Mark Montini for CMO Peer Talks #ifa2023

foreign [Music] do you have any advice for anyone maybe starting out in marketing or or in a smaller system that is growing um so I would give three General pieces of advice one be bold yeah you got to make big decisions if things were going well the opportunity likely wouldn't have been there yeah so come in and be bold and and take some risks take responsible risks but don't hesitate to be bold because that's what separates us in today's world I really agree with that number two is understand business so it is amazing to me how often when I have conversations about marketing marketing teams and in some cases even marketing leaders don't understand the connection of marketing to the business outcome yeah at the end of the day marketing is is really cool but it's just another tool we use to drive a business outcome and if you don't understand the connection between what we do with digital what we do with local what we do with social and how it drives a business outcome you'll always be handcuffed in your ability to deliver results that truly benefit the company and make you a valuable asset for the company that you that you work with and then the third thing for me is just a um my team is laughing when they watch this because everybody makes fun of me because all I talk about is alignment yeah but at the end of the day I believe a big role of the marketing leader in an organization is communicating in a way that aligns the entire team around what the objectives are for the business so that everybody can Row in the same direction to use Patrick lencioni's favorite quote and that really allows us to move faster and when we can move faster we can do more we can try more we can be more bold and I honestly believe that's the secret of success moving forward in business is the businesses that move fastest will be the ones that will win not necessarily the ones that are the smartest or the most capitalized [Music]

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