Episode 3 – Meet Copilot

hello everyone I'm Alex and today I'm thrilled to introduce to you a groundbreaking solution it's going to change the way you get insights from local visibility and marketing data welcome promo Republic co-pilot a solution that is complimentary to prom Republic's platform that will simplify the way you make those local marketing decisions in a vast sea of data it's easy to get lost customer interactions for a single business generate tons of data but imagine the scale when you have tens hundreds or even thousands of location and territories what metric should you focus on how do you combat that NeverEnding dashboard fatigue and what's more critical how do you generate insights and strategies to take action and win local customers these challenges can frustrate any marketer that's why we've created proma Republic co-pilot it is not just another analytical tool it's your ultimate partner that helps you to transform that raw marketing data into business intelligence co-pilot is the perfect combination of custom dashboards created by our intelligence engine technology and explained by a team of human experts co-pilot is here to help busy franchise marketers create a datadriven control center promo Republic co-pilot shows the marketing performance of each franchise location across selected metrics varying from search ranking performance industry specific listings review performance and ultimately social media marketing performance co-pilot helps you to identify the top performing location and territories and allow you to identify the room for improvement to help guide your marketing strategies and more effective resource allocation easily helping you track and compare kpis across all of your territories and locations to to identify the trends and patterns that are emerging month over month co-pilot is the easiest way to automate your data collection reporting and analytics it collects over 500 data points across 200 sources creates custom dashboards in our system or connects to your very own data warehouses but wait op pilot doesn't stop there it will provide you with so much more our team is constantly analyzing your performance and comparing it to the IND indry benchmarks and your local competitors this way you are able to receive guidance that is relevant to your business context and goals co-pilot will provide you with a checklist of the next steps to improve current metrics such as boosting ratings through more reviews strategic advice to help identify local marketing opportunities and competitive advantage and support for your franchisees by identifying the areas where additional training and resources are required with co-pilot handling data sourcing and analytics for you you'll never have to worry about dashboard fatigue we don't just give you numbers we provide insights competitive advantages and guidance join the ranks of successful marketers and businesses who have already experienced the power of the co-pilot solution promo Republic co-pilot where data becomes intelligence book a consultation today and get a free audit with insights and suggestions for up to 10 of your locations or territories

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