Simplifying content creation for franchise owners with AI Composer

I have worked with several social media platforms 
over the years and I can confidently say that   PromoRepublic is one of the best I've seen they 
make working with social media for myself and all   of our locations and our social media Champions a 
breeze I wanted content creation in social media   to be something that our social media champions 
don't have to worry about and something that is   stressfree and pain-free and even enjoyable 
and this tool that PromoRepublic offers us   does just that their platform allows me to create 
content for our offices and for our social media   champions that they can use in addition to the 
content they capture within their office this   allows us to collaborate seamlessly and execute 
a powerful and successful social media strategy   the AI Composer to me is a magic wand it allows 
our social media champions again not have to give   a second thought to what they're going to write 
for a caption they can give it a writing prompt   and it will effortlessly create something 
that flows well and speaks to our products   and services in a professional and clear way 
they can give it a writing prompt like write   a caption for children's oral health month and it 
will do just that one of the other huge benefits   of the AI Composer is being able to select the 
length of the caption that you're asking the AI   Composer to write allows us to make sure that 
the messaging that we're looking to get across   is professional and clear the AI composer tool 
allows them to be a lot more successful when   it comes to writing which in turn takes the 
intimidation factor away from social media   and what to share on social media so that has 
allowed all of our locations and our social   media champions to be a lot more successful on 
social media PromoRepublic allowed me to take   a lot of things off of my plate and a lot of 
stress off my shoulders which has allowed me   to take that time and energy and at it to other 
projects the tool and the services that they   offer makes marketing and social media so easy to do I'm so thankful to be working with PromoRepublic they have been a great partner 
and collaborator throughout this entire process

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