uh we're going to have a 48 hour workshop with me so literally from zero to 48 hours which the book is all about I will be with you for an online live boot camp 48 hours can't believe we're going to do that as well um the dates for that are not set though dude you guys got me like like jittery I didn't even have that much coffeee today you can pre-order at million dooll is I think the URL is up on the screen what other questions you'all have this is fun to talk about I can't believe it I'm like yeah I can't believe it I'm so proud of it I'm excited to get in your hands man I'm so excited to uh see what it can do for your life see a lot of people out there want to start businesses or I've got one going I want it going uh faster so where is the Latina you mean my girlfriend uh she is outside Lis g go to millionar and you can send your receipt and you get tons of free bonuses behind the things of my $2 million a year plus income stream uh we have accountability workshops we have a live Workshop we'll have inperson reading at Ryan holiday's bookstore we're gonna have a uh one person will get to hang out with me and work on their business live all expenses paid in Barcelona why do you think people this is a great question K why do you think people start a want to start a business but fail so I I I think what's interesting about that question is that all businesses fail and that's not necessarily the bad thing what what the real question I wonder is why do people give up too soon and how do we help them overcome that that's the part I'm really thinking about is that fail failure is gonna happen I fail a lot I'm still failing still like I was doing uh we're having another part of the video we're working on I failed a little bit yesterday I failed and I was like great let's go again and that's a lot of what this book is really going to help people with which is why are we giving up so soon and how do I make it a little bit more fun so I'm I just keep going and I keep going and I keep going and 13 14 years later now let's take appsumo dcom which I followed this framework is now an $80 million a year business that I started in a weekend for 60 bucks which I shouldn't even spent the 60 but I did um what's my advice to people outside of us trying to come to Silicon Valley I would say one if you can get to America go to Silicon Valley number two I would look at what do you have an advantage in so if you're in turkey or if you're in South America or if you're in Africa you have opportunities there that I can't compete with so instead of maybe coming to Silicon Valley think about what you have that no one else has access to Jay Stevens contact uh yeah DM me and I replied almost all DMS and I'll help you out how much did I buy this hat this hat was $10 on Amazon I think it's nef can you suggest Services how do I view your revenue streams if you grab the book and submit your receipt on million dooll you're going to get behind the scenes of my my income stream which is I don't know why we're doing that but that's the thing that people really wanted to see this is a great question Chris Archer at what point do you stop if it's not going well or do you keep going until you make it work so the book is called weekend and so I give you very clear rules so that you know if you should keep going after the weekend or not and that makes it a lot easier for people because sometimes it is should I keep going should I not and the problem is is people spend six months and I know people out there have done it 6 months money time and they either haven't done anything or when they finally deliver it yeah that's crickets that's crickets how is the lawn care business going so I'm doing a 48 hour challenge I'm following the book exactly but I'm making it 10 times harder than you have to on yourself and I went and knocked on doors to see if I could sell lawn care and selling Lawn Care was harder than I thought it would be so we we pivoted into another business that so far I've done done about $1,200 in about 24 hours or no it's about 12 hours now and I've got about 24 hours left in my 48 hour challenge to get another $1,500 we want to get $2,700 in profit in profit that's a million-dollar business uh daily profit $2,700 in the next I got I had a little bit of family emergency but another 12 hours so overall everything's good I had to go to doctors everything's fine dude Jason Lloyd oh my God thank you so much uh yeah so the Tim Ferris article Tim Ferris good buddy of mine uh podcast coming out with him he's got the exclusive launch for million dollar weekend I would definitely recommend checking out his podcast and YouTube channel uh we have an amazing podcast show coming out uh January 24th did anyone recognize you ask your mother Alon so funny you asked that Jason um mowing the Lawns no I did go to neighbors so some I knew some I did not know which is awkward um but we were doing in the book we have the dollar Challenge and we have the coffee Challenge and so in that uh as I was on the streets of Austin Texas yesterday doing those someone uh who was on the launch team was like holy [ __ ] I'm I've bought your book already he pre-ordered it and uh I knew who you were so that was super cool what up JN good to see you Sylvie cam Tommy uh Dylan Jeremy all the people on the the team that have made this book happen I can see some of you guys in the chat chat um dude awesome reclaimer do I have a skincare routine it is so funny of all the emails I've sent number one million-dollar weekend has been the most responding to now but number two it's my skincare routine so a lot of things about skincare routine man maybe I'll make some content around this in the future I would say I'll give you a few tips number one's genetics it's is straight up number two uh sunblock I've been Sun blocking for the past 16 years every single day I sunblock I use a Neutrogena stick because I'm a guy and I'm lazy so I do that just every morning that's it I just use Neutrogena for people that are in Austin I'm having a book show a book reading on February 2nd so if you get 10 books you can come to that otherwise I don't meet with people uh the the the exclusive things we have for people that are pre-ordering the book and you can do on the website I will almost 90% never do again ever dude thank you so much Hala what is up my Egyptian magician that's super cool there's a guy Jonah Babbin who's in who's been in the community who's made a good amount of money doing magic so super cool to see magicians out there what are my thoughts on AI I think it's overrated if that's my that's my real thought I think people are I think it's definitely going to be super valuable there's a lot of cool use cases but I think it's still six 12 months before we see some really powerful things come out of AI that impact people on a daily basis you know think about crypto people were like oh it's everything and then it died and people like crypto sucks and now it's back people are like crypto again and so I'm like what are the things that are sticking around what are the things that I'm using on a day-to-day that I need basis uh and so for me I haven't integrated AI really into my daily life yet but do I think there's going to be a lot of things coming yes um I think there's stuff now but I I'm still looking for another six months to see more things I use on a daily basis uh audiobook version yes on Audible I recorded it that was one of the hardest things I had to do for the book I was shocked how hard is to record an audio book it was three basically full days of five to six hours of just non-stop recording sitting like this you have to sit in the exact same position and then there's a producer the guy the same person who did uh Prince Harry's book did mine and then he's just like no do that again no keep going slower faster and I was like o ve man this is tough so shout out to anyone who's ever recorded an audio book billion dooll weekend I I the question I have uh Simon Bradley is who in the audience is going to follow the book exactly and who is going to be the person having the million dollar business and it's available to anyone who's willing to commit so I'm curious if it's G to be you or Janine or beo I know there's a guy Pat actually I put him on the back of the book so Pat was an early reader his name literally on the top of the uh back cover a million dollar weekend is a perfect book to turn you from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur in 48 hours Noah Kagan literally helped me on the path to a million doll business that's cool trillion dollar weekend who knows I'm not as excited or trying to be a billionaire or anything like that I think that's not as important as living a great life uh but I do think having the I think everyone should be an entrepreneur and having the opportunity to be a millionaire which everyone can do it's it's not exclusive every it's available to everyone uh you guys should go try it and have that opportunity you like cheddar chips I like chips too why don't you use AI for the voice recording of the Audi book I think there's still some stuff that's not as high quality there's definitely you know descript decom uh from Andrew Mason there's definitely some cool tools out there on app we have a lot of cool AI tools um for certain things we use like a $5,000 microphone it was really really interesting we shared a lot of that with the launch Team um but yeah it was it was an experience I don't know if the AI is at the level that it can do that just yet in the exact same tations of everything but probably pretty close with all the audio that I I've put out there what would I like to achieve from the book the number one goal from the book is a thousand positive reviews that's my one goal thousand positive reviews so we have a launch Team of 1340 people and I'm these are people that I've literally every person one by one I've messaged and I'm looking for them to read the book early and if they like the book uh to leave a positive honest review and I think it's doable yeah I think bleus and some of these things that summarize books are good but I do think what's interesting is you have to read the same message over and over to finally absorb stuff I do notice when I read a tweet I forget it like how how often has a tweet changed your life probably zero realistically like really change your life how much has a book actually change your life like 10 out of 10 so think about the Bible pretty big changer for our work week I know changed a ton of people's lives uh the artist way that changed my life I journal every week because the artist way book made me feel like I could be a creative person so shout out Julia Cameron this changed my life but I think with some of the shorter some of the shorter stuff isn't really going to change as many lives as a book you guys I'm coming in hot we got another 20 minutes of spicy chatting tell me your business questions ask about the book it's been fun I'm seeing if my mom called she always calls but I don't think I'm gonna have her on today because we're focused on the book just focus on the book mom she understands what questions do y'all have about your business or getting started or something that's been holding you back that we can be talking about today let me see all right pre-order the book oh all corpin awesome am I doing an online million dollar weekend live boot camp yes uh that is going to happen I'm not sure exactly when everything now is focused on the book launch in January and then I've got personal stuff going on uh most likely in April would be the 40 hours I'll definitely make sure that everyone can attend uh so everyone can be a part of it how do you know what to do if you don't feel like you have actual skills so it's a great question there's two things you can do literally right now one you have skills and that's something I can't convince you on because you'll have to you have to believe that here seriously here's something you could do right now though you can text one friend just text one friend right now text someone you respect and say hey what's the skill you think I'm good at and I think you're going to be surprised that by having a mirror they're going to actually be like wow this is really this this person knows me and I have skills I realize number two here's another way you can find your skills go and teach someone and if you're going to go teach someone something what would you teach them and so through this book I've taught literally now hundreds of people just from this book not even in the past stuff and that helped me feel like holy [ __ ] I definitely know what I'm talking about here because I wondered I'm like can I really help people but only through doing it I recognize yes I have skills in these areas that took time for me to build confidence uh I would buy million dollar weekend because it includes the course monthly 1K uh for free as a part of the book uh as part of the pre-launch so if you get the book you get our course totally free as well B Wolfman that's super funny I'm gonna ban you if you have a lot of dumb questions I thought it was like a legit question and then now it sounds like a joke is the audiobook shorten no the audiobook is the full ass long addition of million dollar weekend does Google have a monopoly on search yes but a lot of times the big companies fail because someone does it in a totally new way and so I do see chat GPT and some of these things having a new way that people are starting to there to search or maybe Apple um and a lot of innovation comes from not experts so Google came out of two kids in college kids that competed with yaho and these big ass companies and they were able to upsert them so I think you have to realize for yourself that you can change the world you can make an impact as well you don't have to have a lot of expertise or go have some fancy degree the course is not in the audio book uh but the course is a lot of video and action based material a lot of the stuff I teach a lot of stuff I do is very about action uh it's not as theoretical do you think it's possible become a millionaire through YouTube yeah yes I have stories in the book Kevin Espiritu epic gardening Dustin's fish tanks Matt's off-road trailers there's more all millionaires uh podcast I've done from the book oh this is interesting so what happens when you do a book and we are giving out uh a ton of book tours let me see so on when you have a book you do this whole launch things and you go on a bunch of shows so so far I think I've been on around 45 shows and I would say the best was Tim Ferris we did a five hour show from the book and just hanging out I haven't talked to him in years that was super fun um I would say the most awkward was Lewis house Lewis is awesome I haven't talked to him in a little while so I appreciate him chatting with him but it was much more about feeling worthy and feeling like could I really help people did I feel like I deserve success and deserve things in my life so it's a very different type of conversation station but I think it'll also be powerful for people out there how do you avoid work and not pay taxes well if you don't make any money you don't pay any taxes so you could start there I think one of the best ways I'm not there's definitely people out there I I don't get tax that's a whole that's a whole whole dialogue I think the governments waste all of our money Frank frankly so I don't like having I think government should be small and leave us alone and we should try to take as much responsibility for ourselves and help others as much as we can uh but I'd rather not hope that a government can do something for me hey what up San Francisco my hometown shout out the a area you guys know the a area Bay area 408 um so what advice you know a million dollar weekend is for someone exactly if you're starting a beverage company if you're starting a software company I try to start a lawn care company um if you're trying to start a Beverage Company you know what areas of Beverage are not competitive that's the thing you need to really be thinking about and what do you have in your network that's maybe more unique do you have maybe tennis do you have entrepreneurs do you have maybe religious people and Within These specific groups that you already have access to how do you then find something that you can have success for yourself shout out Bob Miley dude yes oh wow this is so cool so you just pre-ordered the audible was listening to the first chapter of the podcast and now I'm here now we're here yeah it's it's still me how did you imagine to solve the Homeless Problem oh I don't know I think the homeless problem has too many people on both sides uh that I don't know if there'll ever be a solution for that but I think that universally we all want people to be taken care of we all want people to have healthare we want want people to be safe and most of us just want to live good lives so I think everyone would agree with that how we can actually get to that outcome very challenging so Miguel Rolo yeah I think that's a great approach you already know the answer how do you do Outreach if you want to do web design business I'm 19 do the work for free here's the one trick this is literally a trick for you to get those clients Miguel don't email me or any of them saying hey do you need any web design I literally let me just show you my Instagram I'm not joking I get maybe 10 to 50 a day a day let me just show it these are different people that are like hey hidden request I delete them pretty often there's more hey can I come and do your editing or can I do more photos for you I'm like no you cannot very few people actually create the thing and send me the thing meaning if you're trying to do web design if you're trying to do book design if you're trying to do podcast design if you're trying to do video editing do the actual work and send it to him we hired cam who's our video editor that way Jeremy did Instagram that way Jay who's now doing all of our social media and helping with the newsletter did it that way so be a part of the 1% you don't even have to be do that much more work just a little bit more and then you will stand out dude drug talk TV one that sounds like a super cool YouTube channel uh but you bought two books so you could do it with a friend in the 48 hour challenge now that's exciting who you're going to give a gift to I'll here's what I'll do I'm I'm going to send a autograph version to one person here who tweets um about million dollar weekend I will just send one to you so include the link million dooll include me in your Tweet right now I'll pull up Twitter and I will personally send you a super early cop nothing is even out these don't even come out I don't know if I want to send it now now I'm now I'm feeling attached no I will um anywhere in the world anywhere in the world uh I'm going to go on Twitter so if you guys are in the Twitter verse tweet million and tag me NOA Kagan and I will choose one person in the next three minutes uh I'll send you an autograph copy this literal one it's coming to you fake Guru gifter thank you so much I really appreciate that's a really nice compliment I I would say fake Guru huh worked at Facebook huh help start hm help did kickflip Gambit senf Fox tidy Cal absum monthly 1K King Sumo huh now let's look at other gurus on there online oh I did this business that I sold and I'm worth all this money but you can't see anything ever ah okay yeah yeah definitely I'm fake you know I think I used to bother me but I'm like I don't if I'm fake then I don't know who isn't um Matt Brunton dude so cool to see you thank you for getting 10 copies um okay you guys are tweeting it I'm seeing a ton of people tweet who is going to get the free copy I'm going to send it worldwide uh to someone who tweets my name at NOA Kagan so I know who you are and the URL put a little text in there I'm seeing a few people that are like blah blah blah nothing nothing nothing oh wow people are doing it um okay okay I'm going to give it another two minutes this pretty fun I'm going to send literally this book I don't have a pen in here but maybe uh I'm not gonna leave I'll stay in the live stream I've got a hard stop in 17 minutes I will be back next Friday 12 pm Central answering your questions about the book and whatever you have about yourself um futureof we you want to be the number one distribution distribution place for software tools for solopreneurs so there's a a lot more we can do outside of the software deals we do on appsumo and I'm excited as hell and if you don't have stuff that you're excited on your business we can fix that the easiest way you can do that I love this idea is put it on the calendar if you're not excited about something find something to be excited about and put it on your calendar so you go and do it maybe it's a million-dollar weekend where you change your life in a weekend maybe it's going for a walk maybe it's a date with your partner whatever that is put it on the calendar so Adrian I just talked about about how you can work for some for free that's literally I gave you the exact blueprint you can copy and that's that's how you can work for almost anyone you want um wow a lot of you guys are tweeting about the book arnard oh arnard has a good one Sebastian good to see your name man you guys are tweeting like crazy oh dude you guys are making it hard who the hell to give the book to uh Devin good to see you Adrian it's okay you can watch the replay uh the the audio book is available on I'm going to get another minute I'll wait five minutes dude bought the book Chad seon you're the man I think you're out here listening why is the book yellow it's green it's green I think pretty sure it's green we tested um if you guys remind me next week Friday noon office hours we tested all so many T I'll show you behind the scenes of how we did our testing so you could see how we ended up with yellow it's actually not allowed by most Publishers for a business book go look on business books right now there's no green business books my friends my friends I'm telling you happy New Year everyone happy New Year happy New Year it's going to be a great year you're going to decide how your years goes you decide how the year goes and you decide how do you want to end up this year how do you want to end up December 31st how do you want to look back and think about this year dude Kevin ye I love you man good to see you SF tidy shout out to that team as well who's amazing uh super cool yes there's an book at all right I'm about to choose the winner I'll give it another minute you guys are tweeting like [Music] crazy all right I see who the winner is DM me your address on Twitter and I am G to send you this book for free autograph copy again if you tweet me at noan include some text don't just make it total random and link to million dooll uh I'm I'm going to get you guys this one person this book and again I'll be here back next Friday 1200m Central I think the winner all right and the winner of the free autograph copy oo oh now there's like I got some competition I'm only going to give out one I promise I give out one oh man Jason Bowman I see you out there um oh okay no I okay I see who's gonna I'm gonna give it out to all right so the winner of this exact copy I'm sending it to your house is GNA be trip Stanford trip Stanford DM me your address you won this exact copy super early edition not even out publicly I'll give a another copy out next week again there's a pre-sale going on with insane bonuses at million dooll I got another 13 minutes to answer any of your business questions holl at your boy I also got to get back because I am doing a 48 hour million-dollar weekend challenge right now right now right outside and all through the house outside all through Austin trying to make $2,700 in the next I've got about six hours left because I got to take the girlfriend out for pizza tonight oh I'm getting hot cuz I'm getting excited congrat dude Jason Bowman you show up next week I think I might have to hook you up man I like that you're cheering him on Micah it's free I don't I'm not forced to answer anyone's question man but yes post it one more time and I'll see if I can answer it trip Stanford is K kagan's friend I don't know trip how that how do I know this trip Stanford he sounds yeah that the Sam par uh noan changed my life I created a business be because of him the business went on to sell for tens of millions of dollars his writing and ideas are easy to follow an incredibly entertaining million-dollar weekend is the real deal Sam par co-founder of Hampton founder of the H hustle host of my first million dude's legit I love s par is there an audio version of the book I'm reading yes the first chapter is completely free you can get the audio version of my book completely free on the podcast uh or go to million dooll and get the chapter totally free and you can see if you like it I'm pretty damn sure you're going to read chapter one be like damn this is fire uh but yeah it is there hey Lisa Lisa is my agent so you guys give Lisa some love in the comments she's been insanely supportive she rejected this book Lisa you know what I'm talking about you said uhuh uhuh you did that you did uhuh you said uhuh uhuh not gonna do it no no and I said no no that's my name Noah uh but real story Lisa who is the agent of this book is your name on the inside Lisa cuz it's in the acknowledgements I'm going to read Lisa's acknowledgement hey Janine Weiss um Lisa's acknowledgement Lisa you've been such an instrumental part I really do love you for always believing in me and um Lisa deona as my second mom and huge advocate the entire time in this book Lisa said no to this book and that's something that we all face and that's what the book helps everyone else with we all get rejected we all get rejected and then how do we make it fun how do we turn it into a good thing not necessarily a bad thing Lisa I'm never doing another book this is the only one only I hope someone pulls this clip back up years later and they like you said you only do one I'm like yeah I'm not doing another one it's a lot uh but Lisa said no and then I went and spent a year working with David malir uh shout out David I love you and helped put together a proposal that Lisa finally said yes Lisa you've been a great second mom I look forward to having uh pasta and lasagna out in New York when I see you next hey Noah let me borrow 20 until Friday all right Venom me at noan I'll send you 20 but I expect it back seriously I'll do it but make sure Pablo Oden Walder but you promised 20 uh what is my longtime goal um here's how I've changed my goals and I do have a whole chapter about my goal setting and how I literally how we do it at appsumo which is an $80 million business a year or YouTube channel which has got a million Subs it's the same exact process I teach everybody else but one of the biggest changes of that that I would recommend for you is how do you have goals that just keep evolving slowly so I think sometimes when we do goal setting it's like I'm gonna be skinny I'm gonna be fat I'm gonna be this it's like so dramatic so instead choose a very unambitious goal very unambitious and then just see if you can keep it consistent where you marginally grow it over time and that's literally when people talk about compounding people talk about compounding when they're selling you something compounding but really what real compounding is is just doing consistent work over periods of time and that's how I like to think about my goals any Fitness Trends I'm exploring this year no uh I'm trying to if you guys saw my newsletter update at Noak I'm trying to heal my shoulder I'm just consistent with my my fitness so eating healthy most importantly and then secondly cycling boxing and squash I think the biggest thing in in health and fitness is people following Trends I don't think I think the basics of Fitness have not actually changed in a 100 years right it's just healthy and move your body uh and most people are trying to look for a new get rich Get Rich fit scheme and the reality is that there are fun ways of doing it and so how do you make Fitness fun I think is one of the the best ways to approach it Anastasia good to see you good to see you you're ripped pretty good not right now not right now I'd say I'm kind of like a polar bear body I normally go hibernating in the winter because I generally work out pretty regularly throughout the whole year uh I work out regly throughout the whole year and so in the winter I give my I give my body that polar bears time to get a little little bit of belly fat so I can get that that that beach bod come the summer dude lavac stop posting your question I'm gonna ban you real talk I love you dude Anastasia it's good to see you I'm glad you're back on the show um we're just out here y'all when you're in a funk do you still out find motivation so two things one the best times to work out or do things is when you don't want to do it and that's why in the book there's literally the now not how mindset that we teach people just get it over with just get going and every time you do the hard thing you always feel good about yourself second thing anytime you're frustrated just go for a walk or get some sleep I promise you that cures 99% let's just say 100% of problems not like okay if you have a terminal thing it doesn't cure that but if you're frustrated if any of that go for a walk get a good night's sleep it will will fix these things did we did I write the whole book a th% chat gbt writes [ __ ] 99% of the other business books that are chat gbt you don't finish reading I don't finish reading them they suck um this book took three years to write I hired literally the best business writer on the planet tall Ross he wrote this one he also wrote Never split the difference um and so chbt can write recipes like here's how to get Facebook ads but chat gbt is not going to tell you the stories that are going to really inspire you to take action and change your mindset chbt cannot do that good to be live with all you too are you going to throw your money at us like in a lottery no why would I I like my money I've worked hard for my money you I want you to make your own money I'm looking forward to you guys listening to the audiobook I'll be like hello Anastasia Hello friends it's Noah Kagan talking about the million-dollar weekend unpopular advice for raising money out unpopular advice don't raise money I've literally made millions of dollars and years ago yes Naval funded one of my first companies but I didn't even need that money make a business where you don't need funding and every single business can copy that deer deer I love you man good to see you I hope you're doing exceptionally well I hope the family's doing well um that is awesome I think you bought 10 books and I love donating to library that's a great idea the swe sweet whisperings I like this drug talk TV I don't know who you are but I like it my red flags were funny yeah Kevin ye I don't know me and you have been out here on this interwebs for quite a while the hardest part of creating this book um if you want to know the real answer it was believing that I can actually help people change their lives in a weekend and I think this is what's interesting about this for me is that all of us are having our own hard life challenge we're all having this what am I avoiding in my life or what's the life I really want and what's the hard thing I'm avoiding that if I can just go through it I'll get there and so I was really insecure that can this book actually make a difference and so I try to avoid working on a lot of the book or interacting with people but then I finally faced it and I was like holy [ __ ] it works holy [ __ ] I can do it and this is true for all of us what's the hard thing you're avoiding maybe it's in a relationship maybe it's just going up and doing one little hard thing maybe it's the coffee challenge in the book or the dollar challenge in the book um and realizing we can all do it way more people realizing it than they think and that a lot of that um is what I think this book is going to do out there I think people are going to realize they don't need some Guru saying I'm here and you're there and you're never going to make it over here that's not true it's realizing that you're here and here's where you want to be and guess what you can get there it's a lot closer than you think but you have to get started right now today and I'm excited to see what what lives are going to be changed and what action people are going to take from million dollar weekend do I have a team or agency around all the content yeah there's a team appsumo has about a 100 people we work at with at the company and I think with the content team there's maybe seven to 10 depending on the day Zod God what up my dog good to see you out there guys again I got to go take care of the girlfriend I've got about four minutes you can buy 10 copies at millionar we have insane pre-orders we're going to do a book reading at Ryan holidays bookstore in Austin Texas on February 2nd for 69 people I thought that was pretty funny um if you get 10 copies it's only going to be 69 people limited quantities only because we can't have that many people in the store um it's been fun do you think really someone can change your life in a we 100% I think you change your life in a day now can you change into weekend yes so will you make and let me be clear you're not going to make a million dollars in a weekend I don't think anyone will I think maybe one person but can you make a million dollars over the next few years by getting something started in a weekend 100% how is launching a book different than launching a course so everything I launch is following the million dollar weekend framework which I don't like doing stuff and then launching it and then doing this please please God Muhammad Allah Jesus God all the other gods does this work I don't do that I want to know it works and then launch it and so I I think not I think I'm using the same framework I have in chapter nine which is the growth machine so it's how do you make sure customers really want it which is what we've done with the book I made sure it works because I've worked with literally thousands of people and as we tell more people about it and do a launch I'm very confident that as long as people get the book and they take action they're going to get the results oh man I I was in bed last night and this is I think this is true for all of us candidly I was feeling so loved by all the people that were around saying yeah I'll help you out and that was so special and everyone has that everyone has a lot more people around them even if there's not you don't have like tons doesn't have to be ton it could be one but we all have people around us that are so excited to see us succeed and um that was really beautiful for me to to realize that and to accept that for myself too and that's true for all of us favorite current appsumo app to help you launch a million-dollar business tidy there are people making six figures a year tidy is free uh we built it it's a seven figure business for they are making six figures a year using tidy Cal to do Consulting and freelancing and again if you want to check out the book go to million dooll you can get chapter one for free I got two minutes and then I will be back next Friday noon Central giving some storytelling time Lisa what's your favorite chapter the one where I talk about I like your interviews yeah I love my interviews too it's been so cool to interview a lot of really amazing billionaires and Millionaires and also be a millionaire myself uh that I can share my own War Stories and the good and bad to help you do it for yourself uh I don't talk about fake gurus so other people who claim they have hundreds of millions of dollars uh that will never show you nothing or you can't actually see any real business um I would just ask them to prove it and if they won't then maybe you should consider who you're learning from weekly office hours this entire month only yes uh every single Friday noon Central your boy's gonna be out here you guys got me hyped this is uh how can I order this book from India there is a digital version if you go on millionar there's an international link you can buy the Kindle edition and get the bonuses in the Kindle edition in America the hard cover copies actually is what's counted towards all these ranking things I'm not as worried about that if it happens great it doesn't happen fine uh but that defitely counts more uh yeah dude I'm glad you guys are getting just part of success is getting started right now which I do think I can help you with and then sticking with it which as well we covered that in the book too so that you can over some period of time get to these levels of success that you want and you're able to do I believe in that all right guys what did the book teach me about myself and I'll finish it with that b Wolfman good questions at the end I'm glad you you made a comeback it made me realize for myself and for everyone that we can do the hard thing that we're afraid of we all can and that's been such an exciting part for me to see for myself for me for you guys uh for out there and I'm excited to get in your hands that you guys can do it too so again million we have pre-orders available until they sell out for the next two to three weeks and I will see you guys back here next Friday we also have a an insane podcast coming out so if you grab chapter one you're going to get behind the scenes with me and Tall RZ uh the co-author he's a super bestselling author multiple multiple times uh we're going to have a podcast show coming out with him next Tuesday so make sure you stay tuned you can get the free chapter which will put you on the email list at millionar I love you guys I'll see you out there damn coming in spicy see you guys

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