How to Infuse Local Magic into Social Media

hey there fellow marketers and business enthusiasts welcome to primary public explained today we're going to tackle a challenge that resonates with franchise businesses no matter how big or small how to make your social media content speak the language of your local audiences in a globalized world connecting with your local customers is key but how do franchise strike a balance between a unified brand image and a tailored local engagement let's cue the primary public the easy to use tool that lets you and your franchisees add that local flavor without breaking a sweat let's dive in we've all heard this challenge way too many times you have a professional content creation team in-house you're deploying and creating monthly content plans but how Are you delivering that to your franchisees are you still using Google Drive Dropbox closed Facebook groups email cadency to chase around your franchisees to help they read it no more frantic searches for that logo an image a video a reel promo Republic's Asset Management keeps everything in one place ready for you to use anytime and even can be easily edited selecting a graphic that as a franchisee potentially I want to further revamp to tailor to my local community I have the foundational post that's provided I have the visual component but wait I'm not Salvador Dali let's jump in switch up some stock images I already have a couple personal photos added revamp the provided text fields and just like that less than 60 seconds I took a foundationally branded post and further tailored it from my local marketing needs now imagine this you're managing multiple locations on behalf of your franchisees or your franchisee that's a multi-unit owner each one of your posts might need that local touch so as an example here visualized on the screen I've adapted the foundational post using our graphic editor and we have a couple Dynamic attributes for my personal replicated website and my store phone number whether you're deploying it from a home office standpoint and you need to hit this post for every single one of your franchisees pages or it's a franchisee picking and choosing what they would like to use by deploying that specific content for and predetermining it for a time and date it will have that automatic local touch whether we want to add a phone number the city that we're operating in a replicated website that goes to a lead page or an appointment booking page in just a couple seconds we're now dynamically localizing and tailoring foundationally branded content for those local marketing needs and that's a wrap for today's episode of Provo Republic explained don't forget to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss our next adventure into the magical world of digital marketing foreign

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