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foreign [Music] and welcome back to another episode of CMO pure talks we are live from IFA 2023. we're really excited with Kristen pahuchek from massage locks how are you today hey I am good it's finally here I know franchising I know something I get to meet you in person I know awesome I know we've done you've been such a a pillar of the CMO pure talks Community obviously your face I don't know if you can see this on camera is literally right behind us and um our CMO pure talks Community is where marketers in the franchise face can come in and learn from other marketers and this is peer-to-peer knowledge sharing which is really important especially when everyone's kind of facing the same problems right yeah so I think one of the questions that we started to get a lot when we are polling our community what they wanted to hear is 2023 and how did you prep for that and what changed because in the beginning of or the end of 2022 we got the recession oh it's coming it's looming so I'd love to hear from you if you started to plan for that or or if you did how did you do that and has anything changed since your initial plans yeah yeah interesting right as marketers many of us have to think about both sides of the business franchise development marketing right as well as consumer marketing and in town times in the economy yeah typically franchising counteracts what the economy is doing from a franchise growth perspective some of the biggest booms in franchising have occurred during economic downtime because people are looking to exit their current situation and make a life that they're in more control of right so from our franchise development standpoint you know it's time to fish right we got to put the money in and you have to make sure that you have a sound presence and franchise development to capitalize on that interest from a consumer perspective I mean that's tough right I'm a service brand like we need people to want to spend on their health and wellness and luckily people do spend on health and wellness that's non-negotiable for people but myself included yeah yeah but we're all doing so much with fewer resources right so it's really important that we're seeing very concise in the way that we're doing our marketing our platforms our technology all has to be you know in one pretty package yeah really great point so I know you've mentioned you're doing more with less resources can you talk about what you've automated via technology what parts your team are still in control of I'd love to understand that Tech breakdown yeah so from a technology standpoint my team is internally doing a lot of the marketing themselves right and so we have an in-house marketing team which is great but also requires us to be really streamlined as it relates to the technology that allows us to facilitate this marketing and on top of that not only does my team need to have a strong platform in order to be able to operate but our franchisees need something too right so that they can see what is actually happening in their marketing and so we're not perfect we're continually trying to figure out ways to be more streamlined to visualize data to you know take advantage of the ever-changing landscape in digital Tech which is like changing every day yep and want to stay on top of it yeah absolutely so I think investing in your Tech stack is one thing but choosing what pieces to automate is another so how did how did you define that line of bringing in a tool and then Outsourcing so to speak some of the processes of the marketing sphere into your technology Partners yeah I you know it is you're absolutely right it's completely different when you're looking at automation within the marketing team a good example of this is the use of chat GPT yeah right A lot of my content we were writing by hand right and so that's time consuming it requires somebody who can take the time to sit down and write a blog for example to help benefit SEO well now the game has changed we can write through chat GPT it's not perfect yeah but it gives you a nice outline and that's just one example of the way that we are using automation to better the team and to better art marketing fantastic I love that you're not shying away from new tech you're leaning into it with the generative AI I think there's a level that they it's fantastic you input your prompts you get the reaction can you give us some examples of what you've generated from that if you have any off the top of your head yeah yes um okay so every quarter our team produces a newsletter for service providers in our spa so it is a tool that we provide to the franchisees to help them create a culture in their Spa right with their employees yeah and we just did our recent newsletter and much of it was prompted by chat Beach GPT we did an article on how aromatherapy impacts your brain and how you can improve your health both physically and mentally through a moment therapy yeah all I had to do was type in write a blog on how aromatherapy impacts the brain boom right and then I put in the Nuggets about my business and what makes it relevant to the service providers but I mean it saved so much time absolutely definitely how much of that do you leave as organic GPT text versus the Massage Luxe flavor that you add on to it yeah so at first I was like excited and I was like this is perfect button it up and like let's send it off now I'm finding that you have to put your own business in there right and it's like super cool to see it all perfect and just done by chat EBT but that's not Massage Luxe right yeah and so it's really important that even if you are using AI in order to generate content you're doing so with a purpose behind integrating your brand into it and I think that the game is going to change a little bit specifically in terms of like off-site SEO right and creating content for service for example like all these companies are going to start to do this yeah so you don't want the same blog as your competitor down the street that use chat GPT too so you better be able to customize it I agree because you don't want massage blank that's another yeah exactly have the same massage prompt or aromatherapy prompt as you how embarrassing yeah yeah and that's a really great Point what about within your franchisees because I know we all know franchise or marketing at the home office is the Beast you're creating the brands you're creating the resources do you ever pass that down to franchisees and encourage them to lean into that or do you leave the tech experimentation if you will at the head office yeah so um generally speaking I'm actually pretty reserved as it relates to Innovative technology and jumping on the next greatest thing like you're not going to see me having a Massage Lux Tick Tock account should we probably but when I think about the resources that it takes in order to populate that platform I can't justify that yet right yeah I know it's valuable but I'm not able to prove out how much time or money I should invest yeah and that's me expecting my franchisees to do that when they didn't get into the business to do marketing they don't know what marketing is effective and which is not yeah and so as a franchisor it's our job to create a Sandbox for them to play in yeah so that they still feel like they have the creativity that they want and that flexibility within their marketing strategy to have a say in what's happening but not not give them the whole playground where it's like yes you know start creating content through GPT and you know work with this partner on this great dashboard right just like exactly yeah absolutely and how do you prioritize what you do give them control of versus what you do retain at the head office yeah so um it's not a one size fits all because the reality is in franchising I could be dealing with somebody who was an accountant their entire career and I can then yeah a CML right like they could have they could have more experience than I have in marketing and so I think to answer your question it's more about meeting them where you they need to be mad right and in franchising your franchisee's greatest weakness isn't weakness because you as a franchisor have a strength that you can provide to fill that oh that's the whole premise of franchising that's why it works right yeah um so if their greatest weakness is marketing I need to have everything buttoned up and ready for them I agree and I think you've said it before and it's like a common theme and definitely within the franchise space that people are buying into the message that you're selling that's why they're joining Massage Lux or you're a franchise out there so they're joining as their background and they're wanting to be an entrepreneur and run their day-to-day and as you said you've seen those Ebbs and flows in the franchising space during times of uncertainty or recession or Zone because they're wanting that control yeah so I think it's really important to remember that you need to give them resources so they can be successful but they're also following the footprint that you've laid out absolutely yep absolutely what about 2023 um it's exciting for you um 2023 so coming out of a lockdown pandemic situation I think a lot of people have really evaluated what healthy and a fulfilled life means for them right we saw this great resignation we're seeing um you know changes in the economy changes in consumer perception and being a part of a health and wellness brand yeah there's a lot of purpose there and um I think that the consumer population is going to be more aware of how they're prioritizing their health both physically but also mentally yeah and to be able to play into a solution that can help people with those challenges that's really exciting yeah yeah I'm in a good brand yeah I like it I think so I mean definitely yeah um I know myself that's that's my 2023 actually word of the year is balance I love it so that totally ties in with that do you have a word of the year as well um no but I do have like a rule and there's no stilettos in airports Kristen is done with Stilettos we were doing that yeah I'll wear heels all day in an airport any longer so it's not a word maybe it's like a motto a short style toy shortness I don't know I'm gonna be short oh my God I cannot believe you're doing that power to you exactly wow that's great what about um bringing it back to obviously franchising um you are we were just talking about the balancing the work of life and so on in the franchise space how do you practice what you preach because I know that's that's a tough one but how do you in your day-to-day are you able to disconnect and so on oh God I you know the thing is marketers right where you're always thinking and even doing something mundane you're like oh I could do this like this because it's so relevant for work no you're like asking probably the worst person don't do what I do yeah don't do it um you know it's hard right I've got kids and we're a very busy active family and I travel a lot and I think that taking things day by day is how I get through the day right and that day by day I've got my plan and I've got you know to figure out how to get that plan done and as long as the work is energizing you figure out a way to make it happen right like that saying if you love your job you never work a day in your life yeah um my lines are Blended and for some people that's not okay like they don't like that they want the separation for me like if I had a good day at work I had a good day in general right yeah and and vice versa right if I had a bad day then I had a bad day yeah um and that works for me but it doesn't work for everybody some people really want that separation yeah where they close the laptop they can step away and do something totally different yeah yeah I think that that's with anything whether it's Marketing in the franchise space or as you said in life that you need to find something that fits for you there's not a one-size solution there's not one thing that works something that works for massage locks may not work for the next brand out there do you have any advice for you know different franchise organizations or CMOS that are coming up or taking over a new organization and coming into a new system that you know some tips that you wish Su had as you joins Massage Lux yeah for sure here's the thing you just said it it's not a one-size-fits-all solution whatever role you're in whatever you're doing if it were easy and if there was a perfect way to do it you'd either be rich or or it would be figured out like you would read the book right you'd read the book but the reality is if you have mystified something that is still mystifying I mean it like you no one has the right answer yeah uh strategy is just a plan and some plans fail some plans succeed yeah and my advice to anyone out there is just try yeah just try and you might fail and that's okay um but no one out there knows exactly what the right answer is in any situation it's a guess yeah make your informed guess yeah I think that's a good point we talked a little bit about you know the the 2023 and how you prepared for that and you just highlighted you want to try something and change something as you go yeah how do you prepare for challenges or do you have any challenges that you're looking to tackle right now because I think closing words here could be you know we have these challenges don't like shy away from them yeah you know um of course there's always challenges yeah everybody has challenges right um me personally I like to collect all of the things about whatever I'm looking to solve and then make a decision just as everybody else does right make informed decisions and whenever you are in doubt leverage the franchise Community because that's what makes this a conference and this community these people so valuable is listen I may be struggling with something in my business but there's somebody down the hall that's doing the exact same thing that I'm doing in franchising and may have already figured it out yeah and if they haven't at least you can have a drink and joke about it yeah right so put your brains together yeah I agree and that's exactly we just talked about that's what this podcast is or the podcast show whatever community that we built where people are able to come in share your experience and your tenure what works for you what doesn't the challenges what you're looking for in the next year yeah we had like one the biggest Advocates of chat GBC we've had thus far which is really cool I think it's great to see how you can use new tech and you don't have to be afraid of tech as well because we know this is new and shiny and everyone's talking to it they're one of the fastest companies to over a million users it's insane and year one event which is awesome that's so cool yeah so thank you so much for joining us today and we learns a lot and want to thank you again we had Kristen pacheck here for Massage Luxe and stay tuned for our next episode of CMO pure talks foreign

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