Live Office Hours for Entrepreneurs (AMA)

what is up this is like the I don't know what I I got to nickname y'all we got Sumo Lings I got I guess I call you The Underdogs we got the million-dollar weekend gang out here I'm in the studio we're coming in hot oh look at that it I cannot wait for you guys to get this on Tuesday and for you to read it you is this where's the camera you you you you you let's go damn that one is still doing that thing inama [ __ ] you too y'all can see behind the scenes of how it all goes down what is up y okay bang bang Niner gang in the house happy Friday it's going to be the last office hours of the month I'm doing them every single Friday this month I promise you I'd show up now it's your turn to show up for yourself I had an appointment so uh yeah my girlfriend's pregnant think seems like a lot of you guys have pre-ordered million dooll weekend Min o MBA what's up my man what's up Molly Walsh good to see you deer Erica Bates I've seen your name for a very long time super good to see you xt2 has anyone here not pre-ordered the book we still have some bonuses available at million chaar cha I saw you commenting on some of these YouTube videos that was fire man that was super fire good to see you out there course creators box the whole point a million dollar weekend is not to buy the book the whole point a million doll weekend is for you to change your life I don't need you to buy the book I need you to read the book and then do things about it for yourself yes I'm having two babies this year I've got my paper baby which is going to be in your hands I can't wait for you guys to send me uh you know Online Social Media stuff where you're like yo I'm reading it I cannot wait please send me this where you're reading it you're highlighting it you're taking notes and I'm having a real baby in July Li I know it's just crazy it's real you can have whatever life you want to live too I can't believe this is coming true how do you buy million doll weekend go to million dooll it's pre-order available we got bonuses available before next Tuesday when they sell out and the book goes live it is insane I don't know if you guys have seen some of the press that's been coming out about the book oh it is so good to see you guys I'm eating a little bit I have haven't really eaten it grilled cheese sandwich pretty good actually I don't have tining here if you read the first chapter and you did not like it I would leave this show I think the book is fire for anyone who's ever wanted to start a business but has not had that success yet Selena I'm happy to talk with you in person hell yeah you're in the right spot the book is already sold to some publisher which is penguin the number one publisher in the world so they do all the translations so I I think a lot of people are like hey can I translate into these other languages like ask the publisher one of the vi viewers like you his name is mar maren I don't know if I pronounced it correctly he bought the Polish rights tesos listen to the Tim Ferris episode here's a behind the scenes Tim Ferris episode Tim has been a longtime friend first time no I don't know I was trying to think of a joke I've known time for such a long time what's really interesting about the that episode epis that went out and people seem to really resonate with it and definitely go check it out I'm choosing a winner to spend a weekend with me full all expenses paid oh Jordan Harbinger I got to take a screenshot of that he'll love it all expenses paid trip to me in Barcelona uh go listen to Tim episode to see how you can get that what's crazy though for that episode which people don't know is I put together that episode with Tommy who's on our team two months of preparing for that one episode two months of like going through Tim's other episodes going through his other guests going through everything we've ever done going through million-dollar weekend uh to prepare the content for that show pretty interesting yeah everything is going to come out banging on Tuesday the physical book this one and I'm going to give out two books today because it's going to be my last last office hours of the month I do normally one a month but because we're doing launch month for a million dooll weekend we're doing two books and I'm going to give away this hat this is literally an exclusive cuz we only made 100 cuz they're kind of expensive for three million dooll hat with the snappy finger thing so we'll do two books today uh Brent Bushnell won last week Eric Miller the week before and then trip on the first week and this is our last week y'all so if you want a book you guys if you have if it's your first time here oh this is cool a lot of you guys you came for the tacos I was going to have tacos but we had to come home and so I got some soup and uh grilled cheese sandwich I'm going to answer your questions about your business I'm going to talk about million dooll weekend tweet at me at noan link to million and tell me why I should give you one of these two books you're going to get it it says office hours it says office hours I'm going to mail it to your house probably today or tomorrow depending when I leave I got a lot more work today um but I'm going to mail the book and you're going to get it in your mail and you're going be like holy [ __ ] he actually sent it and then this hat and then you're going to post a photo of it and you're be like that was cool oh [ __ ] look who is showing up so I'm actually going on Abel James show in an hour and a half so I'm bringing Abel I'm bringing that heat now then I'm going to take a 30- minute pinball break then I'm coming back with more heat for your show yeah I think what people don't realize about the one Tim's an Tim was probably one of the best interviews I've been on in this whole book tour and I've done 70 shows you've probably seen a few of them so far and everything I'm doing about how I'm how I'm running million dollar weekend as a business this book is the exact same things that I teach you it's the same ways I run appsumo decom it's the same way that you can do it for yourself so if you like how I'm running million dollar weekend this you're like wow I see him everywhere book looks fire exact same things I'm going to teach you exactly to do for yourself um but again I'll say it the Tim Ferris episode it was amazing Tim's one of the best interviews in in the game and he's been doing it for a long time which oh Melissa good to see you I don't think people think about success in Long longevity admire the people that I've been doing it for a long long time hey Dr Brian keing shabbat shalom AI look at the been doing a long ass time and Tim is definitely up there in the long ass time all right so I got questions this guy sent 20 bucks and you guys know I still love a good dollar so let's answer his question so bird 20 bucks I'm not sure what to do with my life John you know what none of us are either so that's okay I was in the the doctor's office and I was videoing and recording cuz I I like creating content I'm not sharing sh in my baby stuff with y'all and the doctor's like stop recording and I felt so I felt actually really embarrassed and I felt like um guilty and it's like yeah that's okay and then I was like dude it's okay I didn't know and so it's okay that we don't know what to do with our life that's part of this whole experience on this planet figuring it out and then realizing it none of it mattered and that's okay too so I live in a small town and I can't move right now okay so one thing I just got to comment and I made $65,000 of software div last year I made 50 000 on the side at on my software business but it was so much work and this year I'm down 50% John we're only it's only January 26th man so again if you uh want the book for free or this limited edition exclusive million dollar week can hat we only made a hundred of them because they're expensive they're like 20 bucks each to print it's on like cool material tweet at me noan link to million dollar so John a few comments on this one you're doing awesome you're doing freaking awesome I don't know if you realize that dude you're doing so great you have a side hustle doing 50k and guess what one you're doing awesome two you're taking power so one you're in a small town success doesn't discriminate who you are that is something I think about all the time success does not care about your gender success doesn't care where you are in the world it doesn't care how good-look you are people like me average pretty average above average good-looking people can succeed so I'm really impressed that you're doing it in a small town you can't move be aware of the words you use and be aware of not being a victim so many people out there are blaming their boss blaming their parents yes there are unfortunate circumstances but maybe you can do something about it today so John you're only getting started in the year you made 65,000 the whole thing right now is to stick with it and yeah work is work so what you have to realize though is don't give up on it you're already gotting momentum and what people miss out in business is getting the first dollar is the thing that's held them back from getting the million dollars and so getting 50,000 big respect big props so what I recommend for you is figure out one it's going to be work but you don't always have to do it I've done so many Contracting and service businesses myself where I get the client and then I hire someone else to do the work and then I check the work and give it back to the client so your number one thing John is stick with it talk to me December 31st that you stuck with it and I promise you you're gonna zoom out and be like yeah I was about to give up and I'm glad I didn't it was a lot of work but I figured ways to maybe Outsource it or fire some clients or change it up and at the end of the year you can have an amazing year and you stick with that year after year after year after year you can live these Banger crazy lives and the live can be however the hell you want all right coming back on it yeah we're hiring an app if you are looking for an awesome job if you want to work with me if you you want to learn about entrepreneurship you want to promote amazing products we're hiring at appsumo dcom Ali cels good to see you it's really good to see all you guys million dooll mobilization here's there's going to be I have a feeling there's going to be a movement of people realizing that they can do more than they expected and these fake gurus on the internet that they're like yeah do this do that that are telling you that you're not good enough or that they're here and you're here get the [ __ ] out of your way sorry I'm on my sore a little bit but you can do it if anything you know I was thinking about million dollar weekend obviously the book's coming out next Tuesday I want you guys all to pre-order it for yourselves but I thought about this book and I thought about you this morning and what I realized is that we all have a great thing inside of us and I know that's kind of Tony Robbins es or some of these uh you know motivational speakers which I I still don't know what they do they just they re they reuse phrases from other people shout out Jim ran he's actually one of The Originals literally Tony copies everything from him but what I recognize doing this book and what I recognize for you is that the hard thing is the thing the hard thing is the thing oh Janine wise you know I'm not going to use the swear words Mama's watching so what's the hard thing that maybe you thought you couldn't do and maybe do some of it today and then maybe do it tomorrow and then you do it the next day and the next day and you have all these weekends 52 of them that eventually you keep doing it and doing it and doing and do it you're like holy [ __ ] I can do it because you can and that's what I realized with the book I thought I couldn't and I I think we've created something really special that I cannot wait for you to get in your hands and this is you know you know I'm on a lot of these interviews and they're like no teach me about asking and asking is a skill and all these things but what's so important about asking is finding something you're excited to ask people for like I If you have been wanting to start a business how many people here just leave a comment with the one how many people here have been wanting to start a business but have not had it yet or have not stuck with it or they want it put a one in the comments John Houston man I can't really see you but I love you we're working towards tweeting not there yet with the you want the book bad you're an old teacher you know you can teach Old Dogs new tricks my man it is never too late to start businesses and there's so many different success stories that don't come from Silicon Valley because you don't see them on social media because they don't need to be on social media succeed you don't need a large following to have large success hey I got to give a big shout out you guys go Google this guy's name Charlie hoen it sites I think Charlie I remember Charlie I don't know if you remember this 3 years ago I was on the book journey and I said you know Tim Ferris is like this and Jeff basos is like that and I'm not good enough and I can't do it I don't believe it and you said you know what no you're not any of them and I was like well that that sucks he's like you know what you are Noah Kagan though and you're Charlie hoen and there's benedick Judas and Zachary back Erica Bates Edwin sing that is the way it's your way and that that was the realization that we can all live whatever way that we feel for ourselves how empowering is that do I believe in any religion I think again I think I'm G try to keep a lot of this around million dollar I am born Jewish I like I think all the gods are kind of pretty much the same and I think we have too many wars and fighting and bickering when all these things are the same even these Church and synagogues and mosque what is it it's a place to get together and hang out with the community and do good things but I think we have so many other complications or animosities around it's like there's probably some girl or guy or thing up there maybe or maybe not could also be a crazy good fiction book and ideally it's trying to give you some ways of how to live a good life that feels meaningful for yourself all right Curtis Dixon in the house Dr Sonia Elise Freeman Queen diva in the house good to see you as well uh let me look on Twitter I'm going to grab one person early to give away this book it's only 15 minutes in I'm feeling like we've already been 15 hours deep in this business stuff and you guys have seen me I've been out here for 24 years putting out content sharing my stories trying to meet people like yourselves trying to get my own businesses going failing at businesses failing at relationships man I was thinking about I was think you know you're reflecting a lot I was crying yesterday just thinking about what a freaking journey I was thinking about 5 years ago I was in I was in a high-rise building so yes but I was in a 600t apartment in a highrose building so you know not bad but still pretty small and I just was so unhappy I was so not content and I think that's true for a lot of us and I was trying to think what's that one thing I can tell everyone else that'll really fix it for them cassim thank you my man and if you have not pre-ordered the book it comes out Tuesday but pre-order so that Tuesday you get the book and you read it and that weekend you change your life don't even wait for the weekend change your life next Tuesday and I was trying to think like man cuz I was in the shower today and I was like damn yeah I was in that condo and I just always felt so dissatisfied and it's CU I wasn't willing to face myself and find out who I could become and that's true for all of us and we all have some greatness in us I truly believe that now I've been doing this longer and longer and I've been afraid longer and longer avoiding longer and longer and then when you finally go in you realize as you go into these things you can do it and it was like I don't like this shitty ass tiny apartment okay you can change that man hey I don't like this job I wasn't really doing much I was like kind of I don't know kind of podcasting a bit and kind of just half-assing it a bit I dated this girl who's giving me a bunch of crap about everything and that I think that's where it is for all of us is that Jared cough in the comments my man Jared cough this is one of my own Inspirations Jared C you guys I've been in this game a long time work directly for Zuckerberg help sold millions of dollars I I've been in the game I know these people this guy is one of the Stars Jared cough is sold I don't know if he sold it for 100 million but he is a legit entrepreneur the most legit entrepreneurs are not making content if I'm honest with myself and it bothers the [ __ ] out of me because I love making content I love inspiring and sharing what works but Jared is the real one Jared go to million dooll Jared you could have written this book I might I'm going to just get a pen and put no Kagan t r Jared cof all right I'm looking up on uh Twitter world you guys are now tweeting at NOA Kagan million dooll I'm going to give out two of these books these exact ones are going to you and this limited edition hat but I feel like you got to earn the Hat because it's $2 for the Hat then I got to wrap it then we got to ship it so it's like at least $25 make it appealing you know I was looking at uh people applying for jobs forap were hir Ing and I was looking for how I message people and it's it's interesting people now are seeing me on CNBC make it it showed it was a video it's starting to go viral about how much I make and my lifestyle and then there's a video Tim Ferris is you know he had the exclusive launch for a million dollar weekend and I I don't know just it's it's been interesting now being out there putting out time and time and time again and sharing exactly what works and I just again I guess I'm just I'm emotional about this that that we all have this in us and it's so cool that I can now share the message as well that you could do too all right let me see I got a ton of people tweeting about the book Stacy Rodriguez oh she's got a cool like Mom andco thing all right I'm G to choose one in the next few minutes for this exact book can I explain what I do in 30 seconds how come I have to explain it in 30 seconds I always find that weird thing why does it to be 30 seconds you know here's the way to think about million dollar weekend people ask me should I buy it no no do what you want to do in life but what I would ask yourself is who else has done the things I've done time and time and time again and you could see what I've done it's not some secret it's not something I put a hundred million on my YouTube titles but they'll never prove it CNBC verifies my taxes these other guys will never prove it because they got nothing they have nothing they can actually show but somehow people like believing that they want to believe the shortcut so I've done it and I'm still doing it I'm still running a business you can see buy Enjoy smell taste the other thing I would say is that if you were looking to start your own business and I think there's so there's Harvard there's YouTube there's you to me skillshare teachable fake gurus what's the book you would actually read that that would help you make that change I don't know that's why me and Tall wrote the book and I think I don't know if you guys know helped you know helped build out Facebook help build sold for 300 million to into it you can go to app Sumo King Sumo senf Fox as well as all the things that have failed it's definitely I've been swinging in this game a very long time and I'm excited to finally be out here helping you on your journey that's you talking to you can you hear me in the mic oh Ally YouTube suggested you this is where you're supposed to be you're in the right spot Ally so yeah I was early at Facebook help tobuild I've started so many different online businesses and physical businesses and different types of businesses and I started probably like a lot of you my first jobs worked at a popcorn stand for two years worked at Office Max for two years worked at a summer camp for two years just like very standard things that I I think when you look online people want you to believe that you can't be where you want to be and it's them and you're down here and that's just not true I'm proof I am proof am I smart yeah are you smart yeah do I work hard yeah can you work hard yeah there are there is a process you can follow that is true and that's what I put it together in the book and I'm happy to answer questions that will answer it for you um but yeah in terms of buying the book and things like that that's something that if there's another one out there let me know and I'll I'll I'll turn the book Away Adam Dunning thank you so much man yeah yeah you know I don't like let me be clear and this is going to sound rude I don't like seeing everyone around him succeed I know I know that's kind of backwards I like seeing people who will put in the work succeed and it doesn't mean some crazy drama like you quit your job thing but at least you're saying hey I'm a little afraid of posting on social media so I posted I kind of want to be a photographer so I message some friends about photography I've always dreamed about starting a software company so I posted on my my WhatsApp group hey can I help anyone with this specific service which then can turn into software that's who I want to succeed the person that needs a little bit of confidence but willing to do the work and everyone can do that what's up shiraj dude Andrew yeah I mean the way we've approached the interviews is the same way I've approached running the book million dollar weekend the same way I approached running all right bring in with your questions the products that have started a weekend that have been successful kickflip my Facebook game business stting a weekend funded by nval robocon I think a lot lot of you guys know him was able to run it to uh lived in Argentina Gambit we built in a weekend that was payments for those Facebook games you guys know Farmville and those games we powered zinga's payments not all of them but a lot Disney's payments and other payments Grill tree not bad oh appsumo dcom built it in a weekend did $ 76.7 million in gross sales last year number one side online for software deals all a nerd that's true here's the reality though is most people are like how do I become a millionaire and they never make a dollar and so when I talk about these things you're like man he's always talking about the basics he's always talking about things I can do now he's always talking about things I can actually get real results for and I'm like that's exactly the same thing that I did time and time again I'm still doing that's helping doing help I'm make it English that's helped me get to where I am today that everyone else can do too do I ever use Fiverr and freelancer yeah but you need to be mindful using Fiverr and freelancer is that there's this famous quote make things people want everyone knows this quote yes Lis everyone knows that quote but don't make things people want find what people actually want and then make it that the whole make things people want is backwards don't make it nothing in our society everything is pre-sold events concerts Uber Eats your Amazon purchases your flights your hotels your airbnbs so pre-sell meaning find the things people really want and there's a lot of exact systems and processes you can exactly follow in the book The baller why you're you're posting all this negative stuff why are you so unhappy with your own life can everyone build payments for Facebook games yeah they can I I you know I but the thing is I didn't build pay payments for Facebook games while I had a day job which everyone else mostly has I found a developer to copy an app in a day that was already popular I think I maybe it was $100 I paid him launched the app in a day in a week it was a million users but the important part here is I started found something that was kind of working stuck with it and then two years later yes then I was like hey this this thing isn't working but starting is the secret and you can all start today do I use fake sales I just gota baller here's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna ban you because I just don't find like you're actually trying to help yourself so go there's other you know what I've noticed a lot of people are looking at these gurus on on YouTube and they're selling a dream that's not realistic and then people want to blame people that they're not getting what they want and you know how you get what you want you ask for it and then you do the work today to start that stuff I think people are sitting on the sideline complaining about their boss complaining they don't have some Advantage there's so many successful people out there that are ordinary it's got me lit up it's this grilled cheese life that I'm getting hyped about all right I'm going keep answering more of you guys questions all right Benedict Zeiss you are getting the book or do you already have the book no I think um so Benedict Zeiss DM me on YouTube or uh you can't do me on YouTube Instagram or Twitter DM me your address you are getting this exact book it's gone Benedict you got it we got one more book left for someone else tweet at me benett you have to be in the in the comments as well this hat limited edition million dollar weekend hat what is the most valuable chapter in the book it depends on where you're at but I'd say chapters 1 and two because there's a lot of books on how to make an offer but if there's so many books on sales and offers and all this [ __ ] stuff then how come everyone doesn't have a business then you have these other books Rich Dad Poor Dad that doesn't tell you what to do and so you need both you need both and so I'd say my favorite two chapters are the foundational stuff of how do you get good at starting now right now I'm not talking even tomorrow on I'm not talking Saturday I'm talking now on Friday live and number two how do you get better at asking how do you get better at asking for a raise how do you get better at asking with someone for feedback how do you get better at asking someone to be your customer how do you get better at asking for the things you actually want in life and when you ask for it you can get it Benedict Z you got it man there it is hope you're not in a foreign country because the shipping is expensive but I'll still do it as I promised so will this here's the thing I promise you this book will work if you follow the book it will work because what's you've been doing is not working you have to try another approach and I would follow the million dollar weekend approach it works again and again and again and again I see there's a guy Pat gostic go to gostic go to gk.

Media go to Mary you could see MacKenzie's working you don't even need websites to be successful these days those are all that's a trick that people try to tell you hey Leah great to see you Melanie green I'm I'm hoping to make a difference in your mindset because I made a difference in my own mindset sea nice ask for the limited edition hat but I I think we got to make it a little bit more special I don't know how much the book is in your own country one if you got no money it's free at the library I literally get most of my books at the library I'm a multi-millionaire and I love the libraries why not it's free that's why I have I still love good deals but if you want to take yourself I'd say seriously and you have the capital to I I used to not recognize this but if you have the capital to give someone who created something something a recognition it also kind of says something about yourself that when you create something you want to be recognized for what you create Melissa Melissa was actually on the beta launch Team she has her handprint in this book thank you so much Melissa will there be an audiobook yes if you go to million dooll there's an audiobook I read it three days straight 6 eight hours a day you can get it on Audible right now how important is overcoming instant gratification to manifesting success I don't believe in manifesting because I think it's good to dream I think it's good to dream it's good to have a fantasy and write out where you want to be at the end of this year right now get a piece of paper December 31st here's where I want to end up and then start looking at that all the time but if you only look at that all the time you don't do [ __ ] you're going to stay where the freak you are so I do think you actually need instant action do you know what builds confidence no [ __ ] Guru person out here is going to give you confidence no iasa retreat is going to build you confidence Mel I'm Banning you stop posting the same stuff do you know what builds confidence courage and I was talking with the Buddy about this I love that confidence is built through courage over over and over again and the courage can start small get a dollar from someone today I've seen people's lives transfer I know your life will be transform transformed I know it I've seen it I keep seeing it wow a lot of you guys are on Audible getting it Luis G what I will say though is have that dream have your fantasy written down and this is beyond my fantasy and every year I update my fantasy and I walk through exactly what it is in the book I think it's chapter 8 but what can you do right now to change your life and I don't think people realize you can actually have instant change that can have impact so 14 years ago I had a dream and in a weekend I did try appsumo and by the way I tried other things to solve a problem which was customers for software creators I tried other things that did not work but then I tried another one and another one and eventually appsumo I just started it in a weekend and it was fun it was finally a job I liked and you fast forward 14 years later last year I made over $3 million cash that's crazy people should be making this much money but you know what you can do it too it's not some exclusive club I'm from middle class life I didn't get some like inheritance I don't want I don't want any inheritance I wanted to be responsible for my own life like you can too I feel like I'm hitting on the motivational stuff today because you know what I've noticed about million dollar weekend is from Talking literally like tens of thousands of people it's a book about making money and making money is awesome being rich is awesome it really is and it I encourage you to do it so you can choose if you want to stay rich or you want to go back to small rich I don't like people call them people poor I think it's kind of rude but million dollar weekend is how you get find courage in yourself to do something and be impressed and surprised about the result and how much more you actually can do than you expected and find out who you can actually become and that's not what I expected I felt very insecure during this whole book love absum I love you too I don't know what your question is but you dropped a 20 and I still love making money balancing it with making time being a Time millionaire is as good as being a cash millionaire don't don't forget that but yeah this book showed me and it I've seen it now with other people it's wow I have a lot more courage and confidence to live an amazing life than I expected Ka I love you too yo hi know I'm a burnout entrepreneur any ideas on how you can ReDiscover your passion I have several ideas based my interest but I can't seem to find the passion to go all in again take a break take a break go for a walk get a good night's sleep talk to someone who tells you it's straight and supports you you're you're speeding you're you're thinking that it's all or nothing either I have to be an entrepreneur or I'm nothing I have to have success or I'm nothing what I want you to do is take a break and the second thing I want you to do is just go help one person that's it and find someone that wants your help maybe it's in lawn care maybe it's in photography maybe it's in making them food and when we help other people we help ourselves and when we help other people that's also how you create a business and you have to find the things that people are actually excited about if you can't find the passion you have it I promise you it's there you know what makes passion easy when you win you know how you can win help a person that's is funny how did I only make $3 million from we did 80 million in sale so fake gurus don't show you their numbers we have to get it verified taxes and everything with CNBC when I came out on that show it's not AR so it's not recurring and again when someone tells you they say oh I'm worth $100 million I'm gonna just call it out Heros I think he's fake show your numbers if you actually have the money otherwise stop saying it when you make 80 million in sales that's gross sales then there's refunds then there's credits and then you have to pay your partners right so we pay people and then uh the partners we promote that's a cog right those are your cogs that gives you a gross profit and then you have to hire people we spend a million and a half dollars a month on teammates then you pay marketing then you pay taxes then you pay your 401k then you pay all these other things and then there's a little bit left so we made $7 million profit last year which is Bonkers so we gave out how much to the team I think the team got somewhere around one and a half to two secondly we took the whole team half a million dollars to a retreat in Mexico then you pay the leadership team then I pay my partner then we pay ads then we pay servers and there's some left and I don't take all of it I take what I think is reasonable and so could I take more yeah but I have more than enough I think there's people out there on YouTube like horoi that are making big claims and they talk about a lot of stuff and I think they actually say really good messages but they use numbers and they'll never show you anything and I think that's a disservice to every other entrepreneur out there that's working hard and every other entrepreneur that's trying and thinking oh this person's got some secret that I want but they'll never show you anything acquisition.

Comom okay cool what have you acquired I've seen one you've acquired it's trash but it's impressive how much people want to believe there's a guru who's got a secret for them and I think what I'm proud of myself is I don't think I have had a secret that you can't copy I think that's my secret when you meet me in person which you'll meet me one day most likely or you meet some of these other people you're like they're not better than me there's no some [ __ ] in secret yeah maybe I've got more experience yeah I'm swinging a lot yeah maybe I've got a lot of heart and I put in a lot of force and energy but I also do it over very long periods of time so I think there is a process in formulas that yes you can copy around people but there's not these Master secrets that will Miracle save your life you can save yourself uh if you bought million dollar weekend if you bought million dollar weekend you'll see my income stream but really my Revenue stream is mostly appsumo I didn't make [ __ ] for so many years and then probably year six or seven started making millions a year it was great yeah Stacy I I think a lot of people that are real entrepreneurs in my eyes and a real entrepreneur who someone who makes a dollar a real entrepreneur can have a day job don't take a risky thing and quit your job I think this is pretty much true yeah I think that's very true but you also have to I admire the people willing to take a chance on themselves willing to to say hey this job's okay but who what kind of life could I be what kind of Life can I live and it and it frustrates me when other people are trying to tell you you can't do it or that there's some gap between you and them and when they claim things it frustrates me because I don't think for you you're listening to this person because they're showing you something that's just not true audible can't we so Jeremy Summers I don't know if you guys know him longtime internet friend we've hung out in Australia he had a comment earlier right here Ka buy the book send me an email by look GM me I want to see you change your life on Tuesday when you get it your circuit is just keep going I just keep going it's not my only secret and I don't really believe in Secrets except with ones you have with yourself and your significant other Kai I look forward to you buying the book and changing your life hey byberg good to see you my man one carine Valentino this is a real entrepreneur this is why people like heroi bother me because they have fake numbers fake businesses nothing real and you got Kine hustling his ass off really impressive making 25,000 doing it legit that to me is impressive that to me I'm proud of is that Brian Harris in the house I'm proud of you you're not claiming some things that's not true I'm not doing some other any of this hoopla from these other guys I think they're they're they're selling you smoke ask them to prove it so 25,000 in rev last year where did I go from scaling so this is a very broad question for a very specific answer answer now the way I've always done it and the way I recommend in the book and the way I've run out Sumo and learn from Zuckerberg and still execute on it Hey Kevin Garcia shout out uh what is it it's not the 303 what is it 505 number one I'll just tell you the two things I would do number one just pick a clear goal for this year so if you did 25k last year aim for 30k this year I like generally 5 to 10% improvements year-over-year why cuz you're not trying to go so crazy and success happens over time success compounds over time no one's recognizing that they're like I've got to be big tonight I've got to have some crazy thing tonight that's why all this extremism oh if you're not a if you're not super rich you're a failure if you don't run like goggin you're a failure that's [ __ ] there it's like all or nothing loser mentality like they're they're losers most the I don't know that's a bit aggressive I don't want to say that maybe they're good people but I feel like a lot of these people giving you advice are very insecure trying to say you've got to go insanely big and if you're not insanely big you're a nothing it's like that's not true you can live great small very successful lives and you don't even need to tweet about them and I think when you're saying it's zero or a jillion or zero or like a 100 mile runs it it's yes it's nice to read and it sounds cool but it's not realistic and it's not sustainable and sustainability is how you win so what I'd recommend for you is set a goal $30,000 this year number one how did you get to 25 and can you double that this year that's what I would do and I know you want me to tell marketing and by the way guys we spent half a million dollars in ads on in app Sumo we have I don't know marketing team of 20 like I I know marketing I've been doing this for very long it's something I've been doing a long time I do marketing time and time again tidy right million-dollar business 12 months just launched it with the team Million Dollar business it's not luck at some point if you do it time and time again so number one just do more of what's already working and then experiment because you're not trying to double in a year with a lot of other options by the way oh this is interesting so Shadow for yeah someone's creating these uh notebooks for for business books on uh on Amazon really fascinating kind of scam that they copy the book and try to make a journal so I think we might launch our own but definitely kind of shady tho mayen one awesome name is this like nepes or something I don't know that's a cool name yes will it get you a million dollars in a day no will it get will it get you a million dollar in a few years yes and when I started this book I I think I would look in the camera here and be like yeah maybe but I've seen it work I'm seeing it work I know it works so yes I can say yes to that hey nir you've been with me a long time brother good to see you my man did you build your knowledge I did learn to code I don't think learning to code is important because customers don't care about your code they care about their problems but learning to code is learning how to think and I think that's the important part yeah I think people copying Alex like they copy I literally we spent you know I spent 20 years building businesses four years just on the book and someone to launch a notebook I hope they uh they're piece of [ __ ] yeah I hope they get early cancer or something very painful I find that um I think copying business is totally fine every there's everything is a copy of something everything Tony Robins says is a copy Tony Robins has zero original thoughts and I don't mean that as a criticism Google every comment he says and you will see that 50 years ago it's literally he just copied Jim ran and I don't mean that in a rude way just Google it and you'll see for yourself so being Innovative is overrated but just doing a straight copy and not crediting or just trying to do this [ __ ] what this guy's doing with the the notebooks is whack W I'm coming in aggressive today hey what's up Nicole what tips do you have for people dealing with anxiety and depression have lost their passion and no longer have any goals you know what I realized about that cuz I felt that way I felt like for 20 in 2013 I left to India man I've just been I've definitely felt anxious I even felt anxious last night I got to the restaurant and they had a happy hour that was closing 15 minutes and it sounds so silly but I was anxious about making sure I got the good priced food I know I know it's in all of us it do it never goes away it just how you approach and how you think about yourself evolves yeah I'm feeling more aggressive cuz I'm [ __ ] fed up up by the way it's fine to feel emotion both sides so you know what I've noticed about depression and anxiety is because we're doing a lot of things that we don't want to do and the thing that we actually think about doing we're afraid of doing so what I ask you today what's the one thing that you're a little afraid of that you can lean into and I'm not talking to do some crazy you have to go jump some frozen River and stay there for 4 months maybe it's if it's about a health thing and a lot of times in life I like to think about what's in my control I can't control these other fake gurus on the internet claiming to have $100 million doll that they don't it's fake it's fraud I can't control that I can control Noah you can control Nicole so what's the one thing Nicole can do that it may not change her life no it actually will it will change your life today but you have to face the hard thing that's holding you back you know the hard thing you don't need me to tell you you you know it maybe it's your relationship maybe it's where you live maybe it's how you've gone your parents I go to therapy every few weeks I still go it's been like 15 years to work on these things but you can do it someone gave five bucks hell yeah I want to self start a self-discipline accountability coach you said no one wants to pay for that what do you recommend one I never said no one wants to pay for it the only person that you should listen to about who wants to pay for it is the customer when you talked to the when I started appsumo my mentor at the time said it'll never work ask a customer my best friend who's coming over what Sunday Adam Gilbert my million dooll business coaching health so I don't know why I would ever I've never said coaching handing can't work my I do need to get back to India shout out to all my Indian Brothers out there I got to just call I'm not going to talk about him anymore heroi if he's worth 100 million prove it otherwise it's a fraud and people he has good advice but he people are listening to him because he says he's worth $100 million if he said what he's actually worth which is probably around 10 to 20 no one would give two shits he's the liver king of marketing it's like me saying I'm a billionaire because I could sell appsumo for a billion but that's not true unless someone actually pays a billion for it so I it it anybody I know that runs a company that you can use or touch or see always they all hate horoi why cuz like one they're jealous that this guy's doing good marketing but they're like yeah what's his business oh no one knows name one of his businesses name one he sells books now that's how he's getting rich he selling you a book and profiting the money it's a self-published book he keeps all the money the Burr method I think that's a Dave McClair invention marketing cool love it last thing on Heros and I'm done with it for this show ask him to show the money ask him to show one business otherwise show the money show the business otherwise I don't know why everyone wants to listen to someone that it's like I want to listen to Jeff basos I could see Amazon I want to listen to Carmine because I would believe he's got 25,000 he's not promised you a fake number I don't know you know what I think you guys are the [ __ ] only Smart Ones on the internet you're the last ones left there's so many dummies wanting to believe that they're these Gods which one they're not none of us are they're not I'm done with it let's come back on you and what you can control and change your own life today yeah liver king of marketing I like that one dude you bought the book today Frank Edens you're going to change your [ __ ] life was I I was eating something from Germany a few days ago I don't know what it was but made me happy about Germans dude Shawn Marshall I'm excited about you where's Shawn Marshall yeah I think there's a lot of people who don't realize what they can do in life and you realize that you're here and you're like you have to realize that you can actually be here or here wherever the hell you want and it's a lot closer than you think and you can actually like Nicole start today making that change today not next week not some secret Guru formula if you read 18 books today Ka send me a DM I already like you ka DM me you're getting I'm gonna give you the Hat she bought two books and I believe she's actually going to change her life I believe that K do you want to have girl girls wear hats guys wear hats everyone wears hats Alex I've been seeing you out there I'm gonna do one more uh this exact book uh I forgot the first guy's name so I think what's interesting about self-help books and I've read a lot of them I've got them here I've got them here what's the book that if your friend was starting a business you say go read that book there's not there's not where you can say I guarantee it works zero Cesar my man let's go I don't know I feel like a UFC fighter day where i'm in the ring all right K DM me your address I'm mailing you one this one I have a lot of coaches you see me talk about on Tim Ferris show Tim Ferris is the goat guys been doing it 20 years legit uh business coach CEO coach therapist marketing coach operational coach and then coaches outside of that Fernando I'm glad we found each other I think when people meet me or they realize they're like yeah he's not much better than me that's the point that's if you could take anything away from the whole Channel besides yes I've done it I start I ask I do it and I keep doing it and doing it and doing it and I have exactly I can share exactly how do it it's a million dollar weekend I think there's more people out there that are going to change their own lives than we expect and in terms of self-help books I've read them I read them like The Power of Now I'm like what should I do right now though tell me what to do don't just tell me don't inspire me don't get me going give me also the recipes hey Anastasia always great to see you I know that you show up here's the question for everyone out there who how are you showing up for yourself today would I ever move to Israel no my family's from Israel are half my family my dad is but uh I like America and I like Spain so I like living between those two places if you guys are curious to learn more about my story I think some of a lot of people saw the CNBC clip that's gone viral um yeah we're having a baby coming shout out Baby Mama she's out there and uh I got a paper baby coming next Tuesday if you guys have not grabbed it change your life read the book Tuesday comes out tanglefoot Brewing wa dude send me a DM I'd love to get some beer or whatever you're selling maybe I'll be one of your customers who's going to be at the launch party so we're having three launch parties if you pre-order the book we're having a virtual launch party for everyone who pre-orders the book by next Monday so we're have a virtual launch party with a ton of really interesting people it'll be super fun not selling you [ __ ] it's not like something and you know what the whole point of launch party is to have fun is to get you to read the book get you to change your life CU at the end of the day it's all this book to me it's like I don't need to do all the marketing if the book sucked best marketing is a great product The Power of Now is about doing that the Power of Now is realizing how much more you can do right now than you realized Power of Now is realizing you don't need a wait till 2 months or more research or more YouTube videos to change your life that's the Power of Now dude if you get a hoodie send me a picture with you in the book first person to do that I'll send him a hat I like that that's cool when the book comes out next week remind me paper baby yes I birthed it with tall with Charlie hoen with Melissa Garcia Ortez with a thousand other people with 10,000 people from our course with Chad with Mitchell and I don't get rich off the book I will get rich when you make a business for yourself when you find out who you can become through business out of anywhere in America why Austin I grew up in the Bay Area San Francisco San Jose California I where's a better place for half the Year good prices warm weather tacos good Outdoors lot of smart people now where's a better place name one and you don't have to do it all year then I spend the the other half of the year in Barcelona yes deer you can always give the books away I love you man Brad hey good to see you yeah I do weekly reviews I got mine today every single week awesome is Austin a nice place to live yeah do I invest in consumer apps no you know why I've invested in maybe like 10 companies they take 5,000 years to get your money back number one number two I'd rather just invest in my own business think about your own business you could start it for cheap you could start it today I put in $60 to start app Sumo I made $3 million last year that's just last year now think of stocks think of crypto think of real estate your best return is 2x maybe in a year if you pray a lot entrepreneurship is the best upside lowrisk thing you can do in your life awesome traffic we work at home how is flly training going great I have my PPL haven't been flying as much been busy with baby mama baby book and appsumo dcom harender Singh I want to see you take a photo with the book man I'm excited to see you guys take photos and change your life with the book in five minutes I'm going to give away this one to one of you gorgeous people what types of businesses and niches do you learn about reading in the book I'd be interested in SAS wondering if it would fit I created app it's not SAS but done pretty well you can go to it it was a $6 million SAS product we ruined it sold it for $15 million last year so I definitely learn about growing and failing a SAS business what to avoid and what to do and yeah unfortunately in this book it applies to all business it would have been a lot easier to say hey here's how you do a newsletter business dot dot which I've done a lot had a lot of success with but we wanted to impact the world uh Fernando in barcel there's a lot go on Reddit r/ Barcelona there's a lot of good recommendations on there also here's a travel hack for anyone out there that works insanely well I hope I think if you guys have been here for some of these office hour you all know I hate Tik Tok hate it almost as much as fake gurus on YouTube but if you go on Tik Tok and you search 24 hours or 72 hours in blank you'll get really interesting recommendations rubo yeah what's up my man we have a lot of agencies in the book ghost go to ghost.

Media he has got a YouTube agency 5 months $224,000 a month in Revenue just quit his job for a million dollar weekend so jonr system and processes I that might be our whole next book we have the appsumo culture handbook we have the appsumo master operating manual or Mom we have a man there is a lot how we do our aniz system uh annualized planning how we do our day-to-day daily pulses there is a lot we might have a book out called the absima way I think the easiest way for anyone out there to have their own scorecard or systems is have One Singular goal and have three things that will should help you get your goal and that's the only thing you measure yourself and another person against now in terms of processes the easiest process is a checklist again this is a very fun and great question but it's it's this literally could be weeks for how we've gotten to this point over many years I think outside the box digital products to look at number one is look at anything that's very popular but it's old and no one's really updating it Google analytics the other one that's interesting is and this is a tougher one but you went outside the box what are non-software related businesses like pool cleaning and I know there's a company called service Titan but outside outside off internet business that could have digital Solutions and again don't build the digital solution do find the problem and then bring the solution don't do the other way around we do have a community for the book if you buy it at million dollar so many of you grabb the book this is my last office hours we're going to be doing a virtual launch party that's just a fun ass party to get you to read the book kick some ass take some action that'll be on Tuesday for people who grab the book Alex thank you man I appreciate your support Drop Shipping is never a good business I'm here every single month once a month always for free if you guys are interested in your own businesses everything I've ever learned and then some tested with tens of thousands of people is a million dooll I'm going to give away the book let me see I think we sold out of one but we had a problem with it so we may bring it up for a little bit yeah I think we're gonna there was actually 5,000 of them but we changed it a bit let me make sure yeah we had a problem with it all right let me give away oh yeah Benedict D me your address I'm going to send it to you we we are going to have a few more of the founder Edition we we took out some of them for our launch Team but it didn't make sense so if you want to get the book make sure you subscribe to the channel grab one of the books and guess what you can do it with a friend I think a lot of you guys have already grabbed the book we're going to yes you can pre-order the digital audio book or physical book suffering socks funny name Carmine I'd love for you to be considered um you can go to million dooll submit your receipt million and you could submit your receipt all right I'm looking on Twitter tag me no aagan link to million John Houston I know you're trying buddy I'm doing the Twitter World though Benedict thank you man uh I am looking for people I'm picking someone oh oh that's a cool one all right I'm looking is Andy mcne here Andy I'm only doing if someone's here so hold on I'm gonna give this book I'll send it to you why haven't I sold ABS because I love my job we did sell out of the 10 book tier that's not coming back the founder tier founder tier uh we only put in 3,000 but it was supposed to be five because we gave it to the launch Team but we're going to re add some of those so if Andy MCW is here Andy you here all right Andy DM me your address on Twitter and I will send you this exact book uh either today or tomorrow y'all we came in with hot fire it's Friday shabbat shalom yes send your receipt so if you've pre-ordered the book go to million dooll submit your receipt I cannot wait go bills Frank yeah that was rough on the bills I I wanted to see them win I can't wait to see you change your own life you don't need more gurus you don't need to believe there's some big gap which they want to convince you of you don't need to think that there's more you need to learn what you need to do is realize that there's hard things out there that are going to be amazing experiences and rewards for you if you're interested in changing your life in a very short amount of time you can do it I've seen it I've done it myself and I've seen others do it too so that's million grabb the book send the receipt over in million dollar I will do another office hours it'll be the last Friday of February I need a freaking break I've been grinding 12 hours a day six days a week on this book and I'm very excited to get in your hands and see you change your own lives all right guys I love you I'll see you out there PE

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