Owning an $18 Million Supercar Collection

how much would you value your car collection right now the most expensive one with the Hennessey Venom F5 probably a 2.7 million dollar car I have a p1s and it's probably in that range 2.5 2.7 million my car collection is probably 15 to 18 million probably maybe more I love driving my cars I'm glad it gives you Joy to me having a boat I know wouldn't bring me joy so like I don't have a boat but I have 25 cars and I enjoy driving all of them I'll take five sticks on my cars and I just hadn't friends and family keys and they go drive them and they're like are you sure I'm like yeah dude don't worry about it drive it like your number they would don't worry about like it's value because I don't care if something happens to that car like I'm not going to be sitting here crying we'll fix it and we'll move on I want to make sure that the things that I've been able to achieve and get to enjoy people close to me get to enjoy them as well because like there's no sense in me just being the one that enjoys it and everybody's just sitting there watching me do it

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